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Rondevous on theWater Part 3

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As I lay there basking in the beauty of my southern bell, naked and curled against me with her eyes closed, I lightly ran my fingers through her hair. Our guest quietly slipped into his scattered garments, then turned to kiss Bama on the hand and say his polite goodbyes. Opening her eyes, Bama gave a devilish grin, "Maybe you can cum again sometime." I winked at him, and said "I'll touch base with you later." With a click, the salon door closed behind him and he had left as suddenly as he arrived. At the same time, I realized the sun was getting lower in the sky. I needed to adjust our travel plans to take advantage of the remaining day light. Turning to Bama, I kissed her softly on the lips, her tongue reaching out to pull me in. Lost in the sensual exchange, I thought for a moment we would never get away from the dock. This temptress is totally intoxicating... but there was much more to experience, so I reluctantly broke our embrace and helped her to her feet. I suggested that she take a short hot shower to freshen up before we got under way. Bama nodded her head in agreement as I proceeded to get a towel and show her how to use the shower.

Hearing the water running, I stepped outside and made a quick call to a close friend, and salty sea captain, who was waiting for my call. My "Time to go, I want to leave in 10 minutes" was responded by a quick, "be right there." After I hung up, I made my outside rounds and untied all but one dock line, then climbed the stairs up to the bridge and started the engines. We didn't have enough daylight to reach my original destination so I turned on the chartplotter and set a new course to Mattituck, a quiet little inlet in wine country on the North Shore of Long Island, about an hour and forty-five minutes by water. Not wasting a second, I scurried back to the salon to greet Bama as she exited the bathroom to dry off. Even with wet hair and no makeup she was still a sight to behold. Flirtatiously, she opened her towel towards me and asked if I like what I saw. Without hesitation, I stepped towards her and planted a passionate kiss of approval on her slender neck as I wrapped my arm around and pulled her close. I then whispered in her ear to put on something comfortable. She pulled out a cute skirt and a thin white blouse. I gave my quick approval in her choice. As she dressed, I made her a Crown and Coke, then informed her another guest was joining us momentarily and that he was only coming to help captain the boat. Any "appreciation" of his assistance was totally her choice and not expected. I told her that our pending guest, John, loves being out on the water, and this way, we could enjoy the cruise and get better acquainted. Relaxed, her eyebrows raised in curiosity as she heard him climb aboard and climb above us to the bridge. I motioned towards the door. Bama grabbed her drink and confidently stepped ahead of me to lead the way. I untied the last rope and we climbed the stairs to the bridge. The steep incline gave me a perfect view of her bald pussy and firm ass. I couldn't resist sliding my hand up her skirt to let her know I had full access to her smoothly shaved lips. In her sultry fashion, she paused to allow my fingers to discover her wet slit, only to take her last step up and take a seat. "Bama, this is John, John, Bama" as I dispatched a hasty greeting and then told John to head to Mattituck. As we slowly trolled out of the marina, I pulled Bama over to sit between my legs on the bench seat behind the captain. She quickly got comfortable while taking in the sites and sounds as the shoreline slowly disappeared from sight.

The water was unusually smooth and the full moon lit up the ocean waters. The shore disappeared, and as we cruised across the sound, daylight was slowly replaced by sparse pockets of city lights that produced a fire-like glow in the distance. My Bama girl leaned back against me and enjoyed her drink as we indulged in conversation. To my surprise, talking to her was just as delightful and intoxicating as fucking her. Most girls that can fuck do not have an ounce of intelligence or they are very smart but do not know how to fuck; this was quite a change. The more we talked the more captivating she became. The captain took notice immediately. I watched him as he often glanced over his shoulder at the southern goddess. I too could not resist staring down her body as she sat between my legs. Occasionally, I felt her rotate her hips to stroke my cock with her ass and a sly grin would appear on her face. Before I knew it, the captain notified me that we were just minutes away from our destination. I suddenly caught a glance of what caught the captain's attention from the time we left shore. My southern belle had been up to seducing the captain the whole time. As the captain spoke, his eyes were fixated on the slight opening between Bama's long legs. He looked at me before returning his attention ahead and I nodded in acknowledgment of his thoughts. He smiled and gave a quick wink. I casually slid my hands up her blouse and caressed her firm peeks. I kissed her gently on her neck and she turned her head to meet my lips. Our tongues found each other and engaged in a sultry dance. One of my hands found its way down her waist and continued its course until I felt her moist, moist, smooth lips. Again, I realized the captain taking in a full view of my advances into Bama's womanhood. I knew he wanted a taste of what I had in my hands but I suddenly felt a need to be greedy. I whispered in Bama's ear that I would be delighted if she would escort me back to the salon for another drink. She agreed as she took my hand and waited for my lead. I reached the bottom of the stairs and turned to reach for her hand. She stood midway up the stairs, sat down, and stretched out her body over the stairs. I walked up to her and on cue, she spread her legs, reached for me, and her sweet tongue traced mine. My cock grew harder. My hands unbuttoned her blouse and grasped her breast tightly. My Bama girl was hungry again. She looked at me and softly commanded me to fuck her. Would I dare say "no".

