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The gift

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The gift. (unknown at writing if this story is fantasy or a look into the future)

We all sat around drinking and talking, all being Mark, Dennae, Samantha and Tommy (me). You could cut the tension with a knife, since we all knew the reason we were here was to swing. My wife Dennae works as a supervisor for the cleaning crew that cleans the building where Mark works. Mark had posted a missed connection to Craiglist saying how he had wanted her and how hot she was. WE (wife and I) just happened to be posting stuff on craiglist too (okay I was posting, trying to get other men to tell her how sexy she was) and we noticed his posting. Not really knowing if it was about her or not I told her to email him.

Yes it was about her, they emailed back and forth a couple of times and when his girlfriend Samantha found out, she apparently hit the roof. But then apparently, was intrigued in me and my wife as well. The emails got really hot and heavy after that. Very explicit sex acts were talked about by all parties. The sex at home was amazing as at times my wife was thinking about Mark, about Samantha (interesting) and of course about me, and all manner of combination of the four of  us. I had even on two occasions when we were having sex given her permission to do stuff with him AT WORK, if he happened to come up to her, but he never did. Just a few days ago, I was barely in the house for an hour and I had given her 8 mind blowing orgasms as she was getting ready to go to work ( I think they had been chatting quite a bit that day and he had her freaking vibrating when before I got home). It was while she was riding my cock, that I whispered in her ear, "If Mark comes up to you at work tonight he can fuck your ass, but you have to do it in the van so that every time you are in there you will remember how much of a dirty slut you are". I am not even sure she remember I was in the room, because she was most likely fantasizing about him the whole time. Or she might have been fantasizing about the local fetish ball we were going to that weekend.

My wife was very much into being gently abused (okay who am I kidding she loves being slapped, spit on, choked, tied up, whipped, throat fucked and generally forced to do stuff, she even wants to be r*ped by a stranger) and the fetish ball would be a great opportunity for her to see even more. I had promised her that if we went, I would be in control of her body and I would let other people do what I wanted to her, this included men and women and there was nothing she could refuse. We did go to that and it was amazing, that was last weekend and I did force her to let people suck her breasts, pinch her nipples, finger her soaking wet pussy. I even held her down and let three guys fuck her throat (she came about 5 times from that). The best part of the night for me was after making her 69 with another woman, I fucked the other woman while my wife fucked the other man, I even let him go bare back and dump a load of cum in her ass.  As my wife had not been with another man in 20 years the evening FINALLY opened her up to understanding she was sexy and had nothing to be ashamed of about the way her body looked. Unfortunately it also had the unintended consequence of making her even more of a slut.

Over the first few days of the week, she had apparently jerked 11 different guys off in various public places around the city, usually in parking lots in broad day light. Once I found out about that on Thursday, I stopped her and we had a serious discussion. She admitted that she was fantasizing about the unknown all the time.. The unknown being Mark and Samantha. After a long talk I decided to set up a sex session with them. It was obvious from both of their emails that they both wanted her so I knew it would be no problem.  Which leads us to tonight.

We are all sitting there on our about 4th drink each not knowing how to start, Mark and I wearing basic faded jeans and white Tshirts, my wife wearing a low cut flowery sundress, Samantha wearing a very short black miniskirt and pink T. Noticing she was out I got up to get my wife another drink of Gin and 7-UP. I was staring a little to intently and the very nice nipples poking out of Samantha's T shirt and as I handed my wife's drink to her I accidently spilled more then half of it on her. Mostly on her neck and down her chest. Everyone laughed for a bit and then Samantha said, here let me clean that for you and crawled on top my wife. 

As her legs spread over my wife's, her miniskirt hiked up and exposed the fact she was not wearing any underwear. Samantha bent over and started licking and nibbling on my wife's neck, down chest and back up again. My wife was starting to breath real hard as Samantha honed in on the very sensitive part of her neck right near her shoulder. Samantha reached down and started playing with my wifes breasts. My wife's hand snaked between Samantha's legs and found her soaking wet pussy. Samantha arched up and let out a long slow moan. Mark walked up behind his wife and removed her shirt in one quick motion, exposing her tiny very pert breasts. My wife leaned forward taking one in her mouth and gently started licking and sucking on it. Samantha reached and grabbed my wife's head forcing it harder into her chest, while humping my wife's hand. She started slowly moaning and groaning, oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck thats so nice yes, fuckin bite me, bite my titty. My wife did as she asked and Samantha stiffened up like a board and started cuming. Drenching my wife in her juices. She collapsed into my wife and just lay there panting for a minute or so. My wife looked up at us and smiled as she noticed two very large bulges in our pants. She just giggled and said.. aww are those for me???

