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Sherris Halloween Costume

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Sherri's Halloween Costume I, Jake, had to go out of town on business and this is Sherri's story of what happened while I was away. It happened around Halloween when we lived out in the desert southwest. We had a nice pool and hot tub and had the best neighbors one could ask for (see the other stories titled Meeting the Neighbors).

She decided to make a toga for Halloween and it was short with a single strap that went over her left shoulder. To make it even sexier, she wore white thigh high stockings and a garter belt with her sandals. She debated about wearing panties but decided on a white barely there thong. She modeled it for me and needless to say it was quite a thrill unhooking her garter belt from her thigh highs and pulling her panties off before fucking her in the kitchen just prior to heading to the airport on Thursday evening. I would unfortunately be gone the weekend in a town I had never been to before and didn't know anyone to hook up with - bummer.

Well, all I managed to do before leaving was getting Sherri very horny. She called our friend Paul and asked if he wanted to come over to see her new Halloween costume? He said he couldn't but wondered if she could come over to his place instead. She said sure and headed over. When she got to his condo she found that Paul wasn't the only one who was going to be seeing her sexy new costume. His two friends from the gym, Andy and Zach, both in their 20's and in great shape as Sherri recounted to me, were there. They had been watching some of Paul's sex tapes that involved Sherri and they were ready for action. Sherri laughed as she pulled off her coat that she wore to cover her nearly naked body. The guys quickly surrounded her and were touching her and commenting on how sexy her costume was. Paul quickly ran and got his video camera and decided to video what was about to happen so from this point I can pretty much tell the story since I have the tape - actually tapes.

She sat, more like sprawled on Paul's couch and opened her legs wide and asked if her pussy looked wet and could they tell it had a load of cum in it? Zach and Andy sat on either side and played along with her game and said, yes her panties looked quite wet and cum filled and perhaps she would be more comfortable without it bunching up in her slit which they were taking turns rubbing and slipping fingers into. She then asked if her nipples were obviously hard through her toga and Andy pulled her strap from off her shoulder and pulled it off her tits and said not as obvious as they are now, as he leaned over to suck each one.

Zach asked if his cock looked hard through his pants as she rubbed his crotch? She proceeded to unzip him and he helped drop his pants and shorts and she said, yes your cock definitely looked very hard in your pants as he lost his shirt too! Zach undid her garters and slid her panties off as she stroked his 9 inch cock. Andy stood up and stripped then proceeded to lick her tits with zeal. Zach knelt between Sherri's legs and began to lick her bareness, concentrating on her clit as he slid his fingers into her cunt. Sherri was soon moaning and cumming. Zach offered to change places with Andy and Andy knelt between her and put her legs on his shoulders and proceeded to fuck her. Zach stood on the couch and fed her his cock to suck. She went from deep throating him to licking up and down his shaft to his nuts. Andy was thoroughly enjoying fucking Sherri for his first time and announced he was about to cum. She stopped sucking Zach and told Andy to fill her with his cum and he did just that. He pumped about 6 times into her and held his cock in her as she fondled his cock. He pulled out and Paul got a great shot of his cum running out of her pussy and onto the couch which then dripped onto the floor. Zach wanted sloppy seconds and as Andy moved out of the way he took his place. Andy stood on the opposite side of the couch that Zach was on so Sherri could lick his cock clean. He was soon hard again and now it was Zach's turn to unload into Sherri. Zach pulled out after two spurts and shot three nice spurts on her stomach which she rubbed in. Zach left his cock on her slit before moving to the other side of the couch. Paul asked Zach to take over with the camera as he had Sherri get up. He sat on the couch and had her mount his cock facing him. He told Andy to go into his bathroom and get the anal lube from the medicine cabinet. Andy returned and was already lubing his hard cock. He positioned himself behind Sherri and Paul stopped fucking up into Sherri so he could enter her ass. She loves being ass fucked and soon Paul and Andy had a nice rhythm going. Paul was close and leaned forward to suck on Sherri's tits and drove up while cumming in her. Andy said he could feel him shooting his load and this took him over the edge. Sherri collapsed onto Paul in another wave of orgasms while they both held their cocks in her well used body.

Now Zach was hard again and tapped Andy's shoulder. He pulled his semi-hard cock out of Sherri's tight ass with a pop from the ass suction. Zach took the lube, lined up with Paul's cock which was still in her cunt and rammed home which got a deep moan from Sherri. She was now into full slut mode and told Zach to use her ass like the whore she was. Zach pounded his big cock into her, his balls slapping Paul's balls. Paul pumped his reenergized cock back into her pussy and the two of them used Sherri for about 30 minutes before Zach unloaded into her. He pulled out and Paul had Sherri get on her hands and knees on the couch and this time he shoved into her ass. After a minute of being ass fucked by Paul, she collapsed onto the couch and Paul rode her down, continuing to pound her for another 15 minutes before leaving another load of his cum in her sloppy ass. Andy said the tape was about full with that and they all decided to take a break.

