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The 1st letter arrive on June 27, the only thing on the letter was the capital "T", the 2nd came on the 28th, it contained "R", the 3rd arrived on the 29th with "U", the 4th came on the 30th with "S", the 5th came on July 1st with "T". On July 2, the 6th day came a letter with the word ME. I didn't pay much attention to the 1st and 2nd letter, but by the time the 3rd letter came, I became a little concerned, I noted the city of origin on the postage and started keeping track. The 4th, 5th, and 6th letter came from different points of origins. There was no pattern; I was just a little freaked out. To make me more uneasy, a small packaged arrive at my home on Sunday the 7th day. This packaged contained a beautiful red silk scarf and a note that said, "Always your lover!"

Over the next 6 days I received 6 more letters, not really letters, brief notes. " Can you trust someone to keep you safe from harm?", "Will you trust me?", "I will take you beyond your imagination, if you will trust me!" "I have earned your trust, GIVE IT TO ME!", "I trust you to trust me!" "You WILL trust me!"

On the 7th day another package arrives, same note "always your Lover" and once more a beautiful red silk scarf.

This continued over the next 2 weeks, I received 12 more letters and 2 more red silk scarves. During the 5th week the notes became letters and I was drawn to the "always lover" I was like a junkie, I couldn't wait to get home to the Mailbox. The letters contained instructions as to what I was to do in order to prepare for my upcoming birthday. I was still confused as to whom this person was as they never really reveal their identity to me, but from the letters this person knew me, knew all about my life and those around me. This person made me feel very safe and with each and ever letter I realized that I could trust this person. They knew where to send the mail, they knew where I lived and they also knew that my daughter was not going to be home for my birthday. This person let me know that they had something special planned for me, but I would have to trust him in order to have the best birthday I have ever had.

The day before my birthday a package arrived. It was filled with rose pedals and inside of the pedals, new perfume, lotion and powder. There were other packages contained within. One was a smaller package, it contained a red velvet choker with a crystal pendant, and it was only to be worn as a sign of acceptance of trust. The 2nd package contained instructions on what to wear and what I was to wear underneath it all was included. The main letter gave instructions on where I was going the next day, what time I was to arrive. I was given directions to be prompt about being dressed and awaiting further instructions via phone.

I was like a little schoolgirl, I was so nervous, like the 1st day of school. Scared, but still willing to go into an unknown world. I didn?t sleep all night. I still didn?t know who this person was, I had some idea, but I wasn?t really sure. My ?always lover? had sent instructions for me to drive to San Antonio and check in at the Riverwalk Marriott.

I made sure to be where I was supposed to be on time. I checked in and I was escorted to my room. The bellhop and I were walking to my room and I could see that he was reading some instructions. When we arrive at my room, he tells me he was instructed by the gentleman to tell me that I must close my eyes until after he had left the room. The bellhop helped in my room and explained to me where he had put my things. He took my hand and led me into the center of the room. He told me to keep my eyes closed and not to open them until I count to 10 after hearing the door close. The bellhop departed from the room and I started my count of 10.

I opened my eyes to find a room full of flowers. I was in such awe; this is every woman?s dream. I was thinking to myself, this person is really going to get a very huge thank you when I finally see them. Then I realized I only had 2 hours to get ready. Out of my clothes I came, I went into the bathroom to bathe and found that a bath was already drawn. Bath salts (same as the new perfume) and pedals filled the water. Along the edge of the tub I found shampoo and body wash that also matched the new perfume. I proceeded to pamper myself and I lingered in the tub until I could no longer stay in the tub.

I grab a few towels to dry my body and to wrap my head. I went back into the bedroom and unpacked my bag. I lay everything out that I was instructed to wear. I smoothed lotion all over my body and then powdered. I sat down in front of the mirror to create the beauty on my face that I felt on the inside at the given moment in time. Once the make up was finished, it was time to let the mane down to dry. I looked at the clock and realized I had just 15 minutes to be dressed to await further instructions.

