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Spin The Bottle

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Katie and I were on our way to our friend?s house, Tom and Amber, who had invited us over for a fun time with friends. Tom was Katie?s boss and worked with Amber as her supervisor. We came with the intentions of just a casual time with friends but were we in for a total surprise? My wife is a brunette with average 36C breasts and she was wearing a modest blouse and skirt. I myself was wearing slacks and a button up shirt.

As we arrived we were greeted at the door by Amber who is a petite blond with 34B breasts. Amber was wearing a short mini skirt and tight blouse. Amber gave each of us a big hug and thanked us for coming.

We were lead to the patio where we met Brad, who also worked with Katie and his wife Amy a busty brunette with 38D breasts wearing a low cut blouse and tight skirt. We also met Dave and Mia, another employee of mine, a gorgeous Latina with dark hair a nicely tanned body and 36C breasts. She wore a tight blouse and short skirt. We then met Tom and Amber?s neighbors, Gary and Jessica, a 34C redhead with a short mini dress. Everyone greeted us and welcomed us.

We got our drinks and Amber gave us a quick tour of the house. She showed us the living room, bedrooms and really large spa room which also had a nice family room attached with a fire place.

We rejoined the group on the patio and began to chat and talk to get better acquainted with each other. We had a light meal that Tom and Amber had catered out and continued to sit and talk.

As the night went on Brad asked Tom when we were going to use the spa. Amber overheard and said why don?t we all go into the spa now? Katie interrupted and said, oh I didn?t know we were going to use a spa we did not come prepared. Tom said, ?that?s okay we always use the spa nude anyways?.

Amber asked Katie if she was okay with being nude in front of everyone and Katie said she was not comfortable with the idea. Amber said, ?Katie, you can use one of my suits if you would like?? Then Amber suggested that we all play a little game to get everyone in a better mood for the spa. I think Katie was a little relieved in knowing the spa was being put off. I was a little disappointed as I was looking forward to seeing the ladies nude.

Amber then encouraged us to move to the living area of the spa room as Tom got a fire started. As everyone was situated Amber got up in the front of the room with one of the empty bottles we were drinking and said, okay here are the rules.

?We are going to play spin the bottle, strip style. I will spin the bottle and whoever it points to can come and take off one article of my clothing. That person can then for 2 minutes touch and kiss whatever skin is showing but may not kiss or touch any area that is still clothed. When finished I will sit down and that person will spin the bottle and the game will continue?.

I could tell that Katie was now even more uncomfortable but did not protest. I was getting a hard on just anticipating this game. Jessica asked, ?what happens when someone is naked and others still have clothes on?? Amber said, ?play continues until everyone is naked, therefore, you can do whatever you want to any exposed area of skin until all are naked?.

There was great tension and excitement in the room. Amber then began and spun the bottle. The bottle landed in front of Dave, Dave got up and walked over to Amber and began to unbutton her blouse very slowly. As he opened her blouse he slowly peeled it off of her shoulders revealing a white lacy see-through bra and let it slowly fall to the floor and then proceeded to kiss her neck and shoulders.

When Dave?s time was up, Amber sat down between Gary and me and Dave spun the bottle and it landed in front of Amy. Amy got up and began to pull Dave?s shirt up and off as she did she kissed and licked his chest nice and slow as she dr*ped her hair over his body.

When Amy?s time was up, Dave sat down and Amy gave the bottle a spin for it to point towards Tom. Tom got up and went over and began to unbutton Amy?s blouse very slowly so that her light green bra became exposed and he let her blouse slowly slide down her arms as he kissed her neck and shoulders all the way down to her cleavage Amy?s blouse fell to the floor as he continue to kiss a trail down her cleavage, skipped over her breasts and kissed her naval.

When Tom?s time was up, it was Jessica?s turn. Jessica came and removed Tom?s shirt. She then kissed him on the lips rolling her tongue inside of his mouth for a very sexy two minute kiss.

