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The Slumber Party

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We?ve been planning this night for some time now. We?re four thirty-to-forty-something wives having an old fashioned slumber party at my house, leaving our husbands to fend for themselves. Actually, mine was gone on a hunting trip with our two sons, so the house was quiet and available for the weekend.

My best friend Frankie, short for Francine, God bless her, was always looking for any excuse to get away from her obsessive husband Jack, who was forever nagging her about something. I didn?t know how she put up with him. Frankie usually wore baggy clothes to hide her chunky frame. Tonight she had on a pair of very loose-fitting sweat pants, but her white tank top was unusually tight?for her. At least her short, brown hair wasn?t as mousy looking as it sometimes could be when she had her bouts of depression. Self esteem was elusive to Frankie.

Lilly, who never had kids, was always bitching about her loveless marriage, but that didn?t stop her from flaunting all the perks given to her by her rich, workaholic lawyer husband. She was a natural redhead, with almost albino-like pink-white skin. Tonight she was wearing a silk number with pearl adornments, overdressed for our big-girl sleepover. She was always ?on a diet? but I saw no reason, since she always looked good to me, her curves in all the right places. I was forever envious of her figure, and her money.

Sarah, a mother of two, was the youngest of our circle. A daughter of 60?s hippy parents, she never complained of anything, least of all her husband. To her, he was the sweetest guy in the entire world. I had no evidence to the contrary, but he seemed rather dull and wishy-washy to me. You never knew how she?d wear her blonde hair. Though usually in pigtails, tonight it?s loose and wild, a compliment to the retro ?granny-gown? she had on.

Of the four of us, she was the one I most suspected wasn?t wearing anything underneath. Also, of the four of us, she was the one most likely to be ogled at the beach, with her very large breasts and flared earth-mother hips. Good breeding stock, as my dad used to say.

I?m Jackie. My husband Bill wasn?t dull, nor was he a workaholic, and he was never pushy towards me. He?s a radio celebrity of sorts, emceeing the local sports call-in show. He was so busy I never saw him anymore, so I?d become rather independent lately, not too concerned about all the rumors of his multiple affairs.

At least he didn?t appear to be banging any of my friends and neighbors. I got quite tired of sex with him ages ago, so I really didn?t care. I?d let myself go a bit. My ass was certainly wider than it used to be, but at least my tits weren?t sagging and still looked pretty decent to me.

?Which DVD we gonna watch first?? Sarah asked me, munching from a bag of all-natural pretzels.

?I thought we?d watch ?The Lake House? first. I know how much you lust after Keanu Reeves.?

Lilly, sitting cross-legged on the floor, rolled her eyes. ?No fuckin? way. Clooney maybe, but not Keanu. He?s a zombie on screen. Probably a zombie in the sack too.?

?It?s Leonardo DiCaprio or nobody,? chimed in Frankie. ?He could fuck me anytime.?

Sarah answered, ?Naw, Leo?s a pussy. I?d rather have the dark, silent type between my legs. Christian Bale, maybe? I read somewhere that he?s hung like a horse.?

Almost in unison Lilly, Frankie and I exclaimed, ?Christian Bale?!? Each of us in turn tossed out another male star?s name and the rest of us critiqued his ?potential? to fulfill our needs.

Sarah?s suggestion of Bale reminded me I had a DVD of ?Laurel Canyon? around somewhere, so after digging it out, we decided to contemplate her ?choice? and watch the movie. If you haven?t seen it, I suggest you check it out. It?s an interesting twist where the middle-aged mom (played by Frances McDormand) was the free-love uninhibited one and her son and his fiance (Bale and Kate Beckinsale) were cold and uptight.

Things got interesting when Kate?s character Alex began to be seduced by her future mother-in-law?s rock-and-roll lifestyle. Damn it, I was seduced watching the movie the first time, actually masturbating later while imagining being in the pool scene and later getting fucked by the rock singer character in the movie. Yeah, I admit it.

Watching the movie, we continued our running assessment of Christian Bale?s assets, until we were startled to hear the back door open and close. No one is supposed to be home. Nervously I walked to the kitchen to see who was there, ready to scream at any moment.

?Hi, sis. You got company??

It was my brother-in-law, Mike, my husband?s baby brother, and he was standing in my kitchen with another man, a stranger. I was speechless.

?Hey, look Jackie. I?m sorry I frightened you. It?s just that Bill said we could crash here anytime after a show, and I thought we?d spend the night in the rooms over the garage, if it?s okay with you.?

