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The Tail of Lady Kay.

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Once upon a time in a far, far awayland lived an enigmatic queen the people called LadyKay;for she was the Queen of the Sun, the Godess of Light and Beauty!

Her hair cascaded down her shoulders, framing a face that radiated beauty and sensuality. Her eyes were as clear and as blueas the sky ; her lips were full and crimson as freshly opened petals of a morningred rose, moist and inviting as a fresh strawberries. Her body, strong and firm, hinted at the sexuality that burned inside. Her breasts, twin peeks of vibrating flesh, were crested by hard, inviting nipples that begged for attention, beckonning the gaze of the onlooker. Her waist was small and tight. Her hips curved into long, slende and shapely legs that held the promise of a strong rider.

Andas it came to pass LadyKay and I were to be together for only one time....the serendenpity of our karmas would allow for this only encounter in the realm of our fantasies, tantalizing us with distorted dreams of an elusive reality.

This is the story of that encounter............!

LadyKay walked down the narrow passage winding its way through the forest trees to the lake below.

> A full moon was shinning, its light caressed the soft breakers carrying watery laments to the > shore; the rays of moonlight reflected their steely hue across the vastitude of > the shadowy lake.

> LadyKay entered the small rowboat tied to the pier as she had been instructed to do ; she took the long staff in her hands, plunged it into the dark water and pushed her way > across to the small inland nestled in the middle of the lake.

> She wasn't used to steering a boat by herself but the tranquil waters provided > her with little resistance a she made the small journey across to the not so distant pier.

> As she stepped out of the boat she felt her long, white robe flow in the > cool breeze, her nipples stood at her attention as the wind kissed them > ever so gently.

> I waited as she made her way through the ascending trail to the large round building beyond the line of > the trees.

> We did not speak. Our eyes met for the very first time and we stared at each other with passion. There was no need > for words, our eyes were locked in an embrace of sensual intercourse. I took her > hand and led her towards the house. Once there I held her by her shoulders as I placed a > blindfold over her eyes while softly kissing the nape of her neck. Her > scent was arousing me to full hardness, her perfume like a thousand petals of erotic scented flowers inebriated my senses.

> I led her inside and laid her on the large round bed that occupied the > middle of the room. The lights of a thousand candles dance upon her skin;

> the shadows projected on the walls conveyed the feeling of dancing ghosts reading for > the feast like some bacchanalian gods in waiting.

> As I stood behind LadyKay I remove her robe,. It fell to the > floor, the soft material enhancing the contours of her body. I stood back and admired her full nakedness; the curve of her hips, the > narrowness of her waist, the fullness of her breasts, the golden reflection > of the light upon her hair.

> Gently I brought her down unto the bed. Stretching her arms above her head I > fastened her wrists to the poles securing the canopy headboard with red silk > scarves.

> She moved her body from side to side as if in anticipation of the unknown forthcoming pleasures.

> I kissed her lips, tasting her sweet breath for the first time. Not a word > had been spoken, none was needed.

> Three shadowy figures entered the room ever so silently as not to disturb > the sanctity of this temple of sensuality.

> .Two men and one woman,naked except for the black turbans covering > their head made their way to the bed and waited in silence.

> I caressed LadyKay's body with mine, kissing her feet first, sucking in each toe, tasting her skin.

> slowly I moved up toward her knees while my hands massaged her calves.

She > let out a small sigh, the first sound exchanged between us. My lips found > their way to the small curve behind her knees, my tongue traced a path > upwards towards the center of her womanhood. I could smell her now, the > musky smell of sex penetrated my nostrils and I drank from it like a > parched, weary traveler arriving upon the oasis nestled amongst the dunes of an infinite desert.

> I placed myself behind LadyKay. I took her face in my hands and > kissed her lips, deeply thrusting my tongue into her mouth. My hands found > the softness of her breasts, my fingers ever so gently rolled the nipples, > pinching and pulling at their ready hardness.

> I lowered my face into the chasm between her breasts, tracing a wet path > with my tongue as I took each nipple in my mouth, rolling it between my > lips and my teeth, nibbling and tasting the dew of her skin.

> LadyKay was now moaning and moving her body from side to side as if to invite > my attention everywhere at once. She strained to pull her hands free from their constraints which caused her breasts to heave and roll sensually from side to side. She pushed her hips forward as to suggest the next area in need of attention.

> I made my way down the curve of her belly to the small tuff of light hair > nestling her sex.

> I buried my face in her sex, my tongue exploring the wetness of her lips, > tasting the honey juices that were starting to run freely. I pressed my > tongue against the inner part of her lips, twisting a path to her clitoris, > touching, sucking, nibbling at its head now in full erection. LadyKay's throaty > moans were becoming louder and louder. I inserted my finger in the soft > folds of her pussy, exploring ever so deep for that sweet spot from which > there's no return. I now had two fingers into her moving in and out, to and > for, massaging her fiery underbelly from the inside. My mouth was now full over > her clit, my lips sucked the ready warrior to its pinnacle of ecstasy, my tongue engaging it in duel of ecstasy.

LadyKay > arched her back and flooded my mouth with the juices of her sex. I drank > avidly, tasting every drop, enjoying every spasm, feeling every contraction. She cried out in > total surrender as the flood gates of her orgasm brought forth the rivers of her passion, drowning my face in its path.

> I made my way to the top of the bed as one of the other figures took my > place at her nether junction. I offered my hard cock to her hungry lips and > she took me in, caressing the shaft with her tongue , engulfing my hardness > with her throat.

