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Remote Stimulation Device - Chapter 3 - What A Workout!

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Chapter 3 - What a Workout!

Swain twirled a pencil in his hands as he lay on his leather couch dreaming. He looked at his device lying on the livingroom table. He sighed in contentment. The satisfying soreness from the laundromat had abated, as he replayed the events in his mind. Swain would be definitely finding an excuse to get back to the laundromat this coming week.

As he rolled the device in his hands, he was already thinking of ways to improve it and make it easier to use and easier to conceal. However, before he got back to design, he wanted to test out a few more scenarios to see what limitations the device encountered. He was already convinced that the device worked to his original expectations. The electromagnetic waves at both settings he?d tested, even through a convex mirror, produced obvious, but not intrusive, sexual stimulation to the woman it was aimed at. Once stimulated, nature seemed to take over, and the women appeared driven to find sexual release, whether through masturbation or sexual activity with whoever was nearby. He concentrated hard to think of a perfect environment to further test the device out next. He wondered if the device could get an otherwise normal lady to engage in even more aggressive sexual behaviour than what he had experienced two nights previous at the laundromat.

His mind wandered through several fantasies before finally locking in on one he?d thought of at work several times over the past few years. At work, a select number of core people worked out in the company gym every lunch hour. Swain was one of them, though he usually only made it 2 days a week, while the others were there almost every day. All were 30-something aged males except for Debbie. Debbie was a knockout 41 year-old brunette with a gorgeous, sculpted figure and she was a bit of a tease as well. She loved flirting with the guys and definitely enjoyed the eyeing up she got as she went through her revealing and somewhat sensual workout routine. However, she never went beyond the teasing and flirting with any of them, though the guys often joked about that in the changeroom after.

The main security office for the firm was right above the gym. As well as its banks of security cameras, the office had a window looking down into the gym. One could not really see up into the office, due to the glare of the lights on the glass, but the view down was practically unimpeded. Swain also knew that the security office was usually unmanned over the lunch hour (and a bit beyond) when they usually did their workouts. Swain would skip his workout on Monday and test his device instead. Of course, as usual, he had a hard-on just thinking about the test. Debbie had been the main character in many a fantasy he and the other guys had sported over the years. Could Swain?s device make one of the fantasies come to life?

Swain ducked his head into the security office at 11:50 on Monday and saw the lone security guard sitting at the desk, reading a magazine. He popped in to say hi. ?Hey Dan,? Swain said casually,?busy as usual??

?Oh, just run off my feet, Daryl. Actually, I?m just heading out to lunch. Want to come to Laham?s Grill for a falafel??

?Can?t today. Too much paperwork to do.? Swain pointed at his laptop under his arm.

? Say, do you mind if I work in here for a bit? It?s too hectic to get anything done in engineering today.? It was hectic in his department that day, as a crew of people from the Seattle office were in for meetings and workshops on the latest initiative coming down from head office. Swain had nothing to do with it, so he really did want to get away from all the commotion.

?No problem. If you see anything in the cameras, don?t call me though. I don?t want to see this place again before 1:00. Take my stick over there and beat them if anyone is stealing computers.?

?10/4 boss. Thanks. I just need a little quiet time.?

?No probs. You should get plenty of quiet in here,? Dan chuckled. At that, he left the office, heading downtown for his lunch. ?Some security system,? Swain lamented. They never really had any major security threats, but he had often thought that they would be ill-prepared if they did. The firm did handle a good deal of sensitive information and could theoretically be the target of industrial espionage. However, that threat would probably never manifest itself through conventional security breaches. The integrity of the computer systems and databases was of much more concern. However, today, the lax security attitudes at his firm worked to his advantage. He hoped Dan took his extended lunch as usual. He locked the door just in case. Swain adjusted his package before he sat down as he felt things getting ?crowded? already, as he visualized Debbie and the RSD working its magic on her.

Swain looked down and saw three gentlemen already starting their workout. Larry was warming up on the stairmaster, Pete was on the treadmill and Momar was on the stationary bike. Debbie strutted in sporting another on of her bright, low-cut skin-tight spandex outfits. Mmmmm... she looked very sexy as usual. She wore a different one each day of the week and each one advertised her shapely, but generous proportions in a very flattering manner. All three guys looked up as she passed, smiled warmly at her and she cocked her head and smiled back with that wide, toothy smile of hers. She stood at the bike and stretched slowly in front of Momar, chatting him up before she would hop on a treadmill to warm up. The bouncing of her very full breasts on the treadmill was something all the men looked forward to, and probably gave the gentlemen incentive to adhere to their own regular workout routines. Though she seemed like a very nice person, she had been the topic of much lustful and lewd conversation in the showers after the lunch workouts. She must have realized she was turning the guys on, as her outfits seemed to be getting more revealing and tantalizing as time went on. And her flirting was obvious, and welcomed by the men.

