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If you didn't read "Unexpected Massage" this story won't make a lot of sense. Read it first, get horny, and then read this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob called me and said he had a confession and good news. He met an old friend and after a few beers couldn't keep quiet about our little trade of massages of our wives. His friend is a former U.S. Marine and from what I hear is a helluva nice guy. About 65 y.o. and has a nice wife about the same age. They're active people, are nudists, and visit the nudist park just south of San Antonio quite often. His name is Max and hers is Selma. He said that Max was all ears and got an erection just hearing about our little tryst. He wanted to know if we could arrange another get together.

I met with Rob and wondered how we could arrange something like that with three anxious ladies. We had a few cold ones and came up with a plan to please all. As stated in the former story, Rob and Laura live in a large two story Victorian home in Temple, Tx. The house has five BR's. The largest is on the second floor at a corner of the house. He has kids stay in it when they have a family get together or friends with children. It has four single beds in it and it lights up nicely at night as there is a street light on the corner of the intersection as the house is on this corner.

His idea was to place three of these single beds on one wall with a small night stand between them. A couple of towels, bottle of baby oil, and a candle on each stand. Close the blinds on the windows a bit allowing some light in, and voila, a wonderful setting for massages. Also, a shelf with a stereo radio with CD's playing romantic music. Man, that sounds nice to me. Now, who would work on who????

He had a clever idea for that too. The beds will be numbered one to three starting at the door. The ladies pick three slips of paper numbered 1,2,3. The gents will do the same. Ladies go to their bed, cover with a sheet. Men will go to the bed as their number shows. Even if you get your own wife you massage her for........15 minutes. Rob has a timer like the one you set on your kitchen stove and sets it for 15 minutes. When the little alarm goes off you go to the next numbered bed. You do this two times and you have massaged three different women. At this time you continue massaging her. Even if she's your wife.

The eventful night came, all were ready and apprehensive. We met for a social hour, had a few cold ones. Beer, cold glass of wine, or soda. Your choice. We all mingled, got acquainted and even got a little tipsy. It was obvious the ladies were ready and so were we. Eight o'clock came. Time for things to start happening. The lady's had their numbers, as did we. They went into the room, got nake and layed down on their beds, covered with the sheet and left us know they were ready.

We stripped down to boxer shorts and T-shirts, one guy just went in naked. I had number 3 and went there. It's amazing how nice it was in there with little light and nice music playing mood music. I was wondering if I had my wife's bed. Covered up with sheets in a dimly lit room it was hard to tell who was who. I got to the bed and looked at the beautiful form before me. I pulled the sheet back to her rump, pured a little oil, and started massaging. It wasn't my wife. It was hard to tell in the minimum lighting if it was Selma or Laurie as they are very similar in size. It didn't matter, this was a lovely woman and I had my hands on her naked body. I

I had fifteen minutes to accomplish what I had to do. If you were watching the clock on a microwave 15 min. was forever, rubbing a naked willing woman is very short. I started on her back, neck, one arm, and the sides of her torso where her lovely titties were bloused out. She even moved over a little so I could get at them a little bit.

I bent over, kissed her on the back of her neck and asked who she was. It was Selma and I was glad. I'd already screwed the eyeballs out of the other two. She whispered this was a first for her. I moved from her back to her legs and was inching my way up to "you know where" when the alarm sounded. She was at this time beginning to moan and groan just a bit.

I had to go to bed #1. Whoever had been servicing this lady already had the sheet on the floor and her ass cheeks were glistening, her legs were spread a little, and she was breathing a little raspy. She asked, and I recognized my wifes voice, should I roll over now.

I mumbled uh-huh. She turned over and as soon as I had my hands on her I knew it was Mary. She wasn't sure if it was me or not. She took her hand at the edge of the bed and got hold of my pecker. I exude pre-cum like a leaky faucet and now she knew for sure who it was. I thought to myself that by the time I done with her she'll be more than ready for the next guy. I really got her oiled up especially between her legs. She was as wet as a used wash cloth. She was ready and now I'm going to make her sizzling. I bent over and kissed her tenderly, told her I loved her, and I was going to do my best.

I gently massaged her beautiful titties, then kissed them and sucked on those lovely nipples til they were almost twice their normal size. Then I rollled her toward me and rubbed my saturated cock on her nips and all over her chest. I put my hand on her hip and pushed her back on her other side, pulled her to the edge of the bed, and rubbed her ass and pussy with my lubricated dick.

After a few minutes of this, which I couldn't have taken much more of, I rolled her back on her back and massaged her pussy area, anus, and titties till she was moaning and groaning out loud. Everybody heard her as I was told later on. She even mumbled "oh god, give it to me". By this time the other two were in just about the same mood.

About this time the alarm went off. I knew that Laurie must be in the middle bed #2 so I scooted back over to #3 and Selma. I asked her how she was doing and she said fairly loud, "I need to be screwed real bad". I massaged her titties some more, kissed her nicely for a couple of minutes and then started suckling her nips. She said in a hoarse voice let's stop the messin' around and do some screwin.

I got between her wide spread legs and knelt down and started eatin' her pussy. I couldn't believe what a big little man in the boat she had. I spread her lips, pursed that little devil with my lips and tongued hell out of it. She damn near went nuts and came immediately very loudly. The same thing was happening on the other beds. The room was full of moanin', groanin', heavy breathin' and the sounds of flesh hitting flesh. Then she said don't quit damn it, so I crawled up and put it in her. I was afraid to move for fear of cummin so I just pushed it in as far as possible and held it there. Oh god, oh god, yes,yes, that's it and then she clawed into my ass cheeks and pulled. Her mouth was wide open and gasping, I put one hand around her ass and stuck my middle finger up her ass to the first joint, about 3/4". Then she stiffened and I could feel her body tense and all her involuntary contractions started in at one time. She bucked, she humped, and she left out ungodly sound. I thought her anus was going to pinch off the end of my finger.

Needless to say, this was more than I, in my present state, could stand. I started to cum, and cum and cum. It felt like I would cum forever, yet it was just a short time and I almost got dizzy from it. We both finally slumped and relaxed. Man it seems like every piece of ass is better than the last. We finally caught our breath and took mind to what was goin' on next to us. One was about like us, but my wife and guy she had put on a show for us that no director of porn could have led. I guess I warmed her up pretty good, and it turns out it was Max.

We just layed there listening and seeing whatever the small amount of light would let us see. Finally, all hell cut loose. Max let out noise that he must have practiced in combat as a marine. He was polishing off Mary and she was cummin, cummin, and cummin. Pretty soon everything got quiet. I whispered to Selmas "how about a shower" and she said yeah.

We jumped up naked and went into the bath, got in this huge shower stall that had several heads, and got good and wet. We soaped each other down, and believe it or not her clit (man in the boat) was still protruding. As I soaped her up she started hunching my hand. I felt this little nob and knelty down to suck on it. She again came and then sat down on the shower floor completely spent.

About this time the other two couples came in and couldn't believ that we were still going at it. We rinsed off and dried each other leaving the others in the shower. From the sounds coming out of there they were following our good example.

Selma and I went naked to the kitchen and greedily grabbed something cool. We were sitting there jawing away when the others came in. We were all completely fucked out and satisfied. As the conversation between us went on my wife Mary commented on how big Max's cock was. I hadn't looked but Selma agreed.

The evening ended with everybody huggin, kissin' and copping feels. We all agree that we're going to do this again if Rob is willing to host. Especially my wife, she wants good look at that thing in the light

Livin' da good life in Texas

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