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The Pool Party

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Leigh turned the water off and listened. Joe hadn?t answered her when she was talking to him, so she wondered if he?d dozed off. She had to admit, having his cock in her ass was really damn hot, and it felt so good. Until now, she?d only let Tasha fuck her ass with a small strap-on, and it was good, but Joe?s cock felt so much better. She dried off quickly and walked out of the bathroom to find him digging in his bag for his swimming trunks. ?Any shorts will do baby. It?s not like you?re going to wear them all afternoon,? she said as she patted his ass on the way by. Joe didn?t say a word, but she couldn?t help but notice the grin on his face.

Leigh pulled out her bikini and quickly slipped it on with a pair of cut off shorts. ?You better get the lead out or we?ll be late,? she said to him. ?You better watch it or we?re going to be late anyway,? Joe said as he gave her a devilish look. She glanced down and noticed his cock was half hard again. ?Well if that hadn?t just been in my ass, I might help you with it,? Leigh said as she laughed. Yeah, he thought, the ?weekender? pill Friday before she arrived was a great idea after all. ?Well you give me five minutes to shower and I?ll let you.? He got in the steaming hot water and washed himself quickly. He rinsed off, then decided to really see what she?d do, so he soaped up his hand and stroked his cock until it was rock hard, then quickly rinsed and jumped out of the shower. He wrapped his towel around his waist, his cock peeking out, and walked out of the bathroom.

Leigh was already one step ahead of him. She knew he wouldn?t let a free blowjob pass him by, so she put a pillow in front of the recliner, and when she heard the water turn off, she got on her knees there to wait for him. Joe came out of the bathroom, still dripping wet. She patted the chair and winked at him, a sexy smile on her face. Joe walked over and sat down in front of her. ?What do we have here? You can?t go anywhere like this!? Leigh said. Joe reached for her breasts and frowned, so she took off her bikini top and massaged herself while he watched. Joe flexed his cock and Leigh laughed as she removed the towel from around it. She began to slowly lick his balls, taking them in her mouth and gently sucking them one at a time as she moaned softly. She ran her tongue up his shaft, looking up at him as he watched.Joe watched as she took every inch of his cock in her throat. The woman knew how to suck a cock, that?s for sure. She slowly pulled her head back, her tongue flicking the head furiously. Damn she felt so good. She worked her magic on him, slow then fast, deep and shallow, her mouth and hands working in unison. They both knew it would take forever for him to cum now, but what he didn?t know is that she wasn?t going to let him. She slowly licked the head of his cock like an ice cream, then took the head in her mouth and sucked it as she pulled it out. ?So, you ready to go now?? she asked. Joe looked at her, a bit puzzled, then realized what she was doing. ?Oh woman, you?re evil!? ?Don?t worry, I can work on it some more in the truck if you like,? Leigh said, giggling.

Joe dressed as quickly as he could, after his cock went down, and they were on their way. Leigh gave him the address and they started in the direction the GPS told them to go. Leigh knew that he would be able to find it without her help, so she set her mind to teasing him again. Leigh leaned the seat back and stretched, her stomach peeking out from under her shirt. Joe glanced over and she smiled, ?See something you like?? she asked. ?Is this a trick question? There is nothing I see that I don?t like,? he said as he reached over and tickled her stomach. Leigh jumped and laughed, then raised her shirt, nothing but her bikini covering her large breasts. ?But is this better?? she asked, looking coyly at Joe. ?you should know better than to distract me while I?m driving. You know what happened the last time.?

Leigh smiled as she thought about them getting ?lost? that night, then being caught by the cops on a back road after they pulled off in the woods. She?d been rubbing his cock as they drove, so he made a detour. He got in the passenger seat with her, and when the cops pulled up behind them, she?d been riding his cock like a thoroughbred. As soon as she saw the cops, she came so hard that it made him cum too, but then he heard the door close. The only thing that saved them was that they were technically dressed, and Joe talked the cop into letting them go. Leigh had laid the seat back, lifted her short skirt, and teased every drop of his cum out of her wet pussy and licked it off her fingers while Joe watched as they drove. They?d been going to a birthday party, and when she told a friend what happened, she offered to check and be sure every drop of his cum was indeed out of her pussy. ?Yeah,? she said as she teased her nipple, ?that was pretty hot. I came so hard when that cop pulled up, and I recall you did too.?

Joe reminded her that they were only a couple miles from her friend?s house according to the GPS, and she pouted. ?Well I guess we?ll just have to wait.? Joe watched as she put her foot in the seat and pulled aside her shorts and bikini bottoms, her clit at full attention. He wanted to lick her so bad. He wiggled in the seat, adjusting his growing cock. ?See what you?ve done? Now I?m supposed to go in and meet your friends like this?? Leigh giggled, ?You?re going to be like that most of the day anyway.? ?And on his first weekend home from the desert, he came until he was unconscious. I think that sounds like one of your stories.? Leigh laughed, ?I wouldn?t let you pass out, because there?s no more fun after you pass out.? They turned on the road where their destination was, and Leigh reluctantly righted herself.

