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Wow...did that happen?

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When I was about sixteen, and in high school my best friend and I tried to fuck every woman we could get our hands on. Not only did we fuck as many of the schoolgirls we knew, but we even had chances to fuck some of the local women who didn?t mind getting some young guys in the sack. Those were mostly married women who were bored being just small town housewives. One of these memories sticks out, and I thought I would share it with the rest of you.

There was this one woman whose name was Karen who always had myself and Chris come over to her rural home and baby sit when her and her shithead husband wanted to go out and get plastered. She was about twenty-five, a great looking woman whose husband didn?t treat her like the gorgeous woman she was. Chris and me always talked about how much we would love to fuck her. She was about 5?5? with blonde hair and an athletic frame. She had small breasts and hard nipples that one could see sticking out all the time, as she wore no bra. Her hips were in perfect shape, and she had an ass to die for. It wasn?t just her body though. Karen had a way about her that just made a man stand up and take notice. They way she talked was extremely sexy to us, and the way she moved just screamed, ?Come take me and fuck me until we can?t fuck no more?? She was a bit on the shy side, and one could tell she would be very submissive in bed, if one were looking hard enough.

You have to understand that we lived in a rural farm community. Social norms were skewed a bit, so it wasn?t unusual for Karen and her husband to pay us for the babysitting with alcohol. We usually got gas money and they bought us a case to enjoy along with some movies to watch. We were somewhat responsible however, and didn?t get wasted until after the job was done and we could go out and drink our liquor without the responsibility of the kids.

This one time we were there to baby sit we drank a few of our beers and then set to looking around the house for things. Specifically we were looking for things that would tell us just how Karen liked to fuck. We went through her drawers and found a couple big dildos and some pictures. The pictures were what got us going that night to be sure. They were in a box, all Polaroids, and they were of Karen and different men having sex! We couldn?t believe our eyes when we saw those pictures of her on her knees sucking other men besides her husband?s dick. We had never known that she would do that kind of thing. There were also pictures of her getting fucked by more than one man at a time. In this one picture she was on top of one guy and another had his dick in her asshole. Her face was contorted like she was in pain, and the two men were holding her in place with there hands. You could clearly see her pussy and assholes being fucked by these two enormous dicks. Chris and I just stared at the picture. We had never seen anything like that before. We both had hard dicks looking at the picture, and wished more than anything that we had a female there to fuck us. There were many more pictures in the box that excited us that night. Some even had her and a woman in it with her head in between this woman?s legs licking her pussy while someone?s dick was in the woman?s mouth and someone?s dick was fucking Karen. We had seen shit like this before, but only on porno movies. To actually know someone who would fuck like this was more than we could take. We looked at the pictures all night after the kids were in bed, and both of us jacked off more than once looking at then. We wished so badly that it was we in those pics; little did we know that soon we would have our chance.

A couple of weeks after that job Chris and I got a call for another babysitting job at Karen?s house. We said sure, and got ourselves together for another night of jacking off to those totally slutty pics. We couldn?t wait. When we got there that night Karen was alone. She said that her fuckhead husband was in town doing something, and that she wouldn?t need us for another couple hours. Since she lived in the middle of nowhere we decided to just wait there with her until dickhead got back and they left for the bar. While were waiting there she asked if we wanted a beer. Of course we both said, ?Yes? and soon we were all drinking and having a good time talking about mundane shit. That is when things started to change for us that night.

Karen out of the blue asked us if we had found her pictures. We both turned red and stammered ?No,? but she knew. ?It?s ok if you did,? she said. ?Did you like what you saw in those pictures,? she asked us? ?Yes,? was all we could say as we both stared at her hard nipples. We talked about it for a little while, and she told us that she loved fucking. She also told us that she had fantasized about fucking the both of us, and wanted to know if we would like to be in some of her pictures. We both said, ?Yes.?

She got out her Polaroid and asked us to take off our clothes and we did as she asked. She then asked us to get our dicks hard for her so she could take a picture of them, and we did. She took a couple pictures of our cocks, which aren?t small, and then asked me if I would take a pic or two for her. I took the camera and she got on her knees and began to suck Chris? dick. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. I took a couple pictures of it, but they were just her face sucking his dick. She asked if I would take one standing father back so it would show everything, including Chris with his eye rolled into the back of his head. Just as I had taken tat pic we heard a truck roll up in front of the house. Chris and I got really nervous and began to scramble around to get out clothes on, but it was of no use. Dickhead was home and he came right into the front room where we were taking the pics with his wife on her knees naked and us scrambling around for clothing. She laughed a bit and he said,? Damn woman, couldn?t you wait to get fucked??

Just then another couple came in, and we both recognized them as the extra man and the woman who had been in most of the pics we had seen. She walked in and said,? Guess you didn?t feel like waiting for me eh? I will have to get you for that?? and she walked over to me and grabbed my cock! She stroked it for a minute and then got on her knees and began to suck it like I had never been sucked before. I closed my eyes and for a few minutes didn?t care what was happening in the world around me. When I opened them again I saw Chris with his cock getting sucked by Karen, and this other woman?s husband fucking her hard from behind. The Dickhead was actually filming it with a video camera while standing there naked himself! Wow?this was something totally wrong, but the smell of pussy was so strong and I was so horny all I wanted was to fuck.

The woman sucking my cock was about thirty, had auburn hair, and a petite body that I would have killed someone to get at sexually. She had her clothes on still, but I pulled her up and kissed her on the mouth and began to take them off. I sucked her tits while getting y hand down her pants and fingering her cunt. She moaned and writhed around on my hand. Then I felt warm liquid flowing over my fingers and saw the front of her pants become wet. It was very erotic watching as the piss stain get bigger and bigger on the front of her pants. I pulled them of her and began to eat her pussy in earnest. I wanted my tongue in so deep that it would come out her asshole, and speaking of that I also began to lap at that as well. She got on top and started sucking my dick while I did this t her. Every now and then I could see Chris fucking his cock into Karen and she was screaming. She had both of them fucking her holes now as this woman I was with took my cock and had me shove it into her asshole. While I was fucking her ass she crawled over to where Karen was and stuck her face in where she was getting fucked and began to lick the juices that were running down her legs off. I fucked her as hard as I could, pumping in and out of her perfect asshole until I came. Just about that time I heard Chris cum. I watched as he shot his load all over Karen?s asshole, then the other man came in her pussy and they both fucked her a little while more and I listened to the sound of their cocks making that wet, sucking noise as they slid in and out of her.

After the women cleaned the cum off all three of us they got dressed and they all went out to the car. We sat there naked wondering what had just happened, and hoped that it would happen again. The car started and it seemed that we would now begin to do the job we had come there to do when Dickhead came in and handed us a case of beer, some money for gas, and the video cassette of us fucking the shit out of his wife and their friends. He said,? Watch this and think about how lucky I am to have a slut like Karen sucking my cock,? and left with a smile. What a fucking asshole, eh?

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