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Quinn, Julie, Sam and Me at The Mall

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Saturday afternoon we all managed to get up and get dressed and the ladies wanted to go shopping at the Mall. All the while we were in the apartment they were very kissy and touchy since the barrier had broken down between Quinn, Julie and Samantha. I came into the kitchn one time and Sam was behind Julie eating her like crazy. Quinn finally said, If we don't get going we will never go anywhere today. Sam said, And that is a bad thing, as we all laughed. Quinn put on a jean skirt and blouse with her bra that had no nipple material in it so that her nipples were constantly pushed thru the openings. She left her hair down so that it was really like a wild animal the way she used it to accent her moods, tossing her head a lot and letting it fall to her shoulders. Her t-shirt was tight and thin with spagetti straps. Sam, as usual put on her shorts that were a little baggy but if she sat the right way they were open at the legs and you could see that she had a pussy hiding under there. Julie decided to wear her low riding jeans and a tank top, no pantie and no bra. All three were beautiful and hot and I was the driver for the day. Well, we finally left and Julie and Sam were constantly playing at each other. Sam now taken by the titties that Julie kept pushing her chest out to expose. Quinn and I in the front seat held hands and kissed as we drove and Sam was maaaging Julie's titties so that the nipples were rock hard when we got to the mall and she was on the edge of an orgasm. We got there and went walking around, the girls checking the window displays and me watching the girls of course. Quinn stayed with me mostly and hugged me a lot, kissing as we felt the need, but always the long deep kisses, she loved kissing as much as anything else I think. Sam and Julie were being crazy and acting like little kids in a candy store and did not hide their playfulness. We sat down to eat and it was then that I noticed a lady that seemed to be watching us, she was attractive, in her mid 40s and had a nice round figure, maybe 40 or so double d titties and nice plump hips with very firm legs and bottom, her hair had streaks of grey and she was very dignified, the business type. She wore a business type outfit, skirt and button up blouse that looked like a suit jacket with a white silk looking blouse under and low heels. She was sitting a few tables away and every time i looked up she looked away. One time I caught her and she blushed red all over her face and neck. Well, I told Quinn about it and she began watching her too and told me that she thought I was right. We ate and Quinn told Julie and Sam and they both began watching her also. We got up and walked slow and sure enough she followed us and every time we stopped she did also to look in a window or something. Quinn spoke to the girls and they all decided to surround her and try to seduce her or at least find out what her interestes were in following us. Well, Quinn and I walked in one direction and Julie too another and Sam another so that she had to decide who to follow if she did at all. We watched as she followed Julie and then we all slowly closed in around her. Julie went into a Panneys and to the ladies sleepwear section. She was looking at some ery sexy things and the woman was just one rack away glancing at her. Julie quickly walked to the same rack and stood next to her, Hi she said. Hello the woman returned. How are you, Fine thank you she said looking very nervous now. You know, if I didn't know better I would say that you are following me. She really turned red now and turned to leave saying I don't know what you are talking about. Sam was behind her and blocked her path. She turned another direction and Quinn and I walked up blocking that direction. She was looking for an escape when Julie walked to her side, So are you following me? Well, yes, I suppose I was, I was watching you all and you semed to be having such a good time and....she trailed off...And what Julie said. Well, Sam was now at Julie's side with her arm around her waist. Well, are you two lesbians? No, we aren't Sam said, but we do love to play together girl to girl you know? The woman was red and nervous. So what can we do for you Julie said gently brushing her hand across her nipples making them hard. The woman said, Can we go somewhere to talk in private? Sure but our friends go everywhere with us huh Quinn. Quinn stepped up and kissed Julie, Yes we do. Where to then said Julie? How about the Lounge on the outside of the Mall. Okay and we all walked together to the other end. We got inside and the lighting was low as our eyes adjusted there were maybe 3 or 4 people in the lounge. We asked for a booth that was in the back and were seated. We all ordered drinks and the woman ordered a strong vodka on the rocks. When the drinks came she