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Wicked Wives Club

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In the small coffee shop in the middle of the suburbs, Joni sat across from her best friend Stacy stirring her cup. Something had been bothering her for several days and she finally decided to ask some advice.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Silly you know you can ask me anything.” Stacy smiled back at her with a questioning look.

“Has your husband ever said that he didn’t want to make love because he was getting bored?”

“Oh so that’s what’s been bothering you,” Stacy replied, “Hell yes he has, but it’s been a while since he has mentioned it.”

“So what did you do about it?”

“Well….not much actually,” Stacy said, “I guess in time he just got so horny he forgot about being bored and did it anyway.”

“So you didn’t do anything special?”

“No, unless you want to count the blow-job I gave him in the car on the way home from the movies.”

Joni started laughing, “You really did that?”

Leaning forward and lowering her voice Stacy whispered, “Yes, and when we got home he fucked the hell out of me.”

Both women started laughing at the secret Stacy had shared.

“That’s wicked; maybe I ought to try that.” Joni said after she stopped giggling.

“Can’t hurt to try,” Stacy replied, “But to tell you the truth, I’ve been getting bored myself.”

“Really?” Joni said, “I’m glad you told me that, because I didn’t want to admit that I was getting a little bored too.”

“Yeah I get so mad on Monday nights when Joe is watching that stupid WWE wrestling instead of paying attention to me.” Stacy remarked.

“I know Bill is the same way! If it’s not that it some other sports show!” Joni replied.

“Yeah tonight Joe mentioned he is going over to your house to watch it with Bill.”

“Nice of him to tell me!” Joni said frowning.

“Why don’t you come over with him and keep me company?”

“Sure, that sounds like a plan, we can get just as drunk as they do!” Stacy agreed.

The night’s plans having been made the girls switched to another topic which mainly consisted of gossip about the other neighbors and what they could do to keep from being bored. With no children, and having husbands who made enough money that neither one of them had to work. It had become a challenge to find things to do beside shop and lay around the pool all day.

“Joni I just thought of something.”

“What’s that?”

“If you were single and met my husband at a bar one night,” Stacy said, “Do you think he is attractive enough that you would go home with him?”

“Wow, that’s a loaded question.” Joni replied, “But yes I’ve always thought Joe was cute, why do you ask?”

“Oh I just had another wicked thought,” Stacy said grinning.

“Tell me girl!” Joni demanded.

“You promise not to get mad?”

“Of course, we’ve been friends for how long?” Joni asked.

“I don’t know six or seven years I guess,” Stacy said trying to remember.

“So what’s this wicked idea?”

Stacy went carefully trying to explain her idea without making her friend upset.

“Well the thought just popped in my head that since we are all sort of bored with our love lives….”

“Un Hunh, keep going.” Joni told her getting interested in the way the conversation was headed.

“Well I’ve always thought your husband was sexy, and what if we just figured out a way to trade for one night.” Stacy said, finally getting the words out.

Stacy looked at Joni’s eyes trying to judge what her reaction was going to be.

“MMmm,” Joni said running the idea threw her mind, “I don’t know..... Bill gets awfully jealous when another man even looks at me.”

“I thought of that,” Stacy said, “Would you get jealous if your husband was having sex with me?”

“Not if I got yours in return.” Joni replied.

“Well there it is then; they would probably think the same way as us.”

Joni and Stacy sat there running mental pictures of having sex with each other’s husbands while drinking coffee like they did every morning. Joni found that just the idea of it was turning her on and so did Stacy who was trying to picture what Bill would look like naked.

Joni sat her cup back on the table, “So how would we get them to agree?”

“Are you kidding, if we start things I bet they will go along with it…. just because they are men.”

“That’s the truth.” Joni said smiling, “So how do we get it started?”

“I’m not sure yet, but tonight I’ll think of something, if you’re sure you want to try it.”

“I don’t know if I can go through with it, but I’ll try if you want to.” Joni told her.

“If you’re like me, a few stiff drinks will make all the difference.”

“I’m going to need more than a few.” Joni replied, “But what the hell it might be fun.”

The girls paid their tab and walked out the front door of the coffee shop. As they passed two men on the street they didn’t even notice that the men turned around for a double-take. Joni with raven black hair and Stacy the platinum blonde were used to turning men’s heads where ever they went. The two trophy wives got into Joni’s BMW and headed out to the mall for their daily shopping spree.

More ideas than ships have been launched around small tables and cups of coffee than can be imagined.

As the girls shopped around for some sexy clothes they tried to come up with a plan about how to spring their new idea on their husbands.

Meanwhile at the office:

Bill shook hands with his client letting him out of his office. He straightened his tie and walked back to his big walnut desk just as the phone began to ring. Looking at the caller ID he saw it was Joe and picked up the receiver.

“Hey Joe what’s new?”

“Hi Bill, I was just going to check and make sure we are still on for tonight?”

“You bet it’s going to be quite a match.” He told his buddy.

“Great I’ll see you about 6:30 then.”

