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Sister And Brother In Law Part 2

I reach into the nightstand and get out two hand towels. One I use to
wipe my cum off of my wife's little sister's ass and the other one I hand
to my brother-in-law, Mike, so that he can clean his load from my wife's
big boobs. I'm breathing hard and trying to relax. There is a glass of
water on the nightstand so I take a sip and hand it to my sister-in-law
Cathy, who I just finished fucking and she takes a sip and hands it to my
wife, Anne, who takes a sip and hands it to Mike, my brother-in-law, whom
my wife just got done sucking off.

I'm not really sure what to do now. I just got to watch my wife suck off
her little sister's husband while I fucked his wife. It was so sexy to see
my wife take his cock into her mouth and when she deep throated him until
her nose was buried in his pubic hair I couldn't hold off anymore and came
with an enormous orgasm. It was the best fuck I have had in years. I love
my wife but we have had sexual problems. Although she is 5'8" and very
voluptuous, she has a small, tight pussy and my ten-incher ends up hurting
her. She tries to appease me orally but she can't take more than just the
head in her mouth and that's not really satisfying to me.

While my wife's little sister, her husband and kids were visiting, Anne
and Cathy got to talking about sex. Anne confided that we were having
problems about me being too big and hurting her and Cathy confided that
Mike was having trouble keeping up with her, that she liked sex at least
once a day and that was too much for Mike with his busy job schedule and
traveling. So the three of them figured out a scheme whereby I would fuck
Cathy to satisfy her and my wife, Anne, could have sex with Mike figuring
his normal sized cock would be perfect for her. While Mike and Anne were
taking the kids to their grandparents for the day Cathy came on to me and,
I'm happy to say, I put up a token resistance until she told me that the
plan was already agreed upon by the other three and that I was the only one
that didn't know about the set up. I wasn't convinced at the time that it
was the truth but I allowed Cathy to seduce me because she is so damn sexy
that if I let the chance get away I would never forgive myself, damn the
consequences. As it turns out it was the truth because while Cathy was on
top of me riding my rock hard meat pole, Anne and Mike came home and joined
us in the bedroom for what turned out to be some hot group sex.

"So, how is everyone doing?" asks Mike.

I'm glad Mike has spoken first because he is an excellent negotiator. I
have always been envious of Mike, but in a good way. He is a little over
six feet tall, nice brown hair, decent body, nice face but it is his
personality that I envy. He gets along with everyone and people really
seem to like him. He never gets upset and if a problem arises he always
seems to find the perfect solution. I have always envied his marriage to
my wife's little sister, Cathy. Cathy is such a fox. Although Cathy is
the same height as her sister, Anne, they both have different body styles.
Anne has a very curvy figure, 38DD's, slender waist and a full round ass
and thick blond shoulder length hair. Cathy is also blond with straight
hair down to her waist with a slender, athletic body. It is not uncommon
for Cathy to put on her running gear in the morning and not come back until
she has run four or five miles. She reminds me of the model on the solo
flex ads on TV with her tight muscular ass and legs.

Cathy spoke first. "Mike, I hope you are cool with what just happened
because I just got fucked like I have never been fucked before. No offense
honey, I love you, but it's nice to get nailed like that."

"As long as you are happy, I'm happy. Besides, I hope you don't mind,
but I thought it was really sexy seeing you get pounded by Pete's huge
cock", Mike replied.

"Yeah", Anne piped up, "Watching you take that big cock from behind was
really beautiful. If we ever need money all we have to do is videotape
that, we can make millions. And besides, it was really nice to be able to
suck a cock without my jaw aching."

Everyone was waiting for my response. "Well", I said, "To be honest I
really enjoyed making love to Cathy, but when I saw the lust in Anne's eyes
as she sucked on Mike's cock it got me so turned on the I came immediately.
I suppose I should get all upset and jealous but I don't feel that way at
all. If this arrangement is fine with you three then I'm perfectly happy
with it."

"I think it could work out to everyone's advantage", said Mike. "Cathy
needs more sex than I can give her. Anne can't give Pete what he wants but
I think I can. Trust is not an issue either. In all the years we have
known each other we have never had a disagreement. The only thing I could
add is that we all be truthful with each other, no secrets. Pete, if you
want to fuck my wife and she wants to fuck you then go ahead, just no
sneaking around. Besides I liked watching her and you doing it. If it's
ok with you I'd like the same opportunity with your wife. If she wants me
then I would like your permission to fuck her also."

"If the ladies agree, then I think we have a deal", I replied.

"It's fine with us", the sisters agreed.

"Well then, if that's the case I think Anne needs some attention. She is
the only one that hasn't been attended to", said Mike.

