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Sunnis Secret Life Part II

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Sunni's Secret Life Part II

"We take bath now. I teach you something very special," Sunni said excitedly.

John had no idea what was on her mind but anything she came up with he was game. Sunni took John into the master bathroom where the roman style tub was located. She ran the water and added oily beads to it. When they entered the bath, John noticed that the water was very oily and slick. He liked the feel of it on his skin but he liked the feel of it on Sunni's skin better.

Sunni leaned back into John and he reached around and caressed her voluptuous body. He loved the feel of her oily tits and nipples in his hands and he played with them continuously. Sunni felt John's erection pressing into her back as she reclined into him and let him fondle her body. Then she decided it was time to take it to the next step. Sunni moved away from John and lay face down in the bath water keeping only her head and buttocks above the water.

John looked at her and he had never seen her look so erotic with just her bottom sticking up out of the oily water. Her skin was slick and her ass glistened. The tan lines further emphasized the shape of her lovely ass and John was extremely excited. Sunni then began to move her hips and ass up and down in the water. Her ass would dip below the water's surface and then re-appear. John was beside himself with desire and he began to caress her oil slick buttocks. Sunni continued to tease him unmercifully as he caressed her ass. John got so excited that he got the urge to kiss Sunni's buns so he leaned over and held her ass above the water as he planted kissed on her buttocks.

That was what Sunni hoped would happen and she put her next plan into operation. Sunni handed John the bottle of body wash and told him to wash her bottom. John squirted and ample amount of body wash on his hands and rubbed it all over Sunni curvy ass. His cock was throbbing and he was anxious to fuck her again but Sunni had other plans for his cock.

"John, put the body wash on my anus and finger me there," Sunni said sexily.

John did as he was told and he washed her anus and then fingered it. He never thought that fondling an ass and fingering it could be such a turn on. Sunni cooed as the finger penetrated her anus as it had been so long since anything had been that deep in her ass. She told John to add a second finger which he did. John was convinced that he would cum soon just from the anal play.

"John, I want you to do something very special for me now. I want you to put your tongue in my anus. I love that," Sunni requested in her sexiest tone.

John was taken back by the request but then as he looked at her lovely ass he went through with it. John knew that Sunni's asshole was now squeaky clean so he was willing to do as she asked. He leaned over and pried her buttocks apart exposing the nether hole even more. He dipped his tongue between her cheeks and probed her anus gently. Sunni cried out with delight as John performed analingus on her for the first time. John really got into it and learned quickly.

Sunni orgasmed and flopped down in the tub, John was disappointed that he had to stop the anal games. However Sunni got out of the tub and she and John dried their bodies. John's cock was throbbing and he was ready to bust a nut. Still Sunni held him at bay and led him to her bed. She handed John some lubricant and told him to finger her ass again.

"John, I am going to let you fuck me in the ass. Would you like that? Would you like to stick your big cock in my ass? But you must be very gentle," Sunni told him.

John could not believe his ears. Sunni was actually asking him to fuck her in her fantastic ass. He would have never thought to do that before today but all of the anal foreplay had him on edge. John pushed a thick finger into her asshole and tested her tightness then he added a second finger which caused Sunni to gasp. He worked the two fingers in and out of her ass stretching her as much as he could. John then placed his big erect cock between Sunni's beautiful smooth round ass cheeks and pushed into her asshole.

As he entered her Sunni pleaded, "Oh John go easy remember how big you are."

Sunni tried to move away from him and ended up on the bed lying flat on her stomach. John followed her to the prone position and lay on top of her petite body with his huge cock between her ass cheeks and in her asshole. John began to hump Sunni at a slow pace and then faster with his hips pumping into her. Sunni's screams and moans were louder than ever as her small body took John's big cock. Sunni started taking John's cock easier and unconsciously massaged it with her amazing ass muscles. John lifted her back to her knees on all fours and reached around to feel her tits. Her nipples were rock hard as he twirled them in his fingers. John then moved one hand down to play with her pussy and Sunni went wild humping her hips faster and faster. John then placed both hands on her hips and watched his cock penetrate her curvy ass as he moved her hips in time with his humps.