downed it quickly and asked for another. So, what can we do for you Julie asked again leaning close to her so that she was about a foor away from her face. Well, I was wondering if you were lesbians because I am curious. Curious about what Sam asked. About well, you know, women doing it. YOu mean women making love together Quinn asked, girl to girl? Well, yes, that is it. What about it Sam asked? Well, how does it feel, is it the same as a man or better or what. With that Sam raised Julie's blouse and took her titties in her hands. It is great she said and began massaging them, making Julie moan, then she kissed the nipples and they hardened. I see the woman said, red again. It looks like it is really exciting. Quinn had moved to her side and tunred her towards her, their faces not 6 inches apart. It is, and so if I am right you want to see how exciting it is, am I right? She stared into Quinns eyes and whispered, Yes, I want to find out. As she finished her sentance Quinn touched her face and pulled her face to hers and kissed her softly, lip to lip, then her tongue parted the lips and slipped inside her mouth as she responded...lettin Quinn take the lead. Sam, Julie and I were watching as Quinn let her hand fall to the womans top button of her blouse undoing it expertly and then the next one until there was room to slip her hands into the bra and massage the titties. A moan came from her. She was going limp as Quinn kissed her fully now, her tongue probing her mouth deeply, her hands fell to her sides shoiwing she was not going to stop what was happening. Finally the kiss stopped and she stayed there her eyes closed as if in a trance. Quinn took her hand and said, Come with me dear, we need to take care of all these clothes you have on. Quinn took her to the ladies room and when she came back the blouse was off alonge with the nylons and the jacket was unbuttoned lower to show a very ample cleavage that was no longer in a bra. The woman looked still in a trance as Quinn walked her back to the booth and sat next to her. So is there anything else you need to know Sam asked teasing her while Julie hugged Sam from behind her. More drinks came to the table and we sipped them, the waiter giving us lots of room to do as we wanted to, assured us that we would have lots of privacy. He pulled the curtain across the booth entrance. sam pulled her shirt off and moved closer to the woman, now know to be Angela. She moved to her and undid her jacket exposing very plump titties that had really dark nipples that were beginning to get hard. Sam, you know what I like> Angela said, what as if cathcing her breathe. These Sma said as she took them in her hands and put her mouth to the nipples sucking them hard making the woman moan. Sam buried her face in Angela's titties sucking and massaging and pinching the treausres she had found. Oh that feels wonderful Angela moaned. Suddenly she jumped and her eyes came open. What are you doing she begged, Quinn, fingering your pussy Quinn said smiling and in control of the curious business woman. She began going in and out of the unsuspecting pussy while Sam massaged the titties from the other side. You have beautiful full lips Quinn said as she kissed her and her fingers drove deeper making her lean back and give herself up to the two women. I was hard as a rock watching this and Julie came over and sat next to me, reaching in freeing my cock and massaging it slowly. This is really hot isn't it she said, meaning the seduction of Angela? Yes it is, It is really hot. I think we will have to take her home with us. Yeh, so do I Julie said, I wanna get her in bed. Quinn was making her hotter and hotter and each time she could she would take her fingers soaked with Angelas pussy juices and lick them letting Sam lick them too while the woman watched thru half closed eyes. Then Sam was under the table on her knees between her legs, Quinn removed her fingers and Sam replaced it with her tongue. The woman's eyes shot open, What are you doing now, that is not fingers. Quinn told her, relax, Sam is eating your pussy Dear, relax and enjoy it. Oh no, not here, what if someone comes in. Shut up Hun, you belong to us for the rest of the day so enjoy it. It was then that Sam hit the magic spot and Angela went over the edge into a full blown orgasm, Quinn kissed her to keep the yelling from coming out of her mouth. After she rode the orgasm out fully she laid there limp again. Now, wasn't that nice dear Quinn said. It was wonderful Angela moaned, but we are going to get caught here. That is why we are taking you to our arpartment Julie said, her hand still massaging my cock. Angela looked up. Okay she said weakly. Good, lets go Quinn said and she arranged her clothes. We walked out and I paid the bill, the owner smiling and saying, Have a good time. Sam looked back, Oh, we will, I promise. We got her to her car and she was weak, I can't drive she said and Julie jumped in and took the