Joe found the address and pulled down the long driveway. The house was set far off the road, with lots of privacy. It was the perfect place for outdoor nudity. Joe noted the extra-high fence that surrounded the huge back yard. The size of the house wasn?t lost on him either. It wasn?t as large as Tasha?s house, but he could tell it belonged to people who definitely had money. They got out of the truck and Leigh led him through the back gate, where the smell of freshly grilled meat was in the air. There were no less than a dozen women, most of them topless, in and around the pool. Joe pulled Leigh close to him and whispered in her ear, ?So am I the only man here?? he asked. ?No, but I?m sure we?ll find them before long.? Leigh wasn?t sure where they were, but figured that things had already gotten risque before they arrived. They saw Tasha walking out of the back door and stopped to say hello. Tasha hugged and kissed them both, grabbing Joe?s ass for good measure. ?So where did all the men take off to?? Leigh asked. Tasha said, ?They?re finishing everything up inside and we?re just about to eat. It?s girls day off this time, so the men are doing everything. And after lunch, we get to treat them all like cabana boys.?

Joe and Leigh found a place to stash their clothes in the pool house. Joe watched as Leigh undressed very deliberately, teasing him again as she took her top off and massaged her breasts. ?You just never get enough, do you?? Joe asked as he teased her nipple with his fingertip. ?Hell no. There?s no fun in that.? Leigh took his hand and used it to massage her breast. His other hand quickly followed as he kissed her gently and pushed her against the wall. His tongue probed her mouth as his hand wandered further down her body. He still wanted to taste her. Joe pulled aside her bikini and toyed with her clit, bringing a soft moan from her. He kissed her harder as his fingers rubbed her, knowing exactly how she liked it. Her pussy was so wet, and he couldn?t help but slide his fingers inside her wet hole. He kissed his way down her body as she stood in front of him, slowly fingering her. He looked up at her as he pulled out his fingers and licked them one at a time.

One of the other girls, a hot blonde with huge tits, snuck in and caught Leigh?s eye. She stood there watching, teasing her nipples and licking her lips. Leigh motioned her over and they began to kiss. Joe looked up, a little surprised to see the blonde, but he wasn?t going to complain. Joe reached over and rubbed the blonde?s calf as he slid his fingers back into Leigh?s wet hole. He quickly found her g-spot and began to work it furiously as the girls kissed and groped one another. Leigh?s moans grew louder as she quickly came, her delicious juices running down her legs and Joe?s arm. The blonde looked down at Joe, ?Mmm, I?m jealous,? and peeled off her bikini bottoms. Joe slowly rubbed her freshly-shaven pussy, teasing her clit as she spread her legs. He slid his fingers between her soft folds and found her dripping wet hole, soft and inviting. He rubbed her gently, wetting his fingers before sliding them deep inside her. She gasped, then moaned as he began to slide in and out of her wet hole.

Leigh licked and sucked the blonde?s nipples, then bent down to kiss Joe, ?Make her squirt baby. I wanna taste her.? Joe found the blonde?s g-spot and began to stroke them both, their moans feeding on one another as they fondled, kissed, and sucked one another. They both began to grind against him, and one another, moaning loudly and begging him not to stop. Leigh came first, huge gushes squirting from her pussy as she squeezed him tightly and gyrated against him. As her orgasm subsided, she turned her attention to the blonde, who was moaning loudly now. Leigh began to rub her clit, whispering in her ear as Joe stroked her g-spot even harder. She begged him not to stop, her head falling back, mouth open as her body started to spasm as she came.

Leigh whispered to the blonde and she laid on the floor of the pool house, her long legs spread wide. Leigh knelt between her thighs and slid her fingers inside. She looked at Joe, ?I think she needs a cock to suck baby. Think you can help her out?? Joe?s cock was rock hard and he gladly offered it to the blonde?s greedy mouth. She sucked him hard and deep as Leigh sucked her clit and fingered her hard and deep. The blonde screamed with pleasure as she came, her pussy spasming as she squirted in Leigh?s mouth while she licked her. As her moans subsided, the sound of applause could be heard from outside. Apparently they?d drawn some attention from the others, since the intention was to have lunch before pussy.

