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The Final Shindig

I'm sort of known for the parties I throw. You see I have this theory
about parties, Everyone comes to my parties, and everyone who wants to
cum's at them. Well A little over a year ago due to some personal
reasons I had to sell my house and move back to my parents. (Being 30,
this is not an easy thing to do... TRUST ME!) .... Anyway, because I
was aware that my sexual freedom was about to take a sabbatical I
decided that I needed to " go out with a bang"

I began planning the party months in advance. There was one person in
particular I had wanted to invite, so I had to plan it for a night
when his spouse would be conveniently out of town. Luke, had been one
of my teachers, years ago, and I had spent hundreds of hours in his
office telling him tales of all my sexual exploits. Being an old
hippie, he could relate, and looked forward to my visits.... And I
having always had the hot's for older men loved torturing him with
vivid descriptions of my lovemaking/fucking sessions.

Once I had set a date for the party, I proceeded to call up the most
discreet of my friends... (I may be wild, but I'm also extremely
selective) I wanted Luke to see the cream of the crop... (Those of
you who swing know what I'm talking about) All and all I invited 25
people to my house... Some were couples; some were singles, all the
women where BI-sexual. I'll be honest and Tell you that we all were
different shapes and sizes...I myself am a bit of an Amazon women.
allow me to introduce myself, for privacy sake something I value
immensely) you can just call me "kisses" 5'10 and 40C I tend to
tower over most of the men I know...anyway... Back to the party

The theme of the party was "pajama party/ Truth or dare" All the women
wore the sexiest lingerie they had myself in a long flowing silver
blue peignoir and the men all wore boxers and robes, a few in pajama
bottoms... When you walked into the house the first thing you noticed
was the dildo collection. All the tables had an assortment of
Vibrators, and dildos and Condoms and lubes... one table contained
restraints, blindfolds, and flogs, the other contained strap-ons,
beads, double dildos, and vibrators. . Each of the guests contributed
to the collection with there personal favorites.

The party began with a dice game. (For those of you who don't have a
set of "dirty dice" I strongly suggest that you invest in a set)
"Dirty dice" consist of two die, one is labeled with, "above waist",
"below waist", "lips", "breast", "?", and "ear" the other is labeled
"Suck", "eat", "blow", "?", "Kiss", and "lick." The way that we play
it; whomever has the dice points to whomever they wish and then rolls
the die. You must then complete whatever the dice tell you to do.
(This is a great warm-up game to a party)...

Being the good hostess that I am I started the night of on the right
foot. I grabbed the dice and pointed to "Brian" a good-looking 45 yr.
old with red hair and a big cock". Brian was the "least inhibited" of
all my friends, and I knew that he would not need to wait until he had
a few drinks in him to get in the mood... I pointed to Brian and
rolled the dice.... To my unbelievable luck I rolled a double question
mark?? The ultimate wild card! Brian and I just smiled at each
other.... Reading each others mind....

Without saying a word and with 23 pair of eyes watching us he dropped
his boxers and I dropped to my knees. Brian knows that I have an
affinity for sucking cock, and his was a mouthful. Everyone in the
room watched as his shaft quickly came to life in my mouth.... As my
lips engulfed his rod my hands went up to gently massage his sac. As I
ran my tongue around the tip of his head. Stroking his shaft with my
lips as he held my hair ramming his member against my throat. As the
others in the room watched I pulled Brian to the floor, and began to
run my tongue along the length of his shaft. Tasting that sweet
nectar that dripped from it. Them I lowered my mouth to his scrotum
and gently took his balls into my mouth. Rolling them gently with my
tongue, all the while stroking his cock with my hand. Having played
with Brian like this before I have come to know his love of a good rim
job, and also knowing how close it brings him to the edge I couldn't
resist the temptation to dip my tongue lower.... Tracing his spinster,
I could feel and the others could see him shudder with anticipation at
the thought... however, I quickly popped up, handed him the dice and
said "Your turn Brian"!

Brian, a bit flustered, but always a good sport, stood up with his
hard on waving its engorged head at the group and proceeded on with
the game.... He quickly pointed to "Jane" at 5' 2" and a 38C Jane
looked dwarfed next to Brian's large frame. "Jane was a spicy
brunette in a short babydoll nightie with matching panties, She was
more into women than she was into men (Most of the time). Needless to
say when Brian rolled the dice he rolled "kiss, Below the waist" For
those of you who are wondering that means you can't suck, or lick, you
must only kiss.... However, Brian, having played these games before,
knew all the tricks. While some people gave one quick kiss and passed
the dice, Brian lowered Jane to the floor and pulled down her panties.
He started with her toes, kissing each one of them gently. Slowly
working his lips up the inside of her legs, he did this to each of her
legs then rolled her over onto her stomach and began kissing the back
side, gently kissing each of her buttocks, as he rolled her back onto
her back we could all see her pussy glistening with moisture from all
the attention. Brian parted her legs and began to work his mouth
closer and closer to her cunt, which by know was dripping juices onto
the carpet. As he reached her mound Jane was arching her back, wanting
him to continue deeper into her crevice... Brian, quickly dipped his
head between her thighs and ran his tongue across her crack, (he
always cheats at this game)...

It was know Jane's turn... She pointed to "Mary" a hot 50-yr. old
women who could out fuck most of the women I know. She was a pistol;
She made Cher look old. Jane rolled a "Kiss, breast" and was a bit
disappointed cause it wasn't what she had wanted to roll....