keys. Meet ya there she said and we got into the van and left. We got there and Julie pulled in next to us and leaned over and was kissing Angela who no longer seemed to care that her clothes were a mess exposing her to the world. Sam on one side and Julie on the other we lead her to the apartment. As soon as the door closed Sam removed her own clothes and then Angela's while Julie undressed and Quinn and I sat on the love seat, our clothes coming off a little slower but still coming off. Angela was in a daze allowing herself to be told what to do and letting the girls take full advantage of her lovely body. They sat her on the couch across from Quinn and I and Julie began licking her way to her pussy from her knees while Sam kissed her and was taking care of the titties that she so adored. Angela was moaning and saying how great it all felt. asking for more after each orgasm. Oh yes, she kept saying oh yes. Quinn had been playin with me and taken one load in her mouth when she said, YOu don't mind if I join them do you? No sweetheart, please do and she got on the couch on the other side. Okay, now you have had enough of us taking care of you, now you take care of us then Quinn directed her down to her knees between Julies legs, No dear, eat Julies pussy, nice and slow, make her crazy. Sam was behind her massaging her titties as she took her tongue and began sampeling the juices that were dripping from Julie. Oh damn she said, that tastes so good and she dove in eating Julie to two orgasms quickly. Then she turned around and kissed Sam as Sam pushed her back onto the floor, then she positioned herself over Angelas face and Angela took the hint and began licking Sam as Sam buryed her face between her legs. Finally, they had played and eaten each other for more than an hour. Quinn told me, I want to see you fuck her Dear while I eat her. The woman just laid there, her legs apart, not resisting anything at all. I began to get between her legs and Quinn said not her pussy, her ass, it is really tight. Fuck her ass dear. The woman protested but Quinn turned her over and put her upper body on the couch positioning her hips towards me and licking her pussy till she began to lick her ass and made sure it was wet as any other opening. I was hard and Quinn holding Angela down on the couch told me to get in. I pushed as the woman moaned no please, I have never had it there. Quinn told her too bad girl, you are going to take whatever we want to give you. No please. Push it in slowly Steve, make her feel every inch. I pushed the head in and felt it pass the ring, Angela cried out, oh no please, then deeper as I worked it in and out each stroke going deeper. Slap her ass every time you go in Steve Quinn told me. I did and every time I moved in her ass became redder first on on e cheek then the other. Oh please, stop, please it hurts. Then on one stroke when I was half way in Julie from behind me pushed my hips and I ripped into he ass. A loud cry came from her but Quinn said, stay right there, let her get used to it. I did just that as Quinn took her face and began kissing her, Sam was under us and was licking her pussy hitting my cock and balls in the process. NOw Angela began pushing against my hips, moaning from Sams work under her. Oh yes, that is better she was saying, oh yes...after a while an orgasm began building and Angela began moving her hips wildly, making my cock harder. Finally I was going to cum and she felt it swell in her still tight ass. Oh yes, fill it up she moaned. I did just that as an orgasm found its way thru her body. Sam got a cloth and cleaned off my cock and I laid back on the couch, legs aprt enjoying the view of the naked women in different states of erotic sex. Then Quinn told Angela, suck him off for us, lets see how good you are at tha. But I have never done that before. Well, today is the day of firsts isn't it. She came over and took my half hard cock into her mouth, hesitating at first then doing better as she got the feel of my cock getting harder. After a good sucking I was pulsing again and ready to unload when she took it out. No dear, swallow the cum said Quinn, Angela protested and Quinns hand came down hard across her ass, I said swallow, again slapping the ass that had red marks on it already. She did and as I unloaded she gagged but managed to swallow all but a little cum which Quinn kissed and got from her mouth. We all laid around for a while, the girls kissing and playing thru orgasms and Quinn and I making love on the couch together. Angela finally said she had to go and gave Quinn her phone number. Kissing her at the door she asked if she could come back soon. Quinn told her she would or she would find her and r*pe her. Angela smiled and kissed her. This is just our secret isn't it she asked. Don't worry dear, Hubby will not find out. Good she said and kissed her again. That was the almost end of a great day.

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