Sunni yelled for the world to hear, "Oh my God, fuck me, fuck me, please fuck me!"

John complied with her demands and pounded her ass as hard as he could. Sunni squeezed her ass cheeks together as she orgasmed as John joined her and shot a huge load of cum deep into her ass. Sunni screamed and moaned as she felt John pump several shots of cum into her rectum. Sunni's beautiful body radiated heat as John pumped cum into her ass. Sunni was almost out of breath but started to return to normal breathing as John caressed her body lovingly. John eased his cock from her ass and traces of cum ran out of her asshole between her ass cheeks and over her pussy. Sunni scooped up the semen with her fingers and licked them clean. John flopped on the bed next to her and Sunni dropped down and took his softening cock in her mouth and sucked it dry. John and Sunni lay together for awhile and when Sunni sucked him back to hardness, John fucked her ass again. Later they showered together and John fucked her ass once more in the shower before they finally dried off, dressed and relaxed in the family room with cocktails. John could still not believe that he had fucked Sunni's beautiful ass, not once but three times and she had loved it each time. John knew that he would have to have her ass each time they had sex from that day on. Sunni loved the feel of semen shooting into her rectum and John could cum in buckets. It had been a long while since Sunni had been butt fucked so thoroughly and she was pleased that she was able to handle John's cock.


For the rest of the week while Charles was out of town, Sunni and John engaged in non-stop sex and John was addicted to Sunni's lovely ass. In the weeks following, each day that Charles went to work Sunni and John had sex as soon as Charles left the house. They actually settled into a ritual; Sunni would suck John's cock and swallow his load, then John would eat Sunni's pussy and then fuck her. Sunni next would get on all fours and John would lick her anus and pussy from behind. Sunni always douched before their sex assuring that her pussy and anus were clean. Finally John would fuck Sunni in the ass at least once and sometimes twice before they were done for the day.

John was thrilled with cumming three or four times in Sunni's holes but he clearly liked cumming in her ass the best. Sunni was handling John's big dick with ease now and she started thinking about having all her holes filled at the Carle time. She had done that several times before meeting Charles and now John had awakened that desires in her again. Sunni decided to ask John if he had any friends that he could trust to party with them.

"John do you have any friends who you trust to have sex with us? I mean who would be discreet and keep their mouths shut about group sex," Sunni asked after one of their marathon sex sessions.

John rolled over on his side and looked at his stepmother and asked, "Are you serious?"

"Yes, I would like to have some sex with two or three men. I would like them to be at least as big as you. I've done it before and I like it," she confessed.

"Wow, well my two buddies Carl and Rob are pretty well hung. I think that I can trust them. Are you sure that you want to do this?" John challenged.

"Oh yes very much. I would love for you and me to have sex with your two friends. I want all of you to cum in me and fill my holes," Sunni replied excitedly.

"Okay I guess, I'll check it out and see what they say," John promised.

John and Sunni then got up to shower and dress without speaking another word. The request shocked John and also concerned him but he decided to go through with it. He would check with Carl and Rob the next time they were drinking together.

A week passed by before John had the opportunity to speak with his friends. Carl and Rob were at John's house one day when John's dad was out of town. John told Sunni that his friends were coming by and that they would have few beers together. John told her that he would mention the group sex idea to them. Sunni decided that she would dress very sexy that day and add to the enticement. She wore an oriental jade green dress that hugged her curves. The dress was full length with slits in the skirt from just below her hips. When she walked she showed plenty of her shapely legs. The dress had a high collar covering her neck and it was sleeveless. Even John thought that she had never looked so hot.

Sunni often checked on the boys that day and refreshed their beers for them. Carl and Rob were bedside themselves and they both got boners just from looking at Sunni. Carl in particular loved the way dress hugged Sunni's buttocks and he fantasized about fucking her in the ass. John saw the way his friends looked at his stepmother each time she walked by.

