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Several of us guys from our VA fraternity were talking earnestly about having a party to end all parties. What was on our minds was something special for our ladies on Valentine's day or there abouts. Just a swinging or massaging party was getting to be old hat. Not that these events weren't pleasurable and exciting, we wanted something special. Rob said he had an idea, but we would have to discuss it and consider the cost.

He had recently seen some porn movies that featured a group of male dancers that resembled the Chippendales. These guys were all hunks, great physiques, and all hung like shetland ponies. Wow, this sounds like fun I said. What's the cost gonna be I asked. He had no idea but said he would do some research and get back to us.

A few days later he called a few of us and suggested we get together at his house as he had some news. We met Friday afternoon and the news was that there was a group in a nearby city called "The Honey Dripppers". They had put on several shows nearby and gave him the references of several groups similar to ours. He had made several calls and man, these guys were hot, hot, hot. And to qualify for this group they all had to have a minimum of 8". They knew how to put on a show for the ladies that was out of this world. They mixed with the ladies and did everything you would expect of them, and then some.

There were eight of them in their group. Their spokesman suggested we have no more than eight couples, because before it was over each lady would have one of them to herself. Well, this sounded interesting, what was the cost. We decided the fee was more than appropriate and it would be split by the group that came. It wasn't too hard to find eight couples more than willing to attend and share the cost.

Rob got in touch with their spokesman and as Valentine's day fell on Friday, he found they were available. So, the plans were put into place and the party was going to be held at our place as we had a huge finished Rec room in our basement I got in touch with a rental service and made arrangements for a number of large padded cushions to place on the floor

All of the men came a day or so early to stock the bar with their favorites. We had all sorts of finger foods, chips, candies, and appetizers by Friday and the stage was set and all was ready. Friday afternoon the spokesperson for their group, Jake, called and asked if he could come over to my place and set up some lighting and sound system. Gee, I thought i would have to use our own Stereo. No, we have everything including strobe lights and CD's. Your Rec room will have all the features of a professional set up.

It was all set up by 6:00 PM Friday and some of the guests had already arrived and were sitting at the bar or tables and starting to get in the party mood. About 8:00 PM everyone was there and then the doorbell rang. I went to the door and I saw eight smiling faces all dressed up in Tuxedos. I led them down the stairs to the Rec room and everybody clapped and gave cat-calls as they came in. The spokesman introduced each one by first name only, pushed a remote he had in his pocket, and some very good music started to play. Now each and every one of these guys had a body to be admired. Two of the gents were black and they were absolutely handsome. The spokesman announced that each of them had a number on their chest from one to eight in efflorescent color. He had a small container in his hand which had eight numbers on a plastic coin with a string attached for the ladies to reach in and get one. He had another identical container for the men to each take one. I'll explain all this later he says.

They had a stage area set up and started to dance and gyrate. Naturally, all the ladies were sitting in front row seats. Slowly the dancers started to remove pieces of clothing and got as close to the ladies as possible. The strobe lights made it look like they were animated. These ladies were not bashful and wasted no time getting their feels in. And the dancers encourage it as they also took liberties with the ladies. After a while they were down to some very brief briefs. By now some of the ladies had their blouses undone, some were rubbing their pussies, and all were ready for whatever was to come. It appeared all the dancers had huge tents in their briefs. As they removed their briefs they all had on a different colored jock strap.

These jock straps were huge and we all wondered what was in them.. They mingles among the ladies and the ladies wasted no time grabbing these bundles. Soon they were removed exposing some very healthy flesh. Then the spokes man asked who would like to dance with these hunks. Naturally every woman there raised their hands. He then called one of the gents forward who had number on on his chest. Lady number one, this is your dance partner. Then number two, three,and so forth. Number five was one of the handsome blacks and my wife lets out a squeel and runs up to him. Presently every one has a partner. It isn't long and all the dancers are naked. There are hands on female asses as well as male asses. Several couples are making out on the padded mats. The men are encouraged to join their numbers for a three some, even if it is with their own spouse.

I'm on a pad with this hunk and he is erect. All I can say is HUGE. The lady is trying to get him on top of her as I massage her titties and nipples. Then I hear a familiar voice from nearby, two mats away. It's my wife and she is very vocal and loud. Oh yeah man give it to me she says. I look over and see this black guy between the legs of this white woman. I'm not sure it's Mary, but pretty sure. He lowers himself and she cries out YES, YES, YES, I FEEL IT GOING IN....For sure it's her. Then the gal I'm next to grabs my cock and starts to suck it as her man is penetrating her. Oh shit she cries out, good, good, but take it easy. From this position I can watch what's happening to Mary.

The next thing I see is her black lover turning her over and now she's on top impaled on that massive cock. The guy that's part of her three some gets behind her and I can see him rubbing his cock up and down the crack of her ass. Whoever this is, he has a nice size dick too. He's slowly putting it in her well lubed ass and she's screaming UH HUH, UH HUH, UH HUH. I'M COMMMMMINNNNGGGG OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD, put it all in there. Then her black lover says he's cumming and all of a sudden she says I CAN FEEL YOU THROBBING and she lets out a scream as her orgasm goes on and on. When she cums again her asshole is contracting and contracting and the guy in there cums too. About this time the lady we are attending to is having her orgasms and is moaning and groaning , not quite as loud as Mary though.

Man, for about 15 minutes this whole area is moaning, groaning, fuck me, that's it, give it to me, and a multiyude of sounds and sayings as if we were in some sort of asylum or something. Then it turns to whispers and sobs, and even a few giggles. This has been one indescribable fuck fest. Now people are again having something cool to drink, and both bathrooms are very busy. Mary finally walks up to me all flustered with tears in her eyes. Are you okay I ask, I'm just fine she says, I've never been had so good for so long by two better guys. I'm ready to splash some cold water in my face and do it all over. But that's out of the question isn't it. I hug her and feel her pussy and her crotch is teeming with cum. I rub it around a little bit and she wants me to fuck her now. Later honey, we have guests to see to that everything is fine.

The dancers are gathering up their stuff, some are being assaulted by horny women. They finally make it with all of their equipment and say goodbye. The rest of us and our mates are still rubbing around and whispering to one another. Some of them even fucked again in front of everybody. Finally about 11:00 PM the last guest leaves. By now, Mary has cleaned her juicy pussy and is having a highball. She says, now can you fuck me....... We go to bed and she gets her wish. The next day over coffee she tells me what a wonderful cock that black guy had. And she don't even know who DP'd her. She wants to get with that black again but his name, rate, and horsepower is unavailable. Company policy as these hunks would be on demand all the time.

I hope you liked this narration. Most is true....Names are changed for the good of all.


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