“Okay I’ll see you then.” Joe replied and hung up the phone.

Bill had just closed a half million dollar deal and checked his day planner before deciding that he had done enough for one day and called his secretary to let her know that he was headed home. Bill looked at his watch and then tossed his briefcase on the passenger seat of his corvette and wheeled out of the parking garage just around 2pm. He was looking forward to the pay per view WWE match and the company of his friend later that night.

Bill drove up his gated driveway and pulled into his 4 car garage and shut off the corvette. Grabbing his briefcase he walked into the huge kitchen and put it on the counter. As he undid his tie he peeked out the window seeing his wife and Stacy getting up from their lounge chairs and heading his way.

“Hi hon” Joni said, kissing him on the lips.

“Hi babe” Bill replied as she stepped back, “New suit?” He asked admiring the black string bikini she had on.

“Yes, you like it?”

“Very hot!” Bill grinned meaning every word as Stacy came in carrying a pool purse.

“Hi honey” Stacy said, coming over to him and giving him a peck on the lips.

Bill stood there shocked as the two women began to laugh at the look on his face.

“Oh I get it; you’re just messing with me.” Bill finally said.

“Maybe, maybe not?” Stacy said, “See you later Joni.”

“Bye” Joni replied.

Bill went into shock again and watched Stacy’s tight round ass disappear out the door. A mental image of him lying on top of Stacy with his cock buried deep in her pussy raced through his brain. He quickly dismissed it by reminding himself of what a prude his wife was, and that she would never allow any kind of swap he could dream up.

“What did Stacy mean by that?” Bill asked Joni.

“Oh she’s just messing around.” Joni told him.

“Hey I forgot to tell you that Joe is coming over tonight to watch wrestling with me.”

“I know, so I invited Stacy to keep me company.”

“Good idea, I’ve got to go change.” Bill said, kissing her on the lips one more time before heading up the stairs.

Joni smiled after he left and picked up the phone to giggle with Stacy about what she had done.

After dinner Bill cracked open a beer and warmed up the big screen in preparation for the WWE match, just as Stacy and Joe pulled up the long circular driveway.

Stacy had her bikini on underneath some shorts and a loose top. Joe was dressed in his favorite docker’s shorts and T-shirt.

They rang the doorbell and were let in by Bill who was wearing a similar outfit as Joe.

After the hello’s were finished Stacy and Joni made a huge pitcher of margarita’s and headed out to the pool to swim as the boys started drinking beer and yelling at the T.V. The endless tirade of wrestling matches had begun.

It was hard to imagine that the two men yelling at the T.V. were very prestigious corporate executives. The din would have made the boys down south in the trailer park proud the way the two men were carrying on.

Well into her second tumbler of booze Stacy asked Joni, “So do you still want to try this?”

Joni took a big drink, “Sure if you want to?”

“I think it will be fun,” Stacy replied, “It’s making me horny just thinking about it.”

“Me too” Joni said, “But I’m scared as hell.”

“Hey how are they going to say no, to two hot gals like us?”

Joni giggled, “I guess they don’t have a chance.”

The girls took one last dip as the sun was setting on Phoenix. The high temperature and dry climate left their tiny bikinis only slightly damp as they finished the last drop of the pitcher of booze.

“God Stacy I’m scared, I don’t know what to do.” Joni pleaded, “I mean do we just go in there and say, “Hey boys…want to fuck?”

Stacy almost spit out the last of her drink as she held back her laugh attack.

“Something like that girl just let me get it started since you are a big chicken.”


“You just follow my lead,” Stacy told her with just a hint of slurring in her words, “I’ll make it happen.”

“God I’m scarred!” Joni said as they got up.

“You said that already, come on let’s go get laid.”

As the two women exited the 100 degree phoenix heat, and walked into the air-conditioned house their nipples began to poke up hard and firm, pushing the flimsy triangular patches of nylon cloth outwards.

The two men were intently watching the wrestling match and didn’t even pay them any attention.

Stacy looked at Joni and rolled her eyes. Bill and Joe were on opposite ends of the big leather couch, clutching beer bottles and yelling at the T.V. Joni shrugged her shoulder’s signifying that it was hopeless. Stacy grinned back at her and then marched over and put her arms around Bill’s neck and plopped her nice ass onto his crotch, sitting down in his lap.

“What the Fuck!” Bill said, surprised by the interruption, and watched his wife do the same thing to his buddy Joe.

Joe looked over at Bill like the stock market had just crashed and had left him penny less.

“You girl’s quit fooling around, were trying to watch John Cena kick some ass!” Bill said, trying to ignore Stacy wiggling her ass on his cock.

“It feels like your friend down there has something different to say.” Stacy said wiggling her ass on the growing bulge under her.

“What is this?” Bill asked, “What have you two cooked up to keep us from watching the match?”

“I was wondering if I could suck your dick, “Stacy said loud enough for them all to hear, “That is if it’s okay with your wife.”

Joni quickly chimed in, “it’s okay with me if I can do the same to Joe?”