I noticed Katie getting a little uneasy while starring at all of the action in front of her. Jessica spun the bottle and it landed on me. I looked at Katie and she gave no objections and so I got up and walked to Jessica. I have never been with another woman since I married Katie so this was so surreal for me. Jessica had a short mini dress on and she turned to give me access to her zipper and so I reached out my hand to slowly lower the zipper. It seemed as time had stopped as I gracefully lowered the zipper of her dress as I did I exposed the back of her lavender bra and continued to reveal her beautiful skin until the zipper stopped just above a matching pair of lavender panties. As I finished Jessica turned towards me with lust in her eyes. I then moved my hands to her shoulders and slowly began to peel the dress from her body I slid the dress down her arms revealing her bra and the dress slowly fell to the floor revealing her sexy panties. I stood before this beautiful woman who stood before me in her sexy lingerie waiting for me to do with her whatever I wanted as the timer began. I held her in my arms and began to kiss her neckline as she melted in my arms pressing her body to mine. I kissed down to her cleavage and to her naval and then down her legs and back up to her thighs, licking and devouring her flesh while running my hands up and down her lovely body as my time ended as soon as it began.

It was my turn as I gave the bottle a spin it pointed towards Mia. Mia came and began to unbutton my shirt and kissed and licked my chest all the way down to above my slacks. The time ran out and I sat down as Katie just starred on. Mia spun the bottle and it pointed towards Brad.

Brad came and began removing Mia?s blouse exposing her lacy peach bra. He took her in his arms as he kissed from her naval to her neck. As Mia sat down Brad spun the bottle as it pointed back towards Amber. Amber got up and proceeded to take off Brad?s shirt.

Then Amber spun the bottle as we could clearly see her nipples through her see-through bra and the bottle pointed towards Gary. Gary came up and got on his knees and slowly peeled Amber?s short skirt down her sexy legs, revealing a matching pair of see through panties in which it was clear she shaved her pussy. Gary proceeded to kiss around her thighs and naval until time expired.

Amber sat down and Gary spun the bottle towards Katie. Katie froze slightly but got up and with shaking hands proceeded to unbutton Gary?s shirt and removed it. She continued then to massage his bare shoulders and back until time ran out.

It was now Katie?s turn to spin the bottle and it came to Brad. Brad got up and began to slowly unbutton Katie?s blouse. Katie stood still with her eyes closed as she was being stripped for the first time by another man in front of everyone. Brad revealed a slip proceeded to peel the blouse off her body and began to lightly rub her neck with the back of his hand and kissed her on the lips as Katie stood frozen.

Brad spun the bottle and it landed towards Amber. Amber came kneeling in front of Brad and proceeded to unbuckle him and lowered his pants kissing his legs all the way down to his ankles. She helped him step out of his pants as she kissed up and down his legs.

Now excitement was in the room as Amber was down to her bra and panties, thus she would be the first to reveal something nude. She stood up and gave us a nice view of her breast and pussy that we could clearly see through her see-through underwear and the bottle spun towards me. I looked again at Katie who gave no sign of objection as I walked towards Amber. I reached behind her to unhook her bra and as I did I slowly peeled the bra from her shoulders and the bra slowly fell off of her breast and to the ground revealing before me a pair of beautiful breasts. I began to fondle and hold each breast in my hands as I lowered my lips and began to kiss each breast until time quickly ran out. Amber sat down, her breast bouncing as she walked.

I spun the bottle and it pointed towards Amy. Amy came and knelt before me and began to slowly undo my pants and pulled them down my legs planting kisses along my legs while she rubbed under the legs of my boxer shorts and slightly brushed my hard on with the back of her hand. When she touched my cock she gasped and smiled back up at me with lust in her eyes.

Time expired and I sat down as Amy spun the bottle which pointed towards Tom. Tom came and slowly peeled Amy?s skirt off her body, revealing a sexy pair of light green panties to match her bra. Tom proceeded to kiss her legs around her panties.

Amy sat down and Tom spun the bottle for it to land towards Mia. Mia stood and knelt before Tom taking his pants off and kissing his legs. Then Mia spun the bottle and it pointed towards Amy. Amy came up and knelt before Mia to unzip her skirt and slide them down her sexy legs revealing no panties. The guys busted out with cheers as we all starred at Mia?s lovely pussy. She had shaved her bush into a heart-shape and her pussy looked devouring with her perfectly tanned body all nude except for her bra. Now it was Amy?s turn to enjoy Mia and she wasted no time in having Mia lay down and spread her legs wide, giving all of us a full view of Mia?s luscious pussy. Amy proceeded to lick Mia?s clit and pussy for the entire two minutes as Mia began to softly moan.