?Jeez, Mike...I?ve got friends over since Bill?s gone hunting with the boys. This isn?t the right time.?

Mike winked and asked, ?They wouldn?t be male friends, would they?? He gave me an affectionate kiss on the cheek.

?No, funny guy, they?re my best friends and we?re simply having a girls-night-in, you might call it, and you?ll spoil all the fun.?

?We won?t spoil anything. We?ll stay out of your way and you won?t hear a peep out of us, we promise...right, Reggie?? He said, turning to the stranger. ?Jackie, this is Reggie. Reggie, this is my sister-in-law Jackie. He?s the bass player.?

He awkwardly shook my hand. ?Nice to meet you, Jackie. I assume it?s short for Jacqueline??

The man was certainly an impressive specimen. At least six-foot-four, he was dark, handsome, and looked like he was chiseled from a single block of stone. I thought even his muscles had muscles. If I ran into him in a dark alley I?d be afraid; but here in my kitchen his shy demeanor and warm smile were appealing.

Before I could say anything in reply, a voice piped in behind me.

?Who are these hunks? Dessert?? Lilly said, dripping with sexual innuendo.

Both guys took long appraising looks at her flaming red hair and her clingy silk nightgown. It was apparent they both liked what they saw.

?Mmmmm, dessert, sounds good,? Mike teased in return. ?Are you the cherry that goes on top??

Lilly moves seductively closer and said, ?My cherry?s been gone for a while now, but I bet we could whip up some tasty whipped cream.?

Mike turned to me. ?Whoa, this one?s a hot one. Maybe me and Reggie should meet the rest of your pajama party guests,? he said with another wink.

?No. I think you guys need to cool off, so go on up to the spare room and leave us girls to ourselves, okay??

?Gee, you?re no fun at all, Jackie dear,? Lilly crooned with an exaggerated pout as the two men walked away. ?They?re BOTH hunks. Who are they??

?Mike is Bill?s younger brother. The big guy is Reggie. He?s Mike?s bass player.?

?Ooh, musicians...they always know how to play their instruments,? she purred, the double-entendre clear to me. ?Are they staying the night??

?Yeah. You know the rooms over the garage? Well, they?re crashing there for the night.? I saw the look on her face and added, ?And don?t get any funny ideas!?

?They won?t be funny, Jackie dear, they?ll be horny ideas. I take those ideas very seriously,? she said with a mischievous grin.

When we returned to the living room, the others had ?Laurel Canyon? playing on the wide screen TV. Lilly couldn?t wait to tell Sarah, Frankie and Lilly all about Mike and Reggie. Her description reeking hyperbole, she piqued the girls? interest for sure. Between chips scooping up dip, Lilly was whispering to Sarah. I was sure it was about the two men now in the house.

After 15 minutes or so Sarah and Lilly rose and made some excuse about going to the bathroom. I paused the DVD player for a moment and said, ?Don?t bother the guys, okay??

Lilly smirked and answered, ?We won?t bother a soul.? Off they went.

After about 15 more minutes with the girls not back yet, I left Frankie in front of the TV and went off looking for them. Of course the first place I went was the rooms over the garage. As I approached the one with a full bed I heard the unmistakable sounds of lovemaking.

?Oh God...yes...yes...yes...YES!? Lilly?s voice carried from the room as I crept to the door jamb to look inside.

Lilly was astride Mike moving rhythmically up and down on his glistening wet shaft, sensuously drawing her ass and hips forward on the upstroke and then sliding them back on the downstroke. Mike wasn?t moving?he didn?t have to?as Lilly?s up-and-down motion became more frantic. I?d never fucked anyone that way so somehow watching Lilly and Mike turned on my vaginal spigot, my pussy feeling warm and wet.

?Oh...Oh...Oh...Ahhhhhh...I?mmmmm cummmmmmmming!? She cried.

I heard Mike groan so I knew he was cumming too. I snuck away from the open door so they wouldn?t know I?d been watching. I was angry with Lilly for ruining our sleepover and I was disappointed in Mike for succumbing so easily to her charms, but I was also red-hot from the memory of seeing Mike?s solid, wet cock sliding into Lilly. C?mon Jackie I chided myself.

I heard similar sounds coming from the other room, the one with the fold-out cot. I stealthily moved closer to its doorway.

?Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Oh, yes! Umphhhhh...umphhhhh...harder...HARDER!?