It was no time to enter the next stage of the party... TRUTH or
Dare... (For the record, only the party poopers pick truth, but even
if they do, we still manage to get them!) As hostess I informed Mary
that she could be the first to take a turn. She gleefully excepted and
Choose "Doug" Doug was a little guy, only about 5' 4" and looked like
he was a freshman in college, But Mary knew that good things came in
small packages....

Truth or Dare Doug" she asked... Dare! He replied. With an evil grin
Mary quickly blindfolded Doug and informed him of what his dare would
be... Mary was going to pick three women, and each of the women were
going to finger fuck themselves and then Doug was going to lick their
fingers clean.... The catch was that after Doug had been given a taste
he had to guess whose juices he tasted. If he guessed correctly that
women would having to do WHATEVER he wanted, if he was unable to guess
correctly he would have to bring each of the three women to Orgasm
before the night was through, (It was a win, win situation!) Doug
sat there blindfolded, While all the women at the party began to
finger fuck themselves... (He thinks that there are only three doing
it)... after a few minutes we each gave Doug a taste of our juices.
After the fourth or fifth taste Doug caught on and began to grin from
each to ear. Simple math made it easy to figure out that he would win
this round...

The rest of the evening we were all treated to a variety of dares...
everything from watching the girls double up, to shaving pussies, even
a human hot fudge sundae... (which I must say was scrumptious to eat)
... We even had a bit of comic relief as Mike our loveable 6' 230 lb
"bouncer" was dared to dress in drag and perform a strip tease for us
all... And I must say Mike, you looked absolutely adorable in that HOT
PINK silk nightie and lipstick, you definitely won the prize for being
such a good sport.

By the end of the evening everyone at the party was exhausted, and
Cummed out. (myself included) By 4 am all that was left was my
friend Luke, and me. Luke had abstained from the evening's activities
and participated only as a spectator. Throughout the course of the
evening we would sneak of to spend a few moments alone, but now that
the gang had Luke reached out to hug me goodbye and thank me for
inviting him to the show. The second we embraced it was as if
lightening hit. My lips parted eagerly to accept his kisses and
within seconds it seemed as if we both had removed our clothes and
were standing naked in the middle of the living room devouring each
other. It took all the composure we had left in us to keep from
dropping to the floor and Fucking each other.

Not that we didn't! I gently took Luke's hand and led him into my
bedroom. And we collasped onto the bed kissing each other madly. I
have had the hots for this man for so long. I wanted to take it slow
and savor every inch of his flesh. As I ran my fingers through the
hair on his chest, teasing his nipples with my tongue. As my mouth
latched on to his nipple I sucked on the with a renewed passion. As
I lay atop him I could feel his hardness pressed against me, rubbing
my thighs. My mouth quickly found his manhood. I wanted to taste
this man. His rigid shaft filled my mouth with delight. As I ran my
tongue down the length of his shaft his hands kneaded my breasts,
Tugging on them, sending shivers of pleasures up my spine.

As we repositioned ourselves for comfort Luke slid his fingers deep
into my cunt and began fucking my pussy while I sucked his shaft. As
I fingered his balls he clamped his mouth around my clit and began to
suck and tug at my clit. I couldn't wait.. I had to feel him inside
me, Quickly I sat up and mounted him. He met my entry by ramming his
cock deep inside me. As I bounced atop him his mouth clamped down on
my breast. Sucking from them as if he were trying to suck my soul out
from them. I wanted more. I felt the ripples of pleasures building
within my womb and knew that I was close. Not wanting my release just
yet, I pulled off and quickly took his distended member into my mouth.
His cock pulsated against my throat as I tasted my own juices mixed
with his. As he shot his load deep into my throat I swallowed
greedily as not to waste a drop. It was the sweetest cum I had ever
tasted and I wanted it all!... As Luke's body shuddered with release
he screamed out with pleasure, holding my face tightly as I drank his
jism. As I looked up into his eyes, swallowing the last of his cum, he
kissed me full on the mouth and rolled me over to my back were he
proceeded to drink my juices... as he sucked on my clit his fingers
worked there way deep inside my cunt, Fucking me rapidly and deeply.

By this time my juices were running. My pussy was hot for his
manhood, and for my own release. As if sensing my growing excitement
and feeling the heat from my clit. Luke reached over and grabbed one
of the dildos off the nightstand. It was my personal favorite. It was
a realistic 8" dildo, complete with vibrator. Luke quickly inserted
it deep into my cunt. As he stroked the cock in me it was only
moments before it glistened with my juices. He then began to rub the
head of the dildo against my ass, rubbing in the moisture so that he
could slide his fingers in. With the 8" in my cunt and 2 or 3 of his
fingers pumping my ass it did not take long for me to begin bucking
with pleasure. I screamed out as my orgasm hit, riding the waves of
pleasure that where causing my body to spasm uncontrollably.

As I collapsed against the pillows panting heavily Luke stroked my
body sending heavenly aftershocks to my toes. As I gained my breath I
couldn't help but notice that he had "risen" to the occasion again.
(For a man in his 50's he has a hell of a lot of stamina) he saw my
knowing look, and confessed that he wanted more than his fingers in my
ass. How could I refuse? Within moments I was on all fours, Guiding
his cock into my ass. As he rammed his shaft in after a couple of slow
strokes me I was hit with another powerful orgasm. As I climaxed I
could feel his hot cum shooting deep inside me. We collapsed together,
still connected and quickly fell fast asleep as the sun began to rise.

All and all it was a hell of a party, and the private party afterwards
was even better. Luke and I haven't been able to get together since,
other than publicly, but mentally we have repeated this night over and
over in our head. My sabbatical is almost over and I am counting of
him to help me host my "Welcome Back" party as well!.

End of Story

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