Mia sat down and Amy spun the bottle towards Gary. Gary came and unhooked Amy?s bra as he removed her bra her heavy breast bounced free as they were released for all to see. Gary then proceeded to kiss Amy?s huge breast and fondle them for two minutes until Amy had to sit down.

Gary spun the bottle and it pointed towards Amber. Amber was only wearing panties and Gary was down to his underwear. Amber knelt before Gary and began to peel his boxer shorts off. Katie slightly gasped as Gary?s cock came into view. Amber smiled as she began to grab his cock and massaged his balls. She then took a hold of his shaft and began to lick up and down his shaft until time quickly ran out. Gary sat down and Amber spun the bottle.

The bottle landed towards Dave. Dave came and had the delight of removing Amber?s panties. He slowly dug his fingers into the waistband of her panties and began to slowly peel them down her legs. Revealing to us her beautiful shaved pussy for all to see. Amber stepping out of her panties stood before us completely naked as Dave proceeded to massage her clit. He inserted a finger into her pussy as she began to softly moan. He began to kiss her pussy lips and lick her pussy with his tongue until time ran out. Amber then went to go and sit down nude and Dave spun the bottle.

The bottle pointed towards Jessica who came and knelt before Dave and began to peel his pants off. Jessica wasted no time in kissing and massaging his legs up and down. When the timer went off, Dave sat down and Jessica spun the bottle as it pointed to Tom.

Tom got up and reached behind Jessica to unhook her bra as he brushed the straps off of her shoulders the bra fell to the ground exposing her lovely breast to us. He cupped her beautiful breasts and kissed them for all they were worth, causing Jessica to begin to moan in pleasure. When time ran out, Jessica sat down and Tom gave the bottle a spin for it to land before Mia.

Mia got up and knelt before Tom and hooked her fingers into the waistband of his boxers and yanked his boxers down allowing his hard on to smack her in the face. Katie jumped seeing for the first time her boss? cock. Mia grabbed his cock and immediately put her mouth around the shaft and began to suck it down her throat as she fondled his balls causing Tom to begin to moan. Mia sucked his cock up and down furiously until time ran out and she ended by planting a kiss on the tip of his cock. Now Tom went to go sit down naked as Mia stood revealing to us her shaved pussy again as she spun the bottle which pointed towards Amy.

Amy came to Mia her huge breast bouncing as she walked and had Mia facing us as she began to unhook Mia?s bra from behind. Before Amy removed Mia?s bra from her breast she moved closer smashing her own huge breast into Mia?s back and slowly peeled Mia?s bra straps down her shoulders and slowly removing the bra cups from her breasts revealing Mia to us in all her glory. She then turned Mia around sideways so that we could all view both of their breasts as she hugged Mia allowing their breasts to massage each other. She then planted kisses all over Mia?s breast and began to slowly suck Mia?s breast and nipples until time ran out. Mia sat down now completely nude and Amy spun the bottle for it to point towards Dave.

Dave got up and knelt before Amy and placed his hands in the waistband of the panties of Brad?s wife and slowly lowering her panties down her legs revealing to us Amy?s beautiful trimmed pussy for all to see. Amy stepped out of her panties that now lay around her ankles as Dave had her lay on the floor and spread her legs as he slowly starred into her pussy and felt her clit. He moved forward planting kisses around her trimmed mound and began licking her pussy as he inserted a finger into her beautiful hole time ran out. Amy got up and walked to sit down completely nude as Dave gave the bottle a spin to point towards Katie.

Now Katie was faced with the opposition of removing Dave?s boxers. She came so innocently to the party that has now turned into a swinging orgy. Katie until tonight had never seen another naked man outside of me. So far tonight she has already seen two naked men and three naked women, all having oral sex with each other; It was now her turn to remove Dave?s boxers and reveal to us his cock and then proceed to do as she wished to his naked body for two minutes.