Sarah was on her hands and knees on the cot and Reggie was fucking her hard doggie-style. Her large breasts were like two pendulums swinging to the beat of good old Reggie?s pounding. I should have been angrier still, but instead I was mesmerized by the sight of my friend getting fucked just like she begged for.

Reggie?s cock looked extremely long, and he looked to be taking full advantage of its length. Though he was doing her hard, his thrusts were nearly all-the-way-out before back in to the hilt. I could see his balls slap against her clit on each thrust. She appreciated it, it seemed.

?Oh, God...Oh God...Oh God...OHHH GODDDDD!? Sarah screamed as she came. I don?t believe I?ve ever been as ?vocal? in MY life.

Her loud climax seemed to do it for Reggie; he groaned and I saw his ass muscles clench and relax several times as he pumped his seed deep into my friend?s vagina. I was horny, confused, and angry as I moved quietly away from the door and went back downstairs.

When I got back to the living room, there was Frankie frenetically fingering herself. The movie?s pool scene I mentioned was playing, and just as I did once, she was masturbating to the fantasy. I didn?t want to disturb her, so I remained quiet.

Though not as loud as Sarah?s, Frankie?s orgasm was wild as her entire body convulsed. When she moaned, she cried out ?Bill...oh Bill.?

Huh? Not Jack?not her husband?s name?but Bill, my husband?s. No, it couldn?t be, I thought.

She looked like she?d die from embarrassment when she realized I?d returned. ?, did you just walk in? I...ah...I was know...?

?Yes Frankie, sweetheart, I know what you were doing,? I said, gauging the stricken look on her face. ?I?ve done the same thing that same place in the movie too.? I chuckled. I sat next to her on the floor.

?Shit! I couldn?t help myself.? Her expression grew melancholy. ?I sat here figuring what Sarah and Lilly were up to, and you were gone too, and I wished Jack would treat me like a desirable woman.? She choked back a tiny sob, before looking at me and continuing, ?You masturbated to this movie too? But you?ve got Bill.?

I put my arm around her and ventured into the unknown. ?Yeah, I?ve got Bill. Which leads me to ask why you were saying his name as you were cumming??

She looked stricken, so I feared the worst, until she answered, ?Me? With Bill? mean, he doesn?t look at me like that anyway.? She turned away, and said, ?I just...oh shit...I just fantasize about him fucking me, that?s all.? Before I could respond, she added, ?You?re lucky to have a handsome virile man like Bill to sleep with.?

?I?ll let you in on a little secret. Bill ain?t no great shakes in bed, at least not with me...and not for the longest time.?

As she contemplated that, Lilly and Sarah returned to the living room gushing about their little fuck-fest with the guys. Both were disheveled and I could smell the unmistakable scent of sex on them both. Sarah did quite a bit more talking than Lilly, raving about Reggie?s ?foot-long? as she called it, and how strong and forceful he was with her. Lilly however wasn?t mute, asking me how come I never introduced Bill?s brother to the neighborhood.

?I think you?ve introduced yourself sufficiently by the looks of things.?

She smiled.

Lilly was too self-centered to notice, but Sarah did, asking Frankie what was wrong.

I jumped in and said, ?Look, while you two were up there fucking away. Frankie?s been down here fantasizing about it. Now, leave it alone, okay? What are we doing now, since we?ve missed practically the whole movie??

They?d been laid too well to feel rebuked by anything I said, so they simply sat back down and continued the earlier discussion on which DVD to watch. Sarah sat next to Frankie and was holding a sidebar conversation about Reggie?s prowess. I knew this because Frankie was becoming aroused again, her skin flushed, her breathing heavy and her ass squirming. I was wondering if she?d leave a wet stain on my new carpet.

?Another pitcher of cosmos?? I asked. Yeses all around, so I went to the kitchen to mix up a batch. I found Mike raiding the fridge for beers.

He sheepishly said, ?How?s the party going??

?You know how it?s going. Shit, you had your own party, didn?t you?? He wasn?t about to comment. I asked, ?How could you??

?C?mon, what do you mean how could we? Those two sluts practically r*ped us! What was Reg and me gonna do, huh? We weren?t exactly gonna throw them out of our beds. Shit, I hadn?t been laid in ages.?

What was I going to say to that? ?Ah, never mind...I guess I can?t blame you guys. It?s just now I got another friend in there all envious...and horny...?

Mike smiled and cut in, ?Then send her up too. Reg can usually get it up quick and he?s even hornier than I am.?

?Cut it out. Damn, even I?m horny and frustrated and...and when I saw you and Lilly...? I didn?t want to say it but it simply came out.

