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What Happens On The Water Stays On The Water

We were invited by a Bob & Karen, a couple we swapped with a few times, to join them and some other friends on a boat outing for summer weekend. We thought that it would be a chance to meet some other open couples and so we went. The boat had a cuddy area with four "state rooms" it was like a huge floating camper, shower and all. There were three couples,the people that owned the boat and us invited.

Once aboard the "Captain & First Mate" (host and hostess Gary and Marsha) let us know that anything going on while out on the open water was to stay out there and that bathing suits were optional once we got away from other boats. (exciting and interesting so we thought).

Once out of the bay and under way the girls were directed to the bow to catch some rays, shortly thereafter we guys noticed that the tops came off and it looked like a sea of titties. Soon we shut down and droppen anchor so the guys could fish. Everything was provided by our host and as soon as were got our hooks baited the Captain proclaimed "First Fish good with you guys?". I had to ask what's up since I was the new guy. The reply was simple, Well first fish gets first pick and we domino spouses. I must have had that look on my face because Bob stepped over to me and explained "First guy to catch a fish picks a lady from the bow and her spouse gets the next pick of ladies and so on, get it? OH! Okay I got it.

John, lands the first fish. He's a tall muscular, well tanned man wearing a buldging speedo. He placed the fish in the live well and stepped away toward the bow, comming back leading my woman naked but but for the beach towel in her hand. They stopped by the steps leading below long enough for her to put on a show of removing his speedo and placing his penis in her mouth for a few seconds before taking him by the hand and leading him down the steps.

The Captain looked at me and said "Your turn" so with out andy hesitation I wnt to the bow and returned with a tall redheaded lady without any tan lines. As we reached the top step to the cuddy she stopped me, helped me out of my suit whiel in full view of the other men on the back deck and performed the same oral tease on me. It was then that I reallized that the girls were prepped and ready for the game by virtue of the hostess while they basking in the sun.

Once all returned to the main deck we suited up and headed for a party spot with a live band on shore. The Captain & First Mate made it clear that all marriages were open till we reached the home prt and that we were all to have fun in what ever way and with whomever we wished till then.

We came home and both said we've got to get a boat!

End of Story