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Wifes Night Out - By Eric Drew

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Wife?s Night Out by Eric Drew

Somewhere in a sleep induced fog I heard the faint sounds of people laughing and talking. In a dream state I struggled to see them through the vast darkness. It took several minutes for my mind to transition from dream to reality but slowly my mind began to focus and I woke up to find myself in bed. ?It must have been a dream?, I thought, turning over and fluffing the pillow with my fist. As I rolled over and pulled the blanket around me, I heard the sounds again. It took several seconds for me to realize that the sounds were real and they were coming from my living room. Jan and her girl friend Deb had gone out for what they called ?ladies night out? and I realized it must be them returning. Glancing at the clock I saw that it was just after two. I was about to roll over and try to go back to sleep when I heard voices again, only this time the sounds of male voices were clear and unmistakable. ?Jan and Debbie must have brought some men home with them?, I thought as I heard the sounds of male voices urging someone to ?take it off!?

Jan and I have been in the lifestyle and have practiced an open marriage for several years so the thought of her playing with other men didn?t bother me. Curious over the sounds of cheers and whistles I climbed out of bed and quietly made my way to the balcony where I could peek down on the living area. Flickering candles provided the only light. All of the other lights in the house were off. Our living room was decorated with two couches in an L shape with a large coffee table in front. The coffee table had been moved and Jan was standing were the table had once been. She was wearing only panties, nylons and heels. Two men in various stages of dress were sitting on one couch with Deb between them. She was totally naked and both guys were playing with her breasts while one had his hand between her legs.

Two more men were on the other couch. They had their clothes off and were stroking themselves as they watched Jan gyrate in front of them. They were cheering her on and begging her to remove her panties. I found myself getting really turned on and wanting to watch the debauchery that was about to take place. Creeping on the balcony, I moved to a spot that was partially hidden from their view but one that afforded me a great view of the action that was taking place below.

Jan slid her thumbs inside the elastic of her panties and teasingly like a stripper, pushed them over her hips and down her long shapely legs. Bending over with her ass in their face, she wiggled out of them and let them drop to the floor. Stepping from the wisp of silk, she caught the panties with her toe and flicked them toward the cheering duo. One of the men caught them, sniffed the crotch then stood up and moved to where she was standing. Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed passionately as his hands snaked over her naked flesh.

My cock throbbed as I watched the lewd scene unfold. There I was, watching a big cock press against Jan's pelvis as the two of them gyrated in a lewd dance. She reached down and curled her delicate fingers around his stiff prick taking over the task of masturbating him. Not wanting to be left out, the other guy got up and moved behind her. His cock was as hard as a rock and bounced in the air as he positioned it against her ass. Moving in he guided his swollen cockhead so it slid down the crack of her ass then reached around and cupped her tits.

Sandwiched between the two men, Jan continued her gyrating movements. Both guys tried to follow her as they caressed every inch of her naked flesh. The guy in front slid his hand down the back of her left leg and grasped it behind her kneecap. Pulling upward, he raised her leg in the air leaving her standing on one leg. The guy behind her moved in closer to provide the necessary support and keep her from falling.

Replacing Jan?s hand on his cock, the guy in front moved forward and introduced his swollen tool to her wet cunt lips. The guy behind her wrapped his arms around her and cupped her tits as Jan thrust her pelvis forward to accept the massive tool. With the support of the man behind her, Jan rocked back and forth in perfect rhythm with the cock that was now plunging in and out of her pussy.

While all of that was going on, Deb had moved off the couch and was now kneeling in front of her two male friends. I felt my cock jerk as she opened her mouth and licked the bulbous head of one of man?s rigid cock like a child would an ice cream cone. The other man with her got up from the couch and moved behind and knelt between her legs. Doggie style he inched forward and slipped his cock between her swollen cunt lips. It took a little effort but once she was impaled on his rod, he began humping her like a dog in heat. Each thrust caused her head to move down and over the cock in her mouth. A few minutes later, the two men changed places as they took turns fucking her.

The guy who had been fucking Jan was now lying on the floor on his back and was pulling Jan over him. His cock was throbbing violently as she straddled his body and guided his massive tool to the soft wet folds of her flesh. The other man was now positioned in front of her with his throbbing cock just inches from her ruby red lips. His cock jerked and danced as he moved to within a fraction of an inch from her lips. She flicked her tongue at the bulbous head as he guided it to her open mouth.

Watching the lewd scenes below had made my cock rock hard and it was throbbing for some attention. I grasped it in my hands and began stroking it in unison with the cock sliding in and out of my lovely wife?s cunt. During our many years in the lifestyle I have always found that I enjoyed watching her fuck other men, and the sight of her fucking this time was no exception.

It was even more so because this time she was unaware that I was watching and seemed to be a little more abandoned than she was when she knew I was watching. Within seconds my cock was ready to explode and had to quit stroking it, contenting myself with just watching for a while.

The man fucking Jan had altered positions. She was not on her knees with him behind her fucking her doggie style. The other man?s cock was still embedded in her mouth. A few strokes later she let out a loud scream of pleasure as the cock in her jerked then pulled out to shoot its load all over her ass and back. It was an incredible turn on to watch the sticky white juice form pools on her creamy flesh. The guy she had been sucking went over the edge at the sight of his friend?s ejaculation and quickly sent his load spurting over her face, tongue and cheek.

The erotic screams of Jan?s trio sent Deb over the edge. She screamed as her own climax rocketed through her body. The cock inside her sent its hot load spaying against her vaginal walls. The guy who?s cock she had been favoring with her tongue quickly moved in position to replace the spent cock that vacated her love hole. He was already on the verge of shooting his load and took only a few frantic plunges before he sent his juices spurting forth to mingle with those that had been deposited a few seconds earlier.

Totally spent, the four men retreated to their former positions on the couches, their limp cocks still oozing with left over cum.

Jan and Deb weren?t ready to quit yet. Jan rolled on her back and Deb quickly crawled over her. Within seconds, they were entwined in a 69 position, lips sucking and tongues licking. The men obviously enjoyed the show and cheered the girls on. Several minutes later the men cheered as the two women exploded in each other?s face.

The sight of the two of them licking and sucking each other sent me over the edge as well and I had to bite my lips to keep from yelling as my juices spurted in my hand. I tried to cup the juices as I hastily made my way to the bathroom to wash up. Figuring that the action below was about to end, I went back to bed to wait for Jan to come up.

I heard a few more moans and yelps and figured that Jan and Deb had gotten the guys off one more time. A few minutes after that, I heard the men leave and listened as Jan and Deb climbed the stairway to our bedroom, giggling and laughing. I pretended to be asleep as they climbed in bed, one on each side of me. Their naked bodies felt wonderful as they began kissing and caressing my skin, slowing inching their soft hands toward my cock.

The next thing I knew two very beautiful and hot women were licking and sucking me and quickly brought my cock to life. Needless to say, three people went to sleep totally satiated. As I drifted off to sleep my mind pondered what was going to happen the next time they had a Night Out.

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