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I was going out with my girlfriend for 2 years when she got a new job. I went to pick her up one night and when I walked In I saw one of the most gorgeous women ever. I introduced myself to her, she was gorgeous. After a few weeks I found out she also had a sister. I found out what time she was working and went in to see what she was like. When I walked In I saw her, and oh my god she was absolutely stunning. Her sister was no comparison to her. The older sister Shea and the younger sister Tam they are both gorgeous but Tam got me hard. Tam had just turned 18 and Shea was just turning 21. We became really good friends while my girlfriend was working with them. We invited them over for drinks all the time. We'd sit on the couch and talk about everything including sex. That was a good thing but bad in a way as I always got a hard on. One night they both came around and they were having drinks I don’t drink, my girlfriend was on the verge of passing out. Tam and Shea were also drinking but were ok but getting a bit drunk. I was making some drinks in the kitchen when Tam walked in behind me, put her hands on my hips and moved them to my cock. She slipped her hands inside my jeans and started playing with my hard cock. I couldn’t believe it. I was worried that my girlfriend was going to walk in. She started to unbutton my jeans when I turned around to stop her. I pulled her hands out of my pants and kissed her. It was the best kiss I had ever had. She said to me to meet her in bathroom. She walked out and went down the hall. I finished making the drinks and took them out to the girls and went to the bathroom. There she was leaning against the basin. I shut the door and walked over to her, and started kissing. We were fondling for quite a while when she started un doing my jeans. They dropped to the floor as she started playing with my cock. She moved me back and went down on me. It was like I was in heaven. She started sucking my balls till my cock was really hard them she took my cock in her mouth. Fuck she sucked great. I pulled her up and un zipped her jeans and pulled them down with her panties. She leaned back against the wall as I knelt down In front of her. She put her leg up on my shoulder as I started licking her sweet 18yr old pussy. She had the greatest looking shaved pussy ever. I got up and turned her around as she leaned over the basin. She spread her legs as I moved closer to her. She put her hand between her legs as I moved into her. She took my dick in her hand and rubbed it against her pussy. I pushed slightly and I was in. I pushed a bit harder and I was deep inside her and fuck she felt fantastic. I put my hand on her shoulder and pulled her toward me as I pushed. She was moaning as I pushed deep inside her. I pulled out and she turned around. We got fully naked and started playing around. I got a towel and put it on the floor. I lay down on my back and Tam got on top of me backwards. I had only done 69 once so I knew this was going be fun. We sucked and licked for about 5 minutes when she got up and sat on me. She guided my dick inside her tight pussy. Riding me cowgirl style I was getting really close to cumming. But there was one thing we hadn’t done yet. And I really wanted too. I really wanted to get into her ass. We quickly changed positions to the good old missionary style. As I was moving In and out of her I whispered in her ear “you want to do anal babe" she moaned "mmmm if you want". I pulled out and she turned around and knelt down. I knelt behind her, took my cock in my hand and pushed it against her tight hole. She as I pushed slowly she was fingering her pussy. I pushed a bit harder, I was having trouble getting In her. Since we were in the bathroom I got some body oil. I squirted some on her hole and tried again. I pushed hard and my cock entered her ass. She moaned as I pushed a bit more. I was getting deeper in her ass with each push. God she felt fantastic. I moved In and out slowly as I was fingering her pussy. She was moaning louder but I didn’t care. As I was pushing inside her ass I was getting very close to cumming. I leaned forward and whispered to her I’m going cum" she didn’t say anything all she was doing was moaning. I pushed hard deep inside her and I blew. I moaned as I cum pushing as hard as I could. Tam moaned as I blew my sperm in her ass. It felt so fantastic cumming in her ass. I pulled out and helped her up. We kissed and she said "god that was great mike" I said "yeah It was Tam I can’t believe we just did that" I started getting dressed and so did Tam. As she put her jeans on she sat on the toilet, as she did my cum actually dripped out of her ass. She said “god that feels weird Mike" I said "yeah are you ok" she said “yeah I’m great". She got up and got dressed. We had a quick pash then she said “If you ever want to get together again just give me a call mike" we kissed and I walked back to the lounge. Tam walked out shortly after. When I got in the lounge my GF was passed out on the couch and Shea was drinking by herself. I went and sat next to Shea. She said “where have you been" I said I had been checking on the dogs. Tam walked in and she looked great, she had a slight smile on her face as she walked in. I offered them both a drink so I went to get them. When I came back Tam and Shea were talking on the couch. I gave them the drinks and sat next to them. Shea got up and sat on the other side of me. We were just chatting when Shea whispered to me “Its my turn now" I looked at her and said” what" she said "my turn" I looked at Tam and she said" sorry mike she hounded me to tell her" Shea leaned over and started kissing me in front of Tam. I got up and as soon as I did she started undoing my pants. She wanted to do It In the lounge. She took my jeans off and took my cock in her mouth straight away. I felt weird cause Tam was sitting there watching. She stopped blowing me and she stood up. We had a quick kiss as we started stripping off. When we were naked I sat on the couch and she sat on top of me backwards. She was moving up and down faster each time. I told her to get off me and to lie down on the couch. She lay down on the couch and I knelt down on the floor between her legs. I was going slip inside her pussy but her ass was right there. I pushed against her hole, she put her hands on my chest and said no, Tam said go on you’ll love It" Shea said no "Tam said "why chicken" she said no, fine then go for it" I pushed harder and funnily enough I was in. She was a bit looser than her sister. She moaned loudly as I pushed into her ass. Tam was sitting on the couch and I think she was actually enjoying watching us. I moaned I’m going cum. Shea said “not in my ass mike" I said where she said” anywhere just not my ass" as I pushed for a bit longer I said to Shea to sit on the couch when I pull out. I pulled out and stood up In front of her. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked it. She put her mouth on the head of my dIck and I exploded. She moaned as I blew my load in her mouth. She had a quick suck then sat back. She swallowed my load with no problems. I looked at Tam she didn’t seem to mind what we had just done. Tam said " so which one was best" I said "you were both fantastic." Shea also said if I ever wanted to get together just to give her a call. When they left I said to Tam that I’d be giving her a call and that I liked fucking her more that her sister. I’ve been seeing Tam about 2-3 times a week for the last year still having the best sex ever she also swallows but she likes it more when I cum Inside her. I have seen her sister a few times she still wont let me cum In her ass so I try and see Tam more. She is the best fuck I’ve ever had but I think that’s all it will ever be I’m happy with that.

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