?You WATCHED?? He said, his mouth agape. ?What?s the matter, Billy-boy not taking care of your needs?? He laughed, but saw my expression and became serious again. ?I?m sorry Sis; I know my brother and what a self-centered idiot he can be.? He tenderly placed his hand on my cheek. ?I?ve always been jealous of him, you know. He doesn?t deserve you.?

He realized the implication and quickly pulled his hand away. That?s when Frankie came into the kitchen, blushed deeply, and said, ?I...I...we were wondering what was taking you so long.? She looked at Mike and her blush deepened. She said, ?They?re still arguing about what DVD to watch...I think they?re gonna settle on ?The Beach? with Leo...?

My cheek that he touched was unnaturally warm. What just happened here? ?Frankie, this is Mike, Bill?s brother.?

Mike took her hand as if to shake it but instead held it tight. He looked at me and said, ?Jackie, where do you hide all these hot women? Saving the best for last?? He gave me a sly wink.

I didn?t think Frankie could blush any redder, but she did. Mike was appraising her chest, her breasts heaving within the tank top, her nipples now taut and visibly poking against the thin white fabric. All she could say was ?Hi.?

Mike took the two beers and headed back to the garage rooms. As soon as he was out of earshot, Frankie was babbling away.

?THAT?s your brother-in-law??

?He?s cute!?

?If he?s so hot, what does Reggie look like??

?I wish he looked at me the way he looked at you!?

The last comment caught me by surprise. Just how WAS Mike looking at me?

?Help me with the cosmos so we can get back to the movie. You?re the one who?s hot for Leo, right??

No amount of small talk could hide her arousal. She was in heat and I felt sorry for her. We were almost done when Lilly came into the kitchen.

?What?s taking you so long? Sarah and I figured you two went upstairs looking to get some like we did.? At that, Frankie moaned softly, causing Lilly to look at her. ?What?s the matter? You okay??

I answered for Frankie, which was a hard habit to break. ?She?s horny.? I wistfully added, ?We should take her upstairs and get her laid too.?

Lilly answered as only Lilly could. ?Why not? Let?s go,? she said, pulling Frankie by the hand, fluffing her red hair to accentuate the drama of the moment.

Frankie resisted. ?N...No...No...I can?t...No,? she protested.

That?s when the fates took over, as Reggie entered the kitchen. ?Hi, ladies,? he said sheepishly. ?I came down to see if you had chips or something me and Mike could have.?

Lilly kind of bumped Frankie closer to Reggie, who?s attention didn?t have to be nudged. He?d just had Sarah and was now sizing up two more women. Frankie and Lilly were both sizing up Reggie as well. Except for Sarah?s accounting, little did they know I already knew what size Reggie was inside those pants of his.

?Why of course we have chips,? Lilly gushed. ?Frankie and I will help bring those up to you guys, okay? More beers, too??

Off they went?Lilly exuberant; Frankie still horny, yet nervous as hell. After they left, Sarah entered and asked what was going on. When I told her, she said, ?Frankie?s gonna get fucked by Reggie?! I can?t wait to hear about her getting that monster put deep, I?ll tell you!?

My words slipped out again without much forethought. ?Why don?t we sneak upstairs and watch?? Am I really a voyeur and getting my kicks watching my friends getting laid?

Rather than being shocked, Sarah was ecstatic and pulled me along as she led the way to the guys? rooms. She was acting like a little kid, all giggly and fidgety. As we snuck up to the door, we heard Frankie say ?Oh God.? She must have seen Reggie?s equipment for the first time.

I peaked around the jamb and saw Frankie sitting on one side of a naked Reggie and Lilly on the other side on the small bed. Instead of thinking of sex, I wondered why a big guy like Reggie didn?t have the larger bed with Mike taking this smaller one. Then I laughed to myself?who?s doing any sleeping?!

Lilly was fluffing Reggie, stroking his cock to erection, while he had his hand inside Frankie?s tank top kneading her tits. Frankie rolled her head back and moaned in pleasure and anticipation, all of her reluctance obviously gone. I was happy for her in many ways. She needed a solid, no-strings-attached fucking. What did I need?

Reggie looked uncomfortable with the attention but his manly desires overcame all. He was beautifully and enormously erect when he began kissing Frankie, her tank top now off and her breasts heaving with every panting breath. Lilly was reluctant to pull away but she knew this was Frankie?s moment. I was amused when she yanked Frankie?s pants and panties off.