“Great it’s all settled then,” Stacy said unfastening her top and letting her boobs fall free in front of Bill’s face.

Joni tossed her top on the carpet behind her and leaned forward to kiss Joe. Joe didn’t put up much of a fight as Joni’s hot tongue felt great in his mouth as Joni wiggled out of her bottoms and kicked them aside.

Stacy helped Bill pull his T-Shirt over his head after she gave him a long hot kiss. He pulled her to him again loving the feel of her big warm tits on his bare chest. Stacy let him suck on her nipples for a bit before standing up and telling him to take his shorts off.

“Get those shorts off if you want me to suck your dick.” Stacy told him as she stripped the small bikini bottoms down her legs.

Bill gazed at her nicely trimmed blonde pussy and quickly yanked his shorts and boxers off kicking them to the side.

Bill felt a flash of jealousy when he glanced over to see his naked wife on her knees moving up between Joe’s wide open legs. Grinning she held Joe’s cock and bent down to kiss the swollen head.

Bill quickly forgot it and looked down between his own legs when he felt a warm hand on his dick, and an even warmer mouth as it opened and moved over the sensitive head. Stacy dove down on him taking him all the way to the back of her throat….. sucking hard on the growing member.

“AHhhhhh fuck!” Bill groaned as his dick got swallowed all the way to his balls.

Bill couldn’t help but look over at his wife again.

Joni was jacking Joe’s shaft while she sucked on the head of his dick. Her tits swaying to the rhythm she was dictating. Joe had his eyes closed and was groaning.

Bill felt jealous again and grabbed the back of Stacy’s blonde head, fucking her mouth hard, moving her head back and forth on his dick with both hands buried in her long blonde hair.

“Mm Mm Mm Mm” Stacy hummed not missing a beat as Bill’s cock fucked the back of her throat.

Joni was pleased that Joe’s cock was more or less the same size as Bill’s, it tasted and felt different but she was able to take it all without gagging. The warm knob only grazed the back of her throat when she dove all the way down on it, letting her putt her nose in his pubes, and play with his balls at the same time.

“AAhhh MMMMm shit!” Joe groaned as Bill’s hot little wife sucked the hell out of his dick.

Joe looked over just for a second to see Bill banging his wife’s mouth, and then closed his eyes forgetting everything but the feelings Bill’s wife was sending up his cock to his brain.

“Oh oooohhhh yeah!” Bill groaned, as Stacy spit out his cock and ran her tongue down his shaft and over his balls.

Stacy sucked Bill’s balls into her mouth looking up at Bill with just the tip of her nose on the base of his shaft. She tongued the soft skin and then sucked pulling back until they popped out of her mouth with a wet smack. She smiled at him licking her lips and then wiping the saliva from her chin with a slim finger.

Bill grabbed his saliva covered shaft and pointed the head upwards so Stacy would get the idea he wanted it sucked some more. Stacy took the hint and grabbed his shaft, and squeezed it in an upwards stroke. She licked the big clear drop of fluid that oozed from the opening of his penis before sucking the head back into her hot mouth.

Joni held Joe’s shaft with both hands, jacking it as she sucked the head hard and flicked her tongue on the hot slick skin inside of her mouth. The taste of his pre-cum making her suck him harder while swirling her tongue around the warm knob.

Joe groaned and began to move his hips just like he was fucking her.

Both women had given enough blow-jobs to know when the end was near and Stacy plunged half-way down Bill’s shaft with her mouth and pumped it with her hand. She could feel the knob and shaft growing in her mouth just before it began to erupt.

“AH AH AH AH UNNnuuuuuhhhhh!” Bill yelled out as a huge stream of pungent thick semen sprayed into the back of Stacy’s throat.

Stacy swallowed the first blast and milked his shaft hard. A second and third blast erupted into her mouth and she saved it, swishing the warm fluid around the head of his cock with her tongue.

Joni new Joe was going to cum as his hips began to rise up pumping her mouth until he let out a yell of his own. The warm spray filled her mouth and she swallowed the first blast just like they had planned, keeping the rest in her mouth for after words.

The guys were panting as both women got up from their wicked task and kissed the men.

“MMmMM MMM MNM” Bill mumbled trying to get away from Stacy who had pushed a flood of his own cum into his mouth during the kiss.

Joe was receiving the same treatment and both men not wanting to seem like they were pussy’s swallowed the mess, and learned a lesson about what the girls did all the time. Neither man said anything as the girls got up smiling.

“We need some more booze, don’t go away now.” Stacy said as her and Joni headed for the kitchen blender.

“What the fuck just happened?” Bill said looking at Joe.

“I don’t know….but it was wild.”

“That’s for sure!” Bill said looking for his beer so he could get the nasty taste out of his mouth.

Joe did the same as they both sat there with wilted cocks, the wrestling match long forgotten.

The girls giggled and mixed up another pitcher of margaritas.

“So did you like it?” Stacy asked Joni.

“It was wicked, and fun.” Joni told her, “But what about part two?”

“Let's give them time to recover and then the fun will really begin.”