To my amazement she got up and walked towards Dave. She slowly knelt before him and starred at the boxers that stood before him, his naked cock just beyond the material she was to now remove. Her hands shaking as she reached out and grabbed the waistband of his boxers and slowly began to lower his underwear. As she lowered his boxers his pubic hair began to become visible and she began to gasp but continued to lower his boxers as his prick became visible just inches from her face. His hard on was making it difficult for her to lower the boxers further so she had to use a little force, making his cock spring up smacking her in the face as the boxer shorts fell to the ground and some pre-cum landed on her cheek. She starred at his cock that stood before her. Katie slowly began to reach out her hand and began touch the head of his cock causing Dave to moan and she began to slowly grab his cock and slide her hand up and down. As she began to pick up confidence and speed the timer went off. Dave went to go sit down as Katie knelt there looking at her hand that just touched another man?s cock for the first time.

Katie spun the bottle and it pointed towards Brad, a co-worker of Katie. Brad having removed Katie?s blouse earlier came and helped Katie stand up as he knelt before her. He carefully reached and unzipped her skirt and watched as it gracefully fell to the floor to reveal her full slip. He proceeded to kiss her neck and lips as she remained slightly frozen.

Katie sat down as time expired and Brad spun the bottle to point towards Jessica. Jessica came over, kneeling before Brad lowered his boxers to reveal his hard on before us all and she began to grab his cock and massage his balls as she lowered her mouth on his cock and began to suck it. Time ran out and Brad sat down naked and Jessica spun the bottle towards me.

I got up and knelt before Jessica. I have never been with a redhead before and proceeded to put my fingers in the waistband of her lavender panties and slowly lowered her underwear. As I did I revealed a neatly trimmed red mound and pussy. She stepped out of her panties and I proceeded to massage her clit and inserted a finger to her twat. As I slowly finger fucked her I began to lick her pussy as she began to moan. Time ran out and I slowly slid my finger out of her pussy. She sat down completely nude, as she was the last woman naked except my wife and I span the bottle.

The bottle pointed towards Amber our host and my employee. Amber knelt before me and proceeded to lower my boxers, revealing my nakedness to another woman and in front of a crowd for the first time. Amber grabbed my cock and began to fondle my balls. She lowered her head and sucked my balls and then my cock, sucking me and stroking me until I thought I would explode as the timer went off.

I noticed as I sat down nude next to my wife who was still in a gaze that I was the last one nude except for my wife who was mainly still fully clothed. Amber then asked my wife if she wanted to continue as she was the only one with clothes on and she was uneasy about being nude. Katie nodded her head and so Amber said now anything goes with each other except for Katie until she is nude. Except now we can all take 5 minutes enjoying one another.

Amber stood naked and spun the bottle and it landed towards Gary. Gary asked Amber to lay down and spread her legs for us all to see her beautiful pussy as he proceeded to lick her shaved pussy and finger her while taking one hand to massage her breasts. When time expired Amber sat down and Gary spun the bottle it pointed towards Katie.

Katie got up and knelt before Gary and began to grab his cock, still shaky and slow but with more confidence. She then began to massage his balls and stroke his cock until the timer ended and Gary went to sit down.

Katie spun the bottle and it landed on Dave. Dave came and had Katie stand as he delicately slid the straps of her slip down her arms as the slip slid down her body to the floor revealing a matching pair of light blue bra and panties. He kissed her on the lips and brushed her skin with the back of his hand around the skin near her bra and panties. Katie sat down as the timer went off and Dave spun the bottle towards her once more.

Katie got up and knelt before Dave and reached out and touched her third cock of the evening and began to massage it and fondle his balls. She then lowered her mouth and kissed the head of his cock as time ran out. Dave sat down and Katie spun the bottle that landed towards Mia.

Katie not only has never been with other men before but has never been with another woman either. Mia came to Katie and had Katie stand up. Like Amy she stood behind my wife allowing my wife to face all of us she slowly unhooked my wife?s bra and lowered her straps. Mia then stepped forward pressing her beautiful breast into the my wife?s back as Mia slowly removed my wife?s bra revealing Katie?s breast for all to see for the first time. Mia turned Katie around mashed their breast together massaging Katie?s breast with her own and then held and sucked on my wife?s breast until time ran out. My wife sat down, topless and Mia gave the bottle a spin.

The bottle landed towards me and I walked towards beautifully naked Mia. I had Mia lay down as I spread her legs wide, starring into her luscious pussy I spread her pussy lips and began to lick up and down her slit and sucked on her clit. Mia began to squirm and moan as I sucked on her clit as she grabbed my head pushing me deeper into her pussy as I pushed my tongue as deep into her pussy as it would go. Time ran out Mia sat down and I spun the bottle to land on Amber.

