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We had planned a weekend out to have some fun away from home as work has been kept us working long hours. On the drive to the hotel I wore a skirt and strapless top. I had a tall diet and rum for the ride as well. As we passed a few truckers hubby talked me into pulling top down and flashing the truckers. Traffic was light this day so hubby took his time passing them when I said he was looking down at me. Another diet and rum in me was taking its effect on me as hubby talks me into being a flirt n lift your skirt, so I do showing my fresh shaved kitty as well. We pass mostly trucks showing off few times I would lick my nipple or hubby would reach over and rub my clit for the truckers. We then drive up on Lincoln Navigator figuring they can see as well I was not sure about flashing but the rum was working so I did not cover up. It was a young black man driving and as he looks down the smile he gives me, tells me everything. Holding both 42DD in my hands i lick one nipple biting a nipple as he watches. He is trying to watch me as he drives after several miles of teasing we come up on another car so we pass it and the navigator pass it as well and comes back up on us for another mile or so and then motions to get off the highway but we had to get to the hotel down the rode as he exits the highway as we continue on. Hubby is noticing how the black men I flash gets me hot even more.

We get to the hotel and check in grab a quick dinner at reasturant next to the hotel and then hit the hotel pool to relax. There are several couples and kids in pool as well as two yong black men. Now the thoughts running thru my mind is driving me crazy. It has been couple months since my encounter with ex daughter in laws new boy friend. We get out and get in the hot tub and the two black men follow as well, small talk as the couples and kids are still in pool. Hubby asking if any good bars or clubs around. They mentioned a gentlemens club few miles down the street the hotel is on and they were heading there after the they get out of tub and said its couples night so no charge for couples. Little more small talk hubby asked if i was game and I said sure we are on vacation and here to have as much fun as we can find. The two guys said the first drink was on them if we showed up.

We went to our room and got ready to go out. I put on a skirt nice slit up the side sheer blk top with matching sheer blk bra and thong with a black jacket over the top.

We decide to take taxi to the club since we will be drinking. We get to the gentlemens club walk in sit at a two top table and order a bucket of 4 beers. Stage has lights but otherwise dark in the bar as we watch one girl dancing and there few couples in the club as well. Several dancers walking around as well as a few approach us but know they better off with the single men. Then I look up and they walk in dressed incredible, nice slacks dressed shirts dress shoes, my jaw dropped at their sight as hubby picks up on my reaction. They finally introduce themselves as Quinton and Tyrone. Q and T suggest we move to a booth. The club has circular booths agains the walls. I slid in and hubby let T and Q sit next to me with him sitting next to Q. Hubby grabbed the bucket as we were on our second beer As Q had the bar maid bring another bucket for us. I slide my jacket off giving a nice view of my sheer black bra under my black sheer blouse, nipples barely visable. Barmaid brings jello shots around as T buys 4 of them for us. Hubby suggest I let the guys put shot between my tits and retreive it from there, so I open a few buttons of blouse as Q and T enjoy sucking jello shots from my cleavage. After a couple jello shots Q has his hand up my skirt slit on my thigh inches from my wet pussy. At this point I can resist any more I reach down and feel two hard cocks inside the pants and gently stroke them before I apologize but have to use bathroom as the beers are taking an effect on me. In the bathroom I removed both my bra and thong and turning skirt so slit is more in the front then side. Walking back it is very obvious as I hand hubby my bra and thong. T slides out so I can get back in between him and Q. Hubby being funny sets my bra and thong on the table showing them off. Q had hios hand back on my thigh and rubbing my clit as we watched the ladies dance. As Q enjoyed me I reached down and had T unzipped and his huge cock free for me to feel getting harder. Hubby ordered 4 tequila shots for us and as we did our shot he told Q to put lemon slice in his mouth and I kissed it from him as he was rubbing my clit good. T ehn orders two tequila shots for him and me, said he likes how I do shots. As we do the shots and kiss the lemon, his hand is all over my tits as I am having a small orgasm from Q on my clit.

I suggested it was time to get out of here and get back to the hotel and we needed to get a cab back. Q said they were ready as well and could give us a ride back, since it was not far we figured it would be ok. We get to his car a nice bigger sedan big back seat. Hubby and I walk to passenger side as hubby knew I wanted the back seat with T. Once in the back seat T leaned over for a kiss and that is what he got, one to remember as we kissed hot and heavy blouse now wide open for him to enjoy. T was sucking my 42DD tits as hubby and Q looked on encouraging T to enjoy but my attention is focused on getting T cock in my mouth. T obliged me as he leaned back and let me suck him harder rubbing his balls as I deep throat his cock as hubby watched and Q now had his mirror focused on me. I said he will get his turn not to worry. T was holding my head as I worked his cock, I then heard T say damn girl as he was about to cum. Sensing the explosion about to happen I just sucked deeper going up and down on his cock waiting for that cum deep in my throat. Feeling him start to move his hips faster I just held my mouth on T cock and finally got what I wanted deep gulping down his load to the last spasm. Looking up I realize we are back at the hotel parking lot as hubby and Q were watching me.

Q and hubby helped me out of car as T zipped up. We walked in a side door of the hotel as it as late we walked to elevator hoping not to pass anuome as I was basically on display. We get to the elevator and go to their room for more fun. Hubby and T had me stripped in no time as Q strips waiting for his turn with me. Q layed down on the bed as I got on all four above him and start sucking his cock, even bigger then T's cock. Now the sight of me ass in the air was tempting for T as he got under me and starts finger fucking me as I suck Q. T is now hard again and says he wants my pussy now, so T gets up behind me and starts fucking me doggy as I am sucking Q laying in front of me. T is slapping my ass while hitting me doggy and he can tell from my moans of pleasure I am enjoying it as I concentrate on Q cock. Rubbing Q balls and stroking Q cock I was kissing the head asking for his load. Sucking the head and stroking Q cock he finally shot his load first all over my face, before I finished sucking and cleaning Q cock and continued sucking Q as T continued slapping my ass and doing me doggy. Q still laying under me playing with my nipples as I keep sucking him in an effert to get him hard again. T pace is amazing as I have had several orgasm as T says he about to cum, I hear hubby say fill my pussy deep. As T starts to cum, I cum as well and collapse onto the bed as T falls his cock still deep in me as he keeps cumming and each spasm of cum it drives me crazy. As I lay on my belly right in my face is Q hard cock. I tell hubby to lay on bed as I get up and start to top ride hubby leaning down Hubby is fucking my fresh filled pussy as I motion for Q to lube up and take my ass. I get hubby riding well when Q gets behind me and slides into my ass slowly sliding in taking it easy at first. As Q picks up the feeling both cocks in me is amazing, as I kiss hubby I see T watching us gently stroking his cock, which I love to watch. I make a comment about T as he picks up the pace stroking his cock for me. Hubby is about to cum as I am barely riding him as Q doing me anally, Hubby finallypicks u the pace and annouces he ready to cum I layed on hubby as I feet his load fill me as it starts dripping out. The sensation of hubby cumming must have been enough as Q then cums in my ass as he put his cock in deep so I get every sensation of his load. I had Q roll over on his back as I got off hubby and had then next to each other as I cleaned both their cocks clean. from their cum and my juices. As I finished cleaning them T had me roll over on my back as he spread his load all over my face and tits. I just layed there for a few minutes getting up the enrgy to gather my clothes and head back to our room. I thanked them for their attention and for pleasing me. Back in our room I thanked hubby for the night and I would reward him in the morning as we collapsed on our bed.


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