The two girls stood laughing and pouring fresh glasses.

“Joe are you mad about your wife…uh doing me?”

“No buddy, how about you?”

“Well I was kind of jealous for a minute there but your wife gave me one hell of a blow-job and I guess I forgot about it.”

“Yeah, she’s good at it,” Joe told him, “And so is your wife, I guess as long as it’s Even-Steven I can live with it.”

“Okay, it’s a deal” Bill said, pulling another beer from the carton and offering it to his naked friend.

Bill was starting to get uncomfortable sitting naked on the couch with his best friend when the girls magically appeared with mixed drinks and a pitcher. They looked fabulous; both naked women looked good enough to eat. Bill forgot about being naked as his limp dick twitched as Stacy bent over in front of him to set the pitcher on the table giving him a birds-eye view of her sweet pussy.

Standing back up with her glass in her hand Stacy told Bill, “Okay we did you, now you can return the favor by eating pussy while we have a well deserved drink.”

Bill looked over at his wife as Joe jumped off the couch to let her sit down. Bill got up letting Stacy sit where he had been. Stacy spread her legs wide in front of him running her middle finger up between her wet slit and holding her drink with her left hand.

“Come on Bill,” She teased, “Get down here and eat my pussy.”

Bill got on his knees and moved up between her legs glancing over at his wife who had let out a moan when Joe’s tongue had slipped between her folds. Not wanting to be outdone and feeling a bit guilty that he had not gone down on his wife for years, he attacked Stacy’s pussy with his mouth like it was going to be his last meal on earth.

“OOhh yeah baby,” Stacy told him, “Oooh that’s the spot….Unnhhh Yeah honey.” Stacy said, guiding his head to just the right spot.

Joni loved Joe’s warm tongue inside of her cunt. First he tongue fucked her opening and then slid it slowly up to tease her clit with just a whisper of a touch and then back down again.

“OOohh God that feels goooood!” Joni groaned, spreading her legs even wider as she watched Joe’s nose split her pussy lips as his mouth slid down ward again.

Joe and Bill’s cocks had regained their composure and were once again rigid and hard from the excitement of eating strange pussy. The more turned on Bill made Stacy the harder his dick felt. Joe was starting to feel the same way as Joni gripped his head and began to buck her hips and pussy to his mouth.

“AAAhhhhhhh,” Joni cried as she began to cum, “Oo ooOOooooh.”

Joe new she was Cumming and sucked her clit into his mouth and shoved two fingers all the way into her soaking hot pussy, making her cry out even louder.

Bill looked over at his screaming wife, who was enjoying it more than he would have liked. It made him suck on Stacy’s pussy hard, drinking her juices and making her let out a holler of her own as she began to buck and cum in his mouth.

Joe wanted Joni badly! He grabbed Joni’s hand and pulled her down on the deep pile carpeting.

Joni went willingly, flopping on to her back as Joe pushed her legs apart and scrambled in between them. Joe crawled up on top of her gripping her full tits in each hand and sucking first on one hard nipple and then the other.

“Fuck me baby.” Joni told him when she felt his hard shaft begin to slide up and down her wet slit.

With a wet face Bill looked over to see Joe lying on top of his wife sucking on her tits. His butt was moving back and forth as he slid his shaft up and down her slit, and then drove it deep into her pussy.

Joni let out a moan as the strange cock pushed in between her soaking wet pussy lips and entered her. Thinking that Joe’s cock felt different than her husbands, not bigger or smaller but different as it rubbed the inside of her vagina in an unfamiliar way.

Joni moaned and squeezed Joe’s stiff shaft with her vagina each time Joe pulled back for another stroke, loving how she could feel the rim on the head of his cock sliding inside of her hot cunt. Joni turned her head to the side and saw her husband watching her get fucked by his best friend. She closed her eyes shutting him out of view and concentrated on how good of a fuck she was getting.

Bill grabbed Stacy’s hand pulling her up to her feet in front of him and held her close. Bill cupped her firm ass, his hard cock standing straight up between their stomachs.

“What do you have in mind?” Stacy said grinning and wiggling against him.

In answer Bill kissed her long and hard so she could taste the remnants her pussy juice that was all over his face and mouth. She put her arms around his neck squishing her warm soft breasts hard against his chest.

“UUUnhnhhh!” Joni groaned out in the background, as Joe rammed his cock into the hot center between her legs in hard thrust that filled the room with wet smacking sounds.

While still kissing Stacy Bill opened his eyes and watched Joe’s cock disappearing into his wife’s snatch like snake down a gopher hole. Somehow it made Bill mad, and turned on at the same time. He broke from Stacy’s embrace and pulled her around to the end of the couch, and pushed her down over the big padded arm rest.

Stacy got the idea scooping up a big pillow under her breasts while Bill got behind her a pushed her legs apart a bit.

Bill rubbed the head of his dick in between Stacy’s wet folds and then pushed his knob into her heat.

“OOooo baby!” Stacy moaned as Bill’s cock entered her from the rear.