Swain could see Momar?s eyes darting down to Debbie?s full breasts whenever her head was turned away, as she stretched in front of him. She had long, brown hair that spilled down elegantly over the exposed skin of her bright yellow outfit. She had long, slender and very defined muscles in her upper body and a definite ripples of abdominal muscle under those large, full breasts. The boys argued vehemently about whether her rack was genuine or enhanced. Swain always thought they were genuine, as they seemed to do a very natural bounce and jiggle on the treadmill, rather than the comparatively lunky, one-piece movement of silicone-infused breasts . Her thighs too had the well-defined, powerful look of an athlete. Arguably, her best asset was her beautifully-rounded, pronounced butt, that boasted years of figure skating, soccer and other competitive sports she had been involved in. She had birthed two children with her former husband, but you would never know it from her ripped, youthful body, and the way she moved. She was still probably the best athlete on the ice, floor or field in the sports she still played, despite her being in her mid-thirties.

She was kidding Momar about something, and playfully massaged his traps while he warmed up on the bike. Her head was cocked to the side as she laughed fully after Momar said something back to her. She was such a flirt. Momar, a huge and very well-chiseled black man, closed his eyes and smiled as her hands squeezed his neck and shoulders. Finally, she laughed, said something else, and jumped on the treadmill. Momar looked pitifully at her to encourage her to continue the massage, but she was on a timeline as she always was. She began her 5-minute walk that always preceded the wonderful 15 minute ?bouncing breasts? show.

From his perch up in the security office, Swain switch the RSD on and aimed it at an area where he thought Debbie?s hot spot would be. He could lock the beam on target quite effectively, despite her walking movement on the treadmill, given he didn?t have to conceal the device in the office. He had locked the office door just in case. In the first few minutes, it was hard to tell if Debbie was reacting or not. As she broke into her run, it was actually easier to keep the beam focussed than when she walked. Swain noticed the infrared heat levels increasing everywhere as she ran, but her crotch area did seem to be warming up considerably quicker. How would the external stimulation play out on a female while she was in the middle of vigorous exercise he wondered? The first visual clue that Debbie was actually getting turned on as she ran were the nipples again... the same as the last two subjects. They appeared far more erect than Swain remembered from working out with her over the past several years. He could detect that even from his perch far above the gym. Her eyes were also closed off and on as she ran, rather than focused on the television overhead, as was usually the case. Swain hoped that the rubbing of her sleek spandex top on her erect breasts as she ran, was stimulating and not irritating to her. It certainly made for a lovely sight for her male workout partners. They were sneaking far more frequent looks at Debbie than was normal.

At one point, Pete was resting on the incline bench press staring directly at her breasts as Debbie?s eyes were closed. When she opened them, she caught Pete?s glance and smiled at him, grabbed her sweat towel and wiped her forehead, arms and shoulders seductively as she bounced along. He smiled back, but turned away sheepishly, getting back to his bench press. Debbie?s finger touched the control buttons and she increased the speed a few notches. She didn?t normally do this. She must have felt that she had extra energy to burn today. Debbie was still single after her break-up and was kept pretty busy with her two young children from what he had heard. She did not work in his department, or with any of the guys who worked out, so they only knew her through the gym. If the device worked to specs, they might get to know her a little better on this day.

Debbie?s hands were now resting on the back of her hips as she ran. That made her sway her large breasts even more. Was this her intent? Larry was doing pulldowns in front of her and he couldn?t help looking at this lovely flurry of hard nipples bouncing up and down on strained fabric. Her eyes were closed again as Larry stared on. Then her hands moved to her waist as she continued her pounding on the treadmill, her breasts pounding along with her. She adjusted her bosom slightly as she continued, all the while staring in Larry?s direction. It looked from where Swain was situated that Larry had a developing hard-on under his gym shorts as he moved to the leg press. Debbie?s eyes followed Larry as he moved, and one hand went on the safety bar on the treadmill. Finally, she started slowing the machine down and getting to her cool-down walk. The breasts show was over a bit early today it seemed. Was she distracted? She seemed so. Her hands traced her hips and her abs as she walked off the exertion of the run. Her hands tracing the curves in her spandex shorts as she walked was a new turn-on to the three men were talking by the fountain.

