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Spring Fever

Chapter One

I could tell Spring was here, because the working women in the
city were all beginning to shed their many layers of protective
clothing, and show their legs. The sight was very pleasing to me, and
one of the best things about the changing of the seasons.
I am a leg man going way back. I have always enjoyed a nice walk
on a Summer beach, or an evening in a dance club, where the girls feel
comfortably inclined and even strongly motivated to show off their legs
and asses. I almost never missed an opportunity to catch a glimpse
when one was offered, as I am at heart a true gentleman.
Most of the time, I've found women who show off their legs do so
with at least a little knowledge that someone might be interested.
Many pretty women simply (and naturally, I might add) want to be seen
as attractive, so they are inclined to put their best feature(s) on
display to get a little positive attention. Nothing obscene about
that, and nothing to write home about.
But there are certainly some men who, when given an inch will try
to take a mile. That is, they will be forceful, even rude, in their
so-called "appreciation" of women who like to show off. Their
frustration at wanting and not having what these women put on display,
turns them into monsters of a sort, and they can be anywhere from
embarrassingly over-eager to downright abusive and violent. I have
always been ashamed that men could behave like that, and I myself have
never wanted to offend (or frighten) any woman with my "appreciation"
of her beauty.
I know at times I have bordered on embarrassing myself with my
behavior, but I have saved myself by following my strict guidelines of
respect and deference for women. I do not knowingly cross these lines,
and I never would. In my opinion, it is not sexy for a man to be crude
or abusive, but it is very sexy for a woman to flirt and for a man to
respond in kind. That is one of my favorite games, as a matter of
fact, and it is what I like most about the warmer weather.

One particularly nice day, I found myself enjoying the view on a
local oceanside boardwalk. Public places are best, because the
presence of a crowd makes the little leg shows even more titillating.
There is an element of risk, in whether or not others notice what's
going on. And there is an element of security, in that the women will
know they are not in danger when there are plenty of people around. I
was enjoying the pleasantly warm weather and the splendid view, as a
gorgeous young lady in high heels and spandex shorts walked by my
She was so hot, I got an instant boner and my head turned
uncontrollably to follow her ass, as she walked gracefully past me. I
should have seen the writing on the wall, but I was momentarily too far
gone. The warm weather had weakened me, and I was too relaxed - my
defenses were down, and I just gave in to my animal instincts. Yes,
dear friends, I got up and followed her. You might think it rude or
flagrant, or even downright offensive, but by the time I was up and in
stride with her, there was no turning back without embarrassing myself.
For that brief, pivotal moment, I was no longer thinking, no longer
concerned with my better nature. What I didn't know then, was that she
had wanted it this way.
I quickly maneuvered to within a few feet of her to get a clear
view, trying to be inconspicuous, but not wanting to miss a step. I
wanted so badly just to watch her ass as she walked, swinging it back
and forth in that cute, sexy way women have. She really had style, I
had to admit that right from the start. I could see her delicate panty
lines in the spandex shorts she was wearing, and the sight was a total
thrill to me. Without realizing it, I had fallen into a perfectly
matching stride with her, oblivious to my surroundings and completely
fixed on her beautiful, swaying ass.
If I had been a bit more aware of my surroundings, I might have
noticed her glancing back over her shoulder to see me, and I might have
dropped back just a bit to be less conspicuous. I might have seen the
knowing smile on her face, and thought to myself how she seemed to want
me to follow her and fix my gaze helplessly on her swaying ass. I
might have suspected something, and remained wary or detached in order
to safeguard myself. I might have, but I didn't. I had gone
completely on automatic, and I was no longer in control.
As I said, she had glanced once or twice over her shoulder, and
she must have been secretly pleased at what she saw. I was staring
intently, walking in perfect unison with her, and unaware of anything
but the sway of her beautiful ass, going back and forth as we walked.
Back and forth.
She turned off the boardwalk, and I followed her without losing a
step. If you were to ask me why, I couldn't have given you any
coherent explanation for my behavior. I just couldn't look away, and
my legs were in total agreement with my eyes.