?Oh sweet Jesus, do me!? Frankie groaned. ?Do me NOW...oh God...yes!?

Reggie lay behind her, and while stroking her breasts and tweaking her nipples, slid into her. There was no struggle for him to go deep?she must?ve been tremendously wet and ready. Lilly knelt by the bed and toyed with Reggie?s balls as he slowly fucked Frankie, making long, steady strokes in and out of her.

Frankie grew louder in moaning her enthusiasm. She scissored one leg into the air, thus I was able to see Reggie?s glistening wet beast snake into her to the hilt on each thrust. I thought, he HAD to be hitting her cervix?he was so fucking LONG. I wondered if I could take his length and girth before I realized my hand was in my panties and I was masturbating.

I noticed Sarah was doing the same thing. Lilly whispered something to Frankie and Reggie, and Frankie responded with a long moan. As I kept fingering myself, I wondered what was said, until with glee Lilly pulled Reggie?s cock from Frankie?s cunt and positioned it at her anus. Reggie pushed with a grunt and Frankie?s moan grew several octaves higher. His long thrust were now going deep into Frankie?s rectum and she was ecstatic.

?My, my, Sis...I never took you for a voyeur,? a whispered voice wafted behind me.

I turned to face a smiling Mike. He peeked past me around the door jamb, making an ?mmmm? sound as Reggie started fucking Frankie with more force. Mike turned toward me and pushed me away from the door. The last thing I saw in the bedroom was Lilly fingering herself with one hand while the other kept playing with Reggie?s balls as he slapped into Frankie?s ass. Sarah was in a trance and never looked my way.

Mike whispered again, ?C?mon Jackie, let your friends have their fun. Let?s go downstairs, okay??

As I followed him, I heard Frankie scream ?Yes...Yes...Ohhhhh...I?m cummmmming,? at the same time Lilly?s and Sarah?s self-induced orgasms hit home, the sounds mingling in erotic merriment.

I barely heard Lilly say something like ?Oooh I wanna see it,? just as another round of gleeful screaming came from the three women. I imagined that Reggie must have sprayed a prodigious amount of cum from that fire hose of his.

I meekly followed Mike downstairs, maybe more than a little jealous of my friends. They?re getting some and I didn?t even get to cum. My slumber party has turned into an orgy and I?m sitting in the living room?not with my friends, but with my brother-in-law!

?I?m sorry, Jackie. We shouldn?t have stayed.? He chuckled and added, ?Though Reg probably feels he?s in Disneyland or something.?

?Don?t apologize. It?s not your fault my friends are as horny as hell.? My turn to chuckle, ?Besides, you couldn?t predict that Reggie?s tool would be in such big demand...emphasis on BIG.?

We laughed as we sat next to each other on the sofa. When did he take my hand to hold it? He tried to apologize again and I stopped him again. He held my hand tighter

?Bill?s an asshole,? he said.

?How did we get from Reggie and the girls to Bill??

He shook his head. ?Don?t be angry with me for saying this but I have to. My brother?your husband?should be shot for how he neglects you.?

?He doesn?t neglect me.?

?Yes he does. I mean, you?re alone most of the time?? I started to answer him, but he thrust his palm toward me in the universal ?stop? sign. He continued, ?I know he fools around...and damn, I saw how...frustrated you were upstairs.? He sighed. ?I know if you were my wife I?d never...?

I thought he would smirk indicating his joke, but he looked dead serious. I was stunned, and flattered. ?Don?t worry about me, Mike, though it?s a sweet thing to say.?

?You know, I?ve always been jealous of my big bro. He?s damned lucky to have you for his wife?he just doesn?t get it himself.? He smiled and added, ?You are so beautiful.?

That?s when I began to cry. All my frustrations, all my lost yearnings, all my unfulfilled dreams came crashing down around me. It was a sham of a marriage and I simply accepted it. He was right on all counts.

He was also kissing me.

My tears dried as our lips remained together. I was being reborn. ?I?m yours, Mike. Take me...take me please,? I begged once we stopped kissing.

We were out of our pajamas in seconds. I guess watching my friends having sex was enough foreplay. I was hot and wet and hungry for a good lay as Mike bedded me down right there on the living room sofa. He nestled between my spread thighs and entered me, maintaining a nice slow rhythm. He was good, taking the time to rotate his hips as he went in and out so he hit all the good spots within me.

Our eyes were open and locked upon each other as we fucked. He repeated his earlier declaration, ?Oh, Jackie, you are so beautiful.?

