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The Party

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The Party

It was not easy to get invited to the party. First, I had to submit a picture of myself, then fill out a long questionnaire, and finally meet with the couple, Cali and Mike, who were organizing it. But finally, I received my invitation in by mail. "Room 840, The Hyatt,? the invitation said. I arrived at the hotel on time that evening and took the elevator to the 8th floor and walked down the quiet corridor, following the gold arrows for the blocks of room numbers until I came to the door. I knocked and could hear conversations inside. Cali, a pretty, dark haired woman opened the door, in a black dress with spaghetti straps. She smiled seductively and said, "Come right in, Tom!?

I looked around the room, a suite with a couch and two chairs, and a small bar, all tastefully done in pale yellow and white.

On the couch were two attractive blonde women, one who must have been in her mid-30s and the other maybe 25. Two nice looking guys sat next to them, one on the arm of the couch.

Cali said, "everyone, this is Tom, " and she told me each of their names as I shook their hands. The bedroom was off to the right , and Cali took me there where a woman with curly red hair was sitting on the bed talking to a guy leaning against the door jamb, and another guy, Cali?s partner Mike, was sitting in a chair near the bed. Everyone seemed friendly and low-key, and I began to feel at ease.

I went to the bar and ordered a drink and sat in one of the armchairs and began to talk to the young blonde woman, Trisha, about her job as a hairstylist, but mostly getting lost in her blue eyes and red lips.

There was a knock at the door, and a porter brought in a tray of appetizers, as well as a boom box that had been requested.

We set it on the bar and turned it on, and soon the room was pulsing with music. After a few minutes, I thought I heard a moan over the rhythm, and looked over to the bedroom to see the red haired woman lying on the bed with her gold dress pulled up and the man she?d been talking to had his head buried between her legs while Cali's partner, Mike, licked her exposed nipples from the other side of the bed. She grabbed Mike?s crotch and unzipped his pants and let his cock bounce out from it's confines. She leaned her head back and took his hard cock in her mouth as the other man continued lick and suck her pussy.

I was not the only one watching, as some of the others crowded around the doorway. The blonde in her 30s turned and gently stroked the crotch of the guy she'd been talking to and leaned into him, kissing him deeply. Cali came up behind Mike and pulled the rest of his clothes off and helped guide his cock into the woman's mouth, then kneeled down to take him deeply into her own mouth. The blonde woman who had been kissing had now taken her partner back to the couch where she unzipped his pants while he stood in front of her and eagerly took his rapidly hardening cock into her mouth.

He put one hand on her head and guided her back and forth on his thrusting member. The younger blonde woman, Trisha, began to rub herself watching this and leaned back on the couch to allow her fingers entry into her pink panties.

The other man who had been talking to Trisha pounced on her and began licking her thighs and slowly lifting her white dress above her hips. At the sound of louder moaning, I looked back to the bedroom to see the redhead now being fucked hard and fast while Cali crawled onto the bed, one strap off her shoulder and a breast exposed, and pulled Mike with her.

He licked and pinched her nipple, and finally pulled her black dress over her head, allowing his tongue access to her entire body. The bed shook as the other man plunged violently into the redhead.

I was becoming quite excited myself, and was happy to see Trisha motioning me over to the couch. By then, the other man had pulled off her pink panties and was kneeled in front of her gently teasing her clit with his tongue and finger.

I unbuttoned my pants and finally released my hard cock from it's confinement. She turned her head toward me and took me deep in her mouth, caressing me with her tongue.

The other couple on the couch were practically tearing each other's clothes off at this point, and soon she was gripping the back of the couch with her fine ass in the air. His arms gripping her thighs and his tongue buried deep in her pussy. The sight of her large breasts hanging down made me harder still, and the young woman sucking me felt it and doubled her efforts.

From where I was now, I could only see part of the bed in the other room, but could see that Cali had now switched partners and was being fucked with her legs wide while she watched her partner slamming into the redhead from behind. The man who was licking the other woman on the couch next to us rose up and pushed the tip of his hard cock into her, teasing her for a moment, but she pushed her ass hard against him to take him deeply inside her. The man who had been teasing Trisha?s clit parted her legs and entered her glistening shaved pussy. I leaned over and pulled gently on her erect nipples and she began to moan with my cock still in her mouth.

In the other room I could hear what sounded like at least 3 people coming at once and looked to see the redhead now bouncing in ecstasy on top of Cali's partner, and grinding down on his bucking body. Cali was next to them clenching her new lover, her legs wrapped tightly around him as he pounded her into the bed.

Trisha began to gasp with each thrust of the man's cock, and she had to let go of my throbbing member, then let out quick short breaths as she pushed against his slapping balls with a look of almost surprise on her face, then closed her eyes and let out a loud, long moan as she came on his still thrusting cock. Soon, his pace quickened and he pulled out just in time to come all over her breasts. The couple next to us pulled out just long enough to roll back on the floor and she sat upright, bouncing on his pole for a moment before leaning back to let him fondle her breasts as she came, and he along with her. Trisha pulled me onto the couch and impaled herself, facing me, on my waiting cock. The other man's come dripped down her chest as she slowly ran my cock deep inside of her, her eyes locked on mine. I grabbed her narrow waist and guided her as she put her hands on my shoulders as I watched my cock move slowly in and out of her wet pussy. She leaned forward to offer me her wet nipple and I took it eagerly into my mouth. She quickened the ride and we bounced there until I pulled her face down on the couch.

She stuck her pretty ass high in the air, and I entered her from behind, her moans muffled in a pillow. Some of the others were watching now, and I slapped hard into her as she pushed against me until I was grinding her ass down flat onto the couch and pounding her there. I felt her body push hard against me and shudder as she came for me, and the contractions of her tight pussy on my cock let me know I could no longer hold it, and I came deep inside her.

We collapsed there on the couch caressing each other?s sweaty bodies, and soon felt the hands of others on us too.

The night went on, full of sucking and fucking each other, and we didn?t go our separate ways until the early morning hours. I think I can say for all of us, we are eager to get together again soon.

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