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The Frog Ladies

I live on a farm near Aurora, Illinois. We have several ponds on the property which naturally have frogs. One evening I saw two gals walking up my road wearing mosquuito netting, boots, gloves etc. My first thought was these are really weird folks.
Turns out they were "Frog Surveyors" for the local park district. Counting and recording frogs to establish a count.....
That's the setting...
Weeks later i get a call from the pretty redhead frog lady inviting me to a party reporting on the frogs. I accept because she is really hot with great breasts.
Went through the report drank lots of wine, then as two of her friends were starting to kiss and feel each other up ( two gals). Redhead reached over and started rubbing inside my leg. Then she reached over and gave me a really juicy kiss with deep tonguing.
Moving to a sofa on the patio,, she beganto remove my clothes and ask the girl friends to join in. In a split second there were three women licking , pulling sucking and kissing me from all sides.
Terri, the redhead stood up and stripped, straddeled my legs and put her pussy right in my face... "eat it like you love it".
I was eating redhead, fingering one of the other and having my cock sucked by the other. Redhead left to get a dildo and wanted to fuck me in the ass, which I did. The others got dildos and strapp ons to fuck each other. All ended up in a pile and not knowing who was fucking who.
About 4:30 I decided to leave and return home... worn out, but happy.
Next year I will join the frog ladies for more fun.

End of Story