I had songs to sing as well. ?God, Mike, I need this. Yes...Yes...Oh yes...harder, Mike, harder!?

He was a good boy, picking up his rhythm until he was slamming into me. My pussy vibrated and I knew I was almost there.

?Ohhhhh, I?mmmmm...Ohhhhhh...cummmmmmmmminggggg,? I screeched as nearly every muscle in my body contracted in ecstasy. I forgot how wondrous a great orgasm felt.

I rode the wave as he kept at it, until with two quick little thrusts he groaned ?Ahhhhh? and unloaded deep within me. I lost count of how many ejaculatory spasms I felt.

As we clutched each other in post-coital happiness, we heard several people clapping, hooting and hollering behind us. We looked up to find Sarah, Lil and Frankie cheering for us?for me?Sarah naked and the other two only in panties. Frankie was still flushed with excitement. I haven?t seen her like this (alive?) in ages. I guess she needed a good fucking as much as I had. Lilly and Sarah had gotten theirs too and now were happy to see me getting mine.

I still had my slumber party, I guess?we simply added two more partygoers. We called out for Reggie to join us. When he came down, we all laughed as he clearly was spent from all the fucking he?d done. Mike kidded him that the night was ?still young.? Reg rolled his eyes, getting the hint as my three friends hovered around him.

?Do you have any porn DVDs?? Lilly asked.

?Look in that tall cabinet over there, top shelf,? I replied. Lilly and Sarah discussed a couple of titles before choosing one and putting it in the player. Frankie was preoccupied, her hand busy in Reggie?s drawstring pants.

Sitting on the sofa where we had just made love for the first time, Mike whispered in my ear, ?You look happier than I?ve seen you in years. I?m glad we came.?

I looked at him and whispered back, ?And you?ll come again, I think,? as our hands intertwined.

Lilly jumped the DVD ahead to a chapter with more action, before joining Sarah and Frankie to surround a star-struck Reggie on the living room floor. He was obviously hard again.

Mike leaned closer and whispered, ?I love you, Jackie. I always have.?

We kissed before I said, ?Don?t say anything you?ll regret later. Just love me tonight and we?ll see where things will go.?

We kissed some more, our tongues and lips merged as one. While we kissed I could hear the first sounds of lovemaking. Poor Reggie has to satisfy three hungry women, but I bet he?ll be ?up? to the task.

My world was reduced to tunnel vision?Mike and I on the sofa. Oblivious to everything else, we began to fuck once more. I rode him this time. I bounced up and down on his splendid cock as he played with my tingling breasts and nipples. I was bouncing faster and I could hear myself moan ever louder as my orgasm drew near.

Only after we came together in a perfect harmony of sound and liquid did I hear all the moans and grunts coming from the floor. My friends were just about fighting over Reggie?s cock. Mike and I watched with amusement as Reg fucked Frankie doggie-style before Lilly pulled him to the floor and impaled herself on his long rod. Sarah must have been first, since she didn?t look half as disappointed as Frankie in losing her ?stuffing? to Lil.

Sarah turned to Frankie and did the most amazing thing?she went down on her! Frankie was as surprised as I was until Sarah?s ministrations began to have an effect. She was mewling and undulating to the tender touch of Sarah?s tongue, as Reggie groaned and Lilly screamed in orgasm. Frankie wailed as her climax overcame her. Sarah looked proud to have gotten her off; I wondered if she normally swung both ways.

I learned a lot that night.

I was shocked at the early morning hour when I looked at the time. We were all exhausted from the marathon sex. Sarah and Lilly figured Frankie deserved another go, so Reggie and Frankie retired to the larger bed over the garage. Mike slept with me, while Lil and Sarah slept in my sons? room.

Mike made love to me again sometime during the early morn. Where would this go? Was there a future for us? I may have been crazy, but I said it: ?I love you, Mike.?

I couldn?t wait to hear Frankie?s tales of making it with Reggie. I had a feeling my best friend was a new woman; whether that was good or bad remained to be seen. Regardless of how things went from here on out, I believed the next sleepover at my house would only be a party of two.

?Haven?t you had enough?? Mike asked as I fondled his flaccid cock, the morning sun shining on us through the bedroom window.

?There?ll be no such thing as ?enough? ever again,? I said before sliding my lips over the shaft of his manhood. He was stiffening nicely as his cock-head tickled the back of my throat.

I was alive again!

The Slumber Party By Stevesaint ©2007

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