Samantha rolled off my wife as Mark and I both reached down with one hand pulling her up and sandwiching her between us. I was in front, kissing her hard on the lips, pressing her boobs into my chest, Mark was behind her nibbling on her neck slowly running his hands up and down her sides, massaging her ass, grinding into her. I snaked my hand down her front, hiking up her skirt to finger her pussy. But what I found was the head of Marks cock, apparently he had taken it out and slipped it between my wife's legs. It was long enough that it was sticking out in front of her pussy a little. As I pressed up to what I thought was going to be her pussy I touched his cock and he let out a low moan, I apologized and moved my hand away. My wife arched forward a little and it was obvious by the look on her face that the head of Marks cock had just entered her pussy. She leaned forward even more on me and Mark started pounding her from behind, bring her to a very quick and very hard orgasm after only 1 minute of fucking. He pulled out and she shakingly stood back up. 

I kissed her hard on the lips and turned her around. Giving her to Mark as a gift. They started passionately kissing. I stood back a little and unbuttoned her dress for her, pulling it off her shoulders and letting it fall down to her feet. She was standing there in her black bra and a pair of drenched pink panties. I could see the wetness on her legs. They had never broken off kissing the whole time. I grabbed the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down letting her step out of them one leg at a time. I tossed them over to Samantha who hungrily devoured the smell. I stood back up and as I did I noticed that Mark was now nibbling her neck and working his way down,I quickly undid her bra and took it off her shoulders. The only thing keeping it on was Marks chiseled chest pressed up against her. He stepped back and she peeled it off and let it fall to the floor. As he bent down to suck one of her nipples into his mouth he also reached down between her legs and inserted a finger into her hot cunt. I whispered, into her ear. I  love you, now cum for me. She grabbed me by the back of the head and kissed me hard on the lips, not letting go as Mark expertly brought her to another orgasm. She stopped panting long enough to whisper in my ear. I love you, thank you. Before she turned away and looked in a hot embrace with Mark.

My dick was throbbing as I left them and went to sit on the couch next to Samantha. We both just watched in awe the way they were trying to devour each other. Samantha reached over and was stroking my cock while fingering her own pussy but we were both just stunned watching them to really do much else. They were like long lost lovers going at it, hands roaming everywhere, pressing, pulling licking, biting moaning and groaning. They fell to the floor, my wife on her back Marks long cock poised at her cunt, they looked each other in the eye and you could tell they were off in their own world. Mark plunged his entire length in her in one long stroke his balls slapping up against her ass. He quickly grabbed her legs and hung them over his shoulders. My wife sounded like someone was punching her in the stomach, ugg, oof, un, uh uh uh uh uh uh , oh god fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me.  She rocketed through orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, arching her back to get as much of his cock as possible, Mark had his eyes shut tight, sweat pouring off of him, down his rock hard chest and added even more liquid to their crotch area. He slammed forward one last time, standing up and taking my wife with him, her arms arched back to stop herself from falling their crotches welded together with passion and he started cumming, his balls twitching once, twice, three times, my wife started screaming yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss..... as his hot cum pumped into her, four times, five times his balls were twitching and filling my wife's cunt with the first sperm besides mine in 20 years.

He fell back, completely exhausted, his cocking making a popping sound as it sprang out of my wife. My wife fell to the floor, her pussy stretched wide and gaping, cum pouring out. Yes POURING out. Samantha was immediately between my wife's legs diving right into her hot cum filled pussy, her ass up in the air. I could not resist and jumped in behind Samantha, inserting my cock into her hot tight cunt. My wife's was still laying there, eyes closed gasping in pleasure. Watching all the cum pour out of my wife's cunt and onto Samantha's tongue was so erotic. I was harder then I normally am and buried to the hilt in Samantha, pounding her pussy from behind, I quickly brought her to an orgasm. I was close to cumming myself when my wife opened her eyes saw me and said. cock.. I need cock in my mouth right now. I pulled out of Samantha and knelt in front of my wife feeding her my pussy soaked cock. Facing Samantha and watching her eat pussy. I was forcing my cock all the way into my wife, making her gag and twitch on it. Mark came up behind Samantha and fed his cock into his wife's pussy. She stopped sucking on my wife for a moment and started fucking back she yelled my ass.. fuck my ass.  Mark pulled out of her pussy and plunged his long cock straight into her well lubed with pussy juice ass. He forced her back down into my wife's pussy. I Came real hard, draining my cock into my wife's mouth. I pulled out and my wife swallowed it all, grinning at my like the Cheshire cat. Grabbing Samanthas hair and holding her face in her pussy and Mark continued fucking her ass. Samantha said.. please.. suck my pussy.  please...