She kept walking, occasionally glancing back to make sure I was
still in my trance, still mesmerized by the lovely globes of her gently
swaying ass. And she kept swaying it back and forth, as she took each
deliberate, graceful step. Swaying it back and forth. And my eyes
kept following it, back and forth as she walked.
People might have been looking at me, but I didn't notice. They
might have seen me walking purposefully with my eyes glued to this
woman's behind. They might have wondered what was going on with me,
and with her. They might have gotten a brief chuckle as we both
swooshed by, on our way to wherever it was she was leading me. They
might have noticed, as I said, but nobody tried to stop me. Nobody
tried to help me. Nobody had any idea that although I appeared to be
the hunter, I was actually the one captured. Nobody knew, or thought
to consider, that this woman had me under her spell, and she had plans
for me.
She turned again, this time walking up a stairway that led to a
side street. I followed her, of course. As I took my first step up
the stairs behind her, my face brushed close to her ass, so close I
almost touched it. I felt an almost uncontrollable urge to lean
forward just an inch or two and kiss it, but I was barely able to hold
back. The magnetism was almost overpowering. Her beautiful ass,
swaying gently back and forth, only inches away from my face as we
walked up the steps. Her panty lines showing through, my lips drawn
forward. Her ass, my lips. Her ass...
Just as I was about to give in to my urge to take the plunge, the
steps came to an abrupt end, and her ass was suddenly out of reach. A
moment's disappointment was instantly replaced by my renewed trance, as
I got back into step with her, and she kept walking.
My eyes never left her ass, not for an instant. But now I wanted
more. I was now convinced that if given another opportunity to lean
forward and kiss her ass, I would not have the strength to resist. I
was begging, praying that I would not be put in that position, but
secretly hoping that I would.
She stopped for a moment at a street light, and suddenly, for an
instant I became awkwardly aware of my surroundings. I did not know
where I was, or how to get back. I was using all my remaining
strength, trying to focus on landmarks, when she abruptly started
walking again, and my entire body, in a single reflexive movement,
obediently continued following her. My eyes found their place again,
watching her ass, dreaming about the soft, delicate panty lines etched
out in her spandex shorts. Following her ass as it swayed gently, like
music, back and forth.
She made her way to a complex of buildings, and turned toward a
small staircase leading up to the landing. I thought to myself, here's
my chance! She's going up another staircase!
I moved a foot or two closer to her, as I followed her, and
prepared myself to "accidentally" bump my face against her ass on the
way up the stairs. I was ready. I was really going to do it, this
time for sure.
She took her first step, and before I could lean forward far
enough and execute my carefully laid out plan, the steps had ended and
she was moving ahead swiftly on the flat walkway. The stairway was too
short! My heart sank, and in my disappointment I missed a step or two
before getting back into stride behind her. Now I was absolutely
determined to kiss her ass, the next time anything close to an
opportunity presented itself. I was on the verge of going out of my
way right then and there, in mid-stride, but I just didn't want to risk
stumbling and falling behind her, and letting her get too far ahead of
She paused for a moment and turned to her side, looking off over
the railing toward the beach. I wanted to pause too, but I was
suddenly very aware of how conspicuous I was, and in order for her not
to notice me, after my momentary jolt, I kept walking by, but slowed
considerably as if planning to stop. Then I hesitated as if lost in
thought, and came to a full stop to look over the railing a few yards
ahead of her. She looked over at me and smiled.
"Nice view," she said, and I wasn't sure if it was directed at
me, and if she wanted a response from me. I tried to look at her face,
and not to let my eyes drift to her lower body. I kind of pretended
not to acknowledge what she said, wondering if she'd follow it up or
She continued after a brief pause to take in my ambiguous
reaction, "I love the breeze, don't you? The beach is so sensual, so
I knew she wanted a response this time, so I mustered my strength
and said "Yea, relaxing."
She looked at me with a killer sweet smile, knowing the secret
source of my awkwardness, and loving it. She had wanted to hook me,
and now she knew she had been successful. Totally successful.
I looked back at her and smiled, then looked off to the beach
again, feeling uncomfortable, and noticing that when I looked in her
direction my eyes were being drawn almost helplessly to her bottom
half. I didn't want to let that happen, so I forced myself to look off
at the beach.
