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The Dream Pt 6

It was the sheer size of the double ended dildo that she broke out that most got your attention. You had played with some before, but nothing this big and long. You started moaning a little bit even before she came within 3 feet of you because you knew this was going to be fun.

As the 3 of you ladies positioned yourselves on the bed, I took the camera back and prepared to capture some serious steam for later viewing. You and the hottest of the two were very eager to team up with other and see how much of that monster you could both take inside. The 3rd lady was floating back and forth between you with very well placed licking on your clit and nipples…and sometimes even coming over my way to make sure I felt included as well.

As the two of you were pussy to pussy, riding the massive toy, I moved in for some close up camera work and instructed the other lady to begin kissing you deeply. At the same time, I had my cock in your partner’s mouth and all 4 of us were having some amazing fun.

The entire scene was more than I could imagine and when I heard you shriek, announcing your biggest orgasm in years, I knew this was something truly very special. I couldn’t take my eyes off your convulsing body as you went through the amazing pleasure of cumming over and over. You are so hot and sexy, it’s almost surreal.

After you came, the other two turned their attention to me…and treated me to something I’ve never enjoyed before. This time, you were on camera duty. Wow.

End of Story