“Damn!” Bill thought as his cock slid into her creamy hot pussy.

Bill began to fuck Stacy while watching his wife and Joe on the floor in front of them.

His wife was really enjoying herself, maybe a little too much for Bill’s taste. So he took his anger out on Stacy’s pussy by ramming his cock in and out of her hard enough that his balls began to make loud smacking sounds of their own each time they bounced off Stacy’s dripping puffy lips.

That was okay with Stacy because she loved getting fucked hard, and began to pant and groan each time Bill rammed his stiff spear deep inside of her.

Joe put Joni’s legs up over his shoulders and pushed them forward with his weight and rolled her hips upwards so he could drive every inch of his dick into her sweet hot center.

Joe pounded Joni’s pussy hard and fast until he cried out, “Oo Ah AHAHAHHhhhh….Shit….UUnhhhhhh!”

Joni was almost ready to cum when she felt Joe’s cock begin to twitch inside of her. She felt his body get stiff and then a warm sensation flood the insides of her vagina. She knew Joe was Cumming in her, and it pushed her over the edge.

Her orgasm exploded from deep inside of her vagina. The waves racing up her spine to her brain and she screamed out, “Fuck Meeeeeeee!”

“Oh fuck yes baby, cum in my hot pussy!” Joni yelled again and again, as Joe’s cock throbbed and spit more hot semen inside of her.

Joni clamped down on the jerking dick with her pussy, loving how it throbbed back as he added his bodily fluids to hers.

Bill heard Joe yelling and looked over in time to see him buried all the way inside of Joni’s pussy. Joe’s balls were twitching as they lay in the crack of Joni’s ass, pumping semen deep into his wife’s wanting pussy.

Bill couldn’t take it anymore and held Stacy’s hips as he drove upwards hard and fast, lifting her hips up off the armrest on each deep stroke.

“Oh Oh GOD, OH Oh Oh Ahhh UNhhhhh” Stacy let out as she came on the driving beast that was punishing her pussy.

Bill couldn’t hold it any longer and yelled out in long bellowing grunts each time a blast of semen shot out of the end of his cock and into the hot center of Stacy’s quivering flesh.

“UUunnhhhh fuck!” Bill groaned again, pulling his cock all the way out except for the knob as he stroked his wet pulsing shaft, milking the last two weak spurts inside of Stacy’s warm little twat.

Joe had rolled off of Joni and was resting on his back while Joni got up, walked over and stood next to her husband Bill as he finished stroking the last of his cum into Stacy’s pussy.

“Wow honey, you really filled her up.” Joni remarked as Joe pulled his wilting cock out of Stacy’s freshly fucked box.

Joni watched as white creamy cum began to pour from Stacy’s pink vagina as it slowly closed.

Suddenly a wicked thought came over Joni as she watched her hubby’s cum leaking out of Stacy’s pink pussy. Joni got down on her knees and ran her tongue up Stacy’s wet slit, scooping up the creamy cum with it.

“Unnhhhhh” Stacy let out, as another orgasmic wave shooting up her spine.

Joe managed to get up and come over to see what was going on, his mouth dropping open when his wife’s pussy contracted and a huge flow of cum poured out as Joni sucked it into her mouth and swallowed it.

“Damn!” Joe exclaimed, his cock beginning to grow hard again.

Joni felt Joe’s cum starting to leak out of her own pussy and put her hand down to clamp her pussy lips shut. Stopping the melting fluid from leaking out as she sucked Stacy’s pussy until all of her husband’s cum stopped pouring out into her mouth.

“God that was wicked.” Stacy said, rolling off the armrest and onto the floor on her back, “Got some for me girl?”

Joni got down on her knees straddling Stacy’s open mouth and unclamped her pussy lips. Clear liquid with white clumps poured out into Stacy’s mouth. Stacy swallowed and then opened her mouth again as Joni held her labia apart and squeezed, making more white cum dribble out.

Stacy drank it and then rose up to suck Joni’s pussy and lips clean.

“Holy Shit!” Bill said, wanking his rock hard dick from what he had just witnessed the two women do.

Bill went over to his wife and pumped his shaft hard as Stacy crawled out from underneath her to get in front of her own husband who was doing the same.

Bill groaned and shot what was left of his cum into his wife’s open mouth. When it stopped spurting she sucked the sensitive head hard, making him stand on his tip toes and yell. Joe received the same treatment and gave the same results.

When they finished both men tried to catch their breath as their wives headed for the bathroom.

“Fuck, I need a beer!” Bill told Joe and padded towards the kitchen.

“Amen brother!” Joe replied and followed him.

The next morning at coffee Joni was chomping at the bit, and wishing the waiter would hurry up and leave so she could ask Stacy about the night before. The waiter left them with two hot mugs of coffee.

Stacy was grinning and stirring her cup waiting until the kid had walked out of ear shot.

“So what did you and Bill think about last night?”

“God, we both loved it, “Joni told her, “Bill said it blew him away and we should all get together next Monday for some more special WWE.”

