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Swing House Excitment

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We sat outside the house. We had received an invitation after meeting with the host first. It was to be a swingers party and we had agreed to attend. I turned to my wife Donna and said well we are here. Donna said well Jim are we going in or not? I turned to Donna and asked are you sure you want to do this. You understand it is about swapping husbands and wives. Donna smiled and said yes Jim we have talked about it and decided we want to do this right? Yes guess I am just nervous. Donna said me too. So hand in hand we knocked on the door.

We had been told there would be about 30 couples of all ages. Donna was 24 and I was 28. The hostess was Gloria and she was beautiful. She showed us into the living room area where several couples were sitting in chairs, couches and on the floor. The lights were low with several candles burning. She led us around the house showing us the different rooms and than out to the patio where the hot tub was located. It was a very large house.

Donna and I both knew what the night could be like. It would be the wildest night of our lives. That this house was about having sex with people you had just met and we were ready to do just that. We would be able to act out our fantasies. We had talked and agreed that this was about having fun and there would be no problems between us. That we could do what we wanted as Donna was curious about other women and the hostess had said many of the women attending had the same curiosity. I just wanted sex with a stranger.

Truthfully I had some doubts about Donna with another man, however we had decided that if we were going to do this than it was part of the lifestyle. I just didn’t want to see her doing another man, although I knew she would, as it was also one of her fantasies. I realized that once we got past the first experience I would probably be ok with it. We had agreed that swinging was for fun and nothing else. So here we were at a swing house with plans to have sex with people we had not even met yet. Wild.

We found a place to sit and waited, not really knowing how to start. Across from us was this young couple. They looked younger than us. His name was Jack and her name was Jackie. We said hello and they said hello back. Jack was a nice looking 6’ guy and Jackie was 5’ and very pretty with long straight hair to her waist. We told them it was our first time at the house. Jack it was theirs as well and they had met several couples that were there for this first time.

One of the rooms that the hostess showed us was for voyeurs and was used a lot by new couples. You could watch others without them seeing you, although they knew there could be someone watching. We continued to chat with Jack and Jackie. They had their doubts as well, but also knew what could happen. I noticed Jack looking at Donna. Donna has terrific boobs and she had worn a low cut top for the occasion. She was advertising as I had kidded her. Jackie had a very nice figure although she had worn something that was not particularly revealing. I finally asked if they had done anything yet and they both said no not yet. I said us either.

I was getting anxious to do something as time was passing and I had noticed couples leaving together and knew what they were probably doing by now. I told Donna lets go to the voyeur room and watch and she said hey good idea. I said to jack want to go with us and he looked at Jackie and she nodded yes. So there was some interest in us and this was the first move. As we walked back to the room I whispered to Donna I think they are interested and she smiled and said me too. I want to get started doing something.

We looked through the one-way window and there were two couples just entering. They looked to be in the 40yr old range. We could also hear what was being said through speakers on the wall. They stood across from each other and than the wives traded places.

I heard one of the guys say you are beautiful to the woman he was with. He kissed her and that was all it took before they were all over each other. It was obvious what they were going to do. Next they were getting naked and the guy went down on her and she on him. I was exciting watching her sucking his cock. They pulled apart and she got on her hands and knees and he began fucking her from behind. The other couple were in the missionary position with her legs on his shoulders and he was giving it to her hard and fast.

I whispered to Donna this is what it is about and she said yes and I noticed her breathing had increased and asked turned on and she said yes. I looked over at Jack and Jackie and he had his hand on her butt playing and she was pressing back against his hand. They were both watching intently. We all watched them fucking and soon they all got off on each other and than got dressed and left the room. The four of us sat quietly without say a word. Finally I said wow that was intense. I turned to Donna and she said I am ready and I knew what she meant. I looked over to Jack and Jackie and asked do you two want to swap that is what we are here for. Jack looked at Jackie and she looked nervous but nodded yes and said if you want to I will. Jack said ok and I said separate rooms ok and he looked and Jackie and she nodded yes and seemed relieved that she would be alone with me.

