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Sometimes it is Really is True

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This is a story that really happened.

Sherry sat on the couch looking through the magazine I had given her. Sherry was my girlfriend of a couple of years and was a beautiful girl in her thirties. I am Jim. We were both divorced and she has a daughter 5 years old. After looking through the magazine she looked up and we made eye contact and she said well interesting and you want to do this? I said yes. Both of us had had several girlfriends or boyfriends since our divorces and so had been around some. The magazine was a swinger magazine filled with ads which she had been reading.

She said so we meet another couple and have sex with them? I said yes that is what happens. You are ok with me having sex with another man and I said yes we already have done that, right? How many men have you had? She got a little flushed and said 5 and you. I laughed and well I have had many more. I just need for you to say yes or no. She looked at me smiled and said yes if you want too. I said great I will find a couple. Truthfully I was a little surprised she had said yes.

The couple sat across from us in the living room. They were John and Deb. I had located them from an ad he had posted on a wall in an adult book store. They had been swinging for about a year. They were very attractive and seemed like nice people. Sherry and I had talked about what we were willing to do at this first meeting and had decided to move forward if everything felt ok.

I looked at Sherry, and nodded a yes and she nodded back a yes. We had agreed that if we were going to do this that we would tonight if we agreed.

John was telling us about a party house that he and Deb had been to a couple of times and how wild it was and if we were interested we could all go together sometime. He said they and swapped with 4 other couples locally and always had a great time. Finally he asked if we were interested in swinging. I said yes, but it was our first time and we were unsure how to get started. He laughed and said been there and did that and turned to Deb and said why not have Jim show you around the house and Sherry and I can get to know each other better while you are gone. Deb smiled and said good idea and stood up and said to me show me around.

As we walked down the hallway John stood up and walked over to Sherry. Deb followed me into the bedroom and said how nice. She turned to me and leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. We than kissed several more times and she unbuttoned her top and I moved forward to help her, I had no doubts about what I was about to do to her. I undressed her and she was fine and her face became flushed and her breathing increased as I took her clothes off. I could hear sounds coming from the living room and figured John was starting on Sherry. I wondered how she was doing.

Deb unzipped my pants and we made eye contact as she reached in and felt my cock, which was very hard by now. She smiled and said oh is that for me? I unhooked my belt and my pants dropped to the floor and I stepped out of them. She pulled my shorts down and I sprung into action. She looked down and said very nice, you are big, I like big guys. I took my shirt off and turned her around and she bent over waiting for me looking back over her shoulder as we made eye contact. I moved forward and she gasped as I entered her and went deep. She was very wet. I heard more sounds coming from the living room. Skin slapping against skin and moaning sounds coming from Sherry John was giving it to her like I was giving it to his wife. I fucked Deb hard and fast and she cried out loudly oh yes fuck me and grunted and pushed back against me and said cum and shuttered and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock as she climaxed.

I was close and grunted and slammed into her and exploded in her pussy pulling out still squirting all over her butt and back. We both collapsed on the floor panting. After we calmed down some she said you are very good, I came hard.

We listened to the sounds still coming from the living room. I could hear Sherry panting and John grunting and the sounds of fucking. Deb said he is really giving it to her. He can go a long time. It may be a little while before he finishes. I was getting hard again listening to Sherry getting fucked and in my imagination could see her on her back with her legs in the air or on her knees with him giving it to her from behind. Deb noticed I was hard again and bent down and took me in her mouth. She licked and sucked on me and swung around so I could reach her pussy. We did the 69 thing and she was very wet against my mouth.

I heard Sherry cry out oh yes and she grunted and I knew she had given it up to John and had gotten off with him. I heard more slapping sounds and John grunted and moaned and it suddenly got quiet and I knew he had just cum with Sherry.

I started to jerk and Deb grabbed my butt and held me in her mouth knowing I was going to cum. I jerked again and exploded in her mouth. She swallowed and sucked me dry and shuttered against my mouth having her own climax as I filled her mouth with my cum. Deb said I love the taste of cum. I said I love you tasting it.

Soon we got dressed and returned to the living room to find John and Sherry sitting together fully dressed. She had that I just got fucked hard look on her face, flushed and her hair all messed up. Of course Deb looked the same.

Before they left they invited us to go the party house the next weekend. I said I would let him know. I turned to Sherry and said well. She said you know I had a good time as you could hear me and I could tell you had fun because I could hear what you and Deb were doing. I said yes. She then said he was very good and really got me off, I said I heard you.

Are you ok? She said it was strange but fun. I never had a man I just met before. We always had a few dates first. I enjoyed myself. I asked, could you do it again? She paused and said before I answer I have a question, Are we ok? I just fucked a stranger almost in front of you. I said actually I think we should get married, what do you think? She looked surprised and finally said I would like to be married to you. I said then answer the question. She looked a little embarrassed, but said yes I would do it again with you and for you. I really did have a good time. I said me too. I said in that case I will call John and accept his invitation. I want to know one thing. Did you go down on John? She smiled and said you know me.