John imagined his mother with his two friends and himself. He knew that his stepmother was looking forward to having three cocks in her at the Carle time. After all she had already taken his cock in her mouth, pussy and ass. Why not have all her holes stuffed with cock at the Carle time? John envisioned his friends and he cumming in his stepmother's holes at least three times. He was getting hard just from thinking about her having nine loads of spunk in her. Rob and Carl stared at John as they thought he was pissed at them.

"Okay guys, here's the deal. I have been banging an older woman," John announced and added, "This woman has asked me if I have any friends that would like to have sex with her too. So I am willing to share her with you guys. How does that sound?" John asked.

"Oh man that would be great. When do we get to meet her?" Rob asked excitedly.

"Today right here at the house. You guys can clear it with your parents so that you can crash here tonight," John told them.

"What about your stepmom? Isn't she going to be home?" Carl inquired.

"She sure is after all she's the older woman," John announced.

Rob and Carl were stunned by John's statement and just stared in disbelief. Then they smiled and laughed as they were sure that John was putting them on.

"Yeah right John, it's your stepmother that you have been banging," Carl mocked.

"Guys you will believe it. I promise you. My stepmother and I have been having incredible sex together all summer. What better arrangement could there be then to have sex in your own home anytime, anywhere and any way that you want it?" John replied.

Rob and Carl were still in shock as they listened to their friend. It had to be true, John would not make something like that up. The two boys could only imagine what it would be like to make it with John's stepmom. She was so hot and the image of her in her naked crept into their minds. As they anticipated the day ahead it was their longest afternoon of the summer.

John told Sunni that his friends were all for it and that she should join them for a drink. Sunni went into the family room and sat down in the easy chair. Her skirt opened up to mid thigh and put her shapely legs on display. John brought her a drink and the three boys joined her in the family room. Carl and Rob could not take their eyes off her shapely legs and they both were sporting boners in anticipation of being between her legs.

Sunni downed the first drink and John fixed her another one. Sunni smiled at the two boys as they seemed fascinated with her legs. She knew exactly what was on their minds. Sunni finished her second drink and John fixed her a third. Sunni slowly sipped the drink and the alcohol was clearly affecting her. Rob and Carl couldn't take their eyes off of her and continued to stare at her shapely legs. Sunni was getting warm and she squirmed in the chair causing her skirt to go even higher up her shapely thighs. Rob and Carl strained to get a peak up her skirt and John laughed to himself knowing that they would see all they wanted before the night was done. John asked her if she was a little warm.

"Yes, I am I think it is the alcohol," she replied going along with John.

"Guys why don't you help me take off her clothes," John said to his friends.

Sunni just stood there with her son as Carl and Rob moved toward her. The boys unzipped the dress and let it fall to the floor in a puddle. Sunni stood there in her bra, panties, and hose.

Carl next unclasped her bra freeing her tits. Both the guys were sporting erections pushing out their pants like tents. Rob and Carl each removed one of her nylons and then they both slid her panties down and off her legs. Sunni's pussy was sopping wet by now. The guys played with her fingering her pussy and tweaking her tits and nipples.

"Let's take this up to her bedroom guys," John said leading the way. Sunni walked to her bedroom supported by Carl as he played with her tits. Rob walked behind them fondling Sunni's ass.

John had Sunni lay on her back as the guys removed their clothes. Carl fucked Sunni first and then Rob. They were so hot John knew they would cum quickly. Sunni was in heat and all of a sudden she couldn't get enough cock. John fucked his stepmother next knowing that he would last longer bringing Sunni to multiple orgasms while the guys recuperated. Sunni was moaning and cumming all over the place when John finally filled her pussy with the third load of cum.

Carl and Rob were ready to go again when John told them that we were going to treat Sunni to a triple penetration. Carl and Rob were both about the right size and coupled with John's cock, Sunni would be filled with over two feet of cock. John lay on his back and had his mother straddle his cock taking it all the way in her cunt. John told Rob to lube up her asshole with the cream from her nightstand and then he told Carl he could take her mouth. Rob buried his cock in Sunni's ass as Sunni sucked Carl's dick into her mouth.

