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Sexual Surprise much unexpected

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It was early in the morning when I pulled up to the house. I go up to the door and knock on it expecting you to answer and for you to be shocked that I?m home since I didn?t tell you when I was taking R and R. I stood there and you didn?t answer. So I knocked again and you still didn?t answer I looked and saw your car was still there in the driveway so I knocked again but same as before no response. So I walk around back to the sliding door and its unlocked I figured you were sleeping so I walk in and I go into the living room the TV is still turned on and you have it on the computer I see you were watching a porn, I just smile and thought to myself aww how cute. So I walk up stairs and the bedroom door is closed, I open it up and look and you?re not there so I walk into jaydas room, to my surprise you and her both aren?t here. So now I think where can they be? Well I decide to go down stairs and get me something to drink and eat. I go and sit on the couch while I eat and I see the light on the answering machine is flashing so I go and hit the play button. It starts to play and then I hear this guys voice, he says that he has loved the last couple of nights and that couldn?t wait to see you tonight at the club. Well he never said what club so I called your sisters to find out if they knew anything and they said they thought you were home. So I knew they weren?t watching jayda. So I call niomai and she says yes she is watching jayda, so I ask her if she knows what club you went to. She said that it was a new club called platinum. I never heard of it so I looked it up. It seemed like a good club, so I got on my best clothes and headed out. I show up around 9 pm and I get right it in. I walk around a little and I order a drink. I don?t see you anywhere around so I ask the bartender if there are VIP rooms he said of course up stairs and down stairs. Well I go around to the different rooms to see if I can hear you talking. I walked the whole top floor and I didn?t hear you. So I head down to the basement and I walk by a couple of rooms with doors open. I peek into a couple of them but I don?t see you. I hear a lot of guys moaning coming from one room so I go to it and the door is unlocked I go and open the door and there are a line of guys standing there all with a girl in front of them. They are all getting there dick sucked at once. Well it looks like everyone is enjoying it and then one of the guys blows his load and all the girls stop. Some of the girls said shit, I found out it was a dick sucking contest. I go to congratulate the winner and she turns around and it?s you, your jaw hit the floor you said what are you doing here? So I told you all about my night, you started to apologize and explain this, I told you don?t worry about it. I said have you enjoyed yourself, you smiled and said oh yes. You introduced me to the guy you sucked off. He was a guy you meet online. You guys cybersex for a week or 2 and then meet at dennys in Oceanside. Well he fucked you the first night and couldn?t stop thinking about you so he kept calling and coming over to get that tight pussy. Well we started getting ready to leave the room and I looked around and saw a bunch of wives from the rct-1. You told me that you guys had started your own little group and it was an exciting one. You told me that he was going to take you home, and I said well since I?m here I?ll take you, so we can have some fun, to my surprise you said no. for me to follow. So I did, and will on the trip home I saw you lean over into his lap and I knew what you were doing. I saw you sit up once so you could lower your dress, I was getting jealous, we finally got home and you stepped out of the car with your top still lowered. I said wow great tits you smiled and blew a kiss at me. Well we got in the house and you told me to get up stairs and get naked, so I did as I was told when you came up you tied me to this chair. You spread out on the bed and he came in, he went straight for your pussy and started eating you out. I got hard watching him do this. I hadn?t jerked off for 2 weeks before my return home, so this was hard for me. You were squirming and moaning it was really turning me on. You found the sweet spot and you started convulsing and squeezing his neck with your legs you had an orgasm. You looked at me and asked me how I liked it. I said that was great can I try you smirked at me and said not yet. You did get up and came over to me and you got really close to my cock and acted like you were going to suck it, but you just got close enough for me to feel your breath on it. I was squirming trying to get it in your mouth but you wouldn?t let me. He came over and smacked your ass and said stop teasing the poor guy and come fuck me. You looked up at me and said that sounds so much fun doesn?t it? I said yes It does I want fuck you too. You told me I would get my chance just not yet. You went and got doggy style on the bed and he smacked your ass a couple of times and you said squealed with excitement. You said please stick it in big man, so he started to slowly poke his head in your pussy and then he grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled your head back and sucked on your neck you let out a soft whimper as he did this and then you moaned really loud when he thrust his cock forward into your pussy. He was driving his cock in deep and hard and I could tell you were enjoying this. You started moaning his name and just couldn?t last any longer you told him you were about to cum. He said then cum all over my cock baby, you said I?m going to and you lost control and just covered his cock with your sweet juices. You sat there for a minute while he kept pounding your pussy and he said I?m about to cum and he pulled out and shot his load on your ass. You rolled over and he mounted you missionary style and started slowly fucking you, he was making love to you. You 2 were kissing deeply and passionately it?s like you forgot