I faced a perplexing dilemma. As we entered Mattituck Inlet, I knew the entrance changes into a narrow serpentine river that requires focus to navigate. We also would arrive at the marina in fifteen minutes and be quickly surrounded by dock hands eager to get us safely in our slip as they were waiting for our late arrival. This was not nearly enough time to satisfy Bama?s request? but I could not ignore this sexual goddess either. My eyes locked on hers, I reached down and pierced her moist lips with my finger. Her eyes blinked slowly and an inaudible sound escaped her mouth. Grasping her mound with my finger deep in her wanting pussy, I pressed upward forcing her to stand, our eyes still locked. Continuing with my commanding grasp, I raised up again, moving her back up the stairs. The fire in her eyes was beginning to glow. Now back on the bridge, it was as if Bama read my mind. She turned and lay down on the bench seat, wrapping her leg around mine. Turning my attention to her delicate little button, my fingers rapidly circled her swollen clit as she rocked her hips to make contact. Kissing down her neck her blouse fell open exposing her soft round mounds. Not wasting a minute, my lips sucked in each of her nipples. My tongue flicked wildly, bringing her sexy tips to full attention. Her moans of joy caught the captain?s attention.John turned, only to see this beautiful creature lying half-naked behind him. His eyes rapidly scanned her perfect body. Kissing down her flat abs, I raised her skirt, exposing her neatly trimmed mound. Seductively glancing up at the captain, she opened her legs wide giving him full view of my fingers parting her fully-aroused and glistening wet pink butterfly lips. On a mission, I sucked her swollen clit into my mouth. Bama groaned loudly, grasped my head and pulled me into her grinding hips. The captain, now turned sideways, kept one eye on our course and the other on Bama, twitching and moaning from my intense assault. The bulge in John's pants showed he was clearly enjoying the action. Then, without notice, I heard a voice calling out from shore, ?Pull it over here captain?. Reacting quickly, I escaped Bama?s grasp, pulled down her skirt, slid up to let her taste my pussy-juice covered lips, and then scurried down the steps to throw ropes to the waiting dock hands. Bama came down onto the rear deck, taking in the commotion of getting us secured in our slip, and made a point of whispering in my ear how horny I left her. I noticed she had only closed a couple buttons on her shear blouse and her still aroused nipples poked at the thin fabric. I smiled to myself as I watched the dock hand?s eyes follow her every movement. Bama must have noticed as well. She rewarded their expert help by giving them a clear view of her firm breasts as she stepped off the boat and onto the dock. With the boat docked and shore power restored, I yelled to John, ?hurry up, were famished!? As we stepped off the dock, I offered to Bama, "we can eat here, dockside, at the quaint Touch of Venice restaurant or take a short walk into town to A Mano - Osteria & Wine Bar. The choice is yours." Bama quickly quipped, "A Mano sounds perfect." John joined us on the dock and we started on our way. The sun had set and the only lighting was from the street lanterns. The atmosphere must have been getting to Bama. She became increasingly touchy and the actions of my trophy doll had John so turned-on. My hand resting on the small of her back started moving to her tight little ass. Pulling up the back of her skirt, exposing her bare cheeks, I slid my hand down the crack of her ass and felt her wetness. It was electrifying. I had to finish what I started. On the other hand, should I say what she started before the dockhand interrupted us. Before I could react, she grabbed John's and I's hand, pulling us into a dark corner of a side alley. She pushed John into the corner and pressed her mouth to his. He immediately fell into her mercy and began groping her breast. They kissed wildly. She ground her hips into him and I took my place behind her. Raising her skirt, I knelt and slid my tongue into her juicy lips. I heard a deep moan escape her throat as she continued her assault on John. She raised one leg and wrapped it around John giving me full access to her honey hole. I caressed her ass and she rhythmically moved her hips to meet my tongue. I could see she was truly losing control so I stood up to help ease her distress. She passionately began to undo John's pants. She reached for his cock and quickly descended to it. I raised her skirt and slid my fingers deep in her pussy. John grabbed her hair and proceeded to fuck her mouth. He thrust his cock with long steady strokes. I knew he had wanted this since he first laid eyes on Bama. The tension in his pants had reached its peak on the boat when he witnessed her sexuality firsthand. I could hear the desire in Bama's every moan. I think a passer-by also took notice as they walked past the alleyway. I felt her pussy tighten as I finger fucked her beautiful slit but my cock throbbed in waiting. As if on cue, John pulled Bama's mouth up to his and tongued her mouth. My hands released as his took over for a moment. I released the member that stood at attention in my pants. John grabbed Bama by her waist and picked her up. She quickly wrapped her legs around his waist and he slid his hard cock deep in her wet pussy. When she rose up I positioned