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The Party

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He smiled to himself and shook his head as he drove to his destination. Michelle had given him an address and told him it was a private "lifestyle" party, and that he was invited. Will had questioned her a little about this, seeing as he knew she loved being the Feral Unicorn at these things. "You are my date for this one." she assured him.

OK...he was game. You may not always know for sure what you would be getting with Michelle, but of all the words that could be used to describe her, boring was not one of them.

With a little guidance from his GPS, Will soon found the address he was looking for. It was a nicely landscaped private home just enough off the beaten path to assure some semblance of privacy. There was Chell's very familiar looking car along with a couple of others already parked along the drive. He parked back along the row.

He grabbed the two bottles of wine he had brought with him and walked to the front door. He could hear the sound of music inside along with the unintelligible murmur indicative of a party atmosphere.

He rang the bell, and moment later a woman answered the door. "You must be Will! Hi come in." closing the door "I'm Amy!" offering her hand. " Very nice to meet you Amy, thank you having me." he replied taking the offered hand, which she squeezed warmly.

"No need to thank me I haven't had you...Yet." She said grinning , brushing a wisp of red hair away from her face.

"Come on in, let me put those in the fridge for you." as she grabbed the wine bottles and walked off."Feel free to wander and introduce yourself" she called over her shoulder.

Coming around the corner he spotted Michelle sipping from a glass and talking with two women. She saw him and excused herself, and went to meet him.

"WILL" she greeted him with a big hug...and then a quick kiss, followed immediately with a longer, wetter kiss. "So glad you made it."

she purred. "Me too." he grinned. Wrapping her arm around his waste, she led him over to the two women she had just been talking with. "This beautiful woman is Trin...."Hello Will.".... and this sexy little thing is Bethany!...."Hi" Bethany said as she leaned in and planted a sweet kiss on his lips. "Hello..." was about all he got a chance to say before Michelle led him off towards the kitchen. "See you gals in a bit."

"You have sexy friends." Will whispered into her ear as they walked towards the kitchen. "YES I DO" she said as she ran her hand playfully between his legs and coping a quick feel before they were fully into the kitchen...her hand lingered there long enough for Amy to see it. "Your not starting the party without me are you Chell?" Amy teased ."Maybe just a little" she teased back.

"Wine?....might as well have some, its yours after all." she asked filling a glass. "Sure, thank you. Very nice place you have here."

"Thank you, we like it." Amy replied while sipping his wine before handing it to him. "Thank you."he replied taking the glass, drinking deeply."

"Can I have a taste?" Michelle asked innocently. "Of course you can" he smiled moving to hand her his glass. She stepped inside his arm and wrapped her arms over his shoulders and kissed him deeply...her tongue pushing past his lips and exploring deep inside his mouth. His tongue danced with hers, and made its way into her accepting mouth as well. They pulled back , each taking a deep breath and smiling. Will takes another sip of wine.

"I think I like your taste test method better Michelle, may I ?" Amy asked,but not waiting for an answer steps in and presses her lips to his. Her tongue driving into his mouth aggressively, probing deeply. Her mouth pressing hard upon his, head rolling gently as she kissed him. "Tasty" she purred as she pulled away.

Will held her close with his left arm before she could step away, took another drink of wine setting the glass down on the kitchen island. "Come here." he grinned as he pulled Michelle close with his now empty right hand. "You two kiss." he smiled, and as the two gals leaned towards each other Will met them there. Three tongues rolling and dancing with each other, eagerly seeking and being sought in a three way kiss. Breathlessly they all pulled away.... Will could see a change in both women's faces as they looked at him.

"Damn...."Amy panted.."That was Hot!" Michelle added quickly. " Very Hott " finishing the thought.

"Come with me you two." Amy pulling away, leading them out of the kitchen and down a hallway through an open bedroom door.

