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The Gym

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Laurie and I have been married almost 14 years now and we're both 36 years old. We both love to work out and enjoy the gym scene and have been "gym rats" for years. We live in Orlando, Florida, and also enjoy having bronze tans most of the year. The gym we go to is about 5 miles from the house and is located on the east side of South Orange Blossom Trail.

Laurie is 5'4" and 118 pounds with (sometimes) blond, brown, or black hair. You know how women love to experiment with their hair color. She has an amazing set of green "X-ray" eyes that seem to reach into your soul when she looks at you. And, her face...we'll, she looks like an angel and has the shapeliest legs I've ever seen. Laurie also has natural 34C's with dark brown pouting nipples and areoles, a 22" waist, with slim 32" hips, and is shaved.

I am 5'10", and weigh between 175 and 180 pounds. I have brown eyes and brown hair and am told I am very good looking, although I think I am just "average."

Well, to begin: We work out every day but Sunday, usually arriving at the gym by 6:00 am each day. On Monday we do chest and an hour of cardio; on Tuesday, we do back and an hour of cardio: Wednesday, it's triceps and cardio; Thursday, bicep's and cardio; Friday is shoulder's and cardio, and Saturday is 2 to 3 hours of legs, but no cardio. Suffice it to say that we keep our body fat around 10% to 12%, so we're considered by our friends to be in fabulous shape. And, we love having the "burned" feeling in our muscles a day or two after a really great workout.

We've also been nudists most of our married life and have visited many clothing optional and nudist resorts, and loads of beaches near New Smyrna Beach, that we sometimes (using discretion to hide from the law) turn into our private nude beaches during "off-seasons. Although we don't keep our nudist lifestyle a secret from our friends, we just don't mention it to new friends until we get a "feel" for their opinions. With our tans though, several come right out and ask, "Do you guys have any tan lines?" Then we just tell them the truth. Funny, but most of them then become very curious about the nudist lifestyle and ask lots of questions, then usually end up joining us on a nudist outing to a local club in Kissimmee, at Playa Linda Beach, near Cocoa Beach, or one of the upscale clubs in the Tampa area, like Paradise Lakes or Caliente.

Although you could have considered us "soft swingers," by which I mean, we had only had sex in front of another couple, Sue and Jim, that are also nudists. We had sex in front of Sue and Jim while on the beach (2 times), and in a Key West bed and breakfast double bedroom we shared with them during Fantasy Fest (several times, although the room was dark). But, we'd never swapped partners with anyone else. That changed.

Laurie and Sue are almost twins and people sometimes confuse them for actual sisters, as Sue has the same proportions as Laurie but is 5'6." Jim and Sue also work out a lot, but Jim belonged to a different gym than us. Sue normally worked out in the evenings at our gym due to her early work shift. Laurie and Sue also use the same hairdresser and it seems like their hair colors always match. That enforces the "sister" look-a-like thing.

As we were frequent backyard pool or beach nudists on the weekends with Jim and Sue, it was only natural that we were very close friends. Laurie and Sue would often put lotion on each other, or Jim and I. Laurie had even put oil on Jim, and Sue had put lotion on me. It was all innocent "nudist" fun.

Anyway, after our average two hour work outs, Laurie and I had started using a co-ed hot-tub and steam room area, conveniently located between the men's and women's locker rooms soon after we had joined the gym. To get to the hot tub area, each locker room has a side door that opens into the hot tub room. The steam room is located inside the larger room that contains the hot tub and there is only a small 12" X 12" window in the door of the steam room that you can look through into the hot tub area, or vice a versa. So it is easy to step out of the hot tub, which can easily hold 8 people, into the steam room, which can hold 6 to 8 people, about 10 steps away.

When we first started using the hot tub and steam room after workouts, we wore swimsuits. And, only on a rare occasion would anyone else ever come into the area, probably because it was morning, before people had to go to work and they didn't have time for a quick soak or steam. In fact, we'd only encountered five or six other people in the 9 months we'd belonged to the gym using the hot tub or steam room.

Remember, we also use the gym everyday but Sunday, so we are very familiar with the "regulars" and their routines. Since I work 2 miles down the road and didn't have to be at work until 9:00 am and Laurie worked in the same plaza as the gym, we didn't have to worry about commuting traffic. So, we always, or almost always use the hot tub and steam room.