my dick under her ass. As she slid down, I entered her tight puckered hole and she screamed with passion and excitement. John and I held her at her waist and guided her playful bounces. Up and down her body glided as she took in both our hard cocks. So talented, passionate, sexual, and so much fucking we still had to do. So many things I still wanted to do to her. She arched her back and threw her head backward. Her breasts glowed as they reflected the streetlights. John sucked one of her tits into his mouth and nibbled at her nipple. Her screams grew louder and it drove me crazy. I tightened my grip on her waist and forced her down harder. John released her nipple and his eyes rolled back. His head tilted back and I heard him say he was about to cum. I can't deny I was also quickly feeling an explosion coming to its end. Suddenly, Bama exploded all over John and me. Juices flooded from her pussy and ran down our sacs. Every stroke released another flow of her sweet cum and she continued to scream. I heard her scream out our names followed by the constant "fuck me". She knew how much I loved to hear those words. I grabbed her hair, arched her head back, and nibbled her neck. She screamed and more cum gushed from her. My head began spinning and I suddenly felt weak. John grabbed Bama's neck with one hand and her ass cheek with the other. "I've got to cum", he shouted. Bama's screams suddenly stopped when John gently squeezed her neck. Again, I felt a river of juices escape Bama's hot pussy and it sent a shock through my cock. With one hard, downward stroke, John and I exploded. Our cum filled all of her. The pulsating squirts of cum seemed never-ending. She slowed her movements and pressed her mouth against John's once more, then turned to me. I grabbed her hair and tongued her throat wildly as we lowered her back to her feet. There was no doubt she'd be ready to fuck again before we left A Mano.

We stood there quietly for a few moments, regaining our composure while soaking in what just transpired. Breaking the silence, Bama commented, ?ummm, there is something running down my legs.? She lifted her skirt, reached between her legs, and brought her cum covered fingers to her mouth. With pure devil in her eyes, she sucked each finger clean and blurted out, ?come on, let?s go, I?m starved?, followed by an equally devilish giggle. We followed her out of the alley like two lost puppies watching her perfect ass sway back and forth like the pendulum of a clock. After a few short blocks, we arrived at A Mano. Upon entering, the sheik ambiance pleasantly surprised us. A long bar backed by hundreds of wine bottles stretched across the rear of the restaurant. Separating dining area from the entryway and bar were rows of stylish bookshelves. I felt like I was in Europe and not in a sleepy little wine country town in the middle nowhere. The bar was humming with conversation with standing room only. In the far corner, a table just opened up and the hostess motioned for us to follow. I grabbed Bama?s hand and made a point of walking down the crowded aisle by the bar to enjoy watching the eyes following my sexy goddess. I placed Bama in the corner chair and then sat against the outside wall so I had a good view of the bar and dining area. We picked an interesting local wine to try and discussed the day?s specials. Our drinks arrived and we placed our order, including an appetizer sampler platter to expedite some nutrition? the three of us were starving. We commented on the excellent service that we were getting and I laughed to myself as I caught the waiter scoping out Bama?s perky breasts that were in clear site from his vantage point. When the seafood sampler arrived, I picked up a shrimp and held it up to Bama?s lips, her tongue playfully darted out as she proceeded to very sensually nibble on the tasty morsel. She was clearly enjoying all the attention. As we enjoyed our meal, we discussed the day?s events and how much we all were enjoying the trip? and how we enjoyed every inch of our southern belle. Throughout the meal, I continued to scan the restaurant looking for an opportunity. As I was hoping, I noticed two gentlemen who were constantly checking out Bama. By the time we were ready for dessert, my hand wondered onto Bama?s thigh only to find her legs spread and John already fingering her pussy. The devilish grin was back on her face as I laughed to myself. Reaching up, I opened all but one button on her blouse, all but exposing her aroused nipples, as I saw the waiter approaching with our desserts. Bama excused herself to the restroom, making sure to give him an extra good view as she stood up. I laughed when she grabbed his ass on the way by. His eyes opened wide like saucers. I told John to watch the two guys check her out as she walked by. We both laughed as we watched their eyes undressing her with every step she took until she stepped around the corner and out of sight. I nodded to John and he knew just what to do. Getting up from the table, he walked directly over to the two observers and started a conversation with them. I could tell by the smiles that the discussion went well. John winked at me as he returned to the table just as Bama rounded the corner. Her blouse, still held together only by one button, she walked towards us in her usual confident strides. She looked so hot and our two new friends couldn?t take their eyes off her. No sooner did she get seated when the