Amber had me lay down as she stood over me and straddled my legs. She then began to lower herself above my cock and slowly lowered her lovely tight pussy onto my cock. Until now there had been no sexual intercourse. Amber then began to grind her pussy onto my cock and slowly began to bounce up and down and ride my cock, her breast were bouncing as she rode me. She then lowered herself and allowed me to suck her breasts as we fucked. Time ran out and I reluctantly slid out of her pussy slowly and sat down as Amber spun the bottle and it landed towards Katie.

Katie got up and not really knowing what to do, began to massage Amber?s shoulders, Amber then guided Katie?s hands to her breast and Katie began to massage and fondle Amber?s breast and then kissed each breast as time ran out. Amber sat down as Katie spun the bottle and it landed towards Tom, Katie?s boss.

Tom gracefully walked towards Katie and knelt down before her. He placed his hands into the waistband of her panties. He slowly lowered her panties revealing to us her beautifully trimmed pussy. As her panties passed her hips they gracefully fell to the floor. As he removed her panties from her ankles he guided her to lay on the floor and spread her legs wide revealing to us a clear view as we starred at her beautiful pussy. He then proceeded to spread her pussy lips and massaged her clit. He moved in to begin to lick her pussy, as he did he inserted a finger into her love hole and began to finger fuck her slowly as time ran out.

Katie sat down nude and Tom spun the bottle and the bottle landed in front of Katie again. Katie came back and knelt before Tom who was now standing and she reached out and touched his cock with one hand and began to fondle his balls with the other. She began to stroke his cock up and down as she lowered her mouth to his cock and began to suck his cock. Katie continued to suck and lick up and down his shaft until time ran out and Tom sat down.

Katie spun the bottle to continue. The bottle landed on Brad who came over and laid Katie down and began to lick Katie?s pussy and sucked on her clit. He then inserted his finger into her pussy. Katie began to lean back as she closed her eyes enjoying the attention she was receiving from Brad?s tongue and finger, then the timer went off and Katie sat down.

Brad spun the bottle and it pointed towards Amber. Amber had Brad lay on the floor as she began to straddle his cock and lowered herself on it. She then began to ride his cock and play with her breast. They continued to fuck as Amber grinded her pussy on Brad?s cock. Brad looked like he was getting ready to cum when time ran out.

Brad sat down and Amber spun the bottle and it pointed towards Katie. Katie walked to Amber who was standing in front of us unsure of what to do and Amber reached out to Katie and they began to kiss rub their naked bodies together. Amber then began to slowly push Katie down towards her pussy. As Katie lowered herself her face was inches from Amber?s pussy and then Amber began to pull her in as she spread her own pussy lips. Katie then began to stick out her tongue and began to lick Amber?s pussy and clit. Katie then grabbed Amber?s beautiful ass and pulled Amber?s pussy into her own face and began to increase her pace in licking Amber?s pussy as time ran out. Amber then reluctantly pulled herself away and went to go sit down. Katie spun the bottle towards Mia.

Mia came over and Mia laid Katie down and began to lick Katie?s pussy. Mia was facing me with her ass and I had an awesome view of Mia?s breath taking pussy and ass as she ate my wife?s pussy. Katie began to squirm and moan as the timer went off.

Katie sat down as Mia spun the bottle to turn towards me. I went to Mia and laid her down, as I spread her legs wide I slowly rubbed my cock over her pussy lips, teasing her and until she begged me to fuck her. I fucked her hard sucking and fondling her breast as we kissed passionately. Just as the timer went off we both came. I spun the bottle and it was for Amy.

Amy came and sat on my cock as she faced me with her bouncing breast for me to play with. Amy massaged my face with her breast as we fucked.

Amy spun the bottle and it was towards Katie. Katie came and laid Amy down and began to suck Amy?s pussy until Amy began to moan.

Katie spun the bottle and it landed towards Tom. Tom came over to Katie who was still on the ground and Tom guided his cock towards her pussy and teased her with it until she begged for his cock and then he fucked her hard and wild while sucking on her breast and kissing her deep. He slid his cock out of her pussy as the timer went off. Tom spun the bottle towards Jessica.