However, about two months ago, on a Tuesday morning, as we finished our workout, and headed to the hot tub/steam room, Laurie remembered she hadn't packed a swimsuit. Her being an exhibitionist anyway, I teased her and said, "what the hell, we never see anyone in there anyway, just wear a towel into the room and skinny dip." She smiled and said, "well, I'll think about it, but if there is someone in there I'm going to go get ready for work."

I went into the men's locker room, changed into a swimsuit and grabbed a gym towel off of the shelf and headed to the hot tub. When I got in there, Laurie was already in the tub, naked with just a towel hanging off of the rack nearby. No one else was around. As I started to step into the tub, she chided me saying, "If I'm naked, you have to be too." So, not one to turn down a "reasonable" dare, I dropped my suit and hung it and my towel on the rack too.

After a while, with the excitement of "possibly getting caught" in the air decreasing, we started fooling around with each other in the hot tub. As our foreplay intensified, Laurie decided she wanted to go into the steam room with our towels, as the additional door of the steam room provided a small measure of extra security should someone open one of the locker room doors while we were fooling around.

Needless to say, we went into the steam room, laid the towels out on the benches and began to go wild. First, I ate Laurie's pussy, still tasting a bit like chlorine from the hot tub, it was very sweet, and then she changed positions and began to suck my cock hard, using her hands to twist the base of my cock as she sucked harder and harder. Eventually, I sat her on one of the higher benches in the steam room and stepped between her legs, slid my cock into her and started pounding her like crazy. Hot clear sweat poured from our bodies as we came in each other's arms. Wow.

As we had gotten over heated, we stepped back out, into the hot tub room and rinsed off in a shower located in the corner of the room. All I had to do was reach down and gently brush Laurie's clit and she'd begin shuddering and moaning. Her pussy was soaked. Unfortunately, we both had to get ready to go to work, so with a soft kiss on her lips, I told her I see her "here" tomorrow, same time. She just laughed, grabbed her towel and went to the women's locker room to get ready for work.

The next day we rushed through our tricep workout, anticipating another type of workout in the hot tub. Again, we started in the hot tub, finishing in the steam room, and rinsing under the shower. We had actually continued this for about 3 weeks with no interruptions.

Laurie had told Sue, during one of our weekend nudist forays, what we had been doing at the gym, especially in the hot tub and steam room. Sue was shocked, as she said, "Wow, the hot tub and steam room are both packed in the evenings." You couldn't get away with that then.

Jim thought we were pretty daring and joked that he might have to join our gym to watch, before his current membership ran out. He asked Sue if she'd do what we'd been doing and Sue responded, "I'll do anything that Laurie will do." At that we all laughed and went about our day enjoying the Sun and pool.

About a week went by and Jim called me and said that Sue was getting laid off, due to the economy. But she was excited, instead of being upset, because she could now work out with us in the morning, if we didn't mind. I told him I didn't mind at all, and knew that Laurie would enjoy Sue's company too.

But then, I mentioned that Laurie and I were planning on continuing our "hot tub" antics after our workouts. Jim then "cleared this throat" and said, "That brings up another topic. I mentioned to Sue that she may be interfering with Laurie and Rob's fun, and she said, I've watched Laurie and Rob make love before, and they've watched us. I doubt if they'd mind if I watched them in the steam room. In fact, maybe they'd let me join in too." With that, the phone went silent, Jim didn't say anything, and I didn't say anything. I was way too busy digesting what he'd just said and the tone he'd used while saying it.

After a long quiet pause, it was my turn to clear my throat, and I said, "Jim, I'm way confused. Are you saying that Sue wants to participate in our sexual activities, and, are you saying that you are alright with that?" Jim laughed and said, "Brother, we've been close friends for a long time, our wives are probably closer that either of us realizes. The only thing that worries me is that if Sue jumps into, or at least tries to jump into yours and Laurie's relationship, how will you and Laurie react to that."

As a man, having sex with Sue had crossed my mind on several occasions. Given the opportunity that no one would get his or her feelings hurt, I'd jump at the chance. But, as to how Laurie would react to that, I did not know the answer.

Even though Laurie and I had spoken and fantasized about her experimenting with another woman, or spouse swapping, she'd always said, "some things should always remain a mystery." I told Jim that I did not have a clue how Laurie would react, but that maybe the slow approach was the way to go. I also asked him how he felt about the possibility of me having sex with Sue. He said that he'd thought about it a lot, and that it actually turned him on for some reason. He liked the idea of "sharing his wife" with his "best friend." When I thought about what he had said, I realized that I felt the same way about him possibly having sex with Laurie. So it was decided. Come Monday, Sue was going to be our new work out partner.