As we left the room I took Jackie by the hand and we went in a different direction. I watched Jack and Donna as they walked away with his hand on her butt knowing she would be fucking him in a few minutes. I was as hard as a rock and ready for Jackie. We found a room and I put my arms around her and kissed her softly. She relaxed in my arms and kissed me back and said I am very nervous. I said we can move slowly, but I want to make love to you. Jackie looked me in the eye and said we will. Jack wants me too and I think I want to as well. I kissed her again and unbuttoned her top and removed it. She was wearing a pink bra and had very nice size boobs. Her breathing increased and I played with her boobs and removed her bra and took one in my mouth and sucked on her nipple and she gasped and said “good”. I slipped my hand up her skirt and she was very wet and I said you are ready and she said yes in a husky voice. I lay her down and pushed her panties aside and pulled my pants down and entered her slowly. She gasped and opened wide for me and I pushed all the way in. I remained still for a time just feeling myself inside her. Jackie was breathing hard in my ear and whispering good, good. I began to move in and out of her. I pulled the rest of my clothes off and we parted and she removed her skirt and panties.

I looked at her face and she was flushed and I could see lust in her eyes. I turned her around and she got on her hands and knees and I began to ride her hard. Finally we just fucked. She was panting and I was grunting. I reached around and had her boobs in my hands and she was pushing back against me. Her long hair hung down and I grabbed two hands full and pulled it back over her shoulders. She looked over her shoulder at me, and said pull my hair. I pulled back on her hair and her head came up and I felt he pussy clamp down on my cock and she grunted and jerked and I felt her cum. I had to cum and exploded in her pussy squirting and jerking and pushing myself in as deep as I could. We both collapsed on the floor breathing hard. We continued kissing and finally our breathing returned to normal and she said wow that was wild. We got dressed and went looking for Donna and Jack.

We waited in the living room and soon here comes Donna and Jack hand in hand. Donna has that I was just fucked look, face flushed and her hair messed up. She came over to me and kissed me and said wild night huh? I said definitely that. Jack looked at Jackie and could see that she had just been fucked and took her hand and they went outside to talk I am sure.

A little while later the returned hand in hand. Jack said I guess we are swingers. I said us too and laughed. The pressure was off and we all relaxed some. Jack said we have been talking about doing this for several months. Jackie had her doubts but was willing to try it at least once. Bill she said she had a good time with you and that you had treated her like a lady and I want to thank you. I smiled and sure my pleasure and thought I did not treat her like a lady I just fucked her brains out and she enjoyed every minute of it, Jackie must have told him something else.

I looked at Jack and said there is something else. Donna is curious about what it would be like to play with another woman and we were wondering if Jackie would be interested. The hostess told us that many of the women that come here are curious about it too and is one of the reasons they are here.

Jack looked a little surprised and turned to Jackie and said well here is your chance if you are ready to experiment. Jackie paused for a moment and looked at Donna and asked you want too? Donna said it has been a fantasy. Jackie said mine too but I am surprised it could happen. I am not sure what I want to do. Donna said me either.

Donna looked at Jackie and said, you are beautiful and sexy. Jackie looked at Donna and said you are sexy and beautiful. Donna said ok you guys here is your chance go find some fun nd be bad boys. Jackie and I are going to talk and whatever else we decide to do. By.

Jack and I got the message and got up and went out on the patio.

Donna and Jackie

Jackie and I went to a quiet place in the house and sat down across from each other. I said are you sure? Jackie said I have thought about what it would be like for years, even before I met jack. Just never thought I would actually do anything.

I leaned over to her and kissed her. I said me too and I do not want to miss this opportunity to see what it is like. Jackie kissed me back and said me either.

We kissed again and lay down next to each other kissing as we went. I offered her my tongue and we had some very wet kisses and both were turned on. I felt one of her boobs and than slipped a hand inside her blouse and under her bra. She gasped and said feels good and I felt her hand on my boob.