two gentlemen stood up and made their way to our table. ?Hi, I?m Jake and this is Sam. We couldn?t help notice the fun you were having and wondered if we could buy you a drink?? I saw the sparkle in Bama?s eyes when I cheerfully told them to pull up some chairs. We ordered a round of drinks and in no time were relaxed and having a great time. As we finished our desserts, Bama had us all mesmorized as she sensually teased us with every bite. I also noticed she intentionally shifted her blouse to one side, exposing her perfect breast to our guests. As our conversation continued, it gradually shifted to focus on Bama and she was enjoying the attention. Sam challenged Bama to tie her cherry stem in a knot with her tongue and we all laughed when she adeptly complied, placing the tied stem in the palm of his hand. It was time to continue our evening elsewhere so I called the waiter over, paid the bill, and then offered our guests to join us on the boat for a drink. They eagerly agreed and offered us a ride back to the marina. John, Bama, and then I slid into the back seat. With Bama in the middle, we wasted no time in pulling open her blouse playing with her very aroused nipples. Her moans of approval did not go unnoticed by our chauffeurs as their hands reached back between the front seats to caress her long smooth legs. Arriving at the dock, we quietly headed to the boat so as not to draw attention to our little entourage.

We stepped on board and I headed for the salon as John, Jake, and Sam followed Bama to the front of the boat. When I returned with a bottle of wine, they were all sitting comfortably on the inflatable dingy. All eyes were on Bama. Her exposed breast reflected a glow from the moon light and her legs lay across John's lap. I handed each of them a glass and proceeded to pour the wine. I couldn't help notice one of John's hands buried deep under Bama's skirt. I set the bottle down and Bama reached for the back of my neck and pulled me to her. Our tongues met and she delivered a very passionate kiss. I heard her moan under her breath. I casually glanced at John and he leaned into her and cupped each of her breasts, nibbling on her hard nipples. She released her grip from my neck and pulled John in for an equally passionate kiss before she stood and began undressing herself in front of our guests. Her sheer blouse slid of her shoulders and feel to the deck. The cool night air had her nipples at full attention. I was glad they placed us in the end slip. I looked around at the other boats for signs of activity, but with it being a weekday the marina was half-empty and very quiet. Our two guests drawn into her trance, their eyes fixed on her every move. Before continuing her seductive display, she straddled Jake's lap and traced his lips with her tongue. Sam's patience was at its end. He grasped Bama's breast and sucked the perky mound into his mouth. Bama invited his aggression and arched her back as she leaned back to expose her other breast. Jake followed Sam's lead and grabbed her other breast. Not a moment had passed and both Jake and Sam were reaching to feel the smooth, wet lips that remained concealed under Bama's skirt. Reminding them of who was in control, Bama stood and turned to John and I. We were sitting on the other side of the dingy, enjoying the view and finishing our glass of wine. She slid her skirt down over her hips and followed it down to her ankles. She deliberately bent over in front of our guests to expose her dripping wet pussy. I laughed under my breath as I watched the expression on their faces; like two young men seeing a pussy for the first time. She obviously could feel their penetrating eyes as she looked at me and gave a devilish grin. I walked over to her and took her face in my hands, thrusting my tongue into her mouth. She gracefully pushed me back and smiled again. "I cannot ignore your guests," she whispered in my ear. I looked over to John and nodded my head. He stood, grabbed Bama's waist and held her tight in his arms. He grabbed her hair, pulling her naked body against him as he locked her in a deep kiss. I quickly took advantage of the opportunity. I lifted her arms above her head and tied her wrists. Jake and John followed in suit, placing a rope on each ankle. John then swept Bama off her feet and laid her down on the dingy as we quickly secured the ropes to the railings. Unable to pull free from her bondage, she thrust her naked body about wildly, giving me a look that almost brought me to my knees. Jake and Sam were laughing as they downed the rest of their wine, toasting as if they had suddenly become heroes. John, standing beside me, stepped over to her and knelt down. She whispered something in his ear as she stared at me; her eyes almost red. He then proceeded to kiss down her body until her reached her wet lips. She closed her eyes and fell limp when he pierced her pussy with his tongue. She moaned loudly and looked at me again before her eyes moved to Jake and Sam. They both lowered their glasses and fell powerless to her seductive gaze. Positioning themselves on either side of her, they again, sucked her firm mounds into their mouths. Although unable to move, she was still in control. I stood close by, watching this sultry goddess. I wanted them to fuck her into submission. I wanted to hear her whimpering, begging to be fucked? and then I wanted to hear her beg us to stop. I wondered just how much she could stand.