Monday morning, especially at 5:30 am comes early. Laurie and I always get up and take quick showers before we go to the gym. I know it sounds silly, but we do. Anyway, after our showers, we jumped in our respective cars, backed out of the garage and headed to the gym.

When we arrived, Sue was already there, stretching in the corner. She was wearing a sports bra, her smooth tanned abs on display with a perfect "inny" belly button just above the top of her "boy shorts" waistband. Laurie was excited to see her and said, "Well today we do chest and then an hour of cardio. Is that OK with you?" Sue replied that she was "ready, able, and willing to try anything" and then she winked at me. I damn near melted into the floor.

I could barely work out for the next hour. My presses sucked, my flies were weak, and the whole workout was lame. Generally my blood was located in another part of my anatomy.

Soon, we were on the cardio machines, and I was watching and listening to my favorite morning news show. I never heard a damn word. LOL. All I could envision was what MIGHT BE ABOUT TO HAPPEN. That is all I could think about.

As the cross-trainer's timer counted down to zero, I literally jumped off of the machine and ran to get a spray bottle and towel to wipe off the machine. Laurie gave me an odd look and laughed. Sue looked at me with shy smoldering brown eyes and blushed. WHOA!!!

As we walked towards the locker room doors, we chatted about what, I have no idea. But Laurie was still unaware of what I hoped was going to happen. I just figured that slow was the way to go.

We stopped just before entering the locker room doors and Laurie looked at me and asked, "Are we going to hot tub it?" I replied, "why not? Sue has seen us naked before and...." Before I could finish my comment, Sue interjected, "and I've also seen both of you fuck like bunnies. Come on, I want to watch you guys again."

That is where my knees buckled, my breathing stopped, and I think I had a dry orgasm. I am certain the planet shook under my feet.

Laurie, laughed out loud, then embarrassed looked around the gym and said, "Geez Sue, are you selling tickets to this or what? We all just kind of softly laughed, and I said, "I'll see you on the other side" as I quickly entered the locker room.

I stripped off my clothes and put on my swimsuit (which I had been continuing to wear throughout the months and weeks to avoid suspicion when entering and exiting the hot tub room). Next I bolted to the hot tub room and waited what seemed like an eternity for Sue and Laurie to show up. Finally they both walked in, totally naked, their towels in their hands, not wrapped around their torsos. I was stunned.

Both were smiling and laughing and my erection was huge. It felt like I was going to explode. Laurie got in first and slid down beside me, her hand reaching between my legs and touching my cock. Her eyes went wide and she exclaimed, "Oh my Sue, someone is ready to blast off." Then she leaned into me and whispered into my ear, "you think you can handle this?" I looked at her and "innocently" replied, "I can handle you." She laughed, then said, "Sue, get in here. He thinks you are only going to watch."

The program was definitely moving from slow to warp speed.

Then Laurie turned and sat on my left leg, rubbing her pussy up and down the top of my thigh, back and forth, between my knee and hip. Sue moved over my right leg and began doing the same. Now I could feel two sets of labia, rubbing up and down my legs. Four hands were rubbing all over me, and two sets of beautiful bronze breasts were there for the licking and sucking.

The girls each had an arm around the other, while straddling my legs. I leaned forward and began kissing and sucking each breast until I felt the nipple react and become stiff. My hands began their search for Laurie and Sue's pussies. I easily found both pussies and pushed my middle fingers gently up into each, my thumbs teasing and brushing against their clitorises.

Looking at them, it was like they were twins, with the exceptions of eye color and Sue being 2" taller than Laurie, their beautiful taunt bronze bodies looked identical. Sue and Laurie began to kiss each other, gently at first, then deeply French kissing each other. I kept stroking each pussy, slowly dragging my middle finger across the top of their cervix's, rubbing their G-spots. My thumbs continued to work on the hooded clits of both ladies.

Suddenly, Laurie stiffened, and I recognized it as her about to have an orgasm. Sue took her left hand and cupped Laurie's right breast and gently tweaked her nipple. Laurie fell towards me, shuddering. Sue suddenly began to hump my hand and leg harder and harder. As she did, she leaned forward, and began to kiss me, sucking my tongue deep into her mouth.

I felt what seemed like hot Jell-O suddenly gush out of Laurie's vagina, engulfing my hand and surrounding my leg before the jets of the hot tub pushed it away. Sue had reached over, and holding my cock in her hand started to stoke me. I groaned and said, "no, not this way. I want to explode inside."