They walked out on the deck naked to cat calls and various encouraging comments, but people quickly turned to their lunches. The blonde went to sit with another group and accepted a plate that was waiting for her. Joe and Leigh quickly fixed a plate and settled down with Tasha to eat. ?Well I think that?s got to be a record,? Tasha said. Leigh looked at her, ?What? We just went to put our things away. She came to us dear.? Tasha laughed, ?That?s because we could hear you out here before that. But I guess she went in to stir the pot a little. Jane?s good at that.? Joe looked at Leigh, ?You two sisters?? but Leigh just stared at him and laughed. She knew exactly what he meant.

As the meals were finished, people started undressing and getting into the pool. A game of naked volleyball broke out, and Joe and Leigh both joined in. Somehow it wasn?t long before Leigh was the last woman in the pool, still playing with 5 of the men. Bill, a young muscular thirty-something, was taunting Leigh, and she was giving it back to him blow by blow. ?OK, let?s up the ante a little. You and me, one on one. I win the point and I get to pick you out a gang bang to get the fun started.? Leigh started laughing and yelled out, ?I forfeit!? Everyone started laughing, then Bill said, ?If you win, your man gets to pick it?without your input.? Leigh looked at Joe, ?What ya think?? Joe looked around and said, ?I think either way you win.? Leigh looked at Bill, ?Go for it.? Bill started to serve and Leigh jumped up out of the water, her naked breasts bouncing, distracting him. His serve went into the net as all the women cheered and the men moaned. ?You cheated!? Bill yelled. ?You forget, either way I win,? Leigh said, then turned to Joe, ?Looks like you?ve got some work to do.? Joe laughed, ?I guess since I don?t know anyone I?ll have to take applications.?

Leigh got out of the pool and went to talk to the blonde. ?So, you going to apply? By the way, I?m Leigh.? The blonde smiled at her, ?I?m Ashley. Maybe, but I was hoping for a little one on one, or even a little one on two.? Leigh leaned over and kissed her and they began to fondle one another again. Someone slapped Leigh on the ass and she moaned. She looked over her shoulder and saw Bill standing there, a big grin on his face, ?Starting one at a time or auditioning?? Leigh couldn?t help herself, ?Neither. I?d just hoped for it to spontaneously break out. I was just standing here naked with my ass in the air waiting for some hot fireman to slide his cock between my legs.? Bill smirked a little, ?I think you?d better find somewhere more comfortable then.? Joe walked up, ?I think I have just the place, and people are there waiting for you.? He looked at Ashley, ?And of course you?re coming too, right?? and she just smiled and winked at him. Joe blindfolded Leigh, ?I think this will make things a bit more interesting.? Bill laughed as he said, ?Hey! What about me??Joe introduced himself, then quietly added ?I think you might want to come watch a while first.?

The four walked to the cabana, which had a huge padded table in the middle of it. As they approached, Ashley noticed it was full of beautiful women. She took Leigh?s hand as they walked inside, and Leigh climbed up in the middle under her direction, stopping to kiss and tease as she went by several of the girls. Several of the party-goers pulled up chairs to watch, as she settled in and the 6 girls descended on her. A petite brunette with large breasts, Abby, began to kiss her as she stroked her hair. Candy, a sandy blonde with small breasts herself, began to earnestly lick and suck Leigh?s. Karen, a beautiful brown-haired girl who Joe thought could have been a porno star on looks alone, immediately spread Leigh?s legs and began licking her pussy. Joe thought to himself how hot it would be to just slide his cock in her while she was on her knees there, as he could see how wet she was from where he was seated. Amy, a fiery redhead with beautiful curves in all the right places, began to lick and suck Leigh?s other breast as she fondled Candy?s. Rachel and Renea, the gorgeous blonde twins with huge breasts, began playing with the other girls, Renea licking Candy?s pussy and Rachel keeping Ashley busy as they licked, sucked, and ground against one another next to the others.

The others watched as Leigh asked Abby to sit on her face, her tongue plunging deep in her hole as she lowered her pussy over her face. Leigh grabbed her thighs with both hands and pulled her pussy down on her, grinding it against her mouth as she moaned from the motions of Karen?s tongue as she licked and sucked her wet hole. Candy sucked hard on Leigh?s nipple as she fought the urge to cum from the fingers Renea slid deep in her pussy. Candy moaned loudly as Renea started working her g-spot, ?Don?t you hold back on me!? she said to her, and slapped her on the ass. She came hard, her pussy throbbing and dripping with cum. Candy?s moans were feeding the others as Rachel and Ashley, now busy licking one another?s pussies, moaned and came with her. Abby was so close to cumming, grinding hard on Leigh?s mouth as she probed her pussy with her tongue and sucked her clit, her own pussy spasming and squirting as she came from Karen?s attention. The ladies swapped up positions, taking turns pleasing and teasing Leigh as she lay there, and cumming on her face as she licked and sucked them in return.