I was there. He started picking up the pace and you started breathing heavier and you were starting to claw at his back, you said I?m going to cum again and he said good baby cum all over my cock again. You had the strongest orgasm you?ve ever had. He kept pounding his thick cock into your tight little pussy and you kept shaking from the pleasure your orgasm kept going for a minute until he started to cum in you and you shuttered into another powerful orgasm. I watched in awe and was imagining that was me fucking your tight little cunt. My cock was rock hard, the hardest it?s ever been. You both had forgotten about me being tied up and your orgasms were so hard that you both passed out. I was sitting there thinking about how that would have felt to have been fucking your tight little cunt that whole time. I came out of my day dream to hearing a knock on the front door. Well you two were passed out and I was tied up there was no one to get the door, I heard the door open and that?s when I realized you guys didn?t lock it before you came up. I said who is there, it was a female she said its Christina. I said oh well chrissy is passed out; do you want to cum back tomorrow? She was already walking up the steps, I said no don?t come up. She said oh ok, is everything ok, I said yes it is. We just aren?t decent. She giggled and said oh ok, well I?ll come back tomorrow. She left and I just sat there still tied up, then I thought maybe I should have had her untie me. I went back to my day dreaming, the whole flight back I thought about coming home and giving you a big hug and a kiss, and how I was going to fuck you all night until you passed out. The phone started to ring and then you stirred in bed, you reached up and got the phone, you talked to them for a minute and then said sure yea come on over. I was curious to who it was on the phone. You looked at me and asked me how I enjoyed this I said I loved it. Well good I think we should wake him up and have him to continue to fuck me while you watch, that?s what you like right, I said yes but I?d also like to join in and fuck that tight little pussy, so I can have your juices all over my cock. Well you said that maybe we could arrange that. You came over and gave me a deep passionate kiss and then you started swirling your tongue around in my mouth, teasing mine. All of a sudden I hear a car door shut and then the door open. I looked at you and you said great my surprise is here, I?m a little anxious to see what it is. You ask me if I?m ready for this and I say well I guess so. You go down and I can?t really hear but I can tell it?s another female. You come back up and tell me that my surprise is anxious to ride my rock hard cock. I said well what about you? You tell me that you will get yours soon enough. So I sit there patiently and then you come from behind me and put on a blindfold. Then I feel a hand wrap around my cock I say oh sweetheart I?m glad you?re finally going to play with my cock, but then you tell me it?s not you, your playing with the other guys cock. So now I?m curious to who is playing with my cock, I ask her name and she doesn?t respond she just licks my cock. Well that made my cock jump and she licked it again. Well I can?t take anymore and I tell her to finally suck it please. She slides her mouth around my cock and then bites down softly. Well that made my cock jump even more. She then bites down a little harder since she could tell I liked it. She wrapped her lips around my shaft and started sliding her mouth up and down my shaft with your teeth still clinched down on my cock man that felt great she could tell I was going to cum so she stopped and then licked it some more. I couldn?t take it I needed to shoot my load but you nor her wanted me to, so you made sure she controlled it and not make me cum. She then sat on my lap and slide my cock on her pussy but didn?t insert my fat cock in to her tight cunt. She just rubbed it which was driving me crazy, I then heard you in the back ground getting fucked again, and you were screaming his name telling him to fuck you harder and faster. Finally she slides my cock into her little cunt and it felt so great she knew how to work it, she moved up and down slowly with smooth strides. I was getting close to Cumming and she knew it I then heard her speak when she called you to cum over and suck him off the rest of the way. I couldn?t believe my ears, it was Christina. You guys had planned this the entire time. I felt you wrap your lips around my cock and suck my cock hard and you started pumping up and down on my cock, and then you swirled your tongue around my cock while you were going up and down and then I shot my load it was too much for you and it started Cumming out of your mouth it ran down your chin on to your chest. I heard you go mmmmmmmm pineapples taste great, and then you took the blindfold off. I said Christina if you knew why didn?t you just come up; she said that she was playing along like she was told too, here. Christina then said lets untie him so he can get some pussy, I said yes please well your Mr. man wasn?t done with you yet so I took Christina and laid her down on the bed and started sucking on her big tits, and was just about to drive my cock in to her when you start to orgasm again and I looked at you and said I have to have it. I told Christina sorry and your Mr. Man said I?ll take care of her. So I got you to roll over into doggy style and I started driving my cock in your pussy as hard and deep as I could and you were screaming louder than before you went on to tell me how you missed my fat cock and glad it was back home with you now. We made the other two leave and we started fucking like rabbits the rest of the night, you told me the reason you teased me is because you wanted to make my orgasm as strong as possible and that you wanted to get more than a mouthful which I definitely gave you. We went to sleep and I woke up to getting the best blowjob ever by the sexiest lady in the world my wife. She was almost swallowing my cock whole.

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