Paul got everyone a beer while everyone took turns heading to the bathroom. Sherri was last and told them how much fun this costume has been in the short time she's had it! And it was still a week away from Halloween! Paul said that there was an early Halloween party down at the bar near the gym and would she like to go model it for everyone? She said sure and after putting her back together, fortunately no one had ripped anything off in the interests of getting into her pussy or ass, they took off.

We had been to the "bar" many times and in the back was a "game" room that the owner kept for folks just like Sherri. The only stipulation was that he got a piece of any woman using the "game" room sometime during the night. Now on this particular night, it was already about 11 pm, and the "game" room was already in use. Two other sluts were in the back being used by their boyfriends and a couple regulars from the bar. Tony, the owner, was leaving after having fucked one of them, when Sherri and the boys were entering. He stopped and said wow Sherri that's some costume! She hugged him and said I'm glad you like it. Paul, Zach and Andy thought so too and have been fucking me the past couple hours but I need more hard cock. Tony said, well the bar is busy and I know just the guys to send back for you to enjoy! He headed out as they continued in and took up a spot on a leather couch across from the other two sluts. The other women were Irene and Wendy - attractive but not nearly as hot as Sherri (I had fucked both a number of times). Sherri figured they had been at it about an hour as the guys that were fucking them and getting sucked still had some life left in their cocks. They were taking in Sherri but figured they weren't being invited over so would continue with a sure thing rather than taking any chances. Tony enforced a strict no forcing oneself on any woman unless they were specifically invited rule or a guy would be tossed out. Paul, Zach and Andy stripped and proceeded to play with Sherri while taking in the sight just across the room. Wendy was getting DP'ed while Irene was on her hands and knees sucking one guy while being ass fucked by another. Paul moved between Sherri's legs and started licking her pussy while Zack and Andy took a tit while being stroked. At about that time, two black guys entered and headed over to Sherri. The biggest, about 6'5" said that Tony said that she needed some fresh black seed in her. Sherri said Tony would definitely be right about that. Paul stood up and asked if they minded if he video taped things. They had no problems and Zach and Andy moved to a couple of chairs to watch what was about to happen. These two guys, they never introduced themselves to Sherri, stripped and the biggest sat down and impaled Sherri on his 10 inch, fat cock. The other spit on her ass and began to force his horse cock into her. She pushed her exposed tits into the big guys chest and the other guy, who stood about 5'9" but had another 10 inch cock that was a bit fatter than the other guy's cock, forced his way up her back side. They pumped her like she was not the first they had tag teamed before. After about 10 minutes of pussy and ass use they looked at each other and knew what to do. The guy in her ass shoved in all the way, lifted her by the waist and tits and proceeded to sit down on the couch while still impaling her ass on his cock. The other guy got in front of her and shoved back into her pussy. The pounding continued for another 15 minutes as the guy in her ass stiffened and began filling Sherri's ass with his seed. Her ass had no where to put it and it began to leak out around his cock and onto the couch. He didn't soften he just continued to pump up into her. Now the sluts on the other side had decided to take in what was happening to Sherri after their studs emptied all their seed into them. They were rubbing the big guys balls and cock and also stroking the other guys nuts that had just emptied into Sherri's ass. The big guy rammed in and came in Sherri's well pounded pussy. His cum poured out of her as he withdrew and stood. Irene knelt down and proceeded to clean his cock, hoping to get him in her pussy next. Wendy licked Sherri's pussy and the other guys nuts and cock that was still in Sherri's ass. He was whispering in Sherri's ear how nice and tight her ass was and how he enjoyed using her. She turned her head and kissed him and said you can fuck my ass whenever you want with that big black dick of yours. He said, I might later, but I think this other slut needs my cock. He lifted Sherri off and she move to his side as Wendy dove on his cock to clean him up. He was soon hard and she stood and turned around and slid her ass onto his cock and he was soon pounding away at her.

Now Paul, Zach and Andy moved back in and this time Andy sat on the couch and had Sherri mount him while Zach entered her ass. Paul was getting his cock sucked and all three lasted about 15 to 20 minutes before almost cumming at the same time in Sherri's three holes. The other two ladies had been joined by the guys that had been fucking them as they were in various combinations of Triple P's with the two black guys. In another 10 minutes all the guys, including the two black guys were unloading in the other sluts holes. Tony had come in and he asked Paul, Zach and Andy to give him some time with Sherri alone. He told them that drinks were on the house and he would bring her out when he was done. He took her to his office which was off the "game" room and basically used her till closing time for about an hour. Sherri said he fucked her pussy and ass and came in her ass. Then he had her lick him clean and hard again and used her ass a second time. He had her get dressed and got her a beer and Paul, Zach and Andy took Sherri back home, and each had one more time in her ass or pussy, on her request, before they headed out. Paul returned just to make sure Sherri was OK. She had managed to get a shower and have a beer before collapsing naked in our bed about 4 AM he said. They both slept till noon with her waking him up to be fucked! Well, the weekend was just starting for them and that will be another story!

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