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Why Am I Here?

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Toni and Brian, both 34, both outstanding in their field of teaching, were actually complete opposites, but married. Brian was very demanding, Toni was more diplomatic, about everything, in her family life, with her students, with her peers, where Brian was forceful. He was even forceful with Toni which caused more than a few words to be exchanged.

Toni is a beautiful woman. Awesome, intelligent, sweet, kind, wonderful. Those are just a few words some of her peers and students wrote about her in the school newspaper.

She stands at five feet eight inches tall, around 125 pounds, very nice tits. Stays tan. Doesn't drink. Doesn't smoke, doesn't do and never has done drugs and on Sunday morning, along with her husband Brian, she will always faithfully be found at the local Baptist church.

Brian plays golf. Is about 6 feet tall, 190 pounds, and tan, and loves to shop and work in his yard. Only one thing really "irks" him bad about his wife, Toni. Her friend, Julie Jo.

Toni, well, at times she wonders why she is such a good friend with Julie Jo. Julie doesn't attend church. She is wild, with or without her husband, Byron. Toni knows for a fact that Julie has had sex with men other than her husband, and has been embarassed at some of the places Julie has taken her, and some of the things she has seen Julie do, yet, deep down, way below the skin, some of those things have really "excited,intriqued,and aroused," the 34 year old school teacher.

Julie always told Toni "everything." If she flashed someone at the mall her marvelous, beautiful, tits, she told Toni. If she sucked a guys cock in the parking lot of a grocery store, she told Toni. If she seduced Valerie, her hairdresser, she told Toni. Over the years, Toni has actually gotten to where she enjoys hearing the stories.

"She is a horrible influence! She is going to pull you down in the gutter with her," Brian has told Toni many a time, but never, to her suprise, demanded she quit running around with her.

People around this small town, however, have never,ever started any rumors about Toni, although when Brain leaves for guard drill in the summer or is playing away at a golf tournament for a week, it seems if you see Julie Jo, you see Toni.

Toni was by herself again, Brian at an education workshop in Orlando, Fla. and she and Julie were going to go out on a Friday night and eat, maybe take in a movie. What worried her, not a great deal, but it was a concern, was, Julie would be driving as Brain had the good car and Toni didn't like to take out her 10 year old Ford Ranger after dark.

Once when Julie drove they ended up at a Yahoo room chat party at a friend of Julie's, her name was Cindi. As the party ran on for an hour or so, and the alochol was consumed like a fire having gasoline poured on it, the behavior became wilder and wilder. Sex was in the air. Toni had been around Julie for over six years and knew when there was going to be sex at any kind of event Julie drug her into, but Toni was strong willed and had either always just watched, sometimes aroused, sometimes disgusted, or simply just walked away and walked a few blocks home.

Any way, at this party, Cindi and another lady, Andi, had gotten this guy in a corner. He couldn't without just decking one of them, get away and they forcibly removed his clothes, right there in the kitchen and took turns blowing his cock.

Toni asked herself, "Why am I here?," but never left.

She had never sucked on a cock and actually it kind of, to her embarassment, gave her a tingle and a wet feeling between her legs.

At that same party she saw her friend, Julie, go into one of Cindi's bedroom's with two men, who had their hands all over Julie's ass and she heard giggling and moaning and screaming for the nearly full hour she was in there.

Some of the other guys tried to befriend Toni, and she gracefully would turn away, walk off, or tell them to get lost. "One thing about being with Brian, you learn how to tell someone forcefully, 'GET LOST,' and leave me alone," she told herself at that party.

Julie told Toni on the way home that night that when she attended a party at that house she should "loosen up,live a little," that her "poor" Brian, she adored, would never know.

Still, Toni, being strong willed, never yielded to temptation and was faithful to Brian the 10 years they were married, even though when Julie described the threesome that happened in that bedroom, it did "arouse,excite,and make her think some things," that should never be uttered, as she recalled.

So, Julie took Toni to eat, a nice Italian place, and the home made bread was fantastic, as was the pasta and they left,went to the mall, where Julie flirted with many men, some she knew, some she didn't, it didn't matter. In some ways, it was funny, in some manners disgusting, but that is Julie, she always makes me ask myself,"Why am I even here?." Toni laughed.

They were actually on their way home, or so Toni thought, when Julie said, "hell, let's have some fun," and turned down the street where one of her friend's, Andi lived.

"Great, why did I even come with her?," Toni thought to her self.

But, having known Julie for all these years, Toni rests in the assurance she never once has given in, and actually never been tempted, so she went in, besides it gave her a fantasy or three the last two or three times.

She had met Andi, a wild lady, few years older than herself and Julie, nothing sexually this lady wouldn't do and Toni meant, NOTHING!