Joe looked around and noticed that Tasha was nowhere to be found. He wondered who was pounding her ass right about now, and couldn?t take anymore. He stood and walked up to the cabana, his hard cock in hand, and slid it inside the first wet pussy he came to that was stuck up in the air. The other men all jumped from their seats and followed suit, the moans and screams growing louder and more frequent as the men filled their pussies and began to fuck them. Leigh had to admit, this was something she?d never done before, and it was hot as hell to her. The girl licking her pussy moved, and she expected another to take her place as she licked and sucked Karen?s pussy. Instead, she felt a hard cock slide inside her and she came immediately. She stranger pulled her legs up and Karen turned around to help hold them, her pussy still grinding on Leigh?s face as she came again. A few minutes passed, and after what felt like a hundred orgasms, a different cock was slid inside her. This one was larger, and hit rock bottom, making her want to scream as she came. Karen moved off her face and a cock was put in her mouth, which she took deep in her throat and sucked eagerly.

All around her there were screams and moans, the women feeding off one another?s pleasure as they came. A different cock was slid inside her pussy as her body shuddered from another orgasm, and the cock in her mouth was replaced by Ashley?s pussy. She recognized her scent immediately and eagerly sucked the load of cum from her pussy that had been left there by one of the men. The man fucking her started to pound away hard and she came hard, her blindfold falling off. The sight of Ashley as she came on her face was so hot that, coupled with the hard pounding her pussy was receiving, made Leigh cum again. Ashley got up and as she leaned over to kiss Leigh, she looked to see who was fucking her and making her cum so hard. Bill was pounding away at her pussy, sweat rolling down his chest and a big smile on his face. The orgy went on for hours, with every pussy and cock meeting at least once. People had come and gone, more had joined and left, and others were still watching.

One or two at a time, more people started to go to take a break. Many were going for a swim, or eating dinner, but a few were still intensly fucking under the cabana. Soon, Joe, Leigh, Ashley, Bill, Jane, and Sara were all that were left. Joe and Bill went to grab drinks for everyone, and as they talked about the day?s events, Joe had a thought. The guys discussed it and came up with somewhat of a plan. They returned to the cabana to find the girls in a pile, still teasing one another, the excitement waning with the guys gone. Everyone took a drink and thanked the guys, but Joe could tell there was still plenty of fire left in Leigh for the night. They stared at each other, and she licked her lips, the glanced down at his still half-hard cock. He knew exactly what she wanted, and he had all intentions of giving it to her. The guys climbed back on the table and let the ladies tease and pamper them until their cocks were rock hard again. The girls took turns riding their cocks, their moans and cries of pleasure drawing attention once again.

Leigh straddled Bill and looked over at Joe as she slid down on his cock. The look on her face as she fought the urge to cum made his cock feel even harder as he pulled Jane down hard on his cock. He loved watching her as she slid up and down his shaft, her breasts bouncing, the look of contentment and passion on her face. Jane rode Joe hard, her strokes matching Leigh?s as he fucked her until she screamed. Joe rolled Jane over on her back and caught Ashley?s eye. She climbed on top of Jane and he began fucking both of them, a few strokes as a time, until Ashley begged him to let her cum. Jane and Sara had begun teasing one another by then, a sight that only encouraged Joe to fuck Ashley harder. The girls moaned and writhed against one another, then Ashley screamed as she came, her body jerking from the strength of her orgasm. She rolled over and tapped out, thanking Joe for the good time.

Joe watched as Leigh continued to ride Bill. He?d tried to roll her on her back, but she?d pinned him down and dared him to move. Joe came up behind her and whispered in her ear, ?Room for one more?? as he slid his cock in her ass. She tensed and he began to tease one nipple as Bill licked and sucked the other. She quickly relaxed and he slid deeper inside. She came quickly, and happily climbed on again when he laid down beside them for Bill to be on top. She was so relaxed this his cock slid deep inside her with one thrust and she moaned with pleasure. When Bill got on top of her and slid his cock inside, she came immediately. A crowd started to gather, with Tasha smiling as she watched. She knew that Leigh never would have done this a couple months ago.

Bill and Joe thrust deep inside her, making her scream as her orgasms came hard and fast. She begged them not to stop and to fuck her harder and deeper. They gave her every inch of their cocks until they both came inside her, the twitching of their ejaculating cocks making her cum again. The three collapsed to applause from the crowd, who quickly dispersed, some wandering off to find their own place to play some more.

They sat there a while, making small talk, and Leigh snuck off for a quick shower before they ate. Joe and Bill talked over a drink and he insisted that they get together away from the party before he left. Leigh came back, and when Joe told her, she just knew that he would come up with all sorts of wicked things with Bill, but that she?d also enjoy every minute of it.

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