The four of us arrived at the house. John had told us what went on there. That there would be about 20 couples and maybe some single girls, no single men were allowed. He said it will be a wild 2 nights as we would be there Friday and Saturday. Sherry and I had talked. She was concerned about me seeing her with another man and that was the one thing I wanted to do. No more secrets. It was left up in the air, at least for the moment.

I also wanted her to try with another woman as John had told us that it happened a lot at the house; it was one of its main attractions for a lot of couples. Sherry said she was very unsure, and said she would talk to Deb.

As we entered the house I could see several other couples sitting around talking. It was a very nice house. The people seemed just like us, mostly attractive and about our age. Sherry and I had talked about our fantasies. Hers was to have more than one man. Mine was watching her and finding a very young girl. Mostly I wanted to see her with another woman, which was not likely now unless her talk with Deb changed anything.

I wanted to look around the house and left Sherry sitting with Deb as John had disappeared. Deb said he was off doing his own thing. I walked around and in one room there were tents constructed so you could close them up for privacy if you wanted. As I passed one I looked in and two young Asian girls were getting it on. I was instantly hard watching them kissing and licking each other all over.

I went back to the common area and Deb and Sherry were gone, so I went looking. I went upstairs and in one of the rooms was Sherry on her back with a guy giving it to her hard. She had not wasted any time and I got to watch her fucking a stranger. She had her eyes closed and so would not know I was watching. Deb was sitting next to her rubbing her thigh and looked up at me watching and put a finger to her lips to be quiet.

Sherry gasped and her legs came up and she wrapped them around him. She was wide open to him and he was really giving it to her. There was the smell and sound of sex in the room. Sherry pulled this guy closer and grunted and gasped and give it up to him and had a cum. He just kept going. Deb leaned in and gave Sherry a kiss on the lips as she climaxed and Sherry responded to the kiss without hesitation. I wonder what they had discussed. I turned around and left and went downstairs looking.

Later I told Sherry I had watched her and that it was ok. She said she and Deb had talked and she was still unsure but maybe willing to do something with Deb as she wanted to do something with me.

When I got downstairs the common room was almost empty. There was one young girl sitting alone and I walked over to her and laughed and said just us left I guess? She looked up at me and said looks that way my boyfriend is off somewhere. Everyone that came to the house knew what it was and came willing. I asked her how she was doing and she said nervous, it is my first time here, I said mine too. My lady is upstairs doing a guy she just met. I offered her my hand and said shall we? She looked up at me, her face was a little flushed and nodded a yes and got up and we found a space to fuck.

Her name was Donna and she was 19. We stood in the room for a few minutes kissing. I could tell she was very excited and I was very hard. I asked what do you like and she said will you lick me and I said oh yes I will lick you and much more.

I asked will you undress for me as I love watching a woman undressing. She took her clothes off with me watching. She was gorgeous. Long black hair down to her shoulders, nice size boobs with her nipples already hard. I said your are beautiful and moved over to her pushed her to the floor and she spread for me as I went down between her legs and licked her pussy. I licked her for a long time and she was very wet and I felt her shutter and heard he gasp as she climaxed on my face.

I stood up and took my clothes off and she looked at my hard cock with her eyes wide open and her face very flushed. I have about eight inches and big around. I moved to her and positioned myself over her pussy and slowly pushed my cock into her pussy. She was very tight and I felt some resistance. I had to push hard and finally she opened up and I went deep and she gasped and said, oh so big you fill me up.

I looked up and another couple was watching us. I got into a fucking rhythm with Donna wide open to me. We made eye contact and I could see the lust on her face as I gave it to her. She pulled me in and kissed me passionately and grunted and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock. She gasped, shuttered and held on to me tight as she trusted against me and lost her control and give it up to me grunting as she climaxed.

I was close and turned her over and she got on her hands and knees and I went back in and rode her hard from behind. I exploded in her pussy, pulling out still squirting all over her butt and back. We both collapsed next to each other panting. After a while we both got dressed and she kissed me and said you are very nice. I said you were wonderful and we went back into the common room with her boyfriend waiting and Sherry and Deb sitting on the couch together talking. Sherry eyed this beautiful young girl as she passed by and looked up to me and said very nice.

I needed a smoke and Sherry went outside with me. I told her I watched her with the guy. She said his name was John and he was very good. I said I noticed Deb kissing you? You and her talked I guess? Sherry looked at me and said yes. She had been with one other woman and was very interested in me. I told her you wanted me to, and she said most men do.

I did like her kissing me and the feel of her hand on my thigh, actually it turned me on even more, so maybe more later, not sure how far I can go. She did tell me I could just allow her to play and not do anything to her if I wanted. I may try that.

Food was provided and we got a plate and sat talking and eating.

I asked her if she was ok with what she was doing. She said I am having a good time, and was I ok with what she was doing? I said yes as long as we are ok. She said we will always be ok.

I said lets go to the group room and watch for a while. There were cubicles around the edge of the group room that allowed some privacy. We climbed into on the was high up and laid watching. There were several couples in the group room playing. Two couples came in and swapped partners and moved to the center of the room. The two women started with kissing each other and then undressing each other as their husbands watched.