“I want to and Joe was like a kid again this morning, “Stacy said, “We even did it before he went to work.”

“We did too!” Joni replied, “Hey maybe we ought to start a club and get some of our more adventurous friends to join.”

“That’s a great idea,” Stacy told her, “We could even charge them for joining; make them get medical checks and the whole nine yards.”

“I never thought about charging, but why not?” Joni said sipping at her coffee, “All the married women we know have plenty of boredom and money to go around.”

“Sure, why not make some more money to shop with?”

“What would we call it?”

Stacy and Joni sat around tossing out names that wouldn’t give away the true purpose behind the club. After several bad attempts Joni said, “Stacy this idea is so wicked, let’s call it the WWC.”

“What does that stand for?”

“Wicked Wives Club” Joni told her, “Just like the WWE, and we can meet every Monday night and put an end to that damn wrestling.”

“Well it’s a kind of wrestling,” Stacy grinned, “I love it, let’s plan it all out and decide who to ask first.”

The girls sat around for over an hour writing down ideas, rules, and of course how much to charge. After two more nights of planning they approached who they thought would be the best candidate. Shelby loved the idea and got her husband to come over to the next meeting at Joni’s house for a free introductory meeting.

The next day Shelby met them for coffee and handed them a check for the first month’s dues.

“Thanks!” Joni said looking at the check that was filled in for $5000.00 dollars.

“No thank you!” Shelby said, it is worth every penny and we intend to help you find new members.

In two months time the WWC had a total of six couples who had all checked out medically and gladly paid their dues each month. Stacy and Joni were pocketing $20,000 a month and both of their husband’s were impressed with their new business, and the fact that they were being kept very happy on Monday Nights.

All of the women felt just the same, and looked forward to Monday night WWC meetings, just as most men looked forward to Monday Night Football.

The next meeting was in two days and it was going to be Joni’s birthday. Stacy invited all the female members to a special meeting with her to explain what she had planned for Joni’s special night. All of the girls agreed and said they would explain it to their hubby’s.

When Stacy heard back that they had all agreed to her plan, she couldn’t wait to surprise her best friend and partner on Monday night.

The Monday night events had grown to include catered food and drink. The hired help being dismissed at 7:00pm so that the real fun could begin. The girls had already made plans to build a huge “Playhouse” in the Back of Bill and Joni’s estate with the money they had been earning. It would include an indoor pool, hot tub, big screens, billiard tables and a host of other things the guest could enjoy. Of course the second floor would have multiple bedrooms besides the huge open area of the main room.

On Monday night shortly after all the caterers and bar tender had left Stacy brought Joni out to the living room wearing nothing but a blind-fold.

“Are you ready for your birthday surprise?” Stacy whispered as she guided her to the center of the room.

“I can’t wait!” Joni told her wondering what was going to happen to her.

Joni’s husband and the five other couples were already naked and waiting for the start of Joni’s present. The other four naked wives were waiting for Stacy to get Joni to lie down on the vinyl covered foam wedge placed in the middle of the floor.

“Okay babe, now sit down and lay back.” Stacy told Joni as she guided her backwards

Joni sat down on the tall end of the wedge and then lay backward with her head downhill on the vinyl covered block. Stacy put a big pillow under her head and asked her if she was comfortable. Joni was, even though the foam block held her hips and pussy up off the floor.

“Okay girls” Joni heard Stacy tell the girls, and then she felt rather than heard many bodies begin to surround her.

The men stood around her in a circle watching as two of the wives started to tease and lick Joni’s breasts; while two other’s spread her legs wide and took turns diving down on her pussy. Stacy lubed up a vibrator and handed it to Tammy.

“OOOooooo” Joni groaned as Tammy pushed the lubed vibrator into her pussy.

Stacy lubed up a tapered butt plug she had bought and handed it to Michele along with the bottle of lube. Michele pushed the tapered end of the lube bottle into Joni’s ass and squeezed a large amount of cold lube into her.

“MMmm Shit that’s cold!” Joni yelled and then started laughing along with everyone else.

When Michele was satisfied with her work she poked the butt plug into Joni. It’s design keeping it there as the tight ring of her bud clamped down over the recessed ring behind the large fat end.

“Oh what are you doing to me?” Joni asked, and went back to moaning as Tammy worked her over with the vibrator.

“Ahh God, OOoohh fuck yeeeessss” Joni yelled out a few minutes later as the overload of so many sensations that made her cum for her tormentors.

“Roll over baby” Stacy told Joni helping her to roll over and get positioned doggy style.

The big foam wedge held Joni’s butt up off the floor at just the right height for the men to fuck her.

Joe was the first and got down on his knees behind her looking at her cute round ass with a butt plug sticking out. The head of Joe’s cock already dribbling fluid.

Joe pulled the vibrator from Joni’s pussy and plunged his aching cock deep into her hot, wet pussy.

“UNnnhhhhhhh” Joni groaned as the stiff cock slammed up inside of her.

His balls already about to explode Joe began to fuck Joni hard and fast knowing he wasn’t going to last long anyway.

