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Sheneed Part 1 - The Bet

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When one of them touched my erection, I thought I was going to lose it then and there and I tried to twist away to get them to stop but couldn?t. I could barely breath because the state of painful ecstasy and pleasure that was being evoked. Hands were dancing on my body from all directions, fingers caressing me intimately until my body arched off the bed and I cried out almost begging them to stop. ?Sheneed? had my balls in her mouth swirling them around like two candy fireballs. Yes, I wanted them to stop because I was almost ready to admit defeat. ?Sheneed? was going to win if I gave in and spilled my seed.

I steeled my self to what was happening. I could not give in and let her win. I felt her release my balls from the warmth of her mouth and heard her whisper ?he?s ready?. I fought the constrains but knew it was no use. Hands from every-where began to probe me use me. My unwanted ?wish I could stop it? erection was a target of constant attention mouths tongues and pussy using it, coaxing it to erupt. The ?Sheneed? devil imploring me to cum and enjoy. I held on willing myself not to give in not to surrender. The third different pussy to mount me got her own cum ride but she was still not the right one. As the forth one fell off my rock hard cock and I felt another mount me. I was beginning to wander how many women ?Sheneed? had playing in our game. I could see nothing through the blindfold but the scent of women was thick and the movements around me numerous.

The stakes were very high and ?Sheneed? was using quantity on me because all of her earlier attempts to win had failed. Why did ?Sheneed? trick me into making this bet? Why didn?t ?Sheneed? believe me? How long before my life limit was met? All these questions raced through my mind as my body was constantly assaulted with attempts to extract my man juices.

If you?re a man reading this you?ll think I?m crazy. I mean what man would not want be used like this by who knows how many women. If you?re a woman you?ll at first think it?s a man?s fantasy end of story. But if you have ever experience true love the kind of love that you would do anything to keep. You will understand that this was not pleasure or fantasy because if I failed this contest I feared I would lose that kind of love and ?Sheneed? would own my soul.

This story really begins when I met her. Not just any her but the ?her?. She was beautiful beyond belief. Brown eyes that my soul got lost in. Silky bronze skin that was so wonderful to touch. She walked with the grace of a dancer and her movements were purely sensual. From the very first I knew this woman was a force in my life like no other. She captured all of my senses in that single moment of time and forever locked them to attend her. I was whole until that moment and suddenly I became half, only complete again in her presence. I was in Love.

My plight was she was not alone in life. She was married and from appearances happy. I resigned myself to our friendship and harbored my hidden desires. For the next 3 years I tried to satisfy my needs and desires for her with other women, using them, dreaming of her with no hope.

First there was E the Nubian beauty with almost a savage need to have all of her holes fucked and fucked hard. Her black beautiful shin was soft and sensual. I still think about the sight of my white cock finding it?s way into her dark forbidden pussy. The mixture of the colors of our bodies was erotic. Our sex was always uncontrolled, primitive, almost savage. She was like a mistress for me exciting and forbidden.

It was while I was with the black beauty that ?Sheneed? again happen into my life. Like a suppressed desire unsatisfied ?Sheneed? showed up and invaded my world. ?Sheneed? was relentless in her passion to master my body and mind and break the bonds to my Nubian mistress. ?Sheneed? plotted, planting seeds of doubt and skillfully persuaded my black beauties emotions to change from desire and lust to jealousy and suspicion. ?Sheneed? won that contest of wills and banished me again into the lonely world.

I wondered thru life for a while with no direction ?Sheneed? apparently hidden and waiting for my next move. I met Sheri a very beautiful southern girl. Very much molded by a southern god fearing straight lased up bringing she was a very private ?dark room only? type lover. If the conditions were right Sheri was beautiful lover and very much a woman you wanted be with.

We meet at the beginning of spring and enjoyed fine dinners, dancing and good times through out the summer. At the end of summer we went to a party hosted by a couple that were friends of Sheri. The party was a surprise ?theme? party hosted at a large home on a lake and with a beautiful pool area. I had asked Shari about what the ?theme? was and she had indicated she did not know.

The party had about 35 - 45 people there. Couples and singles. The drinks were flowing and people were getting in to the swing of dancing to the DJ when the surprise happened. One of the couples unexpectedly started stripping. They were there like guests but I later found out they were professional party strippers hired by the husband to surprise and tease his beautiful bi-sexual wife. I saw the look on Sheri?s face as they continued their act and expected I was getting ready to mess what looked to be the start of great fun and an exciting show.

As I turned to ask Sheri if she wanted to go, ?Sheneed? grabbed me and said, ?Dare you to stay?. Sheri saw my face and knew something had happened. She sensed the change in me perhaps the desire. Before I could regain my control. The host husband grabbed Sheri?s arm and told her she needed to watch. I saw her trapped look and knew we were staying. I was inwardly excited and pleased to be able to meet ?Sheneed?s? dare.

The strippers stripped all the way down and they were now enticing others at the party. Things got wild at this point. The women just went wild over this guy especially the beautiful wife. The other women would throw him a tip on the floor as he swung the amble tip of his cock at them. Some began to offer their ass and he would turn them around allowing them to place his dick as if he was fucking them.