Michelle entered ahead of Will, then as he entered he shut the door behind him. "Please, if you don't mind, leave that door open would you?" Amy asked him. "Sure, no problem." he replied as he reopened the door. Turning back he saw Amy pulling a chair around to face the foot off the bed. "Have a seat Will, front row VIP to the show." she giggled. Will sat in the chair, having a pretty good idea what the show was going to be, the smile he had was genuine.

"Come here sexy." Amy beckoned Michelle "I have been thinking about this all week."

Michelle came over to Amy next to the bed, and Amy pulled her close and began kissing her deeply. Michelle returned the kiss readily and their hands began to wander over each others bodies. Hands cupping breasts... unbuttoning shirts....pulling away restrictive clothing. Soon both women were in nothing but panties, g-strings at that, when Amy pushed Michelle backwards to fall full upon the bed then crawled up on top of her. Amy lay atop of Michelle between her spread legs, and kissed her passionately. Michelle reached out to grasp both of Amy's ass cheeks and pulled her hard against herself, grinding upwards with her own hips. Amy pressed forward and rolled her own hips to match her movements, now biting the nape of Michelle's neck as she squeezed her left breast with her right hand. Michelle moaned in pleasure under her attention. Amy pulled away and began kissing down Michelle's body....stopping to lick and suck at each of her rock hard nipples... then her tongue tracing a line down her stomach ..kissing and nibbling the entire way. Getting up on her knees, Amy grasped both sides of Michelle's g-string and pulled then down and off. Catching Wills eye she tossed them at him teasingly then turned back to Michelle.

Pressing Michelle's legs apart further, Amy ran her tongue along her inner thigh making her way down to her pussy, glistening with her natural juices. Similar to her kissing style, Amy pressed her mouth tightly against Michelle's pussy and pressed her tongue deep inside of her, causing her to tremble slightly. She settled down between her legs and began licking caressing at Michelle's tender honey pot, whose breathing was coming more of a pant.

Amy turned, looking over her shoulder and asked Will " Would you like to share a taste of this with me?"

Still fully clothed, Will got up and snuggled in next to Amy, and began to lick up along the inside edge of Michelle's pussy lips, finding her engorged clit with the tip of his tongue. Flicking at it teasingly, then taking it into his mouth in a gentle sucking movement, tongue never stopping its movements. Amy kissed Michelle's inner thigh and fondled her breasts as Will ate her pussy, enjoying her sweet juices. He felt Amy move in, and began to pull away to give her room to take over, but felt Amy's guiding hand on the back of his head to stay. Amy worked her mouth in, very similar to the three way kiss they enjoyed earlier in the kitchen, Will and Amy both licked and sucked and nibbled at Michelle's now very hot pussy. Under the attention of both their mouths, she screamed out "Oh Fuck YEAH!!" as her body stiffened ...shuddering under the waves of the orgasm crashing through her body. Both Amy and Will reached up and held Michelle down...and continued their combined onslaught on Michelle's now ultra sensitive pussy.

Michelle moaned deeply and stiffened, fighting them slightly as they held her firm. "Ahhhhhhh "she almost screamed out as she pulsed and throbbed , squirting hot juices as she shook under their combined attentions.

Amy and Will gently pulled away from her pussy, Amy taking the opportunity to lick some of Michelle's juice from Wills chin, then kissed him deeply. "An even better vintage I think you would agree?" she smiled looking at Will. "Absolutely" he answered grinning back. "Though..." he started taking off his clothes...."There is another one I am looking forward to sampling."

Amy lay back next to the still panting Michelle and removed her g-string.... exposing her own cleanly shaved except for a small patch of soft red curls, pussy. Spreading her legs, she smiled up at him invitingly. "Help yourself to all you would like."

Removing the last of his clothing, Will settled himself down between Amy's welcoming legs. Will thinking of the teasing he took being made to watch Amy and Michelle, he began ever so gently. His tongue just touching the lower edge of Amy's pussy slit and running it upwards along its natural crease. She spread her legs further, trying to give him fullest access. He kissed along side her pussy, licking the tender flesh between her leg her lips teasingly. He was just really teasing himself just as much, so began to really lick her in earnest now. Amy thrust her hips upward slightly as her pressed his tongue into her, pulling it upwards to her swollen clit. Pressing his mouth over her womanly mound, he worked his tongue over and into her over and over. Sucking and licking deeply, his speed and pressure changing subtly as he gauged each action with Amy's reaction.