> The other man was now engaged in sucking her pussy, eagerly thrusting his > tongue into her hole. She cried out once again, the sound of her moans created reverberating sensations through the shaft of my cock.

> I moved my body forward so that the entrance of my anus was placed directly > above her lips. I lowered myself into her waiting mouth. Her tongue snaked > its way into my anal passage, probing ever so gently at first, licking and thrusting like a small penis.

> The woman in the room now approached the bed took LadyKay's breasts into her > mouth. First she sucked on each nipple one at a time then brought them > both together in her mouth, biting and pinching the nipples till they > stood up like little bullets ready for combat.

> The man at the bottom of the bed had now entered LadyKay's pussy, pushing his hardness deep inside of > her. As I turned around to face her I let my cock once again fall into her > lips as I thrust it deep into her throat. She took my full length and I > could feel her throat greedily opening to receive my hardness..

> I withdrew my cock and kiss her mouth, tasting myself in her. LadyKay was now > coming once again, her hips rapidly thrusting forward to meet the furious attack of the cock probing her > pussy. Her juices were flowing freely down her thighs glistening in the > light of the candles forming a pool of spent passion upon the sheets.

> I untied her arms and positioned her in all fours. I run my tongue down the > crack of her behind tracing a path to the her rosy bud of her anus.Slowly I tasted the > pleasure of her muskiness letting my tongue penetrate her anus as she had > done with mine. LadyKay pushed herself against my face attempting to take my > tongue all the way up her rectum.

> A cock was now presented to her hungrily mouth by the second man who had been waiting and > watching. She took his hardness, almost gagging on his thickness and sucked avidly. I > entered her pussy from behind and proceed to thrust with steady deep strokes. LadyKay > was coming again, she cried out as a she flooded the shaft of my cock with > waves of warm juice.

> Taking her by the shoulders I sat back and positioned my cock directly > below her ass. She lowered herself into my hardness, pushing open her > sphincter as I buried myself to hilt in her small hole. It felt as if a velvet glove surrounded my member, squeezing and massaging it to full hardness. She leaned back against > my chest as the other man entered her pussy. I felt his thickness push against her > pussy lips as she opened ever wide. LadyKay was thrashing from side to side as both of us > pushed deep into her holes. She came once more in waves of uncontrollable orgasms, one followed by another,and followed yet by another one. She cried out that she wanted it all. "Please don't stop, oh please fuck me, both of you, fucke me with your wonderful cocks, split me, oh yes... deeper, deeper, fuck me forever..."

> Her pussy and ass muscles massaged both cocks, drawing them in to deeper and deeper penetration. She rocked herself back and forth as both penis found their mark within her very soul.

> After a few minutes we changed positions. The first man laid on his back as > she lowered herself on his cock. I positioned myself behind her and once > again pushed my cock deep into her ass. I not only had better leverage this time but I I could admire now the roundness and beauty of her cheeks. I let hands explore the curves of her figure, massaging and pinching her buttocks.

Slowly I started to spank her roundness as my cock pounded her inner passage. Easy at first the force of my hands upon her cheeks was turning them hot and red. She cried out with every stroke as if mesmerized by the experience.

The second man was standing in > front of LadyKay and offered his cock to her lips. She took in the length of > the shaft, bringing it out while her tongue drew circles around the purple > thick head.

> Suddenly the man in her pussy me cried out and flooded her pussy canal with a stream of hot come. I could feel the spasm and > contractions of his cock in her pussy as she pushed back to take his full length and drink from his fountain with her pussy lips. I couldn't hold much longer now. The > man in her mouth flooded her throat with a lava tide hot sperm, some of it spilling over her lips and running down her cheeks to fall upon her heaving breasts.

I came way deep inside > her rectum, filling her bowels with streams of hot jism, my cock pulsating in unison with the spasm of her asshole. It seemed like I was coming forever pushing deeper and deeper into her ass, trying to reach her throat from inside, her ass kept milking me to the very last drop.

> LadyKay collapsed forward as both cocks withdrew from of her...

> I took her face gently in my hand and kissed her lips. She was still > wearing the blindfold, the glow on her face mirrored the erotic pleasure of her soul.

> "Please, fuck my pussy now" she asked in a small voice.

> I laid my body upon hers and guided my still hard cock to the lips of her pussy.

I > pushed forward and entered her temple of love. We moved together, slowly at first > building to a crescendo of pure passion. Our bodies slapped against each other > like palms trees in a strong wind, bending and twisting, straining to resist the oncoming rush of approaching orgasms. My cock reached ever so deep the recesses of > her sex, my balls kept rhythm against her ass like a drummer straining to keep the beat. The smell of sex permeated the air adding to the excitement of the moment. Our bodies, now covered in a mixture of sweat and orgasm fluids, moved in unison like well oiled pistons in a combustion chamber.

> We came together, flooding each other with our juices, crying out in unison, clawing, biting, kissing sucking in the throes of our passion. We remained locked in our passionate embrace for a long time, spent.

LadyKay fell asleep in my arms. Carefully I picked up her resting body and I took her back to her home, knowing she wouldn't awaken during the trip.

I wonder if when she wakes tomorrow in her bedroom > will she realized that this was all but a dream.........? Perhaps....


> And so it was, the story of my mystical meeting with LadyKay, the Queen of the Sun!

summum bonum "The unexamined life is not worth living" Socrates

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