So for a while we just kissed and played with each others boobs and soon I had her blouse off and mine and than we were naked from the waist up looking at each other and breathing hard. I leaned forward and took a nipple in my mouth and sucked. What feeling that was and I really liked it. Jackie was moaning and pushing her boobs into my face and I was sucking and licking. I was hot and wet and reached down and slipped my hand under my skirt. Donna seen me do that and slipped her hand under her skirt. She pulled away from my mouth and began to lick and suck on my boobs in turn. I slipped a finger inside and was fingering myself as she sucked on my boobs. I noticed her hand moving under her skirt as well. I slipped my other hand under her skirt and placed my hand on top of hers and she got the idea and I felt her hand on top of mine. We kissed again and we helped each other finger ourselves. She grabbed my hand through her skirt and whispered I am going to cum and shuttered and pushed her fingers deeper and pressed on my hand and climaxed on her fingers. I was so hot I jerked my self off with her hand on top of mine and she could feel me cum.

We lay there breathing hard kissing and touching boobs to boobs. I said Jackie I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. She said probably more and smiled.

We went out to the Hot tub. As we walked along Jack said was Jackie really a lady with you. I stopped and asked you want the truth. He said yes. I told him exactly what had happened. He smiled and said that is the Jackie I know.

A woman sat in the tub alone and as we walked up she said finally someone else is here. I have been sitting here by myself for half an hour. I asked looking for some company than? She smiled and said of course. We went to the dressing room and got undressed and grabbed a towel and went back to the tub. Her name was Sara and she had been to the house once before and her husband was off somewhere doing his thing.

Jack and I removed our towels and climbed into the tub and I could see what he had used on Donna and why she had tha I was just fucked look earlier. He must have been at least 9 “. We all sat in the tub with Sara in the middle.

Sara was had big boobs and they kinda of floated to the top of the water. She smiled and said never been with two men before. I could see under the water that Jack was up and ready already. I was getting there. She reached over and was rubbing his cock and her other hand was on mine. I kissed her and felt her boobs and we sat there for a while kissing her playing with her boobs and her jerking on both of us. She was hot and gasped and said would someone please fuck me. She stood up and put her arms on the edge of the tub and raised her ass out of the water waiting. I nodded to Jack and he moved behind her and I moved over and sat on the edge of the tub in front on her.

Jack entered her and she gasped and said big man oh, oh good. My cock was hard and I pressed it against her lips and she opened wide and took me in her mouth. Jacked fucked her while she sucked me. We got into a rhythm. Sara looked up at me and I could see the lust on her flushed face and she went back to sucking me taking me deep and licking me.

She groaned and sucked harder and I could feel her cum on my cock and Jack slammed into her harder grunted and squirted in her pussy. I felt my cum rising and exploded in her mouth and she sucked me dry. Sara kissed us both and said thanks guys needed that and got out of the tub and disappeared into the house. I looked over to Jack and said wild night and he just nodded.

I said to Jack wonder how the girls are doing? And about that time they walked onto the patio and said oh there you are. They both laughed and Donna said wow 2 naked guys in a hot tub by themselves hummmm. I laughed and said not to worry the lady just left.

Jack and I went and got dressed and we all went back to the living room and sat down. It was late and we were all getting ready to leave. I suggested we exchange phone numbers and plan to get together again soon.

On our way home Donna told me what had happened with Jackie and how much fun it had been. I asked about her and Jack. Donna looked me in the eye and asked sure you want to know? So she told me what had happened.

Donna said as we walked away from you and Jackie I could feel his hand on my butt. By the time we were alone I was already turned on. I looked up to him and he leaned down and kissed me and I could feel both his big hands on my butt pulling me closer. I could feel his hard cock pressed against my thigh and reached down and rubbed his cock through his pants. I could tell he was a big guy.