The three boys got a rhythm going and Sunni began moaning on Carl's cock, "Oh this is incredible, fuck me, fuck me in all my holes."

The three of them fucked Sunni for hours with each of them cumming in her mouth, ass and pussy. She lay on her bed almost lifeless with cum leaking from all three of her holes. John sent Rob and Carl to the guest room to shower and hit the sack. He told them they would have another crack at his stepmother in the morning. John went to his own room, showered and turned in for the night. It had gone easier than he expected and he was pleased that his stepmother was so responsive to the triple fucking. Sunni fell asleep with her asshole and pussy overflowing with semen and the taste of cum in her mouth.

The next morning the three boys had individual fuck sessions with Sunni with their morning erections. Neither of them came in her pussy but they brought her to countless orgasms. Sunni was more than willing to take on the three young hard bodies. John, now completely in charge, told Sunni to lie on her back while he ate her pussy and Carl and Rob sucked on her tits. She went wild and came all over her stepson's face. Then John had Rob fuck her pussy until they both orgasmed. John then flipped his mother over on her stomach and told Carl to fuck her in the ass. Rob put his cock in her mouth and Sunni coaxed him back to an erection. Carl shot a load in her ass and then John put his mother on her back and fucked her pussy.

The boys kept this routine going most of the morning. Next was Rob in her ass, then Carl in her pussy and finally John in her ass. All the time Sunni had a cock in her pussy or asshole there was a cock in her mouth as well. Sunni once again had three loads of cum in her pussy and asshole. John decided that it was time for her triple treat again and Sunni once more was filled with over two feet of cock. Rob was in her mouth, Carl in her pussy and her stepson in her ass. The three boys were surprised that morning with their stamina as they rotated through all of Sunni's holes once more. John's stepmother was sexually drained, exhausted and almost lifeless as she lay on her bed dripping with cum.

Rob and Carl showered, dressed and had a light breakfast while Sunni was still in bed. John just threw on a robe as he planned to bathe with his mother after the boys left. Carl and Rob left after breakfast with their balls emptier than they had ever been and they were thankful that they didn't have dates with girls that day.

John drew a bath for his mother and helped her into the roman style tub. He dropped his robe and joined her in the tub and his stepmother leaned back into his body as she soaked in the hot water and soothing jets. John reached around and fondled his stepmother's tits and firm tummy as the jets bubbled around their bodies. Not a word was spoken between them as their thoughts were elsewhere.

Sunni thought about what happened. The very thing that she fantasized about came true again. She still couldn't believe that John had pulled it off and how much she enjoyed it. The young vibrant bodies were tireless as they fucked her in every way imaginable. Sunni thought that John would invite Rob and Carl over again to share her charms.


The next time that her husband Charles was out of town, Sunni had the boys over to the house again. John had run to the store and Carl and Rob had arrived before he returned. Sunni decided not to wait for John as she was incredibly horny and anxious to have more than one cock in her. She took the two boys to her bedroom as she knew John would jump right in when he returned. Within minutes the three of them were naked and Sunni was riding Rob's cock as Carl played with her ass.

Sunni felt Carl's finger gradually slide out of her ass although it didn't stop her from continuing to enjoy the big cock thrusting up into her as Rob held her hips and brought her down on him every other second. The solid hardness of Carl's wonderful rampant cock was prodding between her ass cheeks and Sunni felt it touch her anus. Carl put his hands around her waist to steady himself as his cock at her rear pushed hard against her ass. It opened her anus beautifully and slowly moved into Sunni's body.

John had arrived home and he heard the noise coming from his stepmother's bedroom. He knew that his friends and stepmother had started without him. He went to his Sunni's bedroom and John was thoroughly entranced by the whole episode going on in front of his eyes. He watched the attractive Sunni being fucked up her ass and at the same time up her gloriously ripe cunt by his friends. Sunni was totally out of control and John could hear her gasping and whimpering at the same time as Rob and Carl still fucked her with all their energy. John could also see that Sunni was experiencing a magnificent orgasm which she obviously had no control over. John took off his clothes and walked in the bedroom totally naked and sporting a boner.

Look for Part III.

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