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She should have brought a friend

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A story my girl wrote for me when I asked for a hot story

I stood there waiting. Everyone had told me for the first time not to do it by myself and to bring a friend and as I stood there I began to understand why. I was standing on the corner of Main and Pike St waiting. The night was almost perfect, but there was a slight breeze that I felt right up the back of my short black skirt. Thank god I brought a jacket I thought as I pulled it closed across my chest, the zipper on the jacket had broke some time ago and I often thought about getting it fixed. Usually when I was out somewhere like this.

I stood there and waited. There wasn?t a ton of people out as it wasn?t the best part of town. But the ones who were, were definitely locals and definitely wondering what I was doing there. I stood and waited, I started to pace and realized that my little black pump felt loose so I bent down to fix my shoe, letting go of the front of my jacket as I did so. Forgetting that my skirt was so short I know I was giving the people around me a view of my ivory white ass and pink thong hanging out the back of my skirt and my milky white breasts were flowing out the top of my shirt. I fixed my shoe as fast as possible and stood back up. It was then I heard all the cat calls, the men and ladies were asking how much. Two men started walking towards me, one from the front and one from behind, both must have gotten a show. Dammit Natalie I thought why couldn?t you just listen to everyone and bring a friend. As these guys approached I felt nervous and excited what would they do?

The guys were about 5 feet away and as I prepared myself for what would be an ass raping I was sure I heard the honk. I looked to my right and there was the red mustang that everyone had told me about. ?Hey!? the driver yelled stopping my ?friends? in their tracks. ?Beautiful get in!?

I thanked my lucky stars that he had arrived. I knew that if he hadn?t arrived I would have gotten a new experience, but it was far too early in the night for that.

I jumped into the car, waved good bye to my ?friends? and started on the second adventure of the night.

Once we were driving away, I turned to driver to thank him for saving me. It was then that I realized it was not just the two of us. The driver smiled at me and said no problem, and the 2 other people in the back seat said no problem too.

I sat back and breathed for a moment, this must be why Tami said not to go alone. Why hadn?t I waited for Steph to get off work?

I sat back and realized I was in for quite a night.

The guys in the back and the driver spoke in a language that sounded kind of like Spanish, but then it would flip to Russian. I leaned over and turned on the radio and played around till I could find something to calm my nerves. Once I had found the station I sat back and sang to the song. The driver reached his arm out and start touching the top of my left thigh first above the skirt as if to check it was okay. I looked at him and smiled. He then moved my skirt and started caressing my leg under the skirt. Up and down his hand would go, a little higher each time. It was gentle and I found myself closing my eyes and just going with it. I found myself wanting him to go higher and touch me, I wanted him to slip his fingers under my G string and play. It was if I was caught under a spell, my breathing started to change. I could feel myself getting wet. TOUCH ME is all I wanted to scream! The guy sitting behind me leaned forward behind my seat and reached around and started playing with my breast. He was not as gentle as the driver. He was just grabbing my breast and letting go. It was not a turn on. He was getting excited as I could hear his breathing changed to harder and faster breaths, OMG I thought is he jerking off in the back seat as he grabbed my breast? I moved over slightly so he could grab more as I felt bad for him and then he pulled away with a low moan. The driver continue to play with my panties. Just as he was teasing me with breaking the barrier of the edge of my panties and my wet spot he grabbed my thigh hard. Stunned I opened my eyes and realized we had arrived. He brought his hand out from under my skirt and quickly got out of the car. The other guys got out too. I undid my seat belt and then the driver opened the side door, grabbed me by my hair and said get out. OW! Okay, okay I said. This is not what Tami told me about. Maybe I had come on the wrong night.

As I got out of the car, I paused for a second and took in the scene. We had arrived at a large field, there was a huge house on the right of the field and a corn field to the left. The centre had been clear cut and there was a stage set up directly in front and a little to the right, but further back from where we had parked. There were about 200 people wandering around by the stage waiting for the evening to begin. The driver let go of my hair and turned to me. You stick with me you hear or else there will be punishments? Sure I said. I straightened my skirt which was showing my g string, fixed my top as my breast was hanging out and started walking towards the house with the driver.

