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Our little group of swingers has grown considerably. If you haven't read any of my previous stories, we are a group of veterans and wives who got together accidently by Rob and I meeting at the VA hospital in Temple, Tx...By simple conversations we have met and become acquainted with some very interesting folks.

Recently we have learned about the death of a fellow vet in our midst who was not part of our group. Several of us decided to go to the funeral at the Veterans Memorial Cemetary in Killeen. At the ceremony was a very attractive older lady sitting in the shade of the canopy provided. At the end of the ceremony which included full military honors, she was was presented with the folded stars and stripes. We, my wife and I, went up to her and expressed our sympathy and condolences. She thanked us kindly and invited us and those who wanted, to join her in a little brunch at Denny's ...She said don't worry about the cost, her husband had a nice insurance policy, and their home, car, and all belongings were free and clear. She added he was a very frugal man.

We had the opportunity to sit with her, as did some of our group. We learned that the two of them lived a very private and secluded lifestyle. Until his prostate problems he spent time golfing and she had a sewing room in which she made quilts. They seldom went out and had just a handful of friends.

Some of the guests left and left her and another couple who was part of our group, and my wife and I by ourselves at the table. I don't recall who brought it up it was suggested that an attractive woman like her would be missing the company of a man. Oh, that's no concern of mine. Jake was sort of religious and wasn't much company when it came to romance. This brought a pause and a hush for a moment or two. I finally asked her if her human and female impulses didn't tell her that something was missing. Oh yes , she said that they occasionally had their moments, but that it was he who seemed to hurry the process and get it over with ASAP.

Well, didn't that leave you frustrated and on edge. Oh yes, but I had my moments when I was alone to take care of my impulses. We just sort of looked at one another. I then asked her if she would like to meet people our age and go to different functions which sometimes weren't too sedate and a little bit of fun. She replied that now being alone she would probably love that. I also told her that she may be HIT on by some of the gentlemen in our group.

She then said with a gleam in her eye, just what kind of group do you refer to. Well, Genny, (her name was Geraldine), she went by the nickname Genny, I'll be honest, we're a collection of swingers that happened to get together because of the brotherhood of vets at the VA hospital. Well, that's interesting, I've heard that term ever since I was a young girl. I looked at her and said "since you were a young girl"? Oh yes, swingers are people who like having good times, going to dances, get togethers, and so forth. RIGHT?

Well Genny, this means something a little different since you were a young girl. Today's swingers are a lifestyle where thousands of people across the country and Canada have meetings or parties where they exchange partners for mutual pleasure. She just looked sort of bewildered surprised. You looked shocked I said. Then I said, haven't you ever seen a very nice looking gentleman that you wondered what it would be like to hug and cuddle with. Oh yes, on many occasion. But there was no way this would be brought about. We can fully understand this. But, in our little group you may be invited, or you may make your feelings apparent to someone, and then let the chips fall where they may. You may be invited or asked, but you have the right to decline.

She said she has heard of this but not the term "swingers". Now she seemed interested. Tell me a little more, You have aroused my curiosity.. I said it sounds like your departed hubby was not much of a Don Juan. Oh no, she replied. I then asked her if the two of them ever had oral relationships. Do you mean...........Yes, I said, that's what I mean. NEVER she said. He never once suggested or tried it on me and I was petrified of suggesting to do it to him...........I often wondered what it was like.........but, that was it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How would you like to come to one of our get togethers, no strings attached, and just be a guest and observer. That would be nice, but no strings attached. Now, we have a picnic coming up a week from Sunday at the City Park. Would you like to come and enjoy the fun. You bet, she said. How should I dress?? Well, it'll probably be warm so somehting comfortable and cool. She looked at my wife who said she'd probably be wearing shorts and a loose top. I then told her that recently we had befriended a Vet who had recently lost his wife. He had thoughts of suicide and now he's full of life and looking to the future. She asked how that happened, told her to come to our shindigs and she'll soon know. We told her his name was Ed, a retired jet fighter pilot, became a licensed masseur and was a real professional.

Well, your friends aren't just a bunch of perverts then......Are you kidding.....I'm no pervert and certainly hope I don't look like one, however a pervert may look. She said that she's going home and bag all of her husband's clothes for the Disabbled American Veterans, and may even throw in some of her old granny clothes. We laughed at that and could already see that she looking ahead.

She showed up at the picnic looking great. She had a nice car of her own, a Chevy Malibu, she had a new ice chest that had some of her goodies in it. It didn't take long before some of the men in our gang were noticing her. She was over 60 but looked in her 40's. A little bit of extra weight here and there, nice titties, and one helluvan ass, all in a pair of red shorts and pink blouse.

The weatherman had called for rain and the skies looked like it. The park had nice grills and picnic tables. We started to make preparationgs when the first sprinkle hit. We put our stuff away and one of the guys in our group, Hank, said we could all go to his place on Stagecoach Road. They had a very nice house situated on a one acred tract of land, a covered pavilion that Hank built, a nice covered patio off a screened in back porch. Plenty of room for our picnic bunch.

