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Summer Storm

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The rain fell softly on the tin roof, pounding out a slow easy rythym. Jake and I kept pace with it. Our wives, Erin and Naomi were side by side on the king size bed kissing each other as we pushed deep into their wet warm pussies. They were beautiful, and their beauty was magnified 50 times in the soft glow of the candles scattered throughout the cabin. As the thunder rumbled we switched places without a word. Him entering my wife, me entering his. Her tight pussy welcomed me. wet and warm. I could tell by the little noise Erin was making that Jake's cock felt equaly as good to her as Naomi's sweet pussy did to me. Her head was back, her hair splayed....her breath slow...tiny beads of sweat dotted her face. Her back arching. Straining. Trying to get Jake's penis as deeply inside her as possible. Naomi was welcoming me just as well. I gripped her round ass cheeks, spread them with my fingers and pushes as far into her as I could. I listened to the rain and slowed my thrusting...holding back the flood of hot cum that so desperately wanted to escape into her warm body. Her hands reached behind me, pulling downward on my swollen balls..and pulling me deeper into her at the same time. I watched Erin and Jake kissing. At first a peck on the cheek. Then the lips. Her neck. Him softly biting her lower lip. I felt my cock pulse as their tongues finaly met. I started kissing Naomi. Exploring her hungry mouth. As she sucked on my tongue I felt it in my cock. I slipped out of her and came to the head of the bed. She cupped my balls and sucked my throbbing rod into her mouth, taking me deep. My fingers found her swollen clit and gently traces circles around it. I watched as Jake stood at the other side of the bed and offered my wife is hard cock too. He had one hand on her head and had his cock inches from her mouth...she strained to reach it but he kept it from her. In the soft candlelight I could see drops of precum fall onto her sexy lips. He smeared it around her mouth with the head of his fat cock. Her tongue eagerly licked them clean. He allowed her to kiss the head, them slowly swallow it whole. As Naomi picked up the pace I straddled her and lapped her delicious pussy. Long strokes, from her clit to her asshole. She took me so deep I could feel her hot breath on my balls. I fucked her mouth gently at first but her hands were on my ass pulling me deeper into her so I started pumping harder and harder, I could feel her throat muscles clenching around me and as she slipped a finger into my ass I lost control. Spurt after spurt of sticky cum flowed from me but she didn't let up...her hips were bucking, her thighs squeezing my head. She shuddered violently and came hard, sucking me the entire time. We lay exhausted for what seemed like forever, my face still between her legs soaking up her sweet aroma, my cock still in her mouth as she sucked every last drop of juice from it. By this time Jake had Entered my wife and was fucking her hard. I moved to the head of the bed and held Erin's hands tightly down. Naomi straddled her face and leaned forward to push down hard on her thighs. Erin licked Naomi's pussy and burrowed her tongue deep inside of her...I saw her nipples stiffen and knew she was cumming..Naomi ground hard on her face and leaned totaly forward, licking her clit as Jake threw his head back and unloaded his balls in my wife's perfect pussy. I moved to watch Naomi licking Erin's pussy, cleaning up the mess Jake had made. Rivulets of cum dripped from her and Naomi got all of it. Every last drop. They locked into a fevered 69 and came again, together, at the exact same time. We all layed there for awhile just looking at each other and smiled. Then, just as Jake was reaching for his pants, there was a knock at the door. I opened it only to find Jill and Steve, another couple we me that day at the campgrounds, standing there smiling. I was trying to figure out what to say but Jill just kissed my neck and pushed on through and jumped on the bed with the girls. Steve just shrugged and walked past me. I could tell this was going to be a long, long night.

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