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The Night Out

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The Night Out

Life in a rural area can be rather bland. Excitement is on the slow side unless a deer jumps out in front of you while daydreaming on the way to work, and

that's about as good as it gets. So in order not to get taken over by the sexual dulldrums, we plan on a night out on the town every two to three months. This

consists of reserving a room in a nice hotel, shopping for new sexy outfits, a nice meal and a visit to our local dance club. The club is private so it is different

than the usual dance hall, bar scene in that people that frequent this establishment are more open and friendly with each other. In fact, as the evening

proceeds, some if not all of the ladies will be mostly undressed on the dance floor, and testerone is coursing thru the veins of the men. The music, along with

the beverages consumed, seems to unleash those deep seated emotions and the inhibitions disappear bringing out the inner beauty of those already gorgeous

women and the inner beast out of the men. Hard cocks are tenting the trousers and being ground into the voluptous asses of their dance partners. Truly an

awesome experience. For those that prefer a little more excitement than dancing, there are other parts of the club that can be visited for activity with a little

more intensity. Some areas are for couples only while another section only allows couples and single guys. Our last visit was enjoyed in this room.

Dee is a beautiful, sexy woman of 50 that looks and acts like she is in her mid 30's. She is 5'5" tall, 130lbs, 34D, 25, 35 with a gorgeous ass, brown hair

and a knock out. A real head turner. Well on this particular trip to the city, we checked into our room, went shopping, preparing for our sexual fix of the

quarter. The theme of the night was dress shirt night where the ladies were to wear her mans dress shirt and nothing else. Well she found a nice see thru

shirt with long tails and a pair of 4in. red heels with white polk a dots. That along with thigh high hose and a red with white dots thong panties made her look

stunning. On the way to the club, I dropped the idea for her to fondle as many cocks as she could during the evening. I could tell that the idea excited her,

but I didnt really think that she would persue it. So we got to the club and it started filling up, the music was playing and the drinks were flowing and she was

ready for the dance floor. We danced several sets and had been chatting with other couples sitting around us when other guys started asking Dee to dance.

This is all fine with me as I enjoy watching her show off in front of other men. It really started getting interesting when I noticed that she was squeezing the

cocks of the men on the dance floor, subdued at first then becoming bolder as she did a few. By now her shirt was mostly unbuttoned and men were pinching

and squeezing her nipples as she would grind her ass into their cocks. Now I should go a little deeper with the description of her body. She has that hour

glass figure, when her arms are up, those perfect round tits show on each side of her chest while viewing her from behind. Her waist is narrow, curving out to

those hips that you just want to grab ahold of while fucking her hard. Her nipples are the size of a mans index finger and about a half inch long with a nice

dark brown aerola that puckers up when she gets excited. Well now they were hard and long and puckered and she was very, very excited. There were two

other couples sitting near us and we were all trading off dancing with each other and the guys couldnt seem to get enough of dancing with Dee, or she with


Well every so often to take a break from dancing, we would make the rounds and see what was going on in the other parts of the club. We went thru the

single guys area with no one there, so upstairs to see what the couples were into. Not much happening there either so we stepped out on the balcony for

some air, and met a couple going out when we were coming back in and she squeezed his cock and I notice him jump, surprised by the gesture. She was

really getting into this. So on the way back downstairs, we passed two guys sitting at the bar, when she stopped and went back and gave them both a nice

squeeze to their delight. This was really starting to get fun. Well when we got back to our seat, my cock was so hard it was getting uncomfortable, as I had

been getting squeezed all evening too, and found that all of our group had left except one of the husbands. He was glad to see us as I could see that he was

extremely hard too and Im sure that he was ready for more of her attention too. When we sat down, we slid up close on each side of her and she got busy

working our hard cocks, thru our pants as there is no open playing in the dance floor area. But under the table, we were both working on her pussy which was

drenched and she was feverishly stroking both of our cocks. It was time to move to an area that we could get her naked and she could get to our dicks, so we

jumped up and headed to the play areas. The first one we came to was the single guys room which was empty. Dee was working on his pants trying to get

them unfastened while I was getting her out of her shirt and thong. She got his pants down and dropped to her knees in front of him, clasping his hardon in her

fist enjoying the feel of dick skin in her hand for the first time of the evening. One hand she was slowly stroking him while cradling his balls with the other when

my mouth found her sweet pussy and my tongue slipped inside her, her head dropped down and he disappeared into her throat. She was sucking his cock like

she was starving, working his swollen balls and jacking him off into her mouth trying to milk the cum out of him and into her. I dropped my jeans and stuck the

head of my cock up to her steaming pussy lips and when she felt my throbbing dick rubbing against her clit she shoved back onto me all the way to my balls.

Her pussy was on fire. I cant ever remember her being that hot and wet in all the years that we have been together. I grabbed her by the hips and started

fucking her while she was gorging on another mans cock.

I could tell that she was getting close to cumming and as soon as I stopped stroking it happened. Her pussy jerked on me and she let out a low moan and

that seemed to trigger the cock that was in her mouth and he let go with a huge load and she was swallowing as hard as she could which was making her

pussy clamp down tighter on me as her orgasm rocked her. She was laughing as I picked her up and sat down on the couch with her still impaled on my

hardon and I noticed that a crowd had developed. The room was full and people were standing in the doorway trying to get a peek of this hottie having her way

with us. She is now on me in a reverse cowgirl exposed to all of them with my cock still inside her wet pussy when I start feeling bodies move in on us and

hands are all over her, squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples. I heard someone ask her if she minded what they were doing to her and she answered by

reaching out to grab there exposed penises which were stiff and ready. Hands were on her ankles picking her feet up and holding her legs wide open and

fingers were all over both of us, rubbing her clit, inner thighs and down to her asshole. I being underneath, couldnt see what was happening, but she was

whispering to me what they were doing, her voice going up and down as we were taking her to new heights. I felt a finger teasing her ass as others were

feeling her pussy lips as my cock kept plunging in and out of her, sweet pussy juice soaking my balls. There were five guys crowded around us with their

cocks out jacking them while watching us. Now she was enthralled with all the attention. She is center stage with a man in her pussy and five hard dicks

surronding her naked body. Her hands went out to help them reach their orgasms, she went from dick to dick stroking each one in turn. Im encouraging them

to cum on her and that they did. She gasped and told me that one is cumming on my tits, then that another one is cumming on my belly, one is rubbing his

cock on my feet, now another one just came. She told me later that the last one had the biggest tool that she had ever had in her hands, a young guy. She

couldnt reach all the way around it and she used both hands jacking him off on her and he hosed her down from her throat down to her pussy lips. Dee was

soaked with man juice. They gave her a cum bath. It was in her hair,on her tits, belly, pussy, thighs and even running down her sides and on me. When she

stood up, it was stringing down off of her nipples. I would have loved to had her on film. I wouldnt let her clean up. She put her shirt back on and it went see

thru instantly from all of the jis that she was wearing under it. We went back to the hotel and fucked the rest of the night. Reliving the time that five men shot

their loads all over her naked body, we still cum thinking about it, in fact I got hard writing this.


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