Everybody got their stuff out, their grills, coolers, hot dogs, tater salad, and cool drinks. We partied and drank like crazy for about two hours when Hank announced he had some vintage videos to show us. One was a John Holmes, the other Marilyn Chanbers in "Behind the Green door".. It appears that Ed, the widower, had more or less attached himself to Genny at this time. We went onto the screened porch where Hank had a huge screen TV and J. Holmes was already on. Genny was sitting at the end of a couch and Ed was behind her. There weren't seats enough for everyone so we let the ladies sit. Mary, my wife was beside Genny and I stood behind her.

People were lying on mats on the floor or wherever they could get comfortable. Hank shut all the blinds and closed the dr*pes. It was pretty dark outside and it was dark in that room. As the movie progressed I was massaging Mary's shoulders and unbuttoning her blouse. Ed took my cue and started doing the same to Genny, who gave no resistance, as a matter of fact I think she undid the last bottom buttons on her blouse. It wasn't long before people around us were slowly pairing off and shedding some clothes.

I leaned down and whispered in Genny's ear, does this offend you. She shook her head no and I placed a hand on her titty. Wow, she was braless. She was prepared and ready for a good time. Ed had found this out as well as he had a hand on the other titty. I whispered this to my wife, she got a big smile on her face, and placed a hand on Genny's thigh...Genny slowly parted her legs a bit and gave Mary a little more room to massage.

Ed again leaned over and asked Genny if she's like a nice massage. She got up, I grabbed him by the arm and asked if we could come along. Sure he said he had talked to Hank earlier and was told to use one of the four bedrooms, I said come on to Mary and the four of us went into one of the BR's. Where he got it, I don't know, or care for that matter, but he had a bottle of baby oil.

Genny still had her shorts on but Mary was out of hers and her panties. I took the oil from Ed, poured a good amount on Mary's back, handed it back to him. Then I asked Genny what she was thinking and she just looked at me and smiled. Ed went to work on her back and soon had her shorts and panties off. Two naked mature women on one bed about to have the time of their lives. It didn't take Ed long to find Genny's joy spots. She began to whimper and moan.. The BR door was open and several people came in to watch. One of the bystanders was a hunk of a man I'd seen before but had never met. He came beside me and started rubbing Mary. I grabbed a nearby chair, sat down in my boxers , and just watched. I knew that Mary loved strange hands on her, and I loved seeing it.

One of the bystanders that came in to watch was a lady that appeared to be in her fifties. She started helping Ed with Genny, then she came and was helping the gent with Mary. I had a good erections and was just slowly rubbing it. The lady helping massage Mary stood right in front of me blocking my view, but I now had a terrific ass in front of me. I reached out and pulled her panties down, which she stepped out of. Then I put my hand between her thighs and felt her pussy. She was soaking wet and dying for a good time. Her thighs were now getting wet with her love juices, she was moaning, Mary was moaning, and I caught sight of Mary massaging this guys nice size hunk of meat.

I pushed my boxers to the floor, got my feet out and grabbed this babes ass and pulled her to me. She sat down on my steel hard erection and guided it into her. Then I reached around and got hold of both titties. Now there were a couple more people in the room, Mary was on her back and two guys were touching every joy spot she had. Finally the guy that's carressing her pussy climbs on the bed, and he's the guy with the big dick. He crawls between her legs and is busy guiding that huge piece of meat to the entrance of her pusy. The other guy is sucking on her titties and rubbing her tummy.

I get a glimpse of Gerry and Ed with his massive dong is about to enter her. This is a sight that is almost too hard to describe. Two hot good looking mature babes getting fucked by two guys with donkey dicks. The room is full of oglers, some with their dicks out, watching a fuck session too hard to describe. Ed now has his manhood in Gerry and she is glubbering, gibbering. sobbing, saying ohmygod, ohmygod, over and over. Mary has had at least three orgasms with screaming and yelling to match. I'm fucking a babe that I'm having a hard time remembering what she looks like, but has wonderful titties.

The gal on top of me is bouncing up and down and crying out I'm commin, cummin, cumming, and then she sits on my with all her weight and lets out a moan that almost sounds like a bull moose in the wild. She's sitting so tight I can feel every muscle in her body contracting, her nipples are as hard rubber, and now she's beginning to tremble as if she's having a seizure. I can't take it anymore and I get off as thought I hadn't cum in a year. I can feel my entire body contracting as well.

With all this going on Gerry is on her way to heaven and Ed has it buried in her to the hilt and just holds it there tight while he cums, and cums, and cums. I'm wondering who's going to stop cummin first. The guy that was carressing Mary's tits and sucking on them comes all over her chest and then flops with his face in there between her tits and is just breathing hard, blowing bubbles in his own cum.

One of the bystanders that came into the room has a camcorder and has filmed the whole thing. My dick starts to shrink and the gal sitting in my lap has recovered from seizure. She gets up, turns around, sits back in my lap and starts kissing me. She says she hasn't had a better time ever. Mary is now breathing normal as is Gerry.

We all get cleaned up, yank the bedding off the bed and give it to Hanks wife. We go out on the covered patio and take some much needed refreshments. It's still raining, people are still mingling naked, we never saw the end of the porno movie, some of us have made new friends, and Gerry is sitting there topless having a bacardi and rum, and is all smiles. She finally says something; When are we going to do this again!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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