He unbuttoned my top and after removing it unclasped my bra and I was naked from the waist up. He stepped back and looked down at my boobs and said very nice. I was so turned on and wet. I unzipped his pants and reached in and felt his cock. He was very big and I knew what I was about to get. He than turned me around and pressed on my back and I bent over. He raised my skirt up and pulled my panties down and I felt that big cock in my pussy and came instantly. I was so hot I lost all control and just wanted to fuck this guy I had just met. He pushed into me deeper and I felt totally filled up and climaxed again.

He road me hard and I was panting and than he remained still and I fucked him moving back and forth on his cock. I was hot. I looked over my shoulder and I could see the pure lust on his face as he was thrusting in and out of me. Watching his face I grunted and came hard again. I could tell he was about ready to cum and pulled away and got on my knees and took him in my mouth and he exploded down my throat.

We lay there for a while breathing hard and kissing. It had been wild and wonderful.

We took the rest of our clothes off and lay there recovering. I watched as his cock got hard again, love young guys. He looked into my eyes and asked again? I said oh yes.

He got on top of me and I spread open wide for him and he entered me and I lost my breath and whispered to him, fuck me, and he did as I asked. We took longer this time, as the first time had been short and sweet. We moved together with him thrusting and me thrusting on him. We just went on and on and I must have cum several times lost in the feeling of that big cock in me. I was wild with lust, I just wanted to be fucked. I felt his cock get bigger and knew he was about to cum. I grabbed his butt with both my hands and pulled him into me as deep as I could handle. He grunted and exploded in my pussy and I climaxed with him. I was exhausted and felt well fucked. I thought for a moment, who is this woman, who just fucked a stranger, had sex with another woman, and had enjoyed it all. She was new to me.

Donna turned to me and asked are we going to do this again? I hesitated for a moment thinking about what to say. I asked well did you have fun? I did.

Donna said, is was the wildest night of my life, and I loved every minute. I said me too.

I than said I think it would be wise to limit it to a few times a year. Donna agreed.

Neither of us wanted to lose the other within the lifestyle.

Jackie called a couple of weeks later and wanted to talk to Donna.

Donna and Jackie talked for an hour. I did not eavesdrop on their conversation.

Later Donna said, lets talk. Jackie has asked if we can get together soon and make a trip to the party house. She wants to play with me again and you of course.

And you? Donna smiled and said well I really had fun with her. I added and you want to explore being Bi and where that will lead?

Donna hesitated for a moment and asked what do you think? Do you understand where that could lead? Donna said yes we have watched enough xxx video for me to know.

I said ok with me as long as sometime along the way I get to watch. I think we should consider swinging in front of each other someday when we are both ready. Donna said not quite ready yet. I have some fear of having sex with another man in front of you.

I would not want to know if you are watching. So if you do not tell me.

I said I understand me too.

We decided to wait a month and call them back than.

A month later Donna called Jackie and her planned a trip to the house. I called the house and the hostess asked which party did we want to attend Wed, Fri, or Sat? I asked what is the difference. The hostess said Wed. was Bi ladies night and the first two hours is for the ladies and the rest of the night was for everyone. Donna said Wednesday and laughed.

So Wednesday it was.

We arrived at the house with the ladies all excited and us guys wondering what we were going to do for 2 hours. The hostess opened the door and said ladies to the right guys to the left.

To the left, was a big screen TV that had been showing xxx videos the first time we had been at the house, and a number of places to sit. On the closed circuit connection we could see the ladies walking into their room. We knew than what we would be doing for two hours. I thought wow my fantasy come true.

There were 7 ladies in the room and the hostess said I am Jane and how many of you are doing this for the first time? two of the girls raised their hands. Jane said great, so you two are in for an exciting experience. Jane turned down the lights a little.

Jackie and Donna were next to each other and some of the other ladies were already starting to get close. The Hostess announced that those that wish to be in private needed to move into the next room as the guys are watching you in this room. Two of the ladies left.

Jackie and Donna looked up at the camera and waved, so they were going to let us watch.