Jessica came and mounted Tom facing us as we watched her breast bounce as she played with them and reached and suck her own nipples. The timer went off and she spun the bottle towards Katie.

Katie came to Jessica and straddled her face and then turned into a sixty-nine and as they feasted on each other?s pussy.

Katie spun the bottle and it came to Amber and Amber moved Katie into a sixty-nine position. Once the timer went off, Katie did not stop but kept sucking on Amber?s pussy. Tom came over and began fucking Katie doggy style while Katie ate his wife?s pussy. Mia came over and sucked on Amber?s tits while I fucked Mia from behind. Jessica came and sat on Amber?s face and Brad moved in so Jessica could suck his cock. Meanwhile Amy came over to Katie who was sucking Amber and sucked Tom?s cock as it went in and out of Katie?s pussy. With Amy spread out between Katie and Tom, Dave came and fucked Amy.

After we all fucked together some moved into the spa and continued to fuck there. Once while I was fucking Jessica in the spa I noticed that Katie was being fucked doggy style on the other side of the spa by Brad as she sucked Gary. Amy came over and sat on my face as both Jessica and Amy played with each others breasts.

Amber came and led me to the shower while Katie led Tom by his cock to the same shower. We soaped each other down and Tom fucked Katie as I fucked Amber and the ladies fondled each other?s breast. As Tom was toweling off Katie, Mia came into the shower and I fucked her wild as Amber sucked me as I entered Mia?s pussy.

We toweled each other off and found Tom fucking Katie on the bed with Amy sitting on Katie?s face we went down the stairs into the living room to find Dave fucking Jessica as Jessica was sucking Brad. Amber found Gary and they were heading towards the spa to fuck so Mia and I sat before the fireplace and fucked on the floor.

I remember waking up in the morning with Mia in my arms and my cock resting in her pussy and Amy?s breast messed in my back. I slipped out and wandered into the kitchen to see Katie still nude being fingered and sucked by Brad. Jessica came behind me saying good morning as she rubbed her nude body against my back side. I laid her down in the living room to suck her pussy and mounted her. After I came, we switched and she mounted me on top as Amber came in and sat on my face.

In the afternoon the ladies had us men sit in the spa room near the fireplace as they were going to put on a show for us. They put on some music and Amber stepped up and began to dance to the music sexily. Amber then proceeded to do a sexy strip tease, she danced and took off her blouse and skirt and then reached behind her to unsnap her bra. Her bra straps fell down her arms and the bra fell to the floor. She then she turned so her back was facing us as she bent over giving us a view of her ass as she slowly lowered her panties. Once she stepped out of her panties she turned and stood before us completely nude with her legs slightly spread as we all applauded and cheered. She then proceeded to sit on a chair the girls had placed in the center and spread her legs wider for us to get a better view of her pussy. Then Mia and the other girls surrounded her massaging her breasts and body. Then Mia began to put shaving cream around Ambers shaved pussy. Mia then began to shave Amber?s pussy. When Amber was completely shaven each girl took a turn to lick Amber?s pussy clean.

Then all of the ladies sat down except for Mia. Mia then began to dance to the music and gave us a sexy strip tease show. Peeling out of her clothes she was down to her bra and panties. She reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra and slid it off of her breast. She then proceeded to play with her breast and lick her own nipples. She then lowered her panties and danced and put her hands on her hips as she danced her hips pushing her pussy towards us. She then sat down in the chair and spread her legs wide and began to play with her clit furiously. The girls returned and massaged Mia?s nude body and put shaving cream on Mia?s pussy. Amy then proceeded to shave Mia?s pussy while leaving her heart-shaped bush. Then each girl went down on Mia, licking and feasting on her luscious pussy.

When Mia was shaven Amy stood and danced and stripped for us. She gave us a real show with her large breasts as she played and licked them. Once she stripped her panties Amy sat on the chair and Jessica shaved Amy?s pussy and the girls licked her clean.

Then it was Jessica?s turn to strip for us sexily. As Jessica took off her clothes for us to see her pussy and breast again she sat on the chair and the Katie began shaving Jessica?s pussy and licked her cunt.