Finally, the treadmill stopped and Debbie hopped down with an exaggerated jump, making her breasts jiggle right in front of Momar, who was on the exercise ball doing crunches. She rubbed her hand along Momar?s abdomen as he was lay on the ball. He smiled and she said something to him as she sauntered off to get a drink. Swain attempted to keep the beam locked in the area as best as she could as she moved through the gym. It would be easier when she settled down to exercises though. As she bent down for a drink, he noticed her left hand rubbing her right breast and nipple. As she stood up, she adjusted her top and patted herself again very slowly and deliberately with her sweat towel, down her neck, shoulders, abdomen and thighs. She was talking to Momar as she did this, patting first above her breasts and then slowly down over them and under them on those bare, firm abs. Momar couldn?t help looking down at her breasts as she did this. She said something to him without smiling, a seductive look in her eyes, as she kept moving the sweat towel over her body. Her eyes were definitely locked in on Momar?s growing package as he lay in his vulnerable position on the exercise ball.

She slinked down beside him, giving his right thigh a squeeze, and began her yoga stretches that preceded her weight training. The yoga looked more like a stripper?s floor routine today. In her sloppy pushup, she wiggled her torso back and forth in front of Momar, making her breasts heave side to side in their already exposed position. She stared directly at Momar, licking her lips, as she did this. As she moved to her pelvic tilt, she repeated the movement in a slow, sexy motion that looked like she was fucking the air. Perhaps she was. The device showed that she was getting very hot now. Momar was trying to hide his erection, which was difficult given the size of it, so he was face down on the ball now looking in Debbie?s direction. The other two had been watching the revised yoga warmup with interest too, and both began making their way over to the mat area. By the time, Debbie had finished her stretches, all three were trying to conceal erections.

While Debbie was in the middle of her dumbbell flies on the bench, Swain upped the level to medium. Her clitoris area was very exposed and stationary in this position. She immediately stopped her flies and put the dumbbells down. She lay face down on the bench and started overtly pumping her pelvis up and down on the bench. She turned her head up toward the guys and said something to the guys as she continued to fuck the bench. Swain wondered what she has said. She turned on the bench and lay face up, her breasts heaving with her heavy breathing. She was fit to be tied it looked like. Larry moved over to her and put his hand out slowly toward her abdomen. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her stomach and looked up at him. He said something to her. Swain wondered if the level was too high and she was experiencing discomfort. Swain prepared to lower the level when her hand pushed his hand up from her abdomen to her breasts. He smiled and looked back at the other two guys in an awkward manner, but kept his hands on her as she pushed his hands onto her breasts. She moved his hand in a caressing fashion around her breasts and she smiled. She said something to the other two and Momar walked over smiling, his erection leading the way through his gym shorts. His hands went down to her abdomen as well. She said something to him, then pushed his hands down to her pussy area, forcing him to caress her down there. She resumed her hip pumping motions now as both men rubbed her. She released her hands from on top of theirs and put her right hand down her spandex shorts as they caressed her. Finally, she sprang up from their embrace, grabbed their hands and led them to the equipment room, where extra mats and stuff for fitness classes was kept. She looked back at Pete and called out to him as well. He laughed, looked behind him, and followed as well. Swain realized he?d lose his ability to keep the beam on her and his ability to watch what happened next. He sighed and rubbed his own aroused member, as he switched the device off and lay it down. Then he remembered the other entrance to that equipment room, through the men?s changeroom. It was hidden by large mats and always locked, but Dan would surely have a key for it. He looked above him at the rows and rows of labelled keys on hooks and located the key. He adjusted his erect cock to make walking easier and made his way down to the changeroom.

When he entered the changeroom, he slipped the key into the lock of the equipment room door and slowly unlocked it. He opened the door ever so quietly, but could barely move it. It was blocked by stacks of gymnastics mats and some other equipment. He quietly, but firmly pushed against it so that he could squeeze in behind the mats. Then he slipped the door shut behind him and listened. He could hear heavy breathing and smacking sounds, but no voices. Then he heard an extended muffled moan that sounded like a pleasured Debbie had a cock filling her mouth. He had to get to a position where he could see this. He slipped quietly between the wall and the mats to see if he could get a sightline to the action. After some careful maneuvering, he was finally rewarded with a great concealed (but front row) spot that he wedged into. He quickly saw what the source of the lovely lust sounds. Debbie?s head was bobbing up and down on Momar?s immense penis, slurping like a slut, while Pete tongue was lapping madly at her shaven pussy. Swain?s penis was almost springing out of his pants as he saw this and, this time, he took the time to release it so that he could tend to his own arousal. Larry was doing the same, jacking off wildly, as Debbie alternated between sucking Momar?s cock and his. What a scene! Swain wished he could be part of it, but he also enjoyed his naughty voyeur role and he was particulary impressed that he had engineered this whole lust-fest for his workout partners. He wondered what they would say tomorrow when they showed up for their workout. Or what would Debbie say? He picked up the speed of his own stroking as he watched Debbie reach her first climax. She started pumping her hips harder into Pete?s face and let Momar?s dick slip out of her mouth. She continue to jack it, but her face winced as she released a huge groan and creamed all over Pete?s face. She released Momar?s cock and rammed Pete?s face into her crotch, as she rode his wet face through her waves of orgasm.

