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Sex and more sex between friends

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When I had decided to have a few friends over one night, I planned on drinking games and maybe a few hook ups between a few of my friends, not all of us hooking up at once.

Jenna got to my house first followed by Brittany, Bobby and Nate. We all played a game of beer pong and darts.

Things were livened up and the party had really started. Nate and Brittany had been flirting the whole night. She came up to me and asked, "Do you mind if we go to your guest room?"

I said, "Of course not. Go have a good time."

She laughed and drug Nate behind her.

I waved Jenna over and told her what had happened. She smiled and said, "Want to spy?"

At first, I had immediately said, "No." She talked me into it. I was interested to see how good Nate was in bed.

We crept down the hallway and noticed they hadn't shut the door all the way, in their hurry. I barely pushed the door open just a bit more. Brittany's top was already gone and she was pulling Nate's off at the moment. The were making out. Brittany was sitting on Nate's lap straddling him and his hands were right on her ass.

She moaned quietly and whispered something into his ear. I'm guessing it was something seductive like, "Fuck me," or "I want to suck your cock."

Just as they were both completely nude, Bobby came up and tapped on our shoulders blowing our cover.

Jenna screamed and Brittany and Nate stopped what they were doing to look at the door.

Brittany grabbed her breasts in a hurry to cover up. Nate just sat up with his mouth wide open.

We all sat in an awkward silence until Bobby said, "I wasn't watching, I just came to find Jenna and Kaylee."

I felt and looked embarrassed and Jenna just started to laugh.

I laughed and pretty soon, we were all doing one of those awkward low pitched, slow, fake laughs. It slowly died out and Brittany uncovered her boobs realizing it was no use we had already seen them.

Jenna and I were standing then and had opened the door all the way. Then when I didn't know what could happen next, Brittany and Nate started making out again while Nate held her breasts and Brittany stroked his semi-hard cock slowly.

They seemed comfortable and like they were inviting us in. Jenna started undressing followed by Bobby and finally me.

We were in the room next to the bed Brittany and Nate occupied.

Jenna and I kissed passionately and made out for a few minutes. Lost in our kissing we almost forgot about Bobby.

I pulled away and looked at Bobby. He was sitting on the end of the bed stroking his now hard cock. I licked my lips seductively and pulled his hand off of his dick. I got on my knees and licked the head of his cock and rubbed his inner thighs slowly.

I began sucking his member and he moaned slowly. All of a sudden I felt something rubbing my clit.

It was Jenna.

I spread my legs a bit more and she continued massaging my moistening pussy.

I was moving my mouth up and down on Bobby's dick rapidly and Jenna was fingering my pussy with two fingers very quickly. I could hardly concentrate on how I was pleasuring Bobby while Jenna worked on me.

I glanced in Nate and Brittany's direction and saw Brittany riding his large boner. They were increasing speed and becoming louder. Just as Nate came - making Brittany cum - Bobby came in my mouth and I was convulsing from cumming as well.

It was pretty much a big, simultaneous cum-fest.

We were all breathing loudly and I realized Jenna hadn't been pleasured yet. I told her to lay on the floor on her back. I spread her legs open wide and licked the juices flowing out of her hole.

I got her horny as I licked her clit and vagina lips. I stopped and told her to hold on for one second. Bobby took my place while I was gone.

I ran to my room hastily, and found my strap-on and my pink, vibrating dildo. After grabbing some cherry flavored lube I made my way back to the sex party.

Bobby was sucking on Jenna's nipples and I placed my supplies on the floor next to them.

Bobby sat up again and went over by Jenna's head. I asked Jenna, "Strap-on or dildo?"

She answered "Strap-on, I want you to fuck me."

I smiled, the strap-on is my favorite.

After putting the toy on, I lubed it up and teased Jenna's vagina. She smiled.

As I prepared to mount Jenna...Brittany, Nate and Bobby began their own pow-wow.

I saw Nate get ready to stick his dick in her ass and Bobby, his dick, in her pussy.

Brittany gasped as she got double penetration. She soon adapted and felt the amazing sensations.

I continued my work with Jenna. I stuck the fake dick into her hole. She moaned and I started slowly pumping it in and out. I kept up a slow pace and increased my speed slowly.

My breasts were bouncing around and she stared in awe. I was going faster and she yelled, "Pound into me baby."

I was glad she had said that. I pulled almost all the way out of her, and then forced it right back in, hard! I did this a few times until I couldn't help it anymore and began fucking her wildly.

She was gasping for air and moaning loudly.

Brittany had already cum once and they were now watching as I fucked Jenna harder. Jenna began bucking wildly as I hit her g-spot repeatedly.

We were all exhausted from sex but there was still more to do. After we had recovered I got on the bed and got on my hands and knees.

Bobby came to my rescue first. He slowly penetrated my ass and began humping me doggy style, slowly. I love anal sex so much. I was enjoying how he smacked my ass lightly and fondled my boobs.

Nate, soon had his cock right underneath my mouth. I began sucking the head of his cock and swirling my tongue around.

Brittany then squatted above Nate's head and he licked her pussy. She was practically riding his tongue.

Jenna and Brittany were making out and tweaking each others nipples.

We were all like an oral sex train with anal as the caboose. After we had all cum, excluding Jenna, we laid interlocking each other. We were all sweaty and naked and it smelled like sex in the room.

Brittany, Nate, and Jenna fell asleep soon after.

Bobby was still awake; lucky for me. I sat up and looked at him knowing we had the same thought. We got to the floor so we wouldn't disturb the others.

We had hot sex for about a half hour until we had both cum again. I fell asleep on top of his naked body.

I woke up early in the morning to Nate and Jenna fucking on the bed.

Brittany, to my surprise, was on the floor sleeping. I was on the left side of Bobby, she was on the right.

Apparently Bobby and Brittany had fucked right next to me and I hadn't woke up.

I was fucked by Nate once more before everyone left my house.

What a great sexy night it was. I hope it may happen again.

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