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The Family Garden

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It was a warm spring morning and I had just finished tilling about two acres of land behind my house. This was to be the family garden plot. I dismounted my tractor and took a long swig of my bottled water, while wiping my brow. About that time my two nephews pulled up in their pickup truck, followed closely by their mother; my sister Suzy in her cheap little import. My wife Betty came out of the house to greet them. I said Ok boys and girls, it?s time to plant. My oldest nephew Jimmy walked over to my pick up and gathered some string to mark off our rows. He?s a burly, dark skinned, young man of 24 years and covered in fur from his beard to his feet. His younger brother Danny took hold of the string end and walked to the other end of the garden spot. He?s a fair skinned cotton top, young man of 22, and I often joked with my sister about the paternity of her two offspring.

Suzy stood there with her hands on her hips, adorned in her Daisy Duke shorts and her short halter top. She is an attractive divorcee of 40 years, having gotten pregnant at 15 and marrying the 18 year old that knocked her up in her freshman year of high school. Of course that didn?t work out, but lasted long enough to become pregnant the second time before the divorce. She never remarried. Suzy assumed that her job was to bark out orders and stood under a tree in the shade executing orders.

Betty, who was previously dressed in a cotton house dress, had gone into the house and returned wearing a bikini top and her own version of Daisy Dukes. Now Betty is a beautiful 42 year old woman with tanned skin and a killer body.

We boys and I laid off rows as the girls planted the small delicate vegetable plants and watered them. I caught myself peeking at the girls as they bent over performing their tasks. It was hot in the mid morning sun and the boys had shed their shirts. I was comfortable in my overalls with no shirt as we continued our planting. I could tell the girls were occasionally stealing glances at the guys as well.

Betty announced that she was going to fetch a pitcher of lemonade from the house and walked away. Jimmy took advantage of her absence and whipped out his tool to pee. I said My God boy; your dick is as hairy as the rest of you. He laughed. Betty returned quicker than Jimmy had expected and dropped her tray of lemonade when she saw Jimmy with hairy dick in hand, peeing. She picked up her tray and said, I?ll make more. She returned to the house. Danny said, I?m not that proud of mine, I?m going inside to pee. Suzy said me too and they left me and the Yetti boy in the garden. Jimmy and I waited forever for our lemonade, but it never appeared.

I announced, Jimmy we?re burning daylight here, go fetch our helpers. He dropped his garden hoe and proceeded to the house. I continued to lay off garden rows. Once again, I waited forever, but no one returned. I decided to go and retrieve my garden help. As I walked through the door and knocked the dirt off my boots on the floor mat, I heard the obvious sounds of sex.

I stepped into the kitchen and there was my sister naked, bent over the kitchen sink. Jimmy stood naked behind her, thrusting his rod into her doggy style. They were oblivious to me, I was shocked at the sight, but wondered where Betty and Danny were. The living room was empty, the bathroom was empty. I walked down the hall and heard the familiar sounds of Betty in the throes of passion. Confused, but strangely aroused, I looked in through the bedroom door and saw Betty, naked riding my youngest nephew like a pony. I watched and became sexually excited to see Betty riding her nephew?s tool.

I suddenly discovered that I was torn between the two rooms, like deciding between two good tv shows on at the same time. I walked back to the kitchen. I took a good long look at my sister. I had never looked at her this way. We had wrestled as young teens and had experienced an inadvertent touch of taboo parts, but never could I have imagined that she was so attractive. Her long curly red hair, her milky white skin, her breasts hung like pale melons and swayed back and forth like pendulums with each of her son?s thrusts. Jimmy stopped in mid thrust and said, I?ll let you take over Uncle Steve, he pulled out. He said, I need to see if my bro needs a helping hand. Jimmy left me with my beautiful sister. She smiled and motioned me closer. I stepped forward and she threw herself on me, her arms around my neck and her legs wrapped around my waist. I walked her clinging body into the den and dropped her onto the couch. I released the shoulder straps of my overalls and slipped off my boots. I couldn?t seem to undress quickly enough as I fumbled to get naked.