“Un Unh Un Unh AAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUCK!” Joe yelled out as his cock exploded with a long powerful blast.

“OH GOD YESSSS!” Joni yelled out when she felt Joe’s cock begin to jerk inside of her twat.

Joe ground the base of his cock around the tight ring of hot flesh gripping it, pumping back and forth in little strokes as the second and third blast of cum sprayed from the end of his throbbing dick. Joe kept pumping Joni as a week’s worth of cum he had been saving left his body and went into hers.

Stacy was happy that during one of her and Joni’s conversations that Joni had told her that her favorite part of sex was feeling a man cum inside of her. Stacy had used the piece of information and gotten all of the men in the club to go without sex for a few days before the party, so they could really unload in her. Even though it had been tough all of them had agreed and Joni was reaping the benefit.

Joe grunted, pulling his cock all the way out of Joni’s pussy except for the head. He milked his cock until every drop had been squirted into her hot cunt. Joe pulled out and stood up as a flow of white began to pour from Joni’s pink slit. Stacy got down and began to lick and suck it up as Joni came even louder than the first time.

Tammy had been sucking her husband’s cock and he was ready. Stacy got out of the way as Tom got down behind Joni and pushed his cock into her squishy hole.

“Damn that feels good!” Tom said, his dick disappearing into the hot slippery hole.

It had been so long that he only lasted 10 or 15 strokes before he yelled out and slapped Joni’s ass cheeks, adding a huge load of his own cum inside of Joni’s slippery pussy. He kept pumping her hot pussy, until his balls ran dry. The excess semen leaked out around his dick and his wife Tammy scr*ped it up with her fingers and ate it like icing from a mixing bowl.

Joni just groaned, feeling the insides of her vagina getting warmer from the huge load that Tom’s cock had injected with hard pulsing spurts.

When Tom finished, Tammy licked up the excess semen pouring out of Joni’s pussy until Frank moved in and plunged his own dick into her. Frank felt like he had just stuck his dick into a glove full of hot pudding.

“Oh my GOD another one?” Joni mumbled, as Frank began to pound her pussy making loud squishy sounds as the excess cum leaked out around his hard cock.

Frank didn’t last much longer than Tom had. He started grunting, firing his seed into the hot pudding filled pussy strongly contracting and milking his cock as Joni came again.

“UUuunnnhhhhh” Joni moaned loving the hot semen douche the three men had given her.

When Frank had finished his wife Mary Joe licked up the river of white steamy cream pouring out of Joni’s overfilled pink pussy that gaped open, her puffy labia glued down from the drying semen. Then Mary Jo licked her lips as she went to join her hubby in the shower just like the other’s had done.

Bill had been waiting to sample his wife’s ass, waiting until the other men had filled her pussy with cum. He stood there lubing the head of his cock while Stacy pulled the butt plug from Joni. Joni knew what was coming and she wished she hadn’t mentioned to Stacy that she had never tried anal sex, but secretly wanted to.

The thought got lost when she felt the warm knob of a cock starting to penetrate her butt where the plug had been. She was glad that she had used an enema just in case…… and wondered who belonged to the cock that was being pushed against her butt hole.

“Owww OH SHIT!” Joni cried as Bill’s knob finally popped inside the tight ring of her butt.

Bill held still until he felt Joni’s ring relax a bit. He kept pushing up her tight butt as she yelled until his balls touched her sticky mound.

Joni could feel the warm cum leaking out of her vagina and running down her slit as the pressure of the big dick in her butt squeezed the cum from her vagina. The cock began to slide in and out of her ass, the sensations like fingernails on a chalkboard raced to her brain as the tiny ring of her butt was stretched and rubbed by the hard shaft.

“Oh God, Oooooh Owww Oh Fuck! Unhhhh shit!” Joni began to chant as Bill began to fuck her ass faster.

Bill could feel his cock leaking fluid long before he came. It lubed his shaft and the tight ring of her butt clamped around it. Bill was so turned on that it only took a few more strokes before the semen began to boil up inside of his balls.

He pulled his cock all the way back and stroked his wet shaft furiously.

“Un UmmmmmAHHhhhhh!” Bill yelled, the end of his penis hurting as the huge spray of cum forced its way out against the pressure of Joni’s tight ass.

“OOOhhhhhh AAAAANNhhhhhhhh!” Joni screamed, jerking forward when the hard cock began to spurt up inside of her butt.

Joni’s butt tightened like a vice just behind Bill’s knob. The rim of Bill’s swollen knob acted like the barb on a fish hook, keeping his spurting dick from popping out of his wife’s tight hole.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” Bill yelled, as he pumped his shaft with his hand.

Bill felt like his nuts were going to become detached and shoot out the end of his penis as a long powerful jet of semen sprayed out again. Bill hadn’t come so hard since he was twenty, and kept pumping his shaft until his nuts ran dry after eight long blasts, the knob of his cock securely held in place by Joni’s tight ring.

