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The Strip Club Part 2

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We had been living a fantasy for a few months now with my wife dancing a couple times a week. We loved this one particular club where the VIP room was very open and I could sit and watch my wife dance without arousing any suspicion. This club had the usual layout with two VIP rooms and an exclusive very private champagne room. My wife and I agreed the champagne room was off limits because I could not go back there without dropping a couple hundred bucks so I would not be able to watch her dance for guys back there. One night things were very slow in our little private club, and the only guys spending money were in the Champagne room. The Champagne room manager knew I usually brought a dancer in with me, and figured we were connected in some way. I suspected he knew we were married but since my wife made good money and was one of the nicer looking girls in the club he never said anything. Besides I usually kept to myself in the club and never made any trouble. I suppose it did not hurt that I usually spent a couple hundred bucks on drinks each night too. Well, this one slow night the manager approached me and told me he was sending my dancer back to the VIP room where I was hanging out so she could dance for a bachelor party of six guys.

When the guys came back to the VIP room, I of course was sitting with their dancer. The manager came back and said "with your permission" and escorted my dancer to the bachelor party. As luck would have it, the bachelor party guys felt bad for taking my dancer so they asked me to join them. I was elated to comply! My wife sat on the bachelors lap and began to caress his cock through his pants. That move was becoming her bread and butter move. After a little small talk, they asked her if she was ready to dance to which she said "question is are you ready for me" yes my cock was starting to rise at that one.

So you can picture this, we were in the VIP in a L shape in one corner of the room with two small tables in the middle of us. I was at the opening of the little L shape facing the back of the room. The room was fairly dark with candles flickering at every table. Usually I watched my wife from at least a few tables away. This time, I was right there watching her grind away on this guy. First my wife took off her top and I watched the bachelor move his hands up her body right away to caress her b-cup tits. Man her nipples got hard as she danced with her back to the bachelor laying up against him as close as she could get. Then the bachelor moved his hands down to her g-string and under the little bit of cloth on the front of the g-string. I could tell he was finger fucking my wife and she was beginning to buck with the movements of his hand under her g-string. She leaned back and whispered something in his ear and with that got up off his lap. As soon as she got up, he unzipped his pants. My wife then turned around and faced him and got back on his lap. Before long, she had his cock out and was stroking in in front of her. She then slid down to her knees and I watched as she took his cock in her mouth and began to move her mouth up and down his shaft. I knew how great my wife was at sucking cock so I knew this guy was probably about ready to cum. After just a few minutes of this I watched as his head rolled back on the high back chair and his legs stiffened up. I saw my wifes head stop but stay on his cock and I knew he was cumming in her mouth. When she finally lifted her head up off his cock she giggled a little and without hesitating at all, she asked the next guys in the party if he was ready for his dance. I think she knew he was, because he already had his cock out and was stroking it under the table. My wife did not even get dressed, she just stayed on her knees and moved over to him and began licking and stroking his dick. I then noticed him lean down and whisper something in her ear and she nodded and smiled at him. My wife always carried a couple condoms in her thigh highs and she reached down and got one and gave it to this second guy. I watched as she stood in front of him as he unwrapped it and placed it on his cock. I was a little excited by this because I could see this guy had a real nice sized cock and he would probably really make my wife cum which I always loved to watch. I could not believe my eyes as my wife turned around and began to grind on this guy. Up to this point, my wife had only done oral or jacked guys off while I watched. Within a few minutes she had lifted up just enough so she could reach down and guide this guys cock up inside her. My dick was rock hard as I watched her move her body up and down this guys cock slowly at first and then faster and faster until she was fucking him fairly hard. We were all looking out for management, but nobody ever came in. After about ten minutes of fucking this guys brains out with his hands all over her tits and ass, she lifts up and turns around quickly and pulls his condom off. She then strokes his cock in front of her and from the look on his face I knew he had to be cumming. When he finally leaned back limp, my wife turned around to show me all the cum on her stomach and even across her arms. It was so hot I felt like the slightest touch would make me cum too. Before the night was over, my wife gave the other four guys blowjobs and let them all either cum on her face or in her mouth. We were setting new boundaries every night we went, and we both wanted more.

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