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Seducing the Kids (Seduction of Jessie and Donna)

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I mentioned before that the other couple in our little were Jessie and Donna. They were the Kids of the group because they married right out of high school and were actually 19 and 20. Jessie (the husband) was a good looking guy, former football player and Donna was such a little petite thing that she could have been mistaken for a slender guy if not for her very long blonde hair that accented her lovly face. One of an angel my wife had said once. She was cute to be honest and could have been a Twiggy. She had almost no titties but her hips were nice and she was slender. She got red faced at the mention of anything at all and had been seen watching Jenna several times as her top would fall away when getting out of the pool or when her cleavage was easily seen which was all the time. Well, Bob and James and I were talking one day how we had noticed how Donna watched our wives a lot and seemed to look at them as mother images. Carrie came up as we were speaking and said, I think it is time she was seduced. Oh we agree but how James asked. Leave it to the ladies she said. She went inside and a plan developed that came about the very next evening. Donna and Jessie had been invited to Carols parents condo that they used from time to time. We all met and went for Ribs and beer and fun. Well, the girls all managed to get a few beers into themselves and that included Donna who was so small that it did not take many. They were all in the hot tub and us guys were enjoying the horse play going on with them seeming to make sure that titties and bottoms got exposed more often than usual. Finally Carol said, this damn top keeps coming loose so the hell with it and she took it off tossing it towards us. Mine too said Carrie and now two beautiful sets of titties were bouncing around. Come on Jenna, lets see those juggs of yours they said and she said, the only problem is that I have on a full suit. Take it off then Carrie said, yeh take it off we all (except Jessie and Donna) said and Jenna stood and took it off looking at Donna and Jessie with a very hungry look in her eyes. Okay Donna, you are the only one left, take it off Hun said Carrie. But, I well, I am not....What Baby, not stacked? Is that it? Well, yes. You are all so well built. I am too embarrassed. So what. we don't care. Come on, lets see. Jessie sat next to her and she looked at him. If you want to he said as he was looking at all the huge tits around us. Donna took off her shirt and her small nipples were hard little pebbles that stuck out just enough to be cute and tempting. Jessie had stood up and was now the object of attention of the ladies. Man, check out the bulge in Jessie's suit Carrie said. Damn, it is huge said Carol. Like to get that in my cunt Jenna said finally joining in. As the beers were drank Jessie and Donna relaxed still she had on her shorts but her little nipples stayed hard. Jenna went to her and accidently pressed against her several times. Donna was staring at her. What is it Hun she said? May I touch them she said. Sure you can, do all the touching you want to. Donna reached out her hands at the same time and took them in her hands. Jenna took her hands and helped her explore for a while until Donna s hands were working on their own. Pinch the nipples hun Jenna told her and she did. Oh yes, that feels good. The she slowly pulled Donna to her chest offering her a nipple. She took it slowly and sucking slowly she began to moan. Jessie was watching and his bulge had swollen to a reallu huge size, coming over the top of his suit. Lay down hun Jenna told Donna and she did in a lounger. Jenna took her hands and began removing her hsorts as the other two women got totally naked. Jessie was standing next to them and Jenna saw the huge cock peeking over his waist band. Oh, I gotta have that hun, do you mind? Donna shook her head. Jenna took his suit and freed his cock, it swelled in her hands and she took it into her moouth swallowing it down slowly until her face was against his stomach. Damn girl, suck that cock Carrie said. Yeh, all the way. Donna was now massaging Jennas titties as she watched her husband get his cock sucked off. My pussy Jenna said to Donna, play with it. Donna went between Jenna open legs and her fingers found her clit. Jenna had one hand guiding Donna hand and the other gripping the huge cock in her mouth. Then suddenly Donna dried out. My god, it is all the way in her. Her hand was now all the way in Jennas pussy. hand fuck me dear, come on, just do it and Donna was staring at her had=nd as it disappeared up to the wrist in her pussy...then Jessie moaned and his cock shot a load of cum all over her chest as she tried to get it back in her mouth...some squirting on Donna as she fisted Jenna. Then Jenna went into animal mode. She grabbed Donna and kissed her hard, come on girl, lets get serious here and she laid her down kissing her. She was scared but now Jessie was being sucked by Carrie and was not concerned. Jenna took her and laid her on the blanket near by, kissing her all the way down, finding her p ussy she drove her tongue into her small hole and made her really squirm. eating her she made her hips hump her face and soon Donna had a squealing orgasm as Jenna kept her pace up not slowing down. Another orgasm shook the small woman as she watched her husband fuck Carol deep and hard. She looked at me and said, Well, since Jenna has me I guess I should have Steve and she held out her hand. I went to her side and Jenna moved over. Give her a good fucking hun she said., I have her all wet. Jenna guided my cock to the small hole. How has Jessie ever done it with you Jenna said. He has never had all of it in me yet. Just about half. Well, tonight we streach you out girlfriend Jenna said. I managed to slid into her pussy filling her tight hole and she began bucking as Jenna kissed her and sucked her nipples. My cum soon filled her. James was next, he is bigger Donna said. Yes, and Bob is bigger but tonight all of them are taking that tight pussy hun. He slid into her using my cum as a lubricant. Oh oh that hurts. Oh it hurts she moaned as her hips moved with his. Then he was all the way in. She began fucking him fast. Both cumming at the same time. Now Bob was there, his cock hard and huge. Oh no, that will not fit she moaned. Yes it will we told her and he spread her legs as Jenna held them apart. The head pushed against the lips, making her cry out. Jessie was watching as the other tow women paid attention to his still hard cock. Only one way to do this Bob said, hold her, you ready Hun he said. Yes, do it she said, tearsin her eyes. He shoved hard and she cried out. Oh, o my god, it hurts, take it out. He stayed in her, letting her pussy adjust to the size of the cock in her. Then after a while he began to slowly move, in and out, in and out. She was still wiping tears from her face as Jenna kissed her slowly. Then his pace began slowly to pick up and her hips matched it. Finally she was moving with him and they both cried out as he filler her with cum and her pussy grabbed his cock so as to not let it go. Jenna got up, Now my turn, give me that cock she said as she sat on it. Jessie moaned as her expert pussy grabbed his rod. I will make it small before I am finished. The ladies came over and were kissing Donna and massaging her body as we sat around watching Jenna fuck Jessie. She rode on top of him and orgasm after orgasm shook her boddy as her huge titties bounced around. He came finally and began to slip out. No you don't Jenna said as sher mouth brought him back to life and she mounted his cock again. After a long time Jessie was allowed to get up, his cock, even soft was 7 inches long easily. He and Donna cuddled toegether and sat near the circle of new lovers they had found. Jenna laid on the pads her legs spread and her fingers playing with her pussy. Carol and Carrie were in the tub with their husbands and I watched Jenna build up orgasm after orgasm not caring what else was going on.

Now all the Mosue House folks were really part of the family.

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