Is this your house I asked? The driver just looked at me, glared and continued walking. Where did the nice guy go from in the car? As we walked closer I realized that the friends from the back seat were nowhere to be found. We walked into the mansion and the smell of pot and booze and something else hit me right away. Inside the house there were tons of gorgeous girls wearing bras, underwear, stockings and high heels. I giggled?.was this someone?s Play Boy mansion? There wasn?t that many people in the house, but there seemed to only gorgeous people in the house, the guys and the ladies. Where was I? We turned and walked down a long hallway, passing room after room. We passed a few girls and guys, all would touch my arm as I walked by, the driver grabbed me by my wrist and continued to lead me. Man this house is huge I thought. All of a sudden he let go of my wrist, grabbed my hair and dragged me into a small dark room. He ripped off my jacket, threw it on a chair? ?what are we..? I began to say, I couldn?t see a thing as my eyes hadn?t adjusted to the darkness. He leaned in a gave me a hard kiss on my lips, As his hands came down on my ass he smacked it and grabbed it hard underneath my skirt. He kissed me harder and I kissed him back. He then used both hands and slid them into the front of my top I could hear a button or two fall to the floor from my shirts. He then grabbed my breasts with vigor digging his nails into the milky white. He let go and lifted me onto the desk in the room and spread my legs. I still couldn?t see anything, damn this room was dark. He shifted my g string over and started playing with my clit. I was wet still from the car and completely turned on. He made a noise that I didn?t know whether he was pleased or surprised. As he fingered me I could hear some people talking in hushed voices but couldn?t figure out where they were coming from or what they were saying. In and out went his fingers into my wet cavren and then he would rub my clit. I was getting so turned on! I leaned back slightly on my elbows and let out a small moan. I heard the zipper go down and was preparing myself for what was to come. As he entered me I tilted my head back and gasped. My mouth was met by a tongue. Confused I kissed this person back. What was going on? Where did this person come from? The driver continued to drive into me with his large manhood. A light went on in the corner of the room. I pulled myself away from this kisser, the driver slowed down but did not stop. I looked around. The room was much larger than I initially thought and apparently we had an audience. The dr*pes were dark and the room had a large leather couch, the desk I was on with 2 chairs, and I was pretty sure a Murphy bed. My kisser was a gorgeous blonde with double d breasts, she was obviously wearing a bra a size too small, as the red fabric did not cover them at all. She had on a red g string and matching thigh highs with white heels. The man who turned on the light was dark skinned, with green piercing eyes and sat in a leather chair. He was getting a blow job from a brunette whose face I couldn?t see, but had a larger ass and was wearing a black outfit. The 2 guys from the car were also standing watching. One had his dick in his hand the other had his hands crossed against his chest. The one with his hands crossed over his chest was the one who was sitting behind me. He smiled at me. I looked down at the driver who was still going slowly, my body keeping the slow rhythm. The driver looked over at the guy getting the blow job. Welcome I am Aidan he said to me. I see you met Jake and Viv. This he said as he grabbed the brunettes hair is Monica she turned her head and looked at me as she gave a blow job. That is Danny the one who had grabbed my tits waived and that is Mike. Aidan nodded and then returned his attention to Monica.

Viv moved down to my breasts and was removing my shirt, button by button. Jake pulled out for a quick second to undo my skirt remove the soaking wet G string which he flung over to Aidan. He caught them and started licking them?.ummmm?he started to moan.

I realized I was all of a sudden naked in a room full of my new friends. I had a gorgeous blonde sucking my breasts.

What happened next I am not even too sure how to explain. With Viv bent over sucking my breasts, Jake returned to driving his cock in my soaking vagina. In and out he went with a tickle of the clit each time. I could feel myself being to climax. I started moving faster and breathing harder. Jake?s breathing increased and just as he was about to cum I saw that Mike had come over cock in hand. Mike grabbed the left breast as Viv continued flicking the right one with her tongue. The sensation was too much! All of a sudden the dark dr*pes opened, I let out a scream as I climaxed and Jake filled me up with a loud moan. Mike came all over my chest and Viv began to lick his cum up. A large crowd cheered. Confused I looked to my left and saw that the window the dr*pes covered were actually the back of the stage. It was then I realized that I had become the nights entertainment.

Aidan got up from Monica as she wipped her mouth and opened a patio door that lead to the stage. With his cock hanging out he walked out to a microphone.

?Welcome!? The crowd cheered! ?We have a wild one tonight!.? Make yourself comfortable. This is going to be a long night.? Suddenly two new girls were by his side. He kissed both of them as a large bed and a double dildo was brought out. The girls got the show started by eating each other out, playing with each other and using the double dildo.

Meanwhile inside I was still lying on the desk, Viv had finished licking all the cum from my chest and was running her hands up and down my body. Aidan walked back in the room and pulled the Murphy bed from the wall. Nat alie he said?Have you ever played like this before? Have you ever seen as many good looking people in one place? It was true even the people outside were gorgeous. He didn?t wait for my answer. Come here he said. I looked at Jake remembering what he said as we left the car, he nodded and I got off the desk with Viv?s help. My legs felt weak and Viv walked me to the bed.

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