This was just a "gathering" of some friends, some from yahoo, where Toni had never visited a chat room, although after the last party she must admit, she was "tempted" some what, some from just around the area that she knew.

Toni entered with her friend Jule. Actually, Toni wished she had worn jeans instead of shorts, but it was hot out, around 95 degrees and she wanted comfort,now these guys would be eyeing her good with those tan legs, and that shirt that even with a bra, there was no doubt she had very nice tits.

But something was different! The atmosphere is different,she thought, she hoped. She really believed that some day the temptation of doing something naughty would get her and hoped that the atmosphere really was different and not her imagination.

There was Andi, Cindi, Julie and two men she didn't know. But they were kind, gentle, not drinking, and God, handsome hunks. Never in her married life had she drooled but now she needed a towel to wipe the drool from her chin.

Toni was almost shaking watching these two. Aaron and Jared were their names. Both around six feet, tan, muscular, but gentle, not like Brian, and didn't have the smell of beer, or alcohol on their breath. Toni actually felt some what at ease with them, unlike around Andi and Cindi.

God, Julie was bringing them to the couch where she was sitting, squeezing her legs together, she was squirming being here. "Why am I here?," the thought screamed through her head.

The two men said it was nice to meet her, that she was a very beautiful young lady, "we won't bite," Jared quipped and flashed a marvelously seductive smile.

"Toni is a little shy. I embarass her," Julie kidded the two men. "I make her very uncomforable at these parties and she has never even spanked me,"Julie laughed.

"Well, maybe we should do that for her," Aaron laughed, "of course Julie would probably enjoy that," he added, bringing a smile to Toni's face.

"I met these guys at a party at Cindi's Toni. You should have been there, I was dancing with Aaron, someone had spiked my drink, next thing I know, I am sucking on his enormous cock," she laughed.

"Well, you weren't too drunk, you remember what you did Julie," Toni laughed, realizing she was the loosest she had ever been at one of these parties. "I can be friendly, even flirt, nothing wrong with that," Toni thought, but thought again, "Why am I even here?"

These guys really were doing a number on her. As Julie talked with Cindi and Andi, laughing and of course, making sexual inuendo's, Aaron and Jared were subtle, making Toni smile, small talk, and throwing in at times, "you are a gorgeous lady."

As the minutes passed, the conversation became a little bit more personal, but with these two, two she had never seen before, Toni became more and more comfortable. She had even, like Julie and the other two girls, kicked off her sandals. Never had she been this comfortable at either Andi's or Cindi's house nor had she carried on a conversation with men this long, other than Brian, the entire time she had been married. Yet that question,"Why am I even here?," kept coming to mind, only not quite as often.

The men were getting braver, digging, finding out more about this sexy lady in the lavender tank top and white shorts, bare foot, sitting across from them on the couch, but were careful what they asked.

"So while, Brian, that is his name right?, " Jared asked.

"Yes, Brian," she smiled.

"So while Brian is gone on these trips, does your mind wander, or have you ever thought, 'I wonder what it would be like to be in the arms of another man, or woman even," Jared asked, seriously, yet smiling, and very intrigued.

All eyes, the eyes of Julie, who had never seen Toni this open, Cindi and Andi, were now upon Toni as she looked around the room, seeing Andi's hands run up Julie's thigh on the love seat across the room, that seductive smile on Andi's face and Cindi, with her hand on Andi's thigh almost up to the botom of her shorts.

"Well, yeah. You know Brian tells me Julie is a bad influence, and I guess if putting fantasies in your mind is a bad influence, Julie is guilty. But, he doesn't seem to remember, I knew Julie before I knew him," she smiled, trying to dodge the question.

Julie was much too smart. "Ok, Hillary Clinton. Answer the question. Have you thought about it or not," Julie laughed.

Toni had to laugh. "Yes, but thought is all I have done!"

All laughed and Cindi had her hand up to Julie's wet pussy now, causing Julie to squirm just a bit and say "not now Cindi, this is getting good," she squeeled.

"So, if Aaron or Jared, pulled of just their shirt, you think you could run your hands through the hair on their chest and not feel bad about it?," Cindi boldly asked.

Toni wondered if Cindi knew that she loved looking at hair on a guys chest. Toni would see a movie on television, Sean Connery or some of those guys, shirtless, and she would literally go ape, and nearly r*pe Brian when they went to bed.

"I-I-I-I," she studdered,"I-I-I, couldn't," she managed to weakly get out of her dry voice, now finding it hard to swallow.

Too late, smiling, both men had removed their shirts, neither were way too hairy, but had thin, dark hair on their chests all the way down to their belly's, both, very tan, she knew they worked in the sun a lot with no shirts on. She sat for a minute, then two, just staring.

The three women were waiting, watching, each a hand on the other's thigh, wondering what Toni would do, if she would stand up and run her hands through the hair on either of them's chest.