He more felt than saw Michelle move over towards him. He felt her hand on his hip as she urged him to lay more to his side. He complied to the guidance and was rewarded with the feel of Michelle's hot mouth taking his hard cock deep into her mouth. Her hand cradling his balls as she sucked and licked him, taking him fully into her mouth, a soft choke escaping her as she took the last of him down her throat, her hand cupping his ass cheek as she pulled him deeper into her mouth.

Michelle's skilled mouth gave further fire to Will's lust, and he shared that fire with renewed vigorous pussy eating on the now squirming Amy. Her moans of pleasure coming freely as she wiggled her hips againt Will's talented mouth, her hand finding its way to the back of his head. He pressed his mouth harder onto her sweet juice covered pussy and worked his tongue on her tender flesh...working two fingers into her pussy as he did. A few strokes and he had both fingers driven fully into her...his fingers working their own patterns inside of her as his tongue massaged her clit. He began fingering her as he licked....Amy soon matching the thrusts of his hand with the thrusts of her hips. Michelle's stopped sucking to allow her hands to wander over both Will's and Amy's bodies freely. Michelle one hand cupping Amy's breast and running her hands over her stomach the other stroking encouragingly along Wills back.

Amys moans became a teeth clenched "YESSSSS oh YESSSSSSSS Ummmmmmm OHhhhhhhh" as she pressed against Will's face, cumming hard and loud, arching her back, grinding upwards...shaking hard. "AHHHHHhhhhh" she screamed out as the full extent of her orgasm crashed through her body. Will drank deeply of her flowing nectar as he road out her orgasm, urging it along. He felt Amy collapse under him, kissed her pussy gently a few times then raised himself out from between her legs.

"Damn that was soooo fucking Hott!!" a voice stated huskily. But it was not Amy or Michelle's voice. Looking over towards the door he spotted the fully nude figures of Trin and Bethany in the doorway, Trins hand nestled in between Bethanys legs.

"Would it be alright if we joined you?" Bethany asked shyly.

Apparently they had been standing there enjoying the show. Like any great hostess, Amy replied "Please do." The two women climbed into the bed, Michelle welcomed them quite warmly with kisses for each of them as they found a place on the king sized bed.

Amy smiled and pulled Will close, kissing him deeply "Mister, you give some of the best head I have ever had." she smiled at him."I think you deserve a little attention in return..." she pressed him down and started kissing down his body.

She looked up at him playfully as she stopped to lick and gently bit each of his nipples...kissing and licking down his body. Her hand cupping his large balls, she hungrily took his engorged cock into her mouth.

"Mmmm nice and thick." she said huskily between sucks, then running her tongue down along his member, her hand giving his shaft a squeeze as she worked her hot mouth long his length. Will closed his eyes and took a deep breath, enjoying her skilled hands and mouth. He could feel the bed shifting and looked over to see Michelle and Trin locked in a delightful looking 69 position, very obviously enjoying what each had to offer. Both it seemed were giving as good as they got judging by the noises and exclamations flowing breathlessly from both of them. Bethany was sneaking in touches and kisses over each of them...enjoying the show and adding her own commentary. "Isn't Trins pussy sweet?... oh she's liking what your doing for sure....oh yeah work those fingers into like that don't you Michelle" as her hands snuck in for a tickle and caress, resulting in additional moans of pleasure from the two.

She looked over and caught Will watching. Bethany became suddenly interested in what was happening on the other end of the bed.

" Is this seat taken?" she asked playfully as she positioned her cleanly shaved snatch above Wills mouth facing him, sitting on his chest.