There were a number of toys on the floor for the ladies to use if they wanted including a strap-on and a double-ended dildo and some vibrators.

Jane said with a smile since we have an odd number looks like I get to play and walked over and choose one of the first timers who looked a little nervous to say the least.

That left the other newcomer matched up with the odd lady who smiled and said love new people and took the new girl by the hand and went into the other room.

It was clear that they all new what they were there for including the two new ones.

The newcomer matched up with Jane looked up at the camera and waved at her husband I suppose. One of the guys said that is my wife Sue and this is her first time.

Jane gave Sue a hug and than a warm kiss and it started. Jane said to Sue would you like to undress? I would like that. Sue smiled looked up at the camera and unbuttoned her top and removed it and the rest of her clothes. Jane than got naked and they moved together kissing and hugging each other. Jane took the lead and moved Sue to the floor and they lay there, bodies touching with passionate kisses.

Jackie and Donna were on the floor naked and I watched Donna move her hand down.

Soon the 2 ladies were fingering each other kissing and rubbing their boobs together.

Donna had told me that she and Jackie had talked and decided to go all out tonight and do the wild thing together. They were going to go down on each other for the first time. Donna was both excited and nervous but willing. I watched as Donna and Jackie looked each other in the eye and they both moved down on the other and were in a 69.

They were on their sides with their legs wrapped around each other with their heads buried between each others legs.

Jackie shuttered and moaned and climaxed. Donna began to jerk and thrust her hips forward and said cum and climaxed. Their faces were both wet from each other and they moved up and continued kissing until their breathing returned to normal.

I watched Jane and Sue. Sue was laying naked watching Jane waiting for Jane. Jane moved over to Sue and was kissing her all over and went down and was licking her pussy. Sue went completely out of control. Jane moved forward and pulled Sue down on her pussy and Sue had her first taste of pussy.

Jane got the strap-on and asked Sue? Sue said whatever you want. Jane put the strap-on around her waist and slipped the back part of the dildo into herself with the front dildo pointing to the front. It was 8 “ front and 6” back inside Jane. Jane moved toward Sue with her face flushed and lust on her face. Sue looked up at Jane and smiled and said I don’t know what to do. Jane said I will show you.

Jane moved in front of Sue and slid the dildo inside her pussy and went in deep. Sue gasped and shuttered and opened wide for Jane. Jane just fucked her. Sue grabbed Jane and pulled her in deeper and cried out oh it feels so good and thrust her hips forward as Jane rode her. Jane and Sue were head to head kissing passionately and Jane was panting from her efforts. Sue grunted and gasped cum and lost it and climaxed on the dildo. You could tell Jane had done this before. She was so hot by now she was thrusting and holding on to Sue and grunted and jerked and gasped and shuttered and had her cum, collapsing on top of Sue panting and kissing her. All the men watching had become very quiet. I think some felt like applauding.

A few moments later Jane announced time up, time to join the guys.

When the ladies returned they all had that I just got fucked look. Faces flushed hair untidy and still turned on. They all joined their partners and there were kisses and hugs.

Jane came in and went over to Sue and hugged her and said you are a real trooper for a first timer. Sue said you were wonderful and I had a great time thanks. It became apparent she was a submissive.

The ladies needed some recovery time so Jane brought out the drinks and snacks and we all sat around chatting with the girls talking about their bi experiences and the guys how much they had enjoyed watching.

There were seven couples total.

Enough time had past and the ladies were ready for what ever was next. Jane said how about a drawing. All the guys will put their name in a glass and since it is ladies night the ladies will pick a name and that will be their partner for the evening. Two of the couples had already decided they wanted to swap and went off somewhere, so it left only 5 couples. I asked Donna if she was ok with this kind of event and she said sure could be interesting, I have no idea who is who and who I get.