Bill could feel the warm cum from Joni’s leaking pussy coating his balls as he pushed his wilting dick all the way up inside of Joni’s cum filled ass, sighing as the last dribbles leaked out the end of his tired cock.

“OOohhh God…..MMmmmmm” Joni moaned as her orgasm subsided a bit, feeling the spent cock pop out from her butt hole.

Bill had pulled out and before Joni’s butt could close all the way, Matt wiped the head of his dick in the river of cum leaking out and then pushed it back inside of Joni along with his cock. Matt quickly began to slam his cock in Joni’s butt, fucking her hard for about 20 strokes before his cock emptied itself into her bowels.

“Un Ummmm ddaammn!” Joni’s hoarse voice cackled, as she came again, as another hard dick began jerking and spitting cum deep in her ass.

Matt pulled out of Joni and headed for the shower like the others had done. His pubes and balls covered with sticky semen, as Robert took his place.

Robert pointed his long shaft at Joni’s gaping and dripping puckered hole.

Joni groaned as the biggest cock of the group forced its way up inside of her sore ass.

Robert had a full 9 inches and a very thick shaft. And Joni felt every inch of it going in, the big knob reaching further up inside of her than the other men had.

Joni just mumbled, having been reduced to jelly, she was having an almost constant orgasm that racked her body like electrical current. She felt like a total slut, each man in the group having fucked and cum in either her ass or pussy.

“Oh Yeah Baby….Oh Oh OOOHhh Yeeessssss!” She found the energy to shout out as Robert drove her hips hard against the foam wedge with his body, his big cock slamming into her slick cum filled ass.

Bill watched Robert fucking his wife’s ass, the huge cock slamming in and out of her tiny butt like some kind of magic trick.

Bill didn’t mind because Robert’s wife was busy sitting on his dick. Facing Bill, Amber was pumping her sweet shaved pussy up and down on his dick. Bill stopped watching his wife and started sucking Amber’s nipples as she fucked him.

Robert felt his balls start to twitch and he pushed his full weight down over Joni’s back. He grabbed a hand full of her hair and grunted into her ear.

“Here it comes…. Baby, Unnhhhhhhhh……..AHHH UNhhhhhhhh!”

Joni felt the base of the big shaft jerking her butt hole as the semen raced from Roberts’s balls. It made the big vein pulse outwards as the fluid shot down the length of his cock and spewed in a hard spray from the end. Each long blast of semen made Robert yank her hair and grunt loudly in her ear. Robert’s hot breath smelled of beer and lust as he donated the final load of cum for her ass.

Joni thought she heard people singing happy birthday and a cheer when Robert had cum in her. It was all so surreal and she wondered if she had really heard it as another long orgasmic wave raced from her pussy to the base of her brain.

Bill saw and heard Robert Cumming in Joni’s ass. He pinched Amber’s hard pointed nipples hard and thrust his hips and dick upwards, Cumming in her tight little pussy at the same time his wife was yelling something unintelligible with her ass stuffed full of spurting cock.

Amber yelped and then rocked forward and backward on Bill’s cock as it throbbed, and made the inside of her pussy warm and slippery with cum.

“Oh yeah baby,……Unnhhh that’s it…… cum in my hot pussy!” She cried as she came with him.

Robert pulled his long cock out of Joni’s worn out butt. Stacy was there to put the butt plug back in Joni’s sore ass locking the river of cum up inside of her until she could make it to the bathroom. Stacy had to wait a minute or two before Joni’s stretched out butt closed enough to hold it in.

“Come on girl, you need a shower.” Stacy said to Joni, helping her to roll over and pull the blind fold off.

“Did you like your birthday present?” Stacy asked grinning.

“Jesus I may never walk again.” Joni said, standing up on wobbly legs, “But I loved it!”

“I knew you would.” Stacy said helping her friend to walk towards the bathroom.

“Just wait till I get you back” Joni said, “and God I need a drink!”

Stacy handed her a beer, “I can’t wait for my birthday,” Stacy replied with a wink.

Joni chugged down the beer and wobbled to the bathroom in between the couples that were having sex in various ways. Sitting down on the pot she reached between her legs and pulled the butt plug out.

After sitting there for five minutes, cum was still leaking out of her ass and pussy, “Damn!” She thought wanting to get back to the party.

When she got back to the living room Tom was sitting on the couch by himself, the odd man out since she had been gone.

“Hi Tom you want some company?”

“Sure babe.” Tom grinned up at her.

Joni sat down next to him and kissed him long and hard while she played with his growing cock. She bent down laying her head on his stomach as she put the knob in her mouth and started to suck it even thought it tasted and smelled like pussy. She wanted to give Tom a thank you she knew he would like.

“One down and five to go.” She thought, as she ran the tip of her tongue around the warm slick head of Tom’s cock, cupping his soft sack at the same time.

Five minutes later, she was pleased when she had conjured up a mouth full of warm cum from Tom’s tired nuts. She swished it around in her mouth like she was taste testing a fine wine before swallowing it and looking for the next man on her thank you list.

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