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This story is a sequel to Wounded but Gifted...You should read this before "2"....You'll better understand what's going on.

I happened to meet Joe one day at the 7/11. We got a soda and sat down to gab at one of the tables. He tells me that he and Elsie had told Irma and Bob, her husband, about our little get together. He also tells me that they had met Bob and Irma thru SLS and that they had a soft relationship going. Whatta ya mean, soft relationship. He explains that they occasionally meet and have sex in the same room with their own spouses. Bob and Irma haven't yet stepped up to swinging. He did say though that if they go nightclubbing or honky tonking that they do fondle each others wives and do a little smoothching, but that's it. He said he's sure that one day they will cross the line.

Later that day Joe called me and said that he and Elsie were going to meet with Bob and Irma Saturday and they wondered if Mary and I would like to join in. Oh I think that Mary and I can handle that. Joe said he and Elsie were going to host the party. Saturday comes and Joe calls and said that they were going start a little different this time. We're going to meet at the "Rendezvous". A small club nearby where we can get acquainted with our new friends. Be there about 8:pm he says, I'll have a table reserved for us.

We get there about 8:00 and a waitress greets us and verified who we were, said our friends were already there and waiting for us. The back part of the club has a small band stand and a dance floor, not big but sufficient. They had a nice round table back in the corner. They were sitting there all smiles and glad to see us. Mary met Irma before but not her hubby Bob. We got introduced and Irma is a knockout redhead with slightly larger titties than Mary but about the same size in height and weight. Bob's about 5'10 and is a good looking man of about 60 YO. Mary looked at me with that "man, what a hunk" look.

We sat down and it so happened that Mary was next to this hunk. I don't think she minded. The waitress brought a round of drinks and we started jawing away. We're from Indiana and they were curious about our activities up there before we moved here. The band,, a 5 pc. combo was setting up. The house lights dimmed way down and one of those round mirrored balls in the center of the ceiling started turning throwing little dots of lite all over the place.

This place has a wonderful atmosphere and the drinks are reasonable with no cover charge. While we're talking I notice Bob has his hand under the table and I suspect he's messin' roun' with Mary. What the hell, that's what we're here for, right. After a little while the band starts playing some real good dance music. Bob wasted no time grabbin' Mary and to the dance floor they went. The place was already fairly crowded and other couples were also getting out there. Joe had already latched onto Irma so Elsie and I joined hands and got in with the crowd. We got to talk a bit and she told me that Bob has a huge, huge cock. A little bit bigger than Joe's. This was almost too hard to believe. My wife was out there with that monster. The song ended and we came back to the table, others stayed out there as did Bob and Mary. Pretty soon after about two more songs they came back to the table. With all those people there and the dim lighting it's hard to pick out anyone on the floor.

It seemed to me that Mary appeared a little disheveled and her lipstick seemed smeared. When they got back she grabbed her purse and said she was going to the lady's room. Elsie got up and went with her. When they got back a little later Mary looked refreshed and her lipstick was nice and neat. Another medley started and I ended up with Irma, Bob with Elsie, and Joe with Mary. We were having a good time and had already had about three rounds. Bob was dancing with his own wife and I was dancing with mine. Mary tells me she went to the restroom because her crotch was soaking wet from Bob foolin' with her out there. He even managed to undo her bra and play with her titties. Her panties were so soaked she just flushed them and put her bra in her purse. She said that he has the biggest cock she's ever felt. Ever felt, I said. Yeah, he was pushing it against her and she had to satisfy her curiosity, reached down and got hold of it. He somehow had rearranged it and had the head of it at his belt line. Man she says, I'm going to get to see that thing later on this evening. I asked her if she would like to try it out, Yeah but they're not that kind of swingers.

At about 10:30 we decided to head back to Joe's place. During the evening I think everyone got their share of feels in. Irma has a very nice squeezable ass and so does Elsie. We all had kissed each other and I think everybody was more than in the mood for some serious playing. I know I was, and I was wondering if Irma would be interested in my happy nub.

