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Swinging is fun

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My first exposure to the idea of swinging was in my first marriage. My wife Merrian after reading ads in a magazine I had bought had agreed to the idea. We had no idea what it really was about at the time. Merrian was a cute tiny redhead who whore a size 3 dress. She was very pretty. We had been married for 5 years and had four children. That tells you a lot about her. I had a friend Dave who I mentioned to him about our curiosity and knowing Merrian well he was surprised. I said we wanted to trade with another couple. I hoped he might be interested. He figured that out from our conversation. Dave had a girlfriend that Merrian and I both knew. Dave finally asked are you asking me. I said yes that Merrian had mentioned him when we had discussed what we wanted to do. I told him that Merrian both liked and trusted him. Again he looked surprised but his eyes had lit up as we talked and I could see he was suddenly interested in the idea of my wife was willing to go to bed with him and I was ok with the idea.

Finally he said he would ask his girlfriend Dee and let me know later that day. I told Merrian and she got excited. Later that day Dave called me and said Dee was unsure if she wanted to do the trade thing and needed to think about it and would have to let me know later, but he was definitely interested. I said ok.

I told Merrian and she looked disappointed as I think she had built a fantasy up in her mind about her and Dave. I thought about it for a while and finally suggested to her that she could meet Dave on her own if she wanted to and I would be ok with it if that was what she wanted to do. Merrian looked at me and said wow what an idea; are you sure. I laughed and said no but willing. She said I will have to think about it.

The next week after we had sex she said I want to do what you suggested if you are sure it is ok with you. Actually the idea intrigued me and I said sure. So I called Dave and told him. All he could say was really? Finally he agreed and said this is a wild idea and I said yes, but Merrian wanted to see what it was like. Dave and Merrian talked on the phone and when she hung up she was flushed and said I really like him.

The plan was I would drop her off at his house and they would have a date for dinner and dancing and I would pick her up the next morning. She was very excited and very nervous as I had been her only man up till now. She had been a virgin when we got married although I had not. Saturday arrived as we drove in the car she looked anxious and I asked her if she was sure and she said yes just a little nervous. I was nervous too. Our relationship was about to change. I hoped it would all be ok. I walked her to his door and Dave welcomed us in and after a few minutes I left.

As Merrian told me the next day Merrian said we got in his car and we went out for dinner. I liked the way he was looking at me. I felt like he was undressing me with his eyes the whole time. I was wet. We did some dancing and on a slow dance he put his hand on my butt, I got very excited and he said time to go home. As we drove to his house I felt his hand on my leg and I slid up and under my skirt. I spread my legs open and he felt my pussy through my panties. I thought wow I am actually going to fuck Dave in just a little while. I knew I really wanted too. When we were in his house he looked at me up and down and I could see the lust on his face. I knew I was going to be a very bad girl in a few minutes and the idea turned me on. I thought about you.

We moved together and he kissed me and putting his hands on my butt pulled me up close and I could tell he was very hard pressed against my thigh. I was flushed all over and feeling very hot. It was similar to when we had sex the first time, for me at least. I was shaking a little and he noticed and asked me are you sure you want to do this? I looked up and him and said yes I am sure. He reached out and unbuttoned my top and I gasped at his touch. He slowly removed my clothes. The room was dimly lit and I stood there naked. He was only the second man ever to see me that way. He pulled me in close and kissed me again and said you are beautiful. He stepped back and unbuckled his pants and removed his clothes. I looked down at what I was about to get.

My eyes blurred for a second I was so hot. Some of it is a little faint in my memory. My heart was beating as fast as he moved over to me and took me in his arms. The feel of his naked body against mine was incredible. He picked me up and laid me on the bed. He stood next to the bed looking down at me with his cock standing straight out. He smiled and said you want this? I smiled back and said yes. He moved between my legs and slipped into me. I grunted at his size and climaxed immediately. He pushed in deeper and rode me. I was so hot I lost all control and just wanted him to do me for a long time. I felt like a very bad girl and loved that feeling.

I got my wish he just kept going and going. He put my legs up on his shoulders and went even deeper. I can remember saying oh you fill me up. I was so wet I could smell myself. He pulled me off the bed and turned me over and went back into me from behind. My favorite position, as you know. He really gave it to me than and I lost it and gave it up to him moaning oh yes give it to me. I could feel and hear his balls slapping against my butt.

He made grunting sounds and I knew he was going to cum and jerked back against him moving my butt side to side fucking him back. I heard him say yes cum and he grunted several times and I felt a warm sensation and knew he was getting off inside me. He then pulled out still squirting all over my butt and back. At the feel of his warm cum I lost it again and climaxed once again. We fell on the bed together kissing and holding each other.

After we calmed down he kissed me and said you were wonderful. I said you too. It was late so we went to bed and both fell asleep for a while. I would be with him for the night. A couple of hours later I woke up with a warm feeling between my legs and looked down and Dave was licking me. I spread wide for him and watched him licking me and was getting hot again.

