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I had overheard some friends talking about my wife, Sally, and a monthly fashion show. I really didn?t think too much about it at the time. Some of our guy friends would come by our house and once in a while Sally would have on one of her exotic tops or a nice piece of lingerie. I just assumed that?s was what their conversation was about.

We lived in a small mountain community. If there wasn?t something that needed to get done, we usually stayed around the house. Sally liked to show off her figure, especially her tits. She always wore sheer tops or lingerie when she was home and didn?t have anywhere to go. She knew I liked her tits. I enjoyed the chance to see her in outfits that showed off her assets.

So did our friends who happened to be guys and also our neighbors. They would stop at the house just about any time of the day or night. I always had liquor on hand and would fix everyone a drink.

Crank was a big item in the hills as well. Whenever someone came by you could be sure they had some crank on their person. Sally especially liked smoking crank. I was away at work during the week. The neighbor guys knew she would be home alone and that she liked the company.

I really didn?t mind them stopping by the house, it kept Sally from being board and helped her pass the time. Usually they wouldn?t stay very long. Just long enough to have a drink and smoke some crank with her. I knew they liked to try and catch a glimpse of her tits as well. Everyone knew the kind of outfits Sally liked to wear around the house.

It was when we made a trip to see Mary, a good friend of ours, I found out about the monthly fashion show. My truck had broken down and we were forced to spend the night along with Steve, another friend, who made the trip with us. I had walked into Mary?s living room and heard Steve telling three other guys who were there about the monthly show. He was saying how hot Sally looked in all the outfits the guys brought with them.

Apparently someone would pick up Sally and a couple of other local woman. They would go over to Dave?s place where about 10 to 12 other guys would either already be there or on their way. Each guy would bring some kind of an outfit for the women to put on and model for them. While the fashion show was going on, liquor and crank were always available.

After my truck was repaired and we were home again, I went over to Steve?s by myself. I said I heard him tell the guys at Mary?s house about the monthly fashion shows. I wanted him to tell me a little more about them.

Steve said the shows had been going on for over a year. Sally had been coming about nine months. Her friend Nona had first told Sally about the shows and invited her to come. Steve said the guys sometimes took pictures. He offered to show me some of the ones he took of Sally.

I could feel my cock start to stiffen as the thought of 10 or 12 guys taking pictures of my wife in erotic outfits crossed my mind. Steve began to show me his photo collection. He had some pictures of other women who would also model. I was only interested in looking at his photos of Sally.

Steve said he took one of Sally smoking a pipe load of crank naked after loosing a bet. He asked me if I wanted to see that one. I told him sure, and he went to get it. I guess he kept it in a special place.

I told Steve it didn?t look like Sally, but he assured me it was. He asked if I wanted to see more pictures of Sally he had taken at the fashion shows. He went to another drawer in his living room and brought out more photos. Steve went on to say that the guys would try and talk the girls into playing some games during the show. Usually cards games, darts, or dominos were the only choices.

He said the photo of Sally smoking crank topless he took because she lost her bet. She had to go topless the next time she took a hit from the pipe. Sometimes Steve said the games led to sexual bets. Sometimes the girls would win, but the guys usually ganged up and the girls would loose. He had some pictures of Sally when she lost if I was interested. Of course I was! I could hardly keep my dick in my pants as it was.

Steve said the first photo showing Sally left tit being fondled by Dave was taken the previous month. He said when Sally lost her bet, she had to let Dave pull down her strap and play with her tit in front of everyone else. That?s when Steve said he took the photo.

The next two photos showed Sally wearing a blouse that Lance had designed himself. Steve said part of the fashion show fun was the fact that the guys could design their own outfits any way they liked. It looked to me as if Lance had just undone the buttons in the front of the blouse and spread it apart.

Steve said he had some more pictures with Sally and the guys doing just a little more when she lost her bet. He wanted to be sure I wanted to look at them before pulling them out for me.

There was one of Sally in a black sheer night gown that Billy brought for her to model. When she lost her bet, he got to take it off and suck on her tits while he felt her up.

Steve said he had Sam take two pictures of him when he beat Sally and got to claim his prize. Steve?s bet was broken into three parts. First he got to strip off her cloths in front of all the people at the show. Second, she had to let him play and suck on her tit s for five minutes before beating him off while everyone watched.

Steve showed me the photo of him playing and sucking on Sally?s tit first. He said everyone at the fashion show, including the girls, went wild when he began to such on her tits. He said the excitement among everyone really got going when he had Sally drop his pants and stroke him till he shot his load all over her chest. When he was done he said Sally went down on him and gave the best blow job he ever had. He said she probably could suck a golf ball out of a hose!

Later that day Steve said he got a photo of Sally riding Billy. She had lost the last game of the day. When a girl lost the last game, the winner got 15 minutes of bliss in front of everyone. It seemed to me that a lot went on in front of everybody at these shows.

Steve showed me the picture of Sally and Billy getting it on. I didn?t believe what I was seeing at first. I knew then, I had to be at the next fashion show to take some photos of my own without Sally seeing me.

I asked Steve if it was possible for me to take photos without Sally knowing I was at the fashion show. He said he didn?t see why not. Dave?s place had lost of areas where I could hide and take photos unnoticed. I?m looking forward to the next fashion show and taking pictures of my own.

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