She moved away from the railing, and began again to walk. I
paused a moment to let her go by me, and then slowly made my way back
into stride behind her, this time a few feet farther behind. I had
almost made myself obvious, I thought, and I didn't want to risk being
discovered. I was really fooling myself in a big way.
We walked past a few buildings on the platform, and then she
turned and went into one of the alleys leading to a set of stairways.
Almost at once, I was back in my trance, and totally committed to my
plan. I was moving in behind her, ready to follow her as close as
necessary in order to brush my face against the soft, round globes of
her panty-lined ass.
She glanced back at me briefly, noticing how I was positioning
myself. She then turned into a stairwell and started up the stairs. My
heart was pounding out of control. I was going to do it. I was going
to kiss this woman's lovely ass right there! Nothing was going to stop
I moved up behind her on the steps, and in one sudden, small
movement I leaned forward and brushed my face against her ass. She
kept walking, and I wanted to try it again. The stairway wrapped
around, and as she turned the corner she looked at me smiling at my
total helplessness. She entered the next section of stairs, and I
proceeded to move into position once again, completely focused on my
mission. I had already brushed my face against her ass once, and she
hadn't reacted. I wanted to go further this time. This time I was
going to give a little peck, a small but unmistakable kiss right in the
middle of her fanny.
As she took her third or fourth step on the stairs, I leaned
forward and executed my plan. I DID IT! I clearly gave her a peck on
her ass, an unmistakable kiss right between the two soft, round,
swaying globes of her magnificent ass. For an instant, I felt the
total pleasure of having my nose cradled between her cheeks, and then I
backed off as she took her next step forward. I DID IT!!
When she got to the top of the stairs, I almost expected her to
stop and confront me, and ask me what I did, or why I did it. I almost
expected it, but I was too proud of my success to think about that. I
was in heaven, and my thoughts were drifting so far into the delightful
sensation I had just felt, that I wasn't aware of anything at all but
my own feelings of bliss and joy.
I wouldn't have noticed when she stopped outside her door, and
got out her key, except for the fact that her (my) lovely, swaying
heavenly ass had stopped moving, and I had to stop along with it. So
the moment I noticed she had stopped, I stopped dead in my tracks. But
this time, unlike the time she stopped to look out over the beach, I
was unable to recover. I stood there senselessly, looking at her ass
for a moment, and her legs, and then, feeling utterly horrified, up to
her face.
She was facing me, smiling sweetly, but for a moment she feigned
a look of puzzlement beneath her smile.
"Have you been following me?" she asked innocently.
I could not lie, I could not even think. All I could do was
mouth the words "Yes, I -"
She cut me off, thank heaven, before I betrayed myself and
admitted the full truth. But then she continued, "You were looking at
me, weren't you? You were looking at my body."
"Yes, I -"
"What is it you were looking at, hmmm?" she asked, leading me
"Your beautiful ass. I was looking at your beautiful ass. It's
just sooo beautiful." I was in her complete control, and my mouth was
speaking with a mind of its own - it belonged to her now.
"Why were you looking at me?" she asked gently, not judging but
just wanting to know. "Why were you so interested in my tushy?"
"I want to kiss it," I helplessly admitted.
"Well now, that's not so bad, is it?" she replied, as I breathed
a strangely refreshing sigh of relief. "Why don't you have your wish
right now then, huh?"
I was horrified, but helpless. I couldn't believe where this was
going, but I couldn't stop it either.
"Why don't I just bend over a slight bit, and let you have your
dream come true?" she said, playfully, acceptingly.
"I, uh -"
And she interrupted me only by bending over the slightest little
bit, and turning her soft, enchanted ass toward me, as a kind of silent
invitation. After only a moment's hesitation, mostly out of disbelief,
I got down on my knees right there in the hallway, buried my face in
her beautiful bottom, and began kissing to my heart's content. All my
dreams had suddenly, magically, unmistakably come true.