She leaned forwards and grasped his head, pulling his mouth tight against her,but just long enough to grab pillow and tuck it under his head. Supporting her weight on her knees, she guided her honey pot gently against his mouth, the slightest lick and suck bringing squeals of pleasure. Will, oh so very comfortable , relaxed back and lapped leisurely at the offered pussy, while Amy slowly took him into and back out of her rushing, just intent on pleasuring him.

Bethany suddenly shuddered and moaned loudly as her impending orgasm built strength. Will could feel the sudden flow of hot juices as she squirted onto and into his mouth. Amy had pulled back to enjoy the view of sweet little Bethany cumming.

"Ohhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm" Bethany shook and came.....tensing and shaking.

Will coaxed her along with gentle licks....and she wiggled at the attention being paid to her now ultra sensitive clit. "No more" she begged, trying to pull away. Will smiled , just a little evilly, then pulled her down along side him,Amy seeing what was about to happen and smiling at the thought got out of the way.

Positioning himself between her legs, Will worked the head of his cock between the tight folds of Bethany's very wet and very sensitive pussy, looking deeply into Bethany's eyes as he pressed himself into her. She gasped slightly, but did not break eye contact. He could feel her trembling under him as he entered her, pushing deeper and deeper in one hard slow extended thrust. Bethany shut her eyes and bit her bottom lip, but did not protest....and he could feel her spread her legs apart further to accommodate him. Will reached under and pulled her left leg up under his right him even deeper access. His cock was about two thirds into her when he suddenly slammed the rest of himself "home" with a single hard thrust of his hips. Bethany arched, throwing her head back "Oh God" she moaned at being suddenly filled completely with hard cock. He held her tight and pressed deep....then slowly pulled back. He pressed back in, firmly and again was rewarded by a squirm and a moan. He began a slow steady pace of gentler but firm thrusting...she was so very tight and very sensitive.... within a few strokes Bethany stiffened and moaned loudly as she once again came... hard....he could feel her pussy gush and squirt, the new release trickling down his cock and balls."Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhohhhh" she cried out shuddering underneath him. He held himself firmly inside of her and ground against her ....urging her orgasm to last. He looked down at Bethany panting and moaning, then felt Trin snuggle up next to him, her face to his ear. She whispered "Shes's alright, don't stop." then she snuggled down next to Bethany and began stroking her hair and talking in her ear....nodding to Will to continue. "Hey are so sexy.....that cock looks SOOO hot going into you..." kissing her cheek." Now Will is going to fuck you....and your going to take all he can give understand me baby?" Bethany nodded and gave Trin a smile.

Will started back up with the steady in and out.....steady firm strokes....her pussy was so hot and so tight....and she reacted strongly with every moment.....his breath came in heavier pants as he felt the urge to release his seed building. Suddenly he could feel Michelle along side and behind him. Her hand slipped down between his legs and gently grasped his balls. He thought this was going to put him past the point of no return, but he felt her gently pull down at his balls with a knowing "Hang on baby" and he felt the strong urge lessen. "Give her your can make her cum.....make her squirt...." her hand released his balls and wandered down to Bethany's soaked back door, rubbing her rose bud with her finger tips, getting an instant reaction from her.

Bethany was a steady stream of moans and shudders and gasps as he drove himself into her again and again...his pace increasing. She shook her head back and forth begging " more.....?" as another orgasm devoured her like an avalanche ....Trin giving a constant string of encouragement to her.."Oh that's a good girl...let it all sweet little can take it." then turning to Will "FUCK HER!"