I nervously touched my sister?s skin and kissed her, not like a goodbye sister kiss, but like a lover kiss. My dick was so hard, I was afraid it might burst! The reluctant taboo feelings faded away and I was lost in my beautiful sister?s body. Her breasts were so compelling, pale with lightly pink nipples. I moved my mouth to them and passed my tongue across these hard little nipples. I took my time, just in case I never had the opportunity to make love with my sister again. I kissed every inch of her belly and moved even closer to the Promised Land. Suzy had a narrow strip of trimmed red pubes that extended downward into the folds of her pussy. I stopped briefly there to admire the sight. On each side was a swollen roll of milky white flesh, bordering two pale pink fleshy pussy lips. Peeking out from between these lips was the pink ribbed flesh of the inside of her vagina. I placed my tongue where my nephew?s hairy dick had intruded and I ate like a ravenous beast. It was sour and musky and it was pleasing to me. As I paused for a second, I peered at her rectum. It too, was pink. I passed my tongue across her little sphincter and plunged it as deep inside her as I could. Her moans were like music to me. I loitered in her lower regions forever, eating every part of her that I could find. Her sighs cheered me on. I knew it was time and I moved over my sister and plunged my dick between her portals and sank it inside her until it was completely engulfed inside her. She was so tight and so smooth. My tool easily slid internally as her walls were slick with pleasure. I enjoyed every stroke. I wanted this to last forever so I would stop every time I felt my orgasm build. Suzy reached down and took my penis in her hand and guided me out of her vagina, then pressed the head of my penis against her rectum. I pushed hard and it plowed forward into her hole. I pumped my tool into the tightest hole I had ever known. As hard as I tried to control myself, I reached the point of no return, so I thrust my cock hard and fast into her ass. I exploded, cum shot out from around her sphincter and sprayed back at me. I lay across her and kissed her. We slipped off into a exhausted nap, still with my penis inside her.

A short few minutes later, we were both awakened by the screams of ecstasy coming from the bedroom. Once again, I was torn between the beauty of where I lay and the compelling noise coming from the bedroom. I could see that my sister had a curious look on her face as well. We parted our embrace and wandered to the bedroom to see the festivities.

In the bedroom, we saw Danny reclined upon the pillows with Betty between his legs, swallowing his cock, her ass in the air. Behind Betty was Jimmy. He had his large hairy cock inserted into Betty?s ass hole. With each long stroke, Betty?s rectum would surge outward as to turn inside out, just to disappear with each downward stroke. A string of clear fluid dangled from Betty?s pussy down to the bedspread. My eyes were affixed upon this string of fluid. I had to have it. I slid over Betty?s legs and under my nephew?s dick to retrieve this glistening fluid. I licked the pool from the bedspread and ate it like spaghetti all the way up to her pussy. Suzy didn?t wait long to join in. She climbed aboard the bed and straddled Danny?s shoulders, dropping her pussy into his waiting mouth. Danny slurping was loud and I could see that he was drinking my cum that streamed down from her rectum to her pussy. The stream of cum and vagina joy juice continue to drip from Betty?s pussy and I was more than happy to catch every drop. I was lying on my back looking upward at this sensual sight. I reached out and grabbed some pillows and propped my head up, closer to the action. I could reach Betty?s pussy with my tongue and I began to play with her clit. I was in sensory overload. The smells of ass and pussy and cum and sweat filled the air.