Chapter Two

She stood there out in the hallway for several minutes while I
willingly, indeed eagerly kissed and sniffed her ass. I felt the soft
fabric caress my face, as I nuzzled my nose into her crack, and I felt
her thrust back almost imperceptibly each time I pushed my face
forward. We had developed an unspoken synergy, a perfectly harmonious
dance between her ass and my face. I kissed and nuzzled, she thrust
everso gently and wiggled. It could have gone on forever.
Without any warning, in the middle of my sublime bliss, I felt
her shift and suddenly heard the door open. I did not stop, and did
not even think of looking up, until I heard her exclaim to someone in
the apartment, "Hey Julie! Hey Brenda! Look what the cat dragged in!"
And to my utter horror and embarrassment, two girls (women,
actually) bounced up gleefully to look. There I was, on my knees with
my face buried in her ass, for a moment oblivious, and then suddenly
all too aware of my surroundings. I looked up, but I could not find
the strength to stop what I was doing.
One of the girls came out and walked around me and said "Why
Angela, I do believe you've found yourself the perfect man!"
And Angela, not moving her ass as much as an inch away from my
face, replied, "Yah, he really knows what he wants, doesn't he?"
"Yah, and where to look for it!" she snickered. "No stopping
him, eh?" she added, as I kept my face buried, and kept right on
sniffing and kissing.
Angela replied sympathetically, "Oh, don't be so hard on the guy,
Brenda. I think he's just got a bad case of Spring Fever."
Brenda replied "Spring Fever my ass." And then chuckled,
realizing what she'd just said, and quickly corrected herself. "I
mean, YOUR ass."
Julie came over to see what the fuss was about. "My goodness,"
she exclaimed with a smirk. "What in God's name is he looking for??"
"I don't know," Brenda said, "but whatever it is, I think he's
found it!"
"Then why hasn't he stopped looking for it?" Angela chimed in.
"Huh? Can you answer me that? If he found what he wants, why on Earth
is he still down there, on all fours, lost and preoccupied like he's
still looking?" She paused, as if expecting a reply, but not really
waiting long enough for either girl to think one up.
When noone answered, she continued playfully, "Watch what happens
when I wiggle my butt a little." And she wiggled it.
I instantly responded exactly as she must have expected. I
repositioned myself slightly and shoved my nose and lips closer and
deeper, feeling her ass almost engulf me right there in the hallway.
And Angela added, "If he's found what he's looking for, why
doesn't he stop? Eh, Miss Smarty-Panties??"
"I think Angela's right," Julie interjected, turning toward
Brenda. "I think he's still looking for something, and it looks to me
as though he won't stop until he finds it."
"Well then," Brenda shot back, "Let's take him inside and see if
we can HELP him find it!"

With that, they all agreed. And much to my heart's dismay,
Angela abruptly stepped away and removed her butt from my face. My
bliss had suddenly come to an end. She crouched down next to me,
patted me on the head affectionately, and looked me right in the eyes,
and said, "Time to wake up, darling, we have to go inside now."
She reached for my hand, which had been supporting my body up to
that point, and grabbed it gently. "Come on now dear, it's okay." She
seemed genuinely sympathetic and understanding, sensing my loss. She
was also confident, and fully in control. I trusted her completely.
We all went inside together, and she shut the door quietly behind
"This is going to be fun," Brenda said, bubbling over with
girlish joy.
"Oh, keep your panties on!" Julie retorted playfully, but with a
slight edge.
"Like hell I will," Brenda shot back immediately. "Like HELL I
will." And as she said it the second time, she reached under her
miniskirt and slid out of her panties. "Like hell I will," she echoed
once again, as she now raised them up near Julie's face, waiving them
in defiance.
"Get your stinking panties out of my face!" Julie exclaimed,
pushing Brenda's hand away. "HE's the pervert, not me. Make HIM smell
Brenda looked at Angela, who was just holding my hand and smiling
in amusement at the situation. Then she turned to me and held up the
panties in my direction. "Do YOU want these?" she asked, tauntingly.
I sort of half reached out with my free hand and tried to speak.
"I, uh -" But I couldn't manage any real words or sentences.
She could see the look of longing on my face, the need, the
weakness. She looked a little closer, still holding the panties up but
keeping them barely out of reach. She spoke to the others. "I think
he's in a trance or something."
"WHAT?!" Julie blurted.