I sat on the bed as instructed and the phone rang promptly @ 6:30 pm. The concierge was on the line to let me know my car had arrived. One last thing remained in a box, the choker. It was time for me to make the decision to fully trust my ?always lover?. I came this far without even knowing who this person is from the letters and all the gifts so far. I opened the boxed and place this sign of TRUST around my neck. I left my room and heading to my waiting car. The driver was waiting patiently for me, as he opened the door for me he instructed me that I must close my eyes until I am told to open them. I made sure to look in the car as I got in, I was the only one in the car and I pondered why I must close my eyes, but I closed them anyway. The door shut behind me and I could hear nothing, I could see nothing. I was in my head with my thoughts that were racing so face I could barely put together a clear thought from beginning to end without moving to another thought 1st. I heard the other door open and you enter the back of the car with me. I could smell you, but I still have no clue as to who you are. I hear a 3rd close, the driver and then I feel the car start to move. You take my hand and that is when I realized, my hand is shaking. I have never ever been this nervous and I have given speeches in front of crowds over 5000 people. You pull my hair back and noticed that I am wearing the choker. You take my head into your hands and you kiss me.

I melt; I am starting to figure out who are. Only one man kisses me this way. You tell me to open and my eyes and yes, it is the man I thought it was. I was so mad, I had talked with you so many times and I had told you about the letters and the red scarves and how freaked out I was about all of this and all you could do is laugh. I should have known. I just didn?t figure you would have put forth such an effort just for me.

Now you are laughing at me again, but then you realized that I am about to cry and so you stop. You take me in your arms and tell me that you knew I would make the right decision and that we were going to have a wonderful evening. I finally calmed down and I refreshed my make up. You and I chatted all the way to the restaurant. We just talked about anything and everything over dinner.

As dessert was ordered, the tone of the conversation turned to a something a little more serious. Then my 1st taste of chocolate arrived along with another little package. I opened my little present to find another red silk scarf with a note asking if I remembered to bring what I was suppose to bring. I took the scarf out and looked at you and shook my head yes. You said ?Good, now place the extra scarf in the box with the new one and finish your dessert.?

The waiter arrives and departs with the ticket. You lean across the table and tell me that I am to stand with a scarf in each hand. As you rise from your chair, you tell me. ?Turn your my back to me and hand me a scarf.? You take the scarf and place over it my eyes and you tie it snuggly in place. You then tell me, ?Place both hands in front of you and turn to face me.? You take the scarf from my hand and ask me to clasp my hands together; you take the scarf and gently bind my hands together. Not tight enough that I can?t get out, but you whisper in my ear, ?This is not about bondage, it is about trust as you very well know you can get out of the ties that bind you if you so wish!? I came immediately. You take us back to the car, you give instructions to the driver and then we are on our way.

I hear a window being raised. You ask me if I followed all the instructions that I was given. I nod my head yes and you then spread my legs so you have access to my bare shaven pussy. You kiss me and your fingers are making love to my pussy at the same time. I cum over and over again. When I finally can breath normally again, the car has stopped and you are on the phone. ?Yes, she is here and yes, she is wearing the choker, we will be there in less than 10 minutes? That was it, the extent of your conversation. The driver lets us out of the car and he leads me by the arm to another vehicle. This time he assists me into the car and he buckles my seat belt. I hear you give him instructions on what time we will or should be back and to expect your call at anytime for further instructions.

You enter the car with me and I know or figure out that you are driving. You ask me if I am having a good time so far. Yes, I am on pins and needles about what it is you have planned and with whom. You told me not worry that you know that I trust you and you promise that I will not be doing anything I do not want to do.

The car stops, you come around to help me out of the car. You tell me to stand right there. You walk away for just a brief moment and come back to get me. You lead up a walkway and we come to a door. You open the door and lead me in. We walk down a hallway and you tell me to take 3 steps up and we continue our little walk. We end up at a door, you let go of me just long enough to open the door and then you lead me in. We take about 10 steps and you sit me down on what I figure out is a bed.

