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True Story- Bachelorette Party Dancer

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I was in town on business, running a family operation, and was looking to stay with some friends. They were out of town, and the backup plan was not feeling well and was at his girlfriends. Without a place to go, the strip club was a likely destination for a 25 yr old male, with nothing else to do. It was a slow night in a small club, three girls twirling around, one with extremely large, apparently lactating breasts, but nothing spectacular. With some spare cash on hand, I bought some private dances, and of course got extremely horny! Offered to show the girl a good time, she couldn't risk it, boyfriend was waiting, etc. etc. As I was heading back to the main stage, a bachelorette party walked in. I immediately caught their eye, as I am good looking, 6' 200lbs. and in very good shape, still play very competitive football. They had sticker awards, and asked to see my abs, I obliged, and I got the six pack sticker. We dance some, but the club was closing as this was their last stop on the party bus heading back to their hotel. I offered to come back and dance to much elating, but when we got outside the mother of the bride nixed it. No worries though, the girls wanted to see me naked! They told me to wait in the parking lot, they would let me know when the mom was in bed.

I was in the parking lot of the girls hotel, and one came out to the party bus looking for a lost cell phone. She came over to say hi, jumped in the truck, and we started talking. She asked if I was really going to strip, YES. Had I done it before, NO. She was still skeptical, and had a look in her eyes like she wanted to be bad. Next thing, her seat was back and I was leaning over eating her pussy! She was writhing in the seat, pants around her ankles, and loving every second! She saw a girl in the window, the signal it was all clear, so we went inside, no mention of the truck.

Once inside, the girls were starting to slow down, a long night and lots o booze, I had to act quick. I asked for music, got none. This was my first time dancing, I had wanted to for a long time, and had to act quick. I started moving seductively, taking off my shirt, and dancing on the lady that had promised me a blow job at the strip club. The girls were perking up some, except for the two asleep on the bed. At some point the music was turned on, and I was naked, going from woman to woman, each one giving me hand service and admiring my thicker and longer than average cock. I had the bride, tits out, ass in the air, up against the wall, slapping my dick on her ass when a "what the fuck?" came from the bed! Startled at first, I was glad to see a younger face with a smile, surprised to see a naked man in her room. I danced on over to her delight, and she commented on how nice a cock I had. I offered it, and she sucked it into her mouth with no hesitation. The rest of the girls shrieked with excitement, but immediately started losing interest, as it was clear I would now be focusing on this sleeping beauty who was now awake and in charge.

I threw back her covers, and dove into her muff, licking and driving her crazy as she continued to suck my cock deeply! She was keeping me very wet as she was salivating like a bitch in heat! Stroking my cock with a slight twist as she worked up and down my shaft like a pro! After 6 songs in the private room, hand jobs from six ladies, I was ready to go and exploded with the largest blast ever! I was now throat fucking her as she gagged trying to keep all the cum in her mouth! Once I stopped quivering I pulled my dick out of her mouth, and she was still trying to lap it up. The rest of the ladies were in stunned silence at what just happened right before their eyes!

The rest of the girls were going to smoke a J outside. One stayed to babysit I guess, but that didn't stop me from carrying my new toy over to the other bed, unoccupied, and open the window to spark my own J, give my new girl a couple hits, and we were off! I layed down and Kat jumped on my cock, riding it with fury! She said she didn't get laid much, and not by cock like this ever! She had anger in her face as she had my cock as deep in her as possible, clit on my stomach, and cumming all over my hips grinding back and forth furiously! For ten minutes she didn't acknowledge anything in the world, I could tell she needed a good hard fucking! I grabbed her around the waist and rolled, keeping my cock inside of her. As we rolled, I started in, stroking my cock in and out of here pussy with good rhythm, nothing too fast or hard, just steady rhythm! For twenty minutes I could feel her explode over and over on my cock! She must have came twenty times that night! Once all the girls were back, grumbling started in the gallery, mostly form the girl I ate in the truck. She had a boyfriend, but was clearly jealous I was now fucking her friend and not her. I whispered to Kat that I had ate her pussy in the truck, she laughed, and I told her to suck my cock so girls could see she was into this too. She obliged, deep throating my cock as the rest of the girls prepared for bed. I needed to finish, so I put Kat on her hands and knees and started fucking her hard to cum! Now the other girls were starting to get impressed at my stamina and physique as I was slamming their friends pussy from behind. One even came over with the camera, and I stood up behind Kat with a clear view of me balls deep in her pussy. After a few more minutes, I pulled out and let another huge load loose on her back, some shooting into her hair. I got a towel, gave her a kiss, and had to walk downstairs naked as the others had taken my clothes on their smoke break.

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