Kneeling down, I whispered in Bama?s ear, ?Are you ready??, then kissed her softly on her cheek. Her eyes, struggling to stay open from John?s assault between her legs, she quietly murmured, ?fuck me baby? fuck me.? That was all I needed. Glancing up I nodded to Jake and Sam. Not wasting a second, they surrounded Bama, each sucking a pert nipple into their mouths. Bama?s eyes closed and her head rocked slowly back and forth moaning softly. I tapped John on the shoulder and told him to get the camcorder. Taking his place between this sultry beauty?s legs, I unbuttoned my fly. Bama locked her eyes onto mine as my shorts fell to the deck, my ragging hard-on springing free. Leaning over, I placed my purple knight at her dripping entrance. Teasingly, I pressed my head inside her only to withdraw, Bama?s mouth opening with each failed attempt to take my shaft inside her. Jake and Sam had removed their shorts and positioned their hard cocks by Bama?s lips while still caressing her perfect breasts. Like a hungry Piranha, she attacked their manhood, taking turns sucking in their pulsing members. Bama?s hips were now rocking in sync with my short thrusts. Wanting more, Jake grabbed her hair and pushed his cock deep into Bama?s throat. Her throat bulging from hard cock, I could no longer hold back. With a hard forceful thrust, I buried my cock deep inside her. Bama released a gurgling moan as I filled her tight pussy and began fucking her with long penetrating strokes. Not to be left out, Sam tapped Jake on the shoulder and pulled him away as he stood. Taking his place, Sam slid his swollen member deep into Bama?s wanting mouth. After a few gentle plunges, he grabbed the back of her head and began to vigorously fuck her mouth. Watching the passionate glint in her eyes as she gasped for air in between his throat-filling thrusts was driving me crazy. Not missing a beat, Jake moved in and took my place, filling Bama?s pulsing pussy with his cock. Not willing to be left out, I quietly untied her ankles. Caught up in the passionate attention from her new friends, Bama did not realize her new-found freedom. Getting Sam?s and Jake?s attention, I motioned for them to lift her up and turn her over. Without notice, they stood and raised Bama in the air. Her perplexed look was quickly replaced with one of lust as I slid underneath her, my cock filling her juicy cavern as Sam and Jake set her down. With my cock grinding deep inside her, I grasped her head and we engaged in a hot passionate kiss before Jake pulled her into his groin to swallow his steel-like shaft. Sam moved in from behind and pressed the head of his cock against Bama?s tight little asshole. Feeling his pending advance, Bama moaned ?fuck me, fuck my ass, and then groaned loudly as his cock begin filling her from behind. Allowing her the freedom to feel and caress her suitors, Jake untied her hands. Totally consumed by her sexual fantasies becoming reality, Bama?s muscles twitched and convulsed as her three lovers fucked her every opening. Catching a glimpse of John, I saw him stroking his hard cock with his hand as continued capturing our entire evening on video. Just then, Jake groaned as he filled Bama?s mouth with squirt after squirt of his hot cum. Bama eagerly swallowed every drop with John moving in for a close-up. Passing the camera to Jake, Bama pulled John closer, wrapping her warm wet mouth around his blood-filled phallus. My balls tightened and I knew that I could not hold out much longer inside her perfect pulsing pussy. By the look on Sam?s face, Bama?s tight ass was also taking its toll on him. Within moments, my hot cum exploded, filling her pussy as Sam joined in suit, filling her ass with his load of thick sperm. Totally exhausted, Sam pulled out, his cum oozing out of her puckered ass. Bama was making John delirious as she cupped his balls and stroked his shaft while sucking on his swollen head. With a loud groan, she milked him of every drop, using her finger to catch a drop of cum running down her chin before she collapsed on top of me? completely spent of energy? I thought I heard her purr like a contented cat.

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