That bad girl feeling came back and I swung around and went down on him taking his cock as deep as I could and sucked on him. We stayed in the 69 for a time and then he pulled out of my mouth lifted me up and sat me down on his cock. I looked down watching his cock going in and out of me and thought wow what a feeling. I fell forward and kissing him rode that wonderful cock. We had long passionate kisses as I fucked him. I just wanted to make him cum. He went rigid and moaning exploded deep in my pussy. I felt his warm cum on my thighs as it ran out. I had cum with him. We were quiet for a time and I looked at the clock and it was getting close to the time for him to take me home. I took a quick shower and got dressed. He had gotten dressed while I was in the shower after he had his in his other shower.

I had to be home in an hour so we had a little time left. He gave me a hug and whispered I want you again and picked me up off the floor. He pulled me to him and I wrapped my legs around him. I could feel he was hard again and smiled to myself. He reached down and unzipped his pants and slipped into me at the side of my panties. I pushed down against him and he went deep. So we stood in his doorway fucking one last time. Me completely off the floor hanging on to him with my arms around his neck kissing him. I rode that cock while he held me up. I whispered I am going to cum, cum with me. He grunted and said yes and I felt that warm sensation again and grunting came with him. He sat me down and I ran to the bathroom to cleanup. We went to his car and he drove me home. As I was getting out of his car he kissed me and said Jim is a lucky man and so am I. You are a wonder.

I said wow what a story. Are you ok? She said more importantly are we ok? I just fucked another man. I kissed her and said we will always be ok besides if you remember it was my idea. I took her to bed and we had great sex. I said I love you.

A week later Dave called me and said his girlfriend Dee had finally called him and said she was interested. I had met Dee and the four of us had been out together a couple of times. She was a stunningly beautiful blond with hair almost to her waist. I got excited and said great. Merrian agreed but had told me that any future swinging had to include both of us. She said I have had my night out and once was enough.

The four of us sat across from each other in our living room. I knew that Dave knew Merrian inside and out it added to the atmosphere in the room. Merrian had told me before they arrived she was looking forward to another match up with Dave. Dee and I were a lone and I said are you ok and she smiled and said yes thanks for asking. I am a little nervous. It has been a long time except with Dave of course. You will have to tell what to do. I like being told what to do.

We could hear sounds coming from the bedroom and knew Dave and Merrian were all ready at each other. We listened for a moment and Dee got flushed knowing what Dave was doing. I had gotten very hard and Dee could see the tent my pants made. She looked down and flushed even more knowing what I wanted to do to her. So I took the lead and asked her if she would undress for me, that I liked watching women undress.

She just nodded and unbuttoned her top and took it off revealing a nice lace bra. I moved over to her and leaned forward and kissed her and unhooked her bra for her and stepped back. She allowed the bra to fall to the floor and with her head lowered stood up straight revealing a set of very nice boobs. I said very nice. She lowered her skirt and it fell to the floor and she stepped out of it. All she had on was her panties and looked up at me and we made eye contact. I said whenever you are ready there is no hurry.

I removed my shirt and unbuckled my pants and was down to my shorts with the front making a tent. She could see what she was about to get. I pulled my shorts off and she looked down at my cock and her eyes widened. I am a pretty big guy seven inches and big around. She stared for a moment and making up her mind slipped her panties down and off. I asked her do you want this and she smiled and I could see some lust creeping into her eyes as she said yes.

I moved over to her and turned her around and without me asking she turned around knowing what I wanted. I dropped to my knees behind her and leaned in and licked her pussy. I felt her shutter at the touch of my tongue on her pussy. I continued licking and she began to softly moan and then I stood up and slipped my cock in and she gasped and I think had a mini climax. I fucked her.

She was very tight and wet and was saying oh yes you are so big you fill me up. I went deep and she was so tight. I pounded her and she took all I had to offer. She must have cum at least three times and was panting and moaning when I pulled out. I turned her around and we made eye contact and I could see the pure lust in her eyes. I pushed down on her shoulders and she knew what I wanted and dropped to her knees tasting her and me. I could tell she had done this many times before as she was really good. I almost came but was able to hold off. I watched this beautiful woman sucking my cock.

I pulled her up and turned her around again and she got on her hands and knees and looked over her shoulder at my cock. I pushed in once more and we fucked some more. I could feel her pussy quivering around my cock and knew she was having an exciting time. I reached out and took her long hair in both my hands and pulled her lowered head up. She moaned oh yes pull my hair so I pulled back and her pussy clamped down on my cock and she gave it up to me again.

I plowed the field and she was really into what we were doing. She turned her head and looked back at me and said I like my butt spanked. I lifted my hand and slapped her butt and she shuttered and said harder. So I slapped her really hard and she grunted and gasping for air yelled yes fuck me and I lost it and slamming into her exploded in her pussy pulling out squirting all over her butt and back. Some landed in her hair. She collapsed on the floor and got very quiet.