"Come on Toni! They won't bite. It's just us, not a whole house full like the other party where there was groping and raping going on. We won't tell your precious Brian or anyone else, come on. You want to, we know you do," Julie said,"now come on, stand up, you can do it," she added. This was the first time Julie even came close to trying to attempt to get Toni out of her "comfort zone."

With weak knees, breathing way more rapidly than she did even having sex the first time with her husband, Toni was about to give in! "Why am I even here?," ran through her mind one last time!

Toni stood, shaking, to the amazement of the other three women in the room. A hairy chest was way too much to resist and besides, "no harm in running my hands through their hair," she thought.

She chose Aaron first, running her hand softly,slowly through the hair, then Jared, and she had to admit, "I hope they don't notice how wet I am, God, I am way hornier than I should be, this is wrong!," she thought, for just a few seconds. She then sat down, smiling.

"You girls happy now?," she quipped.

"Not has happy as you girlfriend," Julie snapped back, winking at Toni.

"Be honest now Toni. You loved that didn't you? It aroused you, didn't it? Don't lie, it's just us, you can share your deepest thoughts with us, we won't tell," Jared told her slowly.

"Yes---ssssssssss," she once again studdered, "Julie we should be going,shouldn't we?," she asked.

"Hey, I am driving, sides, Andi and Cindi have fingered me to wetness and seeing you do that, No way," Julie laughed, "you are stuck here now. Brain isn't home to fill your pussy with that toothpick of a cock when you get there anyway," she laughed.

Toni hated it when Julie was right. She forgot Julie was driving, and if honest, she loved having these guys with their shirts off!

"Toni, how long has it been, since you kissed another man on the lips, other than Brian?," Aaron asked.

The beauty, now dripping wet in her pussy thought, "about 11 years," she slowly answered, with her head lowered, embarassed she got into this conversation.

"Ever kiss another woman?," Jared asked, knowing that Toni now was as vulnerable as ever.

"We--ll, once in college, it was a dare, and like, never mind, I kissed my room mate, she kissed me back," and she quit answering right there,not wanting to finish the sentence, but the other three women were way too smart, and Julie, her best friend, even knew there was more, although Toni had never shared this.

"She kissed you back? Why do we think there is more to your answer?." Andi quipped, she now had Julie's top lowered to where she was massaging her best friend's nipple.

"Well, it's something I don't want to talke about," Toni said shyly, "man it's hot in here," she blurted out, bringing laughter to all.

"Toni, Jared and Aaron are going to stand up. We want to see you put your arms around their neck and kiss them. We know you want to, you know you want to, so go ahead," Andi said,daringly, "it's ok, you are with us. Brian is gone for a week, Julie told us, it's ok. You need a good kiss from these guys, go ahead," Andi pleaded.

The 34 year old school teacher, knowing deep in her heart it was wrong, after all these years of resisiting temptation when with Julie,stood, nearly falling, her legs were so weak, and kissed, first Aaron and then Jared, bringing smiles to the other three women who were amazed.

The two men took turns, kissing her back, she had no resistance. Andi was now kissing Julie who would break from the kiss, look at Toni and then kiss Cindi passionately and slowly the women were removing their clothes, watching Toni with Jared and Aaron.

Soon, the two men, very slowly, very tediously, were removing Toni's top, with little, well actually, no resistance. Jared moved behind Toni to unsnap her bra, revealing a set of marvelous,erect tits. Jared was removing his pants,as was Aaron, suddenly there was a living area full of naked people.

Whatever got into Toni she was on her knees, sucking on Araon's cock, stroking Jared's cock while the other three women were loving, devouring each other while watching Toni get into the groove of sucking cock.

Soon, Andi place a pillow then two on the floor and the two men laid Toni down. Jared began thrusting his cock into her pussy, Andi was at her feet now, sucking each toe, kissing each toe, massaging her ankles, making the school teacher squirm, and moan, "God, what am I doing here?," she screamed, "don't stop, fuck me, fuck me,fuck me," she screamed, much to the delight of Julie and Andi and Cindi.

Soon Jared pulled out and came hard on Toni's chest and tits and Julie crawled over,being the friend she is and licked his cum off her tits, and Aaron began thrusting his cock in her pussy, making her writhe in pleasure and to scream again, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she screamed.

When he got done fucking her Andi came over and began licking the aftermath of what was left in Toni's pussy. Any apprehension about where she was, or what she was doing, was now only a blur in her mind, she had experienced the wonderful tastes of cock in her mouth and in her pussy of that other than Brian's and she was totally absorbed in all the sexual tension in the room, kissing Cindi passionately, their tongues circling,twisting around each other's mouth.

"What am I doing here?," crossed her mind once more, and she answered out loud, "getting my brains fucked out!"

Needless to say, this was a night Toni would never forget but would definitely repeat.

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