Laurie, who had just slid off of my leg, was curled up against the steps of the hot tub, recovering and looking like she was having a dream of some sort, softly moaning. Sue took the opportunity and mounted me and said, "Then explode away." She rode me up and down and as her wet brown breasts bounced past my face, I would lick and suck each in turn.

She started to yell (I didn't realize what a screamer she was) and with her right hand reached behind and under her butt moving her hand forward towards me until she found my balls and gently squeezed them. I erupted, my entire body going stiff, from my toes to the top of my head. It felt like an electric shock had started in my feet and shot straight up through my body. The intensity and pleasure was tremendous. Incredibly, although my ejaculation was also strong, I noted that it was a small part of the orgasm I'd just experienced. On the Richter scale, it was a 10.0 for me.

As soon as we recovered from our orgasms, we showered, and then jumped into the steam room. The girls continued to play and tease each other, while I nursed what was left of my balls. They felt like they had literally blown up. Odd to say, but it was a wonderful feeling.

The next day, Tuesday, we did more of the same, except I got to taste Sue's pussy while we were in the steam room. It was wonderful and had a clean fresh, slightly salty taste. We continued our antics all week.

Finally, on the weekend, Jim and Sue came over to join us for a pool party, late Saturday afternoon. Jim saw me and started laughing, patted me on the back, and said that Sue couldn't do anything all week but talk about Laurie and me, sucking and fucking each other at the gym. I said, "yes, it has been quite a week, but I think the weekend starts now." He looked at me and his eyes suddenly went wide, as Laurie yanked his shorts down, took his cock in her mouth and started to give him one of her best blowjob techniques.

Suffice it to say that Jim has now joined our gym and is also enjoying the benefits of the hot tub and steam room after a hard workout.

Oh, yeah. We also had a surprise visitor one Saturday. We had gotten into the hot tub, everyone naked, and we're talking. One thing led to another and Sue was sitting on me, fucking me hard. Laurie was doing the same to Jim. Of course after everyone comes, we decide to take a quick shower and rinse off.

So, here are two naked women and two naked men standing under or near the shower and the women's locker room door opens up and this cute petite 25 year old, Kathy (we knew her as a regular and the early morning employee at the gym who opened the door at 6:00 am and manned the desk until 9:00 am) was standing there, wearing a lime green micro bikini.

She stopped and smiled, and said, "I didn't know this area was European Style." I couldn't think of a thing to say, but Sue blurts out, "it sure is honey, so if you're going to use this facility, you can't wear a suit in the hot tub." Kathy responds, "OK, I prefer not to wear a swim suit anyway," and she proceeded to undo her bikini top and pull off her thong bottom. Now, remember, she is an employee of the gym, and is listening to Sue tell her some silly make believe rule. I looked at Jim and shrugged.

There she stood, totally naked, totally tanned with beautiful small perky breasts and long thin legs. So, Laurie says, "Kathy, we're going into the steam room, care to join us?" Kathy, says, "Oh yeah, I can't wait. I've been watching you and Rob for months. Now, with Sue and Jim joining, I figured you'd be cool to let me into the club too."

I'm like dumbfounded, and say, "what do you mean, you've been watching us for months." Kathy points up to a smoke detector in the corner of the hot tub room, opposite the shower, and then opens the door and points to another smoke detector in the ceiling and says, "the owner had some issues with the night crowd and installed cameras in here to maintain some semblance of safety. I normally never turned them on but noticed the security camera TV's were left on one day, a couple of months ago, and saw you and Laurie in here playing around. I couldn't keep my eyes off of you two. I started watching you guys every morning. I often thought about surprising you both, but was worried you weren't into another person joining. Then when you brought Sue here in the morning and Jim soon followed, I figured that maybe I could join too."

I then asked her, "Who is watching the cameras now?" And she said, "no one. The monitor's are under the counter, are off (as she had turned them off) and also the sliding cabinet door the monitors were behind was locked." She said the owner only used them when a couple of former patrons used to come in and harass some of the women working out. The women had complained they didn't feel safe when using the hot tub or steam room, so the owner had the covert cameras installed. Since the troublemakers were no longer allowed in the gym, the cameras were rarely turned on by anyone, except Kathy.....and since it was Saturday, and she didn't work Saturday's, she had planned on "seeing if we were here."

So, now Kathy (very bi, but Jim and I are working on that) is a regular on the weekends with us. Her all over tan had previously been acquired inside a tanning bed, but we've shown her the natural way to get a tan and have fun while doing it.

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