Joe and Elsie had the screened in porch all ready with several padded mats on the floor, a nice table set up with a centerpiece and napkins, wonderful mood lighting, and a stereo going with nice mood music. Joe mixed a blender of dacquiris, had a bottle of Bourbon for seven and sevens, wine for Mary, (her favorite drink), and an ice chest with cold beer in bottles. We all sat at the table and sipped on a drink. I think we were all a little tipsy. Finally Joe says it time to start ball rollin'. I grabbed my wife wasted no time in getting her to the day bed. There was a mat on the floor next to it and Bob and Irma claimed that spot. I stripped down to just my boxers cause I didn't want my precum dripping all over the place. When it starts I'm like a leaky faucet. I helped Mary get naked which wasn't hard to do as she was already braless with no panties.

There was a small nightstand there with several small bottles of scented baby oil. Mary didn't ever bother laying on her tummy, she was on her back and her nips were as erect as I've ever seen or felt them. And, she may have wiped herself at the lounge but her pussy was all swollen and soaking wet. She was about as ready as she could ever be. I was standing next to the bed, caressing, massaging, kissing, and rubbing her getting that nub between her slippery crotch, and I do mean slippery and wet. Bob and Irma were on the mat next to the bed on the floor both naked. The lights were dim but not so dim I didn't get a good look at that donkey dick of his. Indescribable is all I can say..

I'm slowley rubbing my nub against Mary's pussy and feeling it go in when I feel a hand rubbing my leg by my balls. Bob is kneeling there, she is sucking as best she can on his dong, and she's getting hold of my dick. In the meantime he reaches onto the bed and is fondling Mary's titties. I think we're all moments away from coming. Next thing you know, Joe and Elsie are next to this small bed and Elsie crawls up next to Mary. I think Mary has a little Bi in her as she is now kissing Mary, Joe stands up and is sucking on her titties, and I have that nub in there as far as it will go. Mary has such a tremendous orgasm that she partially passes out and just lays there limp.

I kneel down on the floor next to Irma and start massaging her and she is just as wet as Mary. I pour some oil on her titties and crotch, smear it all around, and now she's as slippery as can be. I kiss her lovely tender lips and titties and touch her pussy with the nub. She hunches up to meet my efforts and I slowly put part of it in her. She's so used to Bob's huge cock that it goes in easily. It isn't long and she's having one helluvan orgasm. It's not a quiet one either. She's saying and muttering everything only a woman can say while she's cumming. And it lasted a while too. She loved it and grabbed me and kissed me, and murmurred while frenching me to fuck her. I get between her legs and am kissing her tummy, titties, face, neck, and slowly start to aim my dick at that pussy .

About this time I hear Mary beginning to moan again. I look up on the bed and Bob above her and I can only surmise he has that pecker of his at her pussy. I slowly push my dick into Irma and just rest there a minute as I'm on the verge of cumming again. I only move enough to get one of her titties in my mouth and startto purse that nipple with my lips while I run my tongue over it. This just about drives her into a coma and she has another huge orgasm. About this time I can no longer hold back. I don't start fucking, I just jam it in as hard as I can and let it pulse, pulse, and pulse. She can feel this and has another small orgasm.

About this time that bed is about to come apart as Bob is screwing Mary to another orgasm and she's letting everybody know it too. While this was going on Joe came over next to the bed and along with Elsie he's kissing Mary and rubbing on a titty and sucking one as well. While Bob is screwing her Joe slips his hand up under her ass and slips a finger into her anus. This brings all of heaven's thunder down onto that bed and she gasps with her mouth and eyes wide open and nothing but gurgling sounds come from her throat as she has the mother of all orgasms. This triggers Bob's male mechanism and he slams down with all his might shoving that dick to the hilt into Mary, who apparantley feels it and just totally passes out in ecstacy.

This is the show of all shows and I'm getting another hard-on and climb onto the bed on top of Elsie. Her flesh is hot, her titties are yummy, and my cock is looking for another harbor. I'm between her legs and put it into her waiting, anxious pussy. She grabs me and kisses me passionately as I give her a good screwin'. Meantime Joe has hooked up with Irma and they are letting out sounds of their own. Elsie enjoys what she later calls the CUM of a lifetime. Pretty soon Bob is standing next to the bed sweating and breathing hard, Mary is coming out of her cum induced sleep and is just lying there looking at the ceiling.

We all avail ouselves of a quick shower to rinse off the sweat and cum. Pretty soon we're all sitting at the table having a cool drink. Nobody is saying much but it's obvious all are sated. We went home that evening wondering if anything like that will ever happen to us again. We have really fallen in with a group of good friends.


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