The girl was working the guys. Lap dancing them and dry fucking them, sliding her pussy up and down the apparent bulges in their laps. I was still standing when ?Sheneed? offered me a chair. ?Dare you? echoing in my mind. I smiled, taking the dare, and in one deliberate motion dropped my pants and sat down. I knew I was crossing a line and with my action I felt the mood of the party change. I looked around and saw the horrified look on Shari?s face and a big smile on the stripper girls face as she approached me. We were now definitely the focus of attention.

The girl was good, she didn?t even hesitate as she picked up my swollen member and eased it into herself straddling me. Her initial slow motions soon became animalistic and I could see the ?Why didn?t I think of that? look on some of the guys faces. She erupted into an orgasmic howl that definitely set in motion a chain reaction of frenzied sexual events.

The stripper guy goes over to Sheri and just starts shaking his stuff in her face. She just sat there with the hosts watching with no objection. Everyone started telling her to touch him, but she kept saying "no" but her eyes were definitely saying something different. One of the other ladies came over and gave the guy some money and says, "It's for her, her man fucked your woman for free at least give her a dance", referring to Sheri. After some coaxing by everyone he took her hand, she slowly got up.

The guy had done everyone else in a doggy style type dry hump. However, he picked Sheri up by the waist and laid her back on a table between the host and his wife. Sheri was wearing a sundress that had skinny straps that rolled off her shoulders partially exposing her breasts. He lifted and spread her legs. She was wearing very thin sheer panties that had ridden up her ass and pussy crack, leaving her pussy exposed to everyone. She made no move to cover herself so he moved her legs further apart and placed his cock right on top of her pussy. Everyone began to cheer. ?Sheneed? was suddenly there smiling at me I heard the words ?Its over? and all I could do was watch as Shari bent her head forward just looking at this guy play with himself on her pussy. He moved the soaked wet fabric of her panties aside and shoved his cock into her. She let out a gasp that got the crowds attention.

I got up to run over to them thinking I should pull him off. A couple of guys held me back and some ?boos? started along with a chant of ?Don?t be jealous you got yours?. It wasn?t jealousy driving my actions. Hell the truth was I was horny watching, dirty erotic horny. But I thought my southern raised ?dark room only? no emotion in public friend was being used against her will. I looked down at her as I struggled against the hands holding me and she manages to shout out, "I'm sorry, please don't stop him? as he started to fuck her.

Her statement filled the room with movement. Cloths began to litter the floor and the heat of sexual need became tangible and roared through the party like a large wave crashing on the beach. Everything was happening so quickly but I was seeing it all in slow motion. The host wife and host husband were now sharing Shari?s breasts as the stripper guy continued his obvious enjoyment of her pussy. I heard her moans being joined by others singing their songs of being pleased. The party was now an orgy of expressions and sounds as new partnering began and finished. The stripper girl was being double-fucked by two guys one was underneath using her pussy and one from behind using her ass. Some of the women were enjoying each other. Some tenderly and some with passions that boarded on savage. The whole party was now a surreal movement of bodies joined in pleasure getting and pleasure giving.

I was enjoying the pleasures of two very beautiful ladies when I looked up to find Sheri watching us. I saw the look and now knew what ?Sheneed? meant by ?it?s over?. We drove home with her in silence she wouldn't say anything to me. I tried to express how wonderful it was to see her experience such pleasures. I wanted to assure her that I wanted her to be free to express her needs and desires. I told her I thought that was important in a relationship. She never said a word and we never went out again. I know from mutual friends that she has since gone back into her very straight attitudes. I went on with life alone again.

I was setting at my club?s bar about six months after ?The Party? as I now called it, mentally explored what I had discovered about myself that night. The thoughts were not about the wrongness or rightness of the events but about what I had felt. The freedom of exploring ones needs, the sharing of desires, the giving and taking of pure sexual pleasure. I was deep into these thoughts when a hand touched my shoulder. As I turned my heart skipped a beat because it was my friend. The ?her? that unknowingly held my heart and Love.

?Buy a friend a drink?? she asked as she sat down. ?Always? I answered. I turned and ordered a Kalua and milk; she smiled and said, ?You always spoil me knowing exactly what I want?. I thought to myself, given the chance I would spoil her forever.

We talked for a long time that night. We had not seen each other in a few months and had some catching up to do. She always seemed interested in my love life and asked about whom I was dating. I shared all with her even ?The Party? story. As usual she wanted all the details not just the overview. We had that kind of share all friendship in fact she had set me up with a few blind dates in the past always wanting the details of how it went later.

I kept getting this scene that night she wanted to tell me something but was going to do it in her own time. Finally, she looked at me and said; ? I?m getting a divorce?.

A spectrum emotions shot trough me. Shock, happiness, sadness, but most of all hope was suddenly in my life. I began to reach out and hold her close and try to take away the hurt I saw in her eyes. She said; ?No one else knows yet except you?. She was telling me holding her at our club would not be a good thing to do. I let my hand come down on hers with a caring caress. She smiled her thanks at my understanding of her words.

Then she asked me a question that gave me pause. ?Would you make love to me my friend??

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