I reached into the lower drawer of the nightstand and pulled out a
leather shaving kit where we keep our sex toys and handed them to Mike.
"If you want to impress her you are going to need this."

Mike unzips the leather kit and pulls out some vibrators and dildos then
pulls out a strap-on dildo. "Oh, and what is this for?" he asks, laughing.

Oops, I had forgotten about that. Anne and I had watched a porno tape
where the female fucked her guy with a strap-on and Anne said that she
always wanted to try it. So I got one and let her use it on me a few
times. It was kinda sexy, seeing her wear that fake dick before giving it
to me from behind but I'm always sore afterwards. Anne reminded me that
that's how her pussy feels after intercourse with me. I must admit it
helped me to understand our problem.

At this point I have to tell them the story of when I went to buy the
strap-on, it's that funny. I went to the adult toy store that I usually go
to and looked all over but couldn't find a strap-on. Finally I had to go
to the front desk and ask for help. I waited for some people to leave
because I was embarrassed and my shame was increased because the store
clerk was a young, pretty college student working part time after school.
She was really cute and innocent looking reading her psychology text book
behind the cashier's counter and I had to go up and say, "Um, excuse me,
but where can I find the strap-ons?"

She put down her book, got up and said, "Oh they're way in the back, I'll
show you."

The reason I couldn't find them was because they are in the B&D section.
We went past all the leather outfits and when she showed me the strap-on
section I was in awe. There were at least one hundred different types.
She left me alone and I spent about fifteen minutes trying to figure things
out but couldn't. Finally I had to go back and ask her for some help. "I
need some help, I can't figure these things out", I said. There were belts
and rings and inserts and just too much stuff. We went back to the
strap-on section.

"Well, these kits are popular because the contain everything you need and
the price is cheaper than buying each component alone", she said as she
handed me one of the kits from the display. The kit contained a leather
harness that you wear with a steel ring that holds the dildo. But the
dildo was like eight inches long; no way I can take that in my ass.

I hand it back to here and say, "What else is popular for couples?"

She takes another kit down and says, "This one. It's hollow inside and
it comes with some powder lubricant so you don't get stuck. Then you use
this adhesive on the base and it sticks to your groin. When you get done
you just wash it all off and it's good for next time."

Then it occurs to me that she thinks I'm going to wear it to use on my
wife. Shit, we are on two different wavelengths here. I look around to
make sure no one can hear me and I tell her, "Um, not it's not for me to
wear, its for my wife and I'd like one that's very small if you know what I
mean." I can feel my face turning red as I tell her.

Then it dawns on her. "Ohhhh", she says finally comprehending. "In that
case this is what you want." She hands me a box and on the cover it shows
a latex panty that has a seven-inch soft dildo attached to it.

"Is this the smallest that you have?" I ask.

"Yeah, you should be able to handle it", she replied.

I make my purchase and slink on out of there thinking that this
nineteen-year-old chick knows more about strap-ons than I do. Hmm.. I'm
thinking, wouldn't she look good using one on my wife? But that's another

We all have a good laugh about my embarrassment and Cathy and I lie back
and relax while Mike prepares to seduce my wife. He seems to know what she
likes. He begins by kissing her neck and cheek on both sides of her face.
He runs his tongue around her ear and down her jaw to her neck and keeps
licking his way to her breasts. He nuzzles around and eventually holds
both big boobs in his hands and sucks the nipples. Her nipples get larger
and thicker until they are fully erect. Anne's eyes are closed and she is
arching her back. Mike knows how to please her. Still holding her full
breasts with both hands his tongue leaves a wet trail on her tummy as he
heads down toward her blonde bush. She gasps as he flicks his tongue
between her full, wet pussy lips. He plunges his tongue deep into her
eager pussy as she holds his head with both hands and begins to hump his
face. Mike turns on a purple soft vibrator and slides it into her pussy
while he continues to lash her clit with his tongue. His eyes are closed
also and I can tell he is really getting into it. He leaves the vibrator
in her cunt as he rubs some lubricant on his finger. He starts working the
vibrator in and out of her wet box as he rubs his finger on her ass and
then gently slips it in. She moans in delight. Mike is furiously licking
her clit while plunging the vibrator into her pussy with his finger now all
the way up her ass. It doesn't take long for her to approach orgasm. Anne
is now humping his face and then she suddenly starts shaking and moaning.
Her hips are jerking and she says, "Ohh... I'm coming, I'm coming."

Finally, she collapses on the bed and Mike slides the dildo out of her
pussy and his finger out of her ass and rests his head on her tummy,
holding her. She strokes his hair while regaining her breath. I look at
Cathy and she is as turned on as I am from watching. I give her a kiss and
she slides her pointy, pink tongue into my mouth. I give her back my
tongue and she sucks on it for a while then we go back to watching her
husband with my wife.