You lean over and kiss me passionately and tell me, ?You sit right here and be a good girl. I will be right back with part of your birthday surprise you sexy lady!? I hear the door shut and now I am alone in the dark and in silence. I am so hot and my pussy is dripping wet. If I could get out of this scarf I would work on my little smooth kitty kat and make her really purr. I just rub my knees together hoping to relieve some of the pressure that is building deep within my kitty kat.

I hear voices, I hear your voice, but there are 3 other voices, 2 female and 1 other male. All of the voices are familiar but I just can?t put my finger on to whom each voice belongs to. The door opens and you come and join me on the bed. You tell the others, ?See how beautiful she is in red, I told you that was the color for her? Then the other male says ?Help her up, I want to see the full view, the heels, the stockings and turn her around so I can see that sweet ass.? A female voice chimes in ? A classic but very sexy wrap dress! Damn this woman always has had great taste. You all know that one little tug will have that dress on the floor!? Then the most familiar voice of the 3, the other female says, ?Just one tug and we get to see the under wrapping? HA! HA, I know what it is; I picked it all out and sent it to her. I just knew that choker would look so good against her pail white skin.? This is when I realized she was standing next to me, just was pulling at the tie of my dress and as she pulled the tie, she ask, ?My sweet sexy birthday girl, are you ready for your wildest fantasy to come true??

My head is going about 100 miles a minute trying to figure what she was referring to. Then it dawned on me that I only have one wild fantasy left. That one fantasy takes place during carnival in the islands and involves a stage with my man and me. But we are not in the islands and it is not carnival. Then I hear the music, it is pretty loud but it is still kind of distant.

I realize what is going on and I say, ?Yes, I am ready, I have been ready for weeks now, why turn back now?? She said ?Good, because you and your buddy that brought you here are the main event tonight.? While she is talking, she has been taking the scarf from around my hands. The other male voice speaks up, ?You know the sexiest part of her is covered up and I can?t really wait to see all of her.? He walks up behind me, kisses my neck and takes off the scarf that has kept me blindfolded for the last 30 minutes.

I look around the room to see who the other 3 people are. The woman standing in front of me is my girl Karen, she happens to be the 1st woman who ever went down on me and took my last cherry on my birthday a few years back. The other woman is Charlene, the 1st woman I ever wanted immediately upon laying eyes on her. The other male, someone I never expected to see again and I was very surprised to see him, David.

I was so happy I cried, then I was upset, and then I just laughed. All four of you are laughing with me, ya?ll set me up, I should have known. I only shared this one fantasy with four people. Ya?ll baited me and had me hooked with the 1st nibble. Karen said, ?Now let?s get that beautiful face touched up and get the club open. It is a special night and it is by invitation only. Lots of people are going to be here to help you celebrate! So come on guys, Charlene you stay and help her get as sexy as we all know she can be?

Charlene and I walk out into the club. Karen has done very well! This is what she and Justin have always dreamed about. Upscale and chic. This place is very comfortable still. Karen has great taste in men and in women, the bartenders and wait staff is absolutely gorgeous. Tight and firm, beautiful and oh so sexy. I see that Karen has a special table reserved for my very special guest, their partners and for you and I.

She has the most beautiful flowers and candles on the table. She has arranged for my favorite spirits to be served along with a few of my signature appetizers that she managed to pull out of me a year ago. Karen is such a good friend, I have known her for years and I would not trade her friendship for anything.

I see that David is serving as her doorman and Charlene is the hostess. Karen and Justin are buzzing around making sure everyone is in place and they doing the owner thing. You my dear sweet man have joined me at the table with my favorite drink, Crown and 7 with a lemon twist. You start to whisper sweet and nasty notions in my ear, while your fingers playing with your favorite toy.

