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Ex Girlfriend And Adult Movie Theatar

I think about this adventure, quite often My ex and i use to play
around alot with cpls and females and we use to go out and find fun
places and have sex. One of her fav places to do it was a adult movie
theatar here in town (now closed and replaces with a busniess) We
would go there every cpl of weeks. She would wear a short skirt and a
tank top with no bra, under the skirt were no panties, well this was
normal for her she never wore panties.
Well this night we went to the theatar, she was feeling super horny
she had already gave me a blow job on the way there. As we entered the
theatar there were several guys standing in front. As we walked by the
were glearing at her and she knew it. Knowing this she bent over like
she was picking up a penny as she did so her skirt slid up to show her
ass and pussy off. YOu could almost hear them taking a deep breath as
they saw her shaved pussy and thick pussy lips. She stood up and
looked back at them and smiled and blew them a kiss. We entered the
building and bought our tickets and a cup of ice which will come in to
play later. We went into the theatar are and sat in the middle of the
room (this use to be a regular theatar that had been turned into a
adult one.)so we sat down and we noticed that the guys that were
outside were rushing in to get seats close to us it seemed like they
were forming a circle around us. This really made me excited and i
know it did her too. We started watching the movie and i felt her had
slide over to my crotch and she undid my pants and zipper and slipped
my cock out and started to rub it. I dont have the largest cock but at
that time I thought I was the king of cocks. I slid my hand between
her legs and started rubbing her pussy and she slid her skirt around
her waist as I leaned back in my seat and enjoyed her rubbing my cock,
and watching the movie i notice all the men in room had their eyes on
usand hands on cocks. as i sat there enjoying the feeling of her soft
hands on my cock she leand over and to me in her mouth and started
sucking my cock for all she was worth. She had some how got he knees
up in her seat and was kneeling in it sucking my cock her skirt was
way up on her waist showing her hot wet pussy off to all the guys. I
reached behind and started to finger her knowing that all these guys
were watching. She sucked me like she had never done before it didnt
take me long to feel my cock getting ready to blow my 2nd load of the
night she must have sensed this she reached and squeezed my ball
causing me to loose my load deep into her mouth. She took all i had
and licked her lips and came up and kissed me, she kissed me on the
neck and then came up and chewed on my ear as i was rubbing her pussy
spreading her lips so the guys could see her wettness. She whispered
in my ear that she wanted to be played with by one of the men watching
and that she wanted to taste as much cum as she could. I smiled and
told her that she could pick which one she wanted to play with her.
she stood up and in a loud voice told them to all stand up and show
there cocks to her, no more than she had said this they were all on
there feet. I must say they all had major hard ons she checked the all
out and picked this one guy he was probly the oldest too but he had a
cocock a litte bigger than mine. She pointed at him and said that he
was the one that got to have her. He smiled real big and about triped
trying to get to us. You could see the look of disappointment on the
rest of ther faces. She seen this and told them they were not going to
be left out. She looked at me and smiled and said im going to suck all
our cocks one by one. she got up on the seat with her knees on seat
and as on the top of the back and hands on the seat in front. I
motioned for the man she had picked to come around behind her and told
the rest of the guys to come one by one for her to suck them. I
waslike a traffic cop directing traffic but i was directing cocks for
my ex pleasure. I reached behind her and spread her pussy for the guy
she picke to slide his cock in her. He slowly slid it in her and
started to rock back and forth and i could till she was enjoying it. I
motioned for the first guy to step up in front of her for his blow
job. She wasted no time taking it in her mouth she didnt have to move
much because the guy fucking her was moving her whole body. so her
mouth was just sliding up and down the cocks she was sucking. Well the
first guy she was sucking only lasted like 2 minutes in her mouth. So
direceted the next guy to her mouth. All along the guy fucking her
kept pounding her I could tell she was enjyoing it so much she makes a
high pitched whine when she cums I heard this noise i know at least 7
times while she was being fucked. Before i knew it she had swallowed 8
loads of cum and was on the last guy in line to get sucked. The guy
behind her shouted he was cumming and you could see look on his face
he was lettin loose a big load. just as he did that the last guy to
get his cock sucked unloaded in her mouth. Damn it was a sight she had
been fucked by a stranger and and sucked 9 guy to the finish. as the
guy fucking her pulled out she slid down and turned around and kissed
him with her mouth full of the last guys cum you could see he had
never done this before as she kissed him she let a big gulp of cum
slide in to his mouth. The look on his face was priceless but he
swallowed hard and said thank you for the fuck and walked away. I
reached down and and slid a finger in her pussy man was it hot and wet.
I was rock hard and she seen this she told me she would take care of
me when we got home. She looked around at what was left of the guys
she had sucked she said thank you to them. As we walked out of room
they all started clapping. When we got she kept her promise she gave
me one of the best fucks we had ever had.


End of Story

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