That was all the encouragement he needed, and he began to slam into her hard and fast....he could feel what he had to assume were Michelle's and Amy's hands stroking and caressing him everywhere. His fast and steady pounding causing matching screams and moans from sweet little Bethany. "Ahhhh AHHHH AHHHH AHHHHH!!!" with each stroke she shook and shuddered. Will felt the urge to cum building past his ability to stop it...and once again he felt Michelle's hand find his balls...but this time, she supported them with her guiding hand and massaged them gently as he pressed hard into Bethany's soaking wet hot box and with a teeth clenched deep moan released his pent up hot seed into her." GAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWD" Bethany screamed, tears and beads of sweat running down he face as his release triggered yet another orgasm from her, her own juices flowing freely. Will pressed and rode the heavy throbbing release....Michelle's hand massaging his balls coaxing out every last little drop of cum to flow into Bethany's overflowing pussy. He collapsed fully on top of her, and felt 3 pairs of hands stroking him all over. He pulled back enough to look down at Bethany...She smiled weakly and whispered "thank you" then lay back as Will pulled himself gently from her and lay onto his back. Trin was gently stroking Bethany's face and telling her how beautiful she was....Michelle was licking a few errant drops of cum from her fingers....while Amy stroked her own pussy gently taking it all in. "Mmmmmm" he moaned happily. He felt Michelle snuggle in beside him, and whispered into his ear "That was so very hott, but don't think you are finished mister....I do like pussy...but the nights not going to be over til I get MY COCK!!" gently tracing her fingers among his chest hair. " Happy to be of service" Will smiled back, closing his eyes .

After enjoying a little afterglow and snuggle time, Will rolled over and gave Michelle a deep long kiss. She returned it nicely, their tongues dancing together, Will's hand easily finding Michelle's breast. Kissing was something both had found many people paid too little attention too. They really enjoyed the intimate and subtle pleasure of it. He squeezed and massaged her breast, feeling her nipple grow hard against his palm. Her hand slipping down between his legs, gently stroking and caressing him. She felt his reacting to the attention, growing larger and firmer under her attentions. She moaned happily into his mouth, pulling away just long enough to whisper in his ear "Is that for me?" playfully before slipping her tongue back into his mouth. "Ummmhummmm" he moaned back, not wanting to break the kiss.

She pulled away and kissed her way down his body taking in the scents and tastes along the way. Amy's pussy juice mingled with sweet little Bethany's squirts as well as what she recognized as her own scents mixed in made for a heady and sexually intoxicating combination. She could feel her pussy reacting on its own, that deep throbbing hunger way up inside. She licked along his stomach, her hand cradling his balls gently. She licked along his shaft.....and could taste Bethany's juices along with the more familiar taste of Will's seed. He moaned happy as she took him fully into her mouth. She could feel him growing harder still inside of her mouth...she pressed herself down hard taking all of his cock and held it there....licking and teasing with her tongue as she felt him grow harder and work itself down her throat. She stifled the urge to choke as she gave one last hard suck then pulled back to just below the engorged head of his cock then taking it back in again....slipping him in and out, alternately sucking and licking as she fucked him with her mouth.

The feel of his hardness in her mouth made her moan happily. She felt Will's hand find the back of her head....urging her attentions then, taking a hand full of her hair, he pulled her back and off of his cock.

"What a good girl, sucking that cock so good.... You know what happens to good girls don't you?" he grinned at her. She answered with a gleam in her eye. "Yes, I know what happens to good girls...they get FUCKED!!!....but what if I am a bad girl??" she smiled mischievously. He replied with a hungry smile."Bad girls get fucked too, just HARDER!!"

Before she could say another thing, he pressed her head back down by her hair....pressing his hard cock back into her mouth. She took it back in willingly. His hand firmed his grip on her hair and he began pressing her down again and again on his cock...small chokes and gasps coming from Michelle, but not even the smallest hint of protest was seen as he pressed himself deeply and roughly into her mouth. She looked up at him, her eyes glistening with tears, but the look in them only seemed to be asking if he was enjoying himself. Suddenly he pulled her off his cock, she sat there trying to catch her breath as he pressed her back onto the bed.

"Spread your legs" he ordered. She spread them wide as he settled himself between them. He supported himself with both hand on each side of her with her legs cradled on each arm. She knowingly reached down and guided the head of his cock to her pussy opening. With a single driving thrust he smashed himself to the hilt into her. She gasped at the sudden intrusion of cock.....feeling it fill her completely. The sensation of his cock against her inner walls causing her to tremble slightly.