I sat next to her and listened to what was happening to Merrian. There were loud sounds of skin slapping against skin and I knew she was on her hands and knees getting it from behind. I heard her saying yes give it to me and she grunted and I knew she had given it up to Dave.

Jill put her top back on but left it unbuttoned and I put my shorts on. A few minutes later Merrian and Dave came out of the bedroom she was wearing a light robe open and he had one of my robes on. We all had that we had just been fucked look.

We sat for a time chatting and I got us all drinks and Merrian and I went out to our patio to talk. I asked her how it went with Dave ad she smiled I had a lot of fun. He is very good, how about you? Jill was wonderful and we both had a great time. I asked so what is next? Are into this lifestyle? She said what do you think? I said well our first experience seems to have gone well do you agree? She smiled and said yes. So we can look for some new experiences? She said yes. I asked Merrian if she was ready to do something in front of me as up till now it had been behind closed doors. She said yes I think I can now. I said well I will love watching you.

We told Dave and Jill and they agreed it had been fun and maybe they would be interested in some new experiences as well. I suggested we lower the lights and play in front of each other in a little while. It was still early. After talking about it privately they agreed.

We decided to stay in the living room on the carpet.

The room was dimly lit and I moved over to Jill and she pulled me in close. She seemed very willing compared to our first time. Merrian and Dave moved together obviously knowing each other very well. Merrian looked at him with lust on her face saying yes fuck me. I could see that on her face. It was obvious she liked being fucked by him. I wanted to watch her. Jill reached inside my shorts stroking me as Merrian watched. Merrian smiled at her and started stroking Dave in response.

I slipped my shorts off and pushed down on Jill and she went down on me. Merrian watched for a moment and moved down Dave and took him in her mouth. Both us guys were hard fast. It was exciting for me watching Merrian giving head to Dave. I wanted to watch her fuck him. Dave pulled away and moving behind Merrian slipped his cock into her. I watched him move in and out of her. I got very hard watching her as she made eye contact fucking him. I could see she was very hot.

Jill lifted her head and moved in front of me and I slipped into her pussy and she gasped as I went in deep. Merrian opened her eyes and watched me fucking Jill and smiled at me saying have fun I am. So we all fucked in front of each other. No more secrets just pure lust for each other. Merrian shuttered and gasping for air gave it up to Dave. It was the first time I could watch her cum from a distance and it was wild. She gave her all to him as she had already done several times before.

Jill was moaning and whispered loud enough for them to hear oh yes fuck me an d I slapped her butt and she crashed and burned with Dave watching his girlfriend give it up to me Cumming hard with me. Dave was still giving it to Merrian and his expression changed and grunting exploded in her pussy. Merrian was kissing him as he squirted in her.

I was ready and jerking in Jill fast and hard squirted deep in her pussy and she fell forward on the floor panting and moaning oh yes cum in me.

The girls went to the bathroom to clean up and returned a few minutes later. Both were still flushed and turned on.

Merrian told me later that Jill had asked her if she was interested in other women and I told her that I had never considered it, but would think about it. That surprised me.

Surprising a year later Merrian and I got a divorce. It turned out I had a major drinking problem and ended up in the hospital treatment program. I got sober and that is 5 years ago now and I am still sober. I joined parents without partners and it was a great place to meet women. I met Sherry at a dance and she was beautiful. Of course we ended up in bed and dated for a long time. One day I mentioned my swing experiences and she said sounded like fun which surprised me. I had heard of a swing house in the bay area and wanted to see what it was like. Sherry seemed willing and we talked about our fantasies and I was surprised her fantasy was one man after another. I know now she was talking about a gangbang but not then.

So I called and after they spoke with Sherry we got an invitation. All told over the years I have taken three women to this house. So sherry and I went to the house and when we went in there were several couples in the front room and others elsewhere. We sat on the couch waiting to see what might happen. There was a group room with cubicles around three sides and we finally decided to get in one and just watch. There was a lot of action on the floor and we watched several people fucking. A guy walked up to us and asked if he could join us. He meant can I fuck Sherry so Sherry looked at me and I said up to you so she said yes. He climbed in and Sherry fucked him in front of me. He got off too fast for her and after he left she said not very good. He had left her hanging. She left to go clean up and said I will be back later.

I waited for a while and went looking for her. I found her in the hot tub surrounded by several guys. They all had hard-ones and Sherry was definitely in her element. I watch as each of the eight guys fucked Sherry. She was so hot and into what was happening to her. She just fucked and fucked and fucked more and handled all eight guys. They got off all over her from her face to her boobs to her butt. I watched her swallow two guys while another fucked her doggie. I went back in and waited for her. When she joined me she sprawled out against the wall and said I just did eight guys but waited for you to make me cum. She looked totally fucked. I laid her out on the floor and fucked her brains out and she got off all over the floor and several times and promptly fell asleep in a corner.

It was time to go home.

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