Then it was Katie?s turn. Katie danced with the music and took off her blouse and skirt. Then she reached behind her and removed her own bra for us to see her beautiful breast. She then lowered her panties so we could see her pussy. She then turned around and bent over to give us a clear view of her ass and pussy, she reached around fingering herself and licking her finger. She then sat on the familiar chair and spread her legs wide. She reached down and spread her pussy lips for us to get a clear view of her pussy. Amber came over and began shaving her pussy then each girl licked and sucked on her pussy.

When Katie was done all the ladies got up and rubbed their nude bodies all over each other, massaging their breast together and feeling each other?s pussies. Then Amber sat on the floor and spread her legs wide to showing us her pussy. Mia sat down next to her showing us her pussy. Amy followed suit and spread her legs, so did Jessica and finally Katie. All five ladies sat there with their legs spread and parting their pussy lips for us as they began to masturbate for us. They fingered and rubbed their own cunts until each woman came.

Then Amber said, ?will? and Mia said, ?you,? and Amy said, ?come? and Jessica, ?and?, and finally Katie, ?fuck? and finally all together, ?us!? So we came stripped our clothes and I fucked Mia as Dave fucked Katie, Gary fucked Amber and Brad fucked Jessica, and Tom fucked Amy.

After we fucked we all went into the spa and were chatting and drinking. Tom was sitting next to Katie and I was sitting next to Jessica. Amber was sitting next to Dave and Amy was sitting with Gary as Mia as sitting with Brad.

As we were sitting the doorbell rang and so Amber got up nude and answered the door. It was two more co-workers of mine Heather and Denise. Amber still nude and wet jumped back into the tub and Tom encouraged the ladies to join us.

Heather has long blond hair and 34C breast and Denise is a brunette with 36C breast. The girls giggled and blushed. Tom then stood up and introduced each of us with our spouses as he held his cock, Heather and Denise noticed that none of us were sitting with our own spouse. As Tom sat down the girls kicked off their shoes and said, ?what the hell.?

Heather began to unbutton Denise?s blouse while Denise unbuttoned Heather?s. They then peeled each other?s blouse over their shoulders as they fell to the floor. Heather reached around Denise to unzip her skirt and pulled it to the floor and Denise unzipped Heather?s skirt and it fell to the floor. Denise had a matching set of yellow underwear and Heather had a matching pink bra and panty set.

The girls held each other tight as they mashed their breast together. Denise reached around Heather to unsnap her bra and Heather reached around and unsnapped Denise?s bra. They pulled each other?s bra strap down but did not release their bra?s that were smashed between them. Then slowly they pulled apart from each other as their bras fell to the floor and turned and faced us revealing two beautiful pairs of breasts. Then they turned with their backs towards us and bent over as they lowered their panties to reveal their pussies for us to see. They then stood up and turned around with their hands up in a ?V? for us to see them in all their glory as we cheered on.

Then both ladies approached the spa and gracefully came into the water. Both ladies walked to the center of the spa and turned to face each other and began to kiss passionately. Massaging and fondling each other?s breast. Denise finally backed up Heather to the side of the spa between Dave and I and began to eat Heather?s pussy. Heather then lifted Denise up on the side of the spa and spread Denise?s legs wide and began to lick her pussy dry. I could not contain myself and so I began to kiss and fondle Denise?s breast as Dave began to fondle Heather?s clit from behind.

Denise lowered herself and began to suck my cock as Heather turned around and began to kiss Dave and massage his cock and balls. Denise soon sat up again on the edge of the spa and spread her legs wide and said to me very sexily, ?fuck me.? I did not have to be asked twice and I pointed my cock at the entrance of her waiting pussy and began to rub my cock up and down her pussy lips. I entered her pussy slowly and then pulled out and massaged some more until she begged me to fuck her hard. I then thrusted my cock all the way in and fucked her hard. I looked and Tom was fucking Katie on the edge of the spa as Gary stood above her so she could suck his cock. Gary was fucking Amber doggy style as Dave was sucking Heather?s pussy dry. Denise and I moved to the floor where she mounted me on top, allowing her breast to bounce for me to play with. Mia came over and sat on my face as I licked and devoured her pussy. Densie and Mia French kissed and massaged each other?s breast. I looked and Jessica and Brad were fucking wildly on the floor next to us with Amy sitting on his face. Soon Mia, Jessica, Denise and Amy were in foursome kiss massaging and fondling each other?s bouncing breasts.

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