She tucked her hands beneath her ass ...fully submissive to his use of her now. She existed right now for his pleasure, he could take what he wanted and was now his her 'master'. He worked his way into and out of her over and over in a hard and pounding rhythm. She lay back...her breath coming in pants that matched his thrusting. A moan escaped her lips as she felt the orgasum building inside of her. " Not yet" he ordered. She knew what that ment...she had to wait for his permission to cum. She threw her had back, her body stiffened with the effort to not explode. His hips starting driving like a human jack hammer...pounding her without mercy. Tears escaped her tightly closed eyes as she worked to hold back the orgasm that was building itself so strongly inside of her now. One word escaped her clenched teeth "Please" she begged. With one last hard slam he ground into her and said "CUM". Giving her the permission she was waiting for she "YESSSSSSSSAHhhhhhhhh" screamed at the release as the orgasm rocked through her. She literally trembled underneath him as she rode the waves of pleasure...his grinding of his hips against her coaxing more and more out of her.

"Present" he said as he pulled himself out of her. Her body still shaking her complied by flipping over onto her knees, ass high in the air and her face pressed into the mattress. "That's a good girl" he said kindly "but" he added " were a bad girl asking to cum weren't you???" Michelle replied "Yes Sir, I was bad to ask to cum" she replied meekly. "Count to ten for me please" He requested.

"One" she counted off, rewarded with a "crack" of his hand smacking her upraised right ass cheek.

"Two" she continued, and her left ass cheek was awarded the same treatment.

"Three"...smack...."Four" smack.....each number followed by a swat on her quickly pinking ass.

her breath coming is light pants as she counted off....each number a little harder to force out of her lips, but she knew better than to hesitate too long before 'asking' for the next swat. "Five"........crack........"Six"....crack.... Michelle's voice forcing out the words now.

"Seven"..smack...."Eight"......crack....his hand now bring her ass cheeks to a brighter shade of pink.

"Nine" she squeaked out breathing heavily....."TEN" she called out and his hand once more connected on her tender ass flesh.

"Good girl" Will crooned as he gently rubbed his hand over her bright red ass...bending over kiss each cheek.

"Thank you Sir" she remembered to thank him for this "correction" need to ask for another 10 swats already because she forget her manners.

Will positioned himself behind her, and like the good girl she was trained to be, she reached back to spread her ass cheeks wide for him, giving him fuller access to anything he wanted of her back there.

He pressed his hard cock into her once more....driving firmly but more gently than before into her. Setting a slow steady pace he fucked her dripping wet pussy. His hand reaching up to once more grasp a large handful of her hair...he pulled her back upon himself..her head rearing back at the pressure, her back arching further changing the angle of entry just enough for him to drive yet deeper into her throbbing honeypot. "Ohhh "Ohhhh"Ohhhh' she moaned at each thrust of hard cock into her sensitive twat.

She felt him increasing the speed of his thrusts, he released her hair then she felt him take her hands from their job of holding her ass cheeks wide apart and grasped them both firmly behind her back ...using them to leverage his drives firmer into her. She pressed her ass backwards and held his hands firmly as he rode her. His thrusts taking on a faster and more desperate pace. She sensed his need to cum and this drover her own need to climax to fruition. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh she moaned as she pressed back hard to meet his final slamming thrust as he pressed home hard with a deep moan...his cock throbbing its hot load of seed deep inside of her, the feel of his release causing her to explode with her own shattering orgasm, he ground hard against her as he emptied into her. They both became still enjoying the sensations.

Will pulled himself gently from her and lay down beside her. Michelle knew she had one more task to perform and quickly found her way to his still semi hard cock.... sucking and milking the last drops of cum from him...licking her pussy juices from his manhood with deep and gentle strokes of her mouth. Her final "chore" happily completed , she snuggled up next to him as he gently ran his hand over her back and arms.

Only then did they even bother to look around the room. There stood Trin, Bethany, and Amy just staring at them.. being witness to one of the hottest shows they had ever seen.

"Wow" Bethany squeaked out.....and that pretty much spoke for them all.

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