So five names went into the glass and the girls each drew a name not knowing who it would be they got yet. The ladies announced the name they had drawn and my name had been drawn a young girl who was the first timer who had declined to be on camera during the bi swap. Her name was Gloria and she was very pretty with long blond hair and large boobs. I stepped forward and said that is me. Gloria smiled and said good and we went off as her husband watched.

We found a quiet place and sat down on the floor face to face. I had no idea who Gloria was except she had just agreed to fuck me, wow.

It turned out she was only 19 and had been married for just a year. I am 37.

I asked how long have you been in swinging and she said not long. That her and her husband had swapped with some close friends and they were in the other room and the other lady had been the one she had her first bi experience with off camera. I asked how did that go and Gloria said fun and exciting and we probably will do it again at home sometime. I said this is our second time here.

I took her hand and said shall we. She smiled and said what? I was surprised at her response and so ventured out and said boldly fuck. She said wow this will be different.

Never did it with a man I just me a few minutes ago. I smiled and said you knew in the other room that when you drew my name that was the plan right? She said yesss, but surprised I am actually going to do it. I said your can change you mind.

Gloria said well no, I want to do this and my husband wants me to do this. We decided before we came here that we want to become swingers.

I leaned forward and kissed her. She kissed me back. I reached over and unbuttoned her top and it fell open to reveal very nice large boobs as she had no bra on, I said nice and reached in under her blouse and played with her boobs. We stood up and I undressed her and than myself. I was up and ready. She looked down at my cock and her breathing had increased. I pulled her to me and pressed lightly on her shoulders and she got the idea got on her knees and took me in her mouth.

While she sucked me, she looked up and our eyes met and I could see she liked what she was doing. She did a deep throat and took all my 8” and I could not hold it and exploded in her mouth and throat. She never backed off and sucked me dry.

I dropped down to the floor and said wow. She lay down in front of me and I went down on her licking and sucking on her pussy and fingering her. Gloria was pushing against my face as I sucked and fingered her and she got very wet and I could taste her.

I put my hands under her butt and lifted her up and licked her ass and she cried out and shuttered and jerked and came on my face with a flood of juices. We lay there quietly and she said wow, no one has ever done that before. I came so hard wow.

I was up and ready again and turned her over and she got on her hands and knees and looked over her shoulder and we made eye contact as I entered her. I could see the lust on her face as I pushed deep in her. She gasped and said oh so big and pushed back and took all my 8 “.

I rode her hard and she rode me hard. I was grunting with my effort and she was yelling fuck me, fuck me. I turned her over so we were face to face as I wanted to see her cum.

We fucked some more and she rapped her legs around me and said again so big, so big.

We made eye contact and I watched as her face change and as I slammed into her she pulled my head down and passionately kissed me and said good, you are so big. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and looked her in the eye and she grunted and gasped and I got to see her cum expression as she climaxed. I was ready and squirted into her pussy and squirted some more and than more.

We lay there both panting and Gloria pulled me to her and kissed me and than again and said that was incredible. I came twice and I have never had a man as big as you are and it was wonderful. Can we do it again? I laughed and said maybe later, I need some time to recover. We got dressed and went back to the living room. Donna was nowhere to be found and guessed she was with someone still. It had been a hour since we started.

Jack was there with a lovely redhead, holding his hand and a smile on her face. I asked having fun and he looked at the red head and said ya lots. She said yes he does have lots and laughed. Referring to his 9” I am sure.

I asked Jack have you seen Donna? He smiled and said yes she was with us, and went outside to cool off I think. The husband of the redhead joined us and smiled a knowing smile at his wife. Looks like you have been having fun, you have that I just got fucked look about you and she responded with I sure was. Jack looked a little nervous about being around her husband.

He than said Donna was wonderful. I was quiet.

Donna finally came back in and still had a flush on her face and her hair was out of place.

So I knew what she had been doing. She joined me with a kiss, which felt good. Gloria looked around for her husband but he was not there yet. He was the only one missing.

It was clear we all needed recover time if we were going to do any more tonight.

