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Chapter 1 My husband, Jim and I have always had a very good sexual relationship, except for the fact that he?s away for long periods at a time. I?m very proud of the work that he does. but because of the dangerous nature of his business, I never know if he?s coming home. He has teased me in the past about finding a replacement while he?s gone, but I?ve never even thought seriously about that. He was about to be deployed again, but his mood was a little more somber this time. He can never tell me how long he?ll be gone or where he?s going, but from his face I could tell it was going to be for a long time. We sat down and talked about all the regular stuff, but he went in depth about our sex life. He told me that if my vibrator wasn?t getting the job done, he wouldn?t mind if I found a more fleshy replacement. I could only do this, however, if I told him every little detail. That way he would feel like he was right there enjoying my pleasure. I told him I would and although I had no intention of taking advantage of his offer, I let him think I would, and we made love for hours that night.

I tried my best not to have a tearful goodbye when my Jimmy left, so I saved it all up for when I got home. Between my tears, and orgasms provided by my battery-operated friend, time slowly rolled by. It was about 9 months later that my birthday came around, and a friend decided to take me out to see if she could get me out of my depression.My friend Mikki is a beautiful brunette with a thin build and an animated personality. She always seems to get the party started, so I figured she?d be just what I needed to get me out of my funk and get my mind off my aching pussy. We decided to go to a restaurant first and maybe do a little dancing later. While we were in the restaurant waiting for a table, another friend of mine and her boyfriend walked in. Shelly is a vivacious redhead with a body built for fun, and a sexual history that would make a Marine blush. Her boyfriend Daniel is a sexy Latino with a shaved head, goatee, and badboy looks that would make most panties soggy. They?re exactly the kind of people you want to have around to lift your spirits so we invited them to join us. Dinner was innocent enough and very lively as Shelly and Dan had just come back from Europe and had plenty to tell. We went upstairs and danced for a while and had quite a few drinks. Daniel was quite the gentleman and paid plenty of attention to all of us so that no one felt like a third wheel. Although we were having fun, I couldn?t stop from missing my Jim and I didn?t want to spend my birthday alone, so I suggested that everyone come back to my place. There were no complaints as I have a full bar, and plenty of rooms to crash in, so off we went. When we got to my place we wasted no time in getting into the tequila, toasting everything under the sun. Daniel suggested we toast to sex, as without it none of us would be here. Mikki complained that she would toast to sex if she ever has it again. She said she hadn?t had any in 6 months. I told her she?d have to wait another 3 ½ months to catch up with me. Dan and Shelly said nothing, and I thought I remembered Dan?s zipper looking a little wet when they walked into the restaurant. The alcohol probably loosened my tongue a little more than I wanted and I blurted out Jim?s offer to me. Mikki looked a little shocked, and Shelly and Dan just grinned at each other. I immediately told them I had no intentions of carrying this out, but that Jim?s e-mails kept getting horny and hornier, and although he never complained, telling him how I masturbated while looking at his picture just wasn?t cutting it for him. Shelly said we should write an erotic story for him, and since she could write the encyclopedia of erotica with her exploits, I asked if she had any ideas. Daniel said ?Why don?t you tell them about the gondola ride in Venice?. Mikki and I were glued to our seats; and I don?t have to tell you where the glue came from, as she told us of a beautiful star lit night that started out innocent and romantic. They floated down the streets of Venice, holding hands, kissing and snuggling, and when she looked down, Daniel had taken his cock out, and it was standing proudly in the dim light. Not one to waste an opportunity, Shelly was slurping away in seconds. She was so engrossed in what she was doing she didn?t even notice the poor gondolier stroking himself through his pants. Being the gentleman he was, Daniel asked if she didn?t mind helping the poor guy out. With a short tug on his zipper, that?s exactly what she did, and he was out and being worked on in no time. The story was going on in vivid detail, but my poor little pussy could take no more. I made an excuse that I was getting tired and that we should continue this in the morning. They all agreed, but the disappointment on their faces was very evident. I went upstairs and got plenty of blankets and pillows and when I returned, they were all sitting on the couch about to do another shot. I told them to stay up as long as they wanted as I am a heavy sleeper, and went upstairs to take good care of my soggy friend. I was so horny from their story I started stroking my clit the second I was out of their sight. I was naked in seconds and was squeezing my nipples and playing with my clit while I searched for my buzz buddy. I looked in vain but found nothing. I searched other rooms upstairs and found nothing, when I remembered that I had left it in the office downstairs last time I e-mailed Jim. I thought I could sneak downstairs without being seen, but just in case, I put on a robe. I stealthily made my way down, and hoped no one had decided to use that room. I was relieved to see that the door was open and the light was off, so the room appeared to be unoccupied. I heard the TV on in the den, so I decided to peek through the kitchen door to see if they were still up.The lights were off and the glow from the TV made it look like they had fallen asleep on the couch. I opened the door about an inch more and found myself trembling at what I saw. All three of them were sitting on the couch facing forward, and Mikki and Daniel were locked in a deep kiss, as Shelly licked Daniel?s ear. He also had both hands down the front of each woman?s panties and they both had a hand exploring the front of his pants.