People start coming in, as each person enters the room; Charlene makes a gesture towards our table. All of these people I have met, I do not know all their names, but I know them. People from the lifestyle and as they have found a seat they come over to say happy birthday and they are so excited to be apart of the one and only fantasy I have left and that they can?t wait to see me in action. Each woman looks at you and they are taken with you and they tell me, you have a very nice looking man with you tonight and by the looks of his body we are in for a nice show.

The evening proceeds, the music is great, the dancing is wonderful. All these beautiful people surrounding me. You are not always next to me, but you are within a safe distance. As the evening moves on, the clothes are starting to become fewer and fewer. It is now about midnight and the DJ starts with the slow grinding music, and I notice each and every song he is playing is a favorite of mine.

You come up behind me; you put your arms around my waist and slowly grind your hips against my ass. I can feel that you are aroused. You nuzzle the nape of my neck and your hands are all over me. I become oblivious as to the others surrounding us. I didn?t even notice you had pulled my dress loose. I am standing in front you, a red bustier, red garter belt, no panties and off black lace top back seam stocking and my favorite pair of 4 inch black pumps. You run your hands over my ass and run your fingers under the garters and down inside the top of stockings. You turn me around to see how the bustier has my breast pushed up and to see how sweet my pussy looks all clean and bald. You pull me to you and I notice that you are more than just a little aroused.

It is now just you and I, there is no one else around, and I am totally focused on the chemistry that is between us. I look deep into your eyes and I start to undress you. With each button, I kiss your dark skin, as I get further down your chest, you have manage to unbutton your sleeves and when I have finished with the last button in the front, you pull your shirt off. I look up and you and you are so sexy standing there. Your hands are in my hair and you are smiling down at me. I unfasten your belt and zip down your pants to reveal my true birthday present. You sweet piece of chocolate, I love the way you taste and I never get tired of having you in my mouth. I know every vein on your shaft; I know how you like for me to lick the bottom of your head. You love it when I look up at you when you are in the back of my throat. It drives me crazy the way you hold my head in place so I do not come off your luscious cock. I take you into my mouth and I groan you feel so good. You let out a moan as you have waited all night to have me taste you. I do not know how long I suck on your powerful manhood, but the next thing I know you throw me onto a bed. This is when I snap, but before I could say one thing, you are inside of me. The thought came and it went just as quickly. Within minutes, you managed to bring me to a climax, and you kiss me and tell me to open my eyes and look around. I focus and realize my fantasy was coming true, people are watching us, and we are in the center of the dance floor/stage, having sex for everyone to see. I look into your eyes, I say thank you, I pull you to me and I start fucking you from underneath. Within seconds we are back into what we were doing to start with, this time I was so turned on, I had forgotten where we were. I was so into you, that no one else mattered, but now that I realize people are watching and I am extremely turned on. You stroke and stroke, we change positions, and we do not miss a beat. You pop my ass and you pull my hair. I come over and over and over again. I ride and you suckle on my breast, I feel you start to swell. I look down into your eyes, you pull to you to kiss me, you tell me happy birthday baby and then you and I both climax together and I fall down onto the bed and the crowd just cheers and claps.

You did it; you have made my birthday unbelievable. You fulfilled my last and only fantasy. You are such a wonderful man; I am so grateful that you are in my life.

Karen brought us 2 robes and she lead us off stage back to the room we were in first. She told us to hang tight and she would bring in our clothes in a little bit. She left the room and it was just you and I. You looked into my eyes and told me how beautiful I was and how sexy I look while we are making love. You kiss me again and gently lay me back down and the bed and open my robe. You tell me, ?Now I am going to do this just for you and I, not anyone else.? Slowly and passionately you made love to me. You were so tender, so sweet, I cried. No man has ever made me feel like such a woman. No man has ever been such a man to me. I don?t remember Karen bringing in our clothes, but the next thing I know is I hear her telling us to wake up that it is time to go home.

Now that is ONE big Birthday Wish!

This is story of submission and exhibitionism, it is fantasy in part, part is very real, the characters are very real people in my life and the names have been changed to keep thier privacy.

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