"Wow!" Anne says. "That was incredible."

Mike smiles at her, "You are so sexy when you come..."

Anne looks and Cathy and I and smiles. "Did you like that?" she asks.

"Oh yes", we agree.

Anne says to Mike, "Why don't you and I trade places so that I can return
the favor?" Mike lies back alongside Cathy and I and Anne proceeds to do
to him what he just did to her. She kisses and licks her way down to his
groin and holds his semi-erect cock in her hand and gently blows on it with
her hot breath. Anne seems captivated by his uncircumcised cock. She
keeps the head covered with the foreskin and licks and nuzzles it with her
face. Holding his now swelling cock in her soft hand, she rubs her face in
his crotch and begins to lick and suck on his balls. She pushes his legs
back and apart and runs her tongue beneath his balls and slowly begins to
lick his asshole. (Something she has never done to me) She begins to stab
her tongue at his ass and now she is fucking his ass with her tongue. Mike
moans and spreads his legs wider. Anne and Mike are in another world. I
look at Cathy and she is just as shocked at my wife's behavior. Neither of
us would have ever guessed that she would rim a hairy asshole but now she
is sticking her tongue into Mike's ass while stroking his rock hard dick.
Anne licks her finger and begins to work it into Mike's ass and he is eager
for her to do it. Now its Cathy's turn to be amazed since Mike never
before showed any interest in ass-play. Anne gets her middle finger all
the way up Mike's ass then tongues her way back to his rigid cock. She
peels back the foreskin revealing the shiny purple head and sucks it deep
into her mouth. She begins to bob her head up and down on his hard cock
while thrusting her finger in and out of his ass. Eventually she gets a
rhythm and with one hand finger fucking his ass and the other hand jacking
his dick she gets her mouth deeper and deeper onto his cock. Halfway then
beyond soon she is deep throating his cock all the way to the base until
her nose presses into his hairy groin. Mike is whimpering in pleasure.
Finally he gasps, "If you don't stop, I'm going to cum."

Anne slowly stops sucking his dick and gently pulls her finger out of his
ass. I hand her a towel to wipe her finger. She asks Mike, "Do you want
to fuck me?"

Mike is so excited that he doesn't dare speak, he just nods his

Anne rolls over on her back and spreads her legs exposing the pink flower
that is her cunt, inviting Mike to fuck her. Her wonton sluttiness is
exciting to me. Her pussy is wet and swollen and eager for a fucking.

Mike is happy to comply. He gets on his knees between her legs and
strokes his hard cock while absorbing the situation. In front of him, his
classy elegant sister-in-law, my wife, is eagerly spreading her legs and
offering her hot, wet pussy for him to fuck. She is breathless with
desire. Her chest is heaving and her nipples on her huge breasts are rock
hard and as erect as Mike's penis. Cathy and I are silent voyeurs; we don't
want anything to spoil this sexy moment. Finally, Anne reaches under her
thighs and spreads apart the pink folds of her full pussy in a complete and
final act of surrender. Mike slides the head of his cock between her
silken folds and thrusts his hard cock deep into her hole.

"Ungh," Anne grunts as Mike plunges his hard cock deep into her cunt.
She reaches between her legs to hold his hips to pull him into her with
greater force. He picks up the pace and soon his groin is slamming into
her swollen mons and his balls are slapping her ass. Her arms are pressing
her big tits together as she holds his hips and they look huge and
gorgeous. The headboard begins to pound and Mike if fucking my wife like a
man possessed. Anne is crying out, "Oh Fuck Me, Fuck Me!" and Mike starts
to yell as he approaches orgasm.

He pulls out and begins to jack his dick over Anne but she reaches up and
sucks his slippery cock into her mouth and jacking it at her face. Soon he
erupts with thick jets of hot come all over her face, tits and into her

Mike collapses in exhaustion and Anne just lies there drenched in his hot

Cathy and I are in shock. Neither of us ever realized how sexy our
spouses could be. Anne never fucked me like that and I can tell from
Cathy's expression that Mike never fucked her like that either. Have we
opened up a Pandora's box? Could our lives ever be the same?

It was Cathy who spoke first, "Oh my God. I have never, ever seen
anything like that. You two are so fucking sexy."

I had to agree. "Honey, that was a spectacle that I will never forget."

Mike was a little sheepish as he said, "I seem to have gotten a little
carried away. Are you alright, Anne?"

It was a few moments before Anne said, "I don't know. All I know is that
I just got fucked within an inch of my life and I loved it."

We all relaxed and chuckled because we knew that while things would never
be the same,it was going to be one fun ride.

End of Story

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