Once they were both naked the guys moved in and soon they were fucking each others wife. The women were in the middle kissing as they were being fucked, boob to boob and holding on to each other as guys gave to them from behind. As we were watching a guy walked up to our cubicle and looked in and asked if he could join us. I looked at Sherry and said up to you and she laughed and said sure. The guy climbed in and we were three. I moved to the side and this guy made his move on Sherry as I watched up close and personal.

This guy fucked Sherry right there in front of me. It was a quick fuck for him and after he got off with her he left and she said he was not very good as she had hardly gotten started when he was already finished.

A few minutes later he comes Deb wrapped in just a towel and we waved her over and she joined us and I asked what have you been doing and she laughed and said being fucked in a hot tub.

We all watched the people in the group room for a while. Deb whispered something to Sherry and with some hesitation she nodded a yes. Sherry leaned back against me and said well here I go and Deb removed her towel and we were all naked.

Deb began with kissing Sherry and Sherry responded and kissed her back. The kissing continued and with more and more passion. Both ladies were turned on. I got very hard watching. Sherry leaned back against me and I played with her boobs and slipped my cock into her as Deb moved down her body first kissing her neck than sucking on her boobs. Sherry gasped at her touch. I slowly moved in and out of her and could feel her pussy clamp down but before she could cum I pulled out as and Deb replaced my cock with her tongue.

Sherry shuttered as she watched her friend eating her out. Sherry spread wide to give Deb full access and Deb really got into her with tongue and fingers. I moved behind Deb and she raised her butt in the air and I went in deep. I had been there before on our first meeting. I fucked her as she ate Sherry and I looked down at Sherry and we made eye contact. I am sure she could see the lust on my face as I could see it on hers.

Suddenly Sherry said oh and grabbed Deb behind her head and pulled her in tight and shuttered and gasped and said oh yes and climaxed oh her face leaving it all wet and I pushed into Deb hard and she made a muffled sound and grunted as I exploded in her pussy as she climaxed with me and Sherry.

Sherry looked at me and said wow that was wild, I feel like such a bad girl. Deb said no good girl, I was the bad girl. I said I love you both.

Time for a break.

Deb kissed us both and said see you later and went looking for John. After she left I asked Sherry how was that? She said I really got off hard, I liked it very much. I am surprised.

We went back to the common room and found a corner to relax for a time. We had been there for 3 hours and wanted some down time and I wanted a short nap so I dosed off for a while. About an hour later I was wide awake and Sherry was sleeping next to me. The room was quiet with most people off somewhere. I looked across the room and Donna was sitting alone again and I motioned for her to join us and she came over and sat down.

I asked her how she was doing and she said well it has been different and that she had been with two other men in the last couple of hours, but not at the same time and laughed. I said Sherry just had her first girl-girl experience and enjoyed it, have you ever been with another girl? Donna said no, but my boyfriend wants me to try it. How about you, do you want to try it?

Donna said well yes and no and laughed and Sherry said know that feeling as she was now awake and had been listening in to our conversation, so I introduced her to Donna. I had told Sherry how much Donna liked being licked. Sherry said to Donna you are very pretty, Donna said thanks and you are too. I said I need the bathroom and left them sitting.

When I came out of the bathroom Sherry was there waiting. She said I have decided that I would like to do to someone what Deb did to me. I am really curious what that is like. I said ok who and she said Donna and she is willing to try it with me if it is ok with you. I said oh yes. I said you have come a long way in a short time and she said yes. I said we need to invite Deb and John back over to our house sometime soon. She agreed.

So Donna, Sherry and I were back in the group room in the same cubicle. Sherry was going to take the plunge so to speak. Donna looked both very nervous and turned on as her face was flushed as Sherry moved toward her.

I sat back to watch Sherry get her first taste of another woman. I was up and at the ready. The two ladies moved together.

The two naked ladies did some kissing and Donna said I have never done that and it feels nice you are so soft. Sherry said you are beautiful and I want to lick you all over and kissed her neck then her boobs and moved down. Donna gasped and spread wide when Sherrie began to lick her pussy and came almost instantly. Sherry looked up at me with her face all wet from Donna. Sherry continued to lick Donna and she climaxed again. I leaned over I whispered to Donna lick Sherry too. She hesitated for a moment and swung around and they were in a 69, both licking each other, lost in the moment and the sensations.

I joined in and moved behind Donna and looking down watching Sherry licking her I went into that wonderful tight pussy and had to push hard to get in, but finally it opened up and I heard Donna give a muffled gasp as I fucked her. Sherry was looking up watching me fuck Donna and I could see the pure lust on her face. She was licking both me and Donna at the same time. We had all entered a new world.

Donna came first making all kinds of sounds and Sherry came next grunting through her cum and finally me exploding in Donna Pulling out still squirting all over her and Sherry below me. Wow what a night to remember.

We were all done for the night. Donna said after it was over that it had been the wildest thing she had ever done and it had been wonderful.

Tomorrow would be another day. The next morning we all decided to go home and we invited Deb and John over to spend the day with us and they agreed. .

To be continued

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