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Plucking Rose

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Plucking Rose

This is a true story, it all happened long ago when I was a lot younger and crazier.

At the time I was the executive chef at a nice hotel in Charlotte, NC. It was a good job with a lousy boss but it paid the bills. As with most chefs I give shit well, but don?t take shit well. After a particularly heated moment with the owner it was obvious to both of us that I should not be there any longer. I packed my tools and left.

For some people this would have been a terrible event but I was young, full of myself and very good at what I did. I knew that finding a new position was ?no problem.? All I needed to do was decide where I wanted to be in the world. Given that it was mid June and I was in NC