When she stopped, she ordered Pete,?Go get a mat, Pete. I want you to fuck your brains out!? The other two guys were stroking rapidly as they watched Pete amble over to the mats. Swain ducked behind the back of the mats as Pete removed one, so that he wouldn?t be spotted. Before Swain could even get back in position, he could hear the sounds of fucking. When he could see the scene again, Pete was pumping Debbie like a piston in missionary position. The other two guys were on their knees by her head as she jacked both of them off and sucked them alternately back and forth. ?I?m such a slut! I can?t believe I?m doing this!? she panted. ?But I want to fuck all of you! I haven?t had it in such a long time! I want to taste all of your cum. Give it to me boys!?

At that command, it looked like poor Momar was going to unload early. I could see him starting to shake on his knees. ?I?m going to cum already!? he grunted, as Debbie devoured and jacked him at the same time, all the while being pounded by Pete. Her head bounced all around as she tried to keep Momar in her mouth while her body gyrated with the banging that Pete was giving her.

?I?m cumming again too, Momar!? she groaned. As she took her mouth off Momar and winced her face in orgasm again, Momar began to convulse and shot loads of hot cum across her tits, chin and even on her rippled stomach. Her body shook in ecstacy as Pete appeared to be coming close to orgasm as well. With her cum-splattered breasts, stomach twitching, Pete finally had to pull out as well.

?This is too much for me!? he grunted. As he pulled out, he shot out his own streams, which hit Debbie?s chin, tits and stomach again. She was a white cummy mess by this point. Pete and Momar collapsed and Debbie?s orgasm subsided. She got up to her elbows and the cum streamed down her tits and stomach onto the mat.

?Oh boy, we?re making a mess,? she said in a little girl voice. At that point, she took her right hand and smeared the cum all over her tits, abdomen and even down to her thighs. ?I?m such a slut!? she laughed. ?Larry, that just leaves you. Do you think you can get me off one more time, honey? I still need more,? she pleaded. ?Let?s try it this way so that you don?t get cum all over you,? she suggested considerately. She turned over doggie style on her hands and knees. Larry obediently entered her from behind and started pumping like a dog in heat. Debbie?s wet tits shook madly in this position and more cum was dripping onto the mat. Swain could feel his own load starting to build and he was having trouble holding back himself. He could smell the others? cum and Debbie?s pussy juices from where he hid. He started to shake and could not hold back. His own cum shot out, load after load, and he could see it splatter on the mat in front of him. As the creamy seed rolled down the mat, he continued to look on as Larry pounded Debbie. The other two were already jacking off again and filling Debbie?s face with their cocks as she was doggie-styled. Her strong arms allowed her to take the ramming from behind while alternating between sucking each cock.

?One last orgasm, boys! Here it comes!? she panted. Her ass moved faster, pushing back more aggressively against Larry?s cock. The she screamed like a mad woman as she came hard on Larry, bucking like a wild bull. He responded by ramming her hard one last time and pulling out, shooting his load up her back and down her beautiful ass. As her orgasm subsided and she stopped pumping her wet ass in the air, she rose up to her knees to attend better to the two cocks she had been sucking. Larry?s hot cum ran down her back as she became upright. She gobbled Pete?s cock and jacked Momar?s hard. Swain surprisingly found himself jacking his own aroused cock again. Pete?s breaths began to shorten and he appeared to lunge into Debbie?s mouth, obviously cumming again. She stayed locked onto him as he pumped his load into her mouth, but as she released his cock from her suction, much of his semen leaked out of her mouth and down her chin and onto her already wet tits. She then turned to Momar and looked up at his eyes. ?This was where we started, wasn?t it?? she laughed, ?Give me your cum, big boy. One last load for slutty Debbie.? She slurped and sucked on Momar?s enormous dong and he didn?t take long to deliver. Just as Momar was filling Debbie?s mouth with another load, Swain hit the mat again with his own ejaculation. As Swain?s eyes cleared and he quietly starting zipping up, he spied Debbie, full of sperm, lying spent on the mat. She looked exhausted, but very satisfied.

?Could one of you get me some wet paper towels or something?? she asked, laughing. ?I have to clean myself up ... and this mat too. I?ve never seen so much cum. I think my workout is done today. I hope I don?t fall asleep at my desk this afternoon.? Her fingers were wiping the cum from her lips and chin and rubbing it on her stomach as she waited. Swain would remember that picture for a long time. He didn?t bother cleaning up his mess, but rather snuck out quickly before anyone could enter the changeroom for the paper towels. Another successful test.

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