My wife swung around and eased herself under Samantha, tentatively licking her at first and nibbling, as soon as Samantha went back to work on my wife's pussy, my wife just moaned and pulled Samantha's pussy down on her face. Marks' balls were hitting my wife in the forehead every time he fucked into his wife's ass. Samantha started cumming, and cumming and cumming.  Drenching my beautiful wife in cum. I was rock hard and ready to fuck again. Samantha calmed down and said stop.. I cant take any more, she crawled off my wife pulling her ass away from Mark's cock. As it slipped out it hit my wife in the face and she hungrily devoured it. I saw my opening and slipped between her legs and started fucking her cunt while she sucked Mark's cock. Her legs clamped around me and she started fucking me back hard, arching her back. Mark was fucking her throat, making her gag, in and out, his entire length disappearing down into her mouth. I could make out the obscene bulge coming from inside her throat. She reached up and grabbed her ass pulling herself even harder into him. She was literally suspended in air by only her pussy pushed onto my cock with her legs wrapped around me, and Marks cock splitting her throat. She came hard, super hard. Actually squirting my crotch area and fell off both of us exhausted and panting.

she said. Ass.. I need my ass fucked. I moved in to fuck her and she said no.  not you. I stammered.. okay.  She told Mark, lay down. He did, his cock standing straight up. She looked at me and so no offense honey, but I have wanted to try this for years and yours is just not long enough. She stood up and swung a leg over Mark straddling his cock, lowered her pussy down and fucked him for less then a minute, cumming hard on his cock, she smiled and said.. sorry, needed some lube. She raised herself up again, pulled his cock from her pussy and slowly lowered her ass onto it. Her eyes were rolling back in her head, and she started fucking his cock, leaning back spreading her legs wide. Mark reached up and started fingering her and she moaned and groaned and yelled fuck yes yes yes yes yes OH GOD!!! and she ground herself hard into him, squiring once again, the liquid pooling out across his rock hard abs and trickling down his chest. She stopped panting and then looked at me and said.  What are you waiting for.  Get that cock in this pussy. I looked at her for a second, not knowing if I really wanted to straddle another man. She said.  GET IN THIS CUNT NOW!.. I jumped up swinging a leg over Mark, and trying not to thinking about it I slammed my cock home into her pussy. She came again, instantly. More juice pouring out of her pussy and making Marks stomach slippery. I could hold myself up off him no longer and let some of my weight go, my balls dragging across his slick stomach with every thrust into my wife. All of a sudden I felt something at my asshole and slip in. I stopped moving and said.. WTF?  sure my wife and licked and fingered and even fucked my asshole before,, but this was another guy doing it. My wife looked and me and ordered me not to stop fucking her or she would tell everyone I was a dirty slut. I started pounding into her pussy while Mark fingered my ass curling forward to reach my prostate. My wife came again and again and Mark said. Oh god, I bet your pussy tastes so good right now. My wife grabbed me my the back of the head and said. Fuck his mouth. I said.. WHAT?? no way. she slapped my face real hard and said.  I told you to fuck his mouth you little bitch now do it, if you ever want my pussy again do it..  

I sighed in embarrassment, and slowly pulled out and moved backwards a slight tear in my eye.  I straddled his face pointing my hard cock and his open mouth and looked my wife in the eye and said is this what you want? She looked back and said yes. I want my bitch to fuck that mouth. I looked her in the eye as I slowly lowered my cock into his waiting mouth. His tongue swirled around my force skin pulling all her juice off and I just let him suck the head. My wife said. FUCK HIS THROAT NOW!...I closed my eyes in embarrassment pretending it was Samantha and I leaned forward, sliding my entire cock in until my balls were on his nose. Oh wow..  his throat was open wide and taking it all, tugging at me slightly I started to fuck his mouth slowly at first then harder and faster his mouth felt wonderful. My wife was slamming her ass on his cock and she came again. Looking at me, she ordered me back in her pussy. I jumped up and scooted forward and went back deep in her tight pussy. Holding her close to me I was close to an orgasm when she want to fuck his mouth again dont you?  I remember how good it felt and said yes... She said.. beg for it.. I was crying inside but begged my wife for Mark's mouth and she said.. fuck it then.  Wreck his mouth for me.  I moved back and plunged my cock into his mouth again. My knees pressed hard on either side of his face making him gag with every thrust, but this time I looked my wife back in the eye. She said fuck him fuck him fuck him and I willingly obliged. She could tell I was close to cumming and ordered me back into her pussy I was relieved but disappointed at the same time. I moved in and fucked her hard for less then a minute before I started cumming at the same time as she did.  Her expert ass milked Marks cock and he came to. We all just collapsed in a heap.

Did it happen or will it happen? That depends on what day you read this story.

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