I went outside for a smoke and Donna joined me. I said we could go if you want. Donna said only if you want to, after all it will be a couple of months at least before we return.

I said oh having fun huh? She said you too. So we decided to stay for the last 2 hours and see what might happen. The husband of the redhead found a corner and went to sleep.

She smiled and said he was up most of the night with the kids and is really tired.

So we were down to 9. Another couple decided to leave, so we were down to 7.

Another guy said I think I am finished for the night and turned to his wife and said, but you can keep going if you want. So we ended up with just 6.


We all decided that 2 threesomes might be fun, Two guys and a lady and two ladies and a guy. Donna smiled and said 2 guys sounds like fun and so I ended up with the two ladies. Darn. Lol.

So I had Gloria and Jackie.

I found the room where they had been earlier with the toys still on the floor.

I told them I would really like to watch them together before we did anything.

They looked at each other and smiled and said sure we would like that too.

I kissed them both and said I will do both of you later. They just smiled and moved toward each other with lust on their minds. I sat back and watched.

First they kissed for a while until they were pressing against each other. Their hands moved to each others butts. They were rubbing each other and than Jackie moved her hands and Gloria stepped back and her blouse was unbuttoned. The two girls proceeded to undress each other until they were both naked. I undressed myself.

Gloria pulled Jackie to the floor and they lay there kissing with their legs rapped around each other. They were both hot for each other. The moved apart slightly and were taking turns kissing and sucking each on boobs. Slowly but surely they moved down each their bodies until they were in a 69 down on each other. They were totally into each other and I sat there stroking myself watching these two beautiful eating each other. They were thrusting and licking and sucking and moaning. Gloria was on top of Jill with her head buried in her pussy and her butt in the air. I entered the picture at this time.

I moved behind Gloria and looked down at Jackie. She looked up at me and smiled and reached up and pulled my cock down into her mouth. She went back and fourth between both Gloria and I. I pulled away and slid into Gloria. Gloria raised her head up and said oh so big as I rode her. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and knew she was going to cum. Both Jackie and I held her tight as she jerked and pushed back against me and cried out as she climaxed. Jackie looked up and said now me, and the two ladies rolled over and now Jackie was on top. I entered her and went deep and she gasped and said oh good. I humped her hard and she was down on Gloria as I fucked her. I pulled out and motioned for them to move next to each other and went back into Jackie and now we were face to face making eye contact. So I moved back and forth between them fucking them both.

I was so hard and living out my fantasy and did not want it to end. I kept going as long as I could. Jackie rapped her legs around me and pulled me all the way in and I watched the lust on her face and she said cum and moaned and climaxed on my cock.

I moved back to Gloria and realized I was going to explode and rode her hard and pulled out and Jackie reached down and with her hand jerked me off and I squirted on both of them.

I collapsed on top of them both kissing them and panting from my efforts. All I could say was wow.

I was there with a woman on each side of me feeling exhausted but with a complete sense of inner calmness that I had never felt before. I knew I was done for the evening. Well done. We all got dressed and went back to the empty living room.

I began to wonder how Donna was doing. I decided to go see. I went room to room until I heard the sound of sex. I peeked around the doorway and unseen watched my wife fucking two men. Donna was on her hands and knees with a guy fucking her hard and she was sucking on Jack. I watched as they switched places. I could see the pure pleasure on her face and the lust in her eyes as she fucked these two guys. They switched again.

The guy fucking her moaned and jerked and slammed into her and said cum and exploded in her pussy. Donna cried out and climaxed with him and than back down on Jack and he was fucking her mouth and held her head still and squirted in her mouth. Cum was running down her chin and she sucked on him until he was spent.

I moved away from the door knowing I had seen Donna in a way I had never seen her before. I had to keep that a secret for now at least and returned to the living room.

Shortly Donna and the two guys returned to the living room all with smiles.

Donna had that I just got fucked look. Her face was still flushed and her hair messed up and with a very satisfied look.

Time to go home.

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