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The House Cleaner At The Stripclub

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Ashley called today and wanted to know what we was doing Thursday Night. I told her i was going to a stripclub for my friend James B-Day party. I told her i didnt know what ginger was going to do. Well ginger came home and I told her that James called and said he wanted me to go and celebrate is bithday with him at a stripclub and I asked if she wanted to go and she said no that she would stay home with the kids. So Ashley called the day of the party and I asked her if she wanted to go and she said yeah b/c she has never been. Well later that night I met her at a motel and was picking her up well she got out of the car and looked dam sexy its ashame that im with Ginger b/c I would be trying to hook up with the house cleaner slash friend. Well we got there found my friends which are police officers. Well I ordered our drinks and the B-Day boy was already drunk as hell and he asked were ginger was and I said at home and he asked ashley was she a stripper and she laughed a minute and said no. She had told me once b 4 she could have been a stripper if she wanted to. Well we had a sexy black girl dancing in front of us and nobody knows I have a thing 4 black girls with big asses and titties except ashley. Well i thru her at least a 100 dollars in ones. Well the next girl came out and she was paying special attention to ashley and she had a nice set of tits im gonna say at least 38dd and all she had on was a thong. Well i looked up and we made eye contact and it was my 3rd cousin we didnt speak she just kept dancing in front of ashley and the rest of the gurls. Well her song ended and leaned down and gave a kiss on the cheek to Ashley. Well she came over and asked which 1 was the B-Day boy and he stood up and all most fell over. She asked if he wanted a lap dance and he said hell yeah lets git r dun. She said she needed a lady to go with them b/c they dont like them just giving lap dances to guys without witnesses b/c a girl had got r*ped a few weeks ago. Well Ashley went back there with them and we continued paying the other girls attention well sum time has passed and i looked and my watch they had been gone for a hour. Well she came out just smiling I asked her what took so long and she said dont worry about it. She asked me if I was ready to go and I said yeah I needed to get home to the kids and Ginger. So i helped James out to the car and we left. Well on the way down the road ashley asked if she could go home to my house b/c she was to drunk to go home I told her no b/c Ginger didnt know she was going with me she O shit and then asked me if I would stay at a motel with her I said ill figure out sumthing. Well we pulled up at the store and ashley started gettin out and her phone rang but she didnt tell me who it was and continued on in the store. I called ginger and told her i was to drunk to drive and that me and james was gonna rent a motel she said that was ok with her. To make a long story short ashley got the rooms and came out talking on her cell phone i carried james to his room and we went to our room. Well she wasnt ready for bed and wanted to know if i cared for her to dance 4 me. She started dancing and humping my leg and then she moved behind me and then all of a sudden i was blindfolded and couldnt see anything. Well she turned the music up more and then she quit dancing I tried to feel for her and couldnt feel her. Well I set back down and felt her dancing again on my lap and then I felt another persons body I said what they hell is going on and didnt hear no answer they just kept dancing. Then there was titties on the back of my neck that surprised me to. Well the blindfold got taken off and i looked and there stood ginger I said oh shit. She said that audra my 3rd cousin called after ashley told her she was there with me and she then said she knowed the whole time that i was wanting ashley to go. She walked over a smacked me right across the face and I just looked at her and then she gave me a deep kiss on the mouth and then the blindfold was back on. I was pulled up and led to another room and there thru on the bed and my hands was tied and my ankles was to. Well i felt a shaved pussy on my face and i started wondering which gurl was up here. But I didnt care I was in heaven getting sum more pussy in front of ginger and that really turned me on then I felt two mouths on my hard cock. Well one quit and i felt her get off the bed. Well what i heard next i didnt no what to do she screamed in pain and they kept on a few minutes and took off the blindfold off i was eatin audra and it had been ashley and ginger sucking my cock and then i looked down and it was ginger getting fucked by james and she said i told u there was payback fuck payback keep fucking him. I demanded 2 be untied they untied me and i got up and just stared at ginger and walked closer 2 them and he was in her pussy pounding away and didnt even notice me he stopped and i said no by all means continue i opened her mouth and shoved my cock down her throat and she gagged a little and i backed off and just started easing it in and out of her mouth her once in awhile shoving it down her throat and then she relaxed and took the whole dam thing down her throat. Audra and ashley was in a 69 position going at each others pussy like there was no tomarrow. I pulled out and let James and Ginger finish together. I went over and was expecting them out and audra was on top. I moved up close and lubed my dick up with her pussy juice b/c she was soaked and eased my dick in her ass and let out a pain moan and i told her just relax and let her get use to my dick in her ass and i just figured she had done it b 4 since she was a sripper they experienced all kinds of stuff. Well she got use to it and i started pounding away at her ass and was ready 2 nut well I pulled out and nutted everywhere sum landed on ashleys titties and audra sucked it off and she said dam u taste better than my husband I said husband I didnt know u was married she said yeah last month and i said u are here she said yeah but ever since we was growing up I wanted to taste U and when i called ginger she said she wanted me to cum and b part of your payback but instead of me being part of it she just wanted to do james and she told me just to stay and b part of the orgy. Well we all turned to ashley me and james grapped her thru her down and we both started doing ashley I was in her pussy and james was in her mouth well we finished with her and then we both looked at audra and she said she was game but we couldnt nut in her b/c of her husband would find out. I got the pussy on this one two but this wasnt just any ordinary pussy this was my cousins pussy and she was so tight and she sreamed in pain and i said did I her U she said no but be easy your only the second person to fuck me. So I took my time and then we nutted all over her and ashley and ginger finished her up and we all fell asleep.

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