"I said, I think he's hypnotized or something. I think he's
under some kind of spell. I read about this kind of thing once."
"Be serious," Julie remanded. "Angela doesn't know hypnosis.
This guy's just a panty pervert, that's all there is to it."
Angela was listening thoughtfully, still holding my hand, and
smiling at the two women as they tossed the matter back and forth.
"Let's try something out," Brenda said. "I want to try to plant
a hypnotic suggestion. Are you ladies with me?"
Julie nodded and said "Sure, I guess." Angela just smiled and
"What is your name?" Brenda asked me.
"Peter," I replied softly.
"Well, Peter," she said, looking right at me and holding the
panties a bit closer for emphasis. "Do you want to smell my panties?"
"I, uh -" I still couldn't quite put a sentence together.
"Then let me answer that question for you," she continued. "Let
me tell you what you want."
I was still looking, listening, and helplessly weak.
"You DO want to sniff my panties. You want to sniff them very
much. In fact, that's just about all you can think about right now,
isn't it, Peter? Sniffing my panties. That's ALL you want to do."
"Yes," I heard myself say.
Tell me then, Peter. I want you to answer me in your own words
this time. Do you or don't you want to smell my panties?"
"I do," I admitted. "I do want to smell your panties." I
couldn't think of anything else to say. I just had to tell her. "I
can't think of anything else I want to do."
"There you have it, ladies," she said to the others. "He's
hypnotized, and there's your proof. I've given him his first
directive. Do you see how easily he obeyed?"
Julie was suspicious. "But he's already a panty pervert, we knew
that when we first laid eyes on him. All you did was get him to admit
Angela was loving this.
Brenda said "Then let's try something else, something different
to prove he's really under." She stopped to think for a moment, and as
she did so she let her arm fall to her side, along with the panties. I
let out an almost imperceptible moan at the disappearance of her (my)
panties, but kept my eyes on them. I could still smell Angela's
fragrance on my face from before, and I was still holding her hand.
"Okay," she continued. "I've got an idea. It might sound weird,
but you've both got to trust me. We want real proof, right?"
Angela and Julie looked at each other and nodded, and in unison
said "Right."
Brenda held the panties up again, as close to my face as before,
and looked into my eyes. "Peter?" she asked, just to see if she had my
"Yes," I replied, my eyes still following the panties.
"You want my panties, don't you?"
"Yes, I want your panties."
"And what do you want to do with them?"
"I want to smell them."
"Very good, that's right." She smiled, now back in stride and
ready to try her idea. "I will let you have them soon. You have
nothing to worry about."
I sighed, relaxed and smiling at the prospect of at last getting
to smell my beloved panties.
"But I want you to remember one thing for me. Will you do that?"
"Uh-huh," I said as I nodded.
"I want you to remember, your name is not Peter, it's Pamela.
Your name has always been Pamela. Can you remember that for me?"
"Yes, I can remember that." I didn't know what I was saying, but
I know I meant it.
"Good. That's fine," she continued. "Your name is Pamela, and
it has always been Pamela. You cannot remember ever being called
anything else but Pamela. Isn't that right?"
"Yes," I responded. "That's right."
"So what is your name, dear?" she asked me directly.
"My name is Pamela," I replied, honestly believing it to be the
absolute truth.
"That's right, dear," she said, offering me her panties as a
reward. "Your name is Pamela, and I'm Brenda. This here is my friend
Julie, and the lady holding your hand is Angela. You may now smell my
panties, as I know how much you want to do that now."
Julie looked a bit thrown, like she was no longer sure if maybe I
hadn't really been hypnotized after all. Angela just smiled, knowingly
and confidently.
I held the panties up to my face, rubbed them against my cheek,
held the crotch over my nose, and began sniffing them deeply and
lovingly. Nothing else existed for me but my panties, and nothing else
mattered to me but smelling them.
The girls all smiled at each other knowingly, for there was no
more doubt about it. I had somehow been put into a deep trance, and I
was completely at their mercy. They watched me curiously, completely
lost and content in my private little panty world. They looked back at
each other in amusement, wondering in unison what they were going to do
with me next.


End of Story