Jimmy abruptly pulled out of Betty?s rectum and plunged his wooly mammoth tool into Betty?s vagina that I was munching on. His girth forced Betty?s swollen clit deeper into my mouth. Jimmy?s dick made frequent contact with my tongue, but who cared! I believe on a stroke or two, Jimmy intentionally missed and plowed his dick into my mouth. It was coated with Betty?s flavorful juice, so I didn?t care. Suzy repositioned herself over me and straddled my hard again cock. She slowly rode me and I loved every sensation of it. Jimmy as I said was intentionally getting an occasional unintended blow job, began to get more frequent with his misses. When his breathing got deeper, he bypassed Betty?s pussy all together and I found myself sucking cock. Five or six consecutive strokes of his cock into my mouth, he launched his load down my throat. With the exception of my own, I had never tasted man cum before. It wasn?t bad and being in this family dog pile, it didn?t seem to matter. Jimmy got up and sat to the side to watch for a few minutes. Suzy un-mounted my dick and moved between Betty?s legs. She began to eat Betty?s pussy with me. We would kiss each other and then eat Betty.

Betty?s rectum was a gaping hole, about the size of a half dollar. I wanted to try something special, so I moved Betty forward and she sank her pussy over Danny?s dick. I positioned myself behind her and slid my dick into her open rectum. Betty screamed out in pleasure. That?s what I want! Fuck me, fuck me both of you fuck me! Suzy had returned to sit on Danny?s face and Jimmy was recovering nicely. His erection was growing again. Danny and I fucked Betty hard and she continued t cheer us on, Fuck me oh God yes fuck me!

Jimmy moved over to me and whispered in my ear. Uncle Steve, I am bi, just in case you hadn?t figured that out. I?ve been bi all my life. I responded, Ok, that?s ok Jimmy. He continued, I want to fuck you. I was a bit alarmed. I said, I don?t think you will fit! I had stopped my fucking to talk to Jimmy. Jimmy produced a tube of what he called anal-eze. I reluctantly agreed, but if it hurt, he would stop. I returned to fucking Betty?s ass as Jimmy began ramming anesthetic grease into my ass. After a few minutes I couldn?t feel his finger intruding anymore. It was when I felt both of Jimmy?s hands on my hips; I tensed in the anticipation of agony. I felt the tip of his member against my ass. He slowly pressed against my tight hole. I stopped fucking Betty and tried to help ease Jimmy?s tool into my ass. An intense pain shot through me as the head of Jimmy?s dick popped inside me. He paused and I recovered. I felt a pull of my internal flesh as he pressed deeper. When he had fully entered me, I felt an urge to pee and cum at the same time. A stream of cum streamed from my cock. I was relieved and began to pump Betty?s ass again as Jimmy began pumping my ass. Betty commented that her ass was all warm inside.

Danny tensed and lost his load in his Aunt Betty?s pussy, but said keep going I want to cum again. I had to stop pumping Betty?s ass several times just to enjoy the micro-orgasms that Jimmy?s prostate massage was causing. Danny was giving his mother an intense pussy eating, so much so that she lost control and sprayed pee all over his face. Danny didn?t miss a lick and continued munching.

Jimmy was fucking the hell out of my ass. He started to rhythmically grunt. Suddenly, I felt warm waves in my ass. I knew that Jimmy had lost his load. Jimmy fell to the side again and Suzy was quick to take his place. She sucked the cum out of my ass. By this time, Betty was in a sexual frenzy. I could feel her rectum clench in waves of passion. The entire bed was soaked in sex. I felt the beginning of an intense orgasm coming on and I decided to return my nephew?s favor. I withdrew my dick from Betty and stood up in the bed. I walked over to Jimmy and plunged my dick into his mouth as I continued to stroke it. The flood of orgasmic feelings drenched me and I pumped my load into Jimmy?s mouth.

Betty fell over in exhaustion by Jimmy and they cuddled into a nap position. Suzy quickly mounted Danny and proceeded to milk his dick with her tight pussy. I felt like I was done and just sat at the foot of the bed and watched Danny fuck his mother. Danny lived up to his youth and orgasmed again. They too, fell into an exhausted sleep. I got up and went back to the garden naked. I couldn?t wipe the smile off my face. An hour later the rest of the gang returned to the garden as well. We finished planting that evening in the nude.

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