I was frozen in embarrassment and wanted to leave, but I found myself shedding my robe and running my hands over my body instead. Mikki was moaning an orgasm into Daniel?s mouth, as his hand worked on her deprived pussy. At the same time, Daniel was raising himself as Shelly helped him out of his pants. His penis was of average length, but very thick and even in the dim light I could tell by the veins standing out that he was rock hard. I felt myself tremble with the first of many small orgasms, and I had to lean on the doorframe, as both my hands were busy. Mikki slipped out of her dress to expose a very lithe figure with smallish breasts, but very perky nipples that got even harder with Daniel?s well placed tongue. He sat back as both women worked on him diligently. The fat head of his cock disappeared in Mikki?s mouth, as Shelly tongued his shaved balls and ass. I shuddered again as I pictured my mouth riding up and down that hot piece of meat. Shelly stood and removed the rest of her clothes. I knew she had large breasts, but had never seen her naked, and was amazed at her beauty. She also had the biggest nipples I had ever seen. She took Mikki by the hands, helped her up, and sat her down on Daniel?s cock. She then stood on the sofa, and backed her pussy onto his face. As both women rode their prized pony, I could feel the wetness had now reached my knees on both sides of my thighs. Shelly moaned loudly and then I heard a choking coughing noise as the women made a quick dismount, and Danny, whose face was drenched, quietly laughed and excused himself to the bathroom.My pussy was aching to be filled, so I went into the office, found my b.o.b. and headed out to take care of myself. I stepped out of the office and had to take one more peek. Daniel had not yet returned, but the girls were not waiting. Shelly was sitting back, while Mikki was lapping at her breasts and stroking her pussy. She slid down between her legs and Shelly?s head rolled back as she enjoyed Mikki?s tongue. I took the head of my toy into my mouth and almost gagged as I felt the head of a hard hot cock shoving it?s way through my ass cheeks and between my legs.Daniel pulled me tight against him, one arm holding my arms down, the other wrapped around my right arm and holding my rubber friend in my mouth. He kissed my neck and whispered something in my ear. I was trembling so badly I thought I would faint, but instead I found my hand slipping between my legs, and pressing the head of his cock against my wetness. He whispered again, ?Would you like to join us.? Without removing the rubber cock from my mouth, I felt myself nod my head. Feeling the heat and hardness of his meat between my legs had caused me to leave my body. My head was swimming and I felt like my pussy was in total control. He spun me around and held me tightly against him. I shuddered from a small orgasm as he replaced my plastic friend with his tongue, and his hands cupped my ass and ground my pussy on his hardness. He let go of my ass, opened the door all the way, and to the surprise of my friends announced ?Guess who?s joining the party?. I seemed to float across the kitchen floor as he led me to the den. Maybe I just slid across on my own juices, but when I got there, both women had stood up from the sofa, and Daniel sat down in the middle. Shelly, and Mikki, sat on either side and I knelt down in front of him. We all started to bathe his package with our tongues not so innocently intermingling. I tried to take all of him down my throat, but the more I sucked, the more swollen he became. I had to feel that thickness inside me. I stood up and my friends turned me around and sat me on Danny?s stomach. Each one took a leg in her hand, and a nipple in her mouth, and slowly lowered my pussy down. Mikki fingered my clit while Shelly rubbed the shaft of his cock back and forth between my labia. Then they both lifted the back of my knees up, and slowly lowered my pussy onto the head of his cock. They rocked me back and forth, allowing only the head of his cock to penetrate me, but with each penetration his cock got thicker and harder. I never even realized how much I was moaning until they let me go and I was totally impaled. I leaned forward, grabbed his knees, and ground my pussy down hard as I screamed ?Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me.? over and over in a voice I didn?t recognize as my own. I fell to the floor and seemed to watch myself shudder and twitch from my orgasm, but my finger immediately went to my pussy when I saw Mikki climb aboard. I have never been with another woman, and I sure wasn't? going to waste this opportunity. I started flicking my tongue under Daniel?s shaved sack, and worked my way up to his shaft. As Mikki slid down, I left my tongue towards the top of his shaft so that her clit would brush by with every thrust. Mikki grabbed the back of my head, and convulsed where she sat. She embraced me as she too fell off of Daniel?s still throbbing meat, and we rolled onto the rug in front of the couch.

Shelly smacked the side of Daniel?s ass and said ? Look what you did to my friends you bad boy, and you didn?t even have the courtesy to cum yet.? With that, she stood up, put her hand on his mouth, and said, ?Mama?s going to have to punish?. She grabbed his cock, rubbed it all around the entrance of her already drenched pussy, and sat down hard. She wasn?t moving, but Daniel started slowly moaning anyway. She sat on his cock talking dirty to him as his breathing got heavier. ? Mama?s going to drain those fat balls of yours by sucking your cock with her pussy, isn?t she. Come on, give me that fat nasty cock?. Mikki and I were furiously rubbing our pussies with Shelly?s hot talk driving us crazy, but when she started to ride up and down, we actually heard slurping noises coming from her pussy. She was using her hidden muscles to suck his cock, and it wasn?t long after she started rocking back and forth, that they were both moaning in unison. Daniel came first, and then Shelly as we noticed quite a difference in the viscosity of the fluid washing over his balls. It was only after we had all came, that I heard the dogs going crazy in the back, and I realized how loud we had been. I calmed them down, made sure everyone was comfy, and pulled myself on wobbly legs upstairs. As I drifted off to sleep, I wondered if it was all a dream. I don?t really know, but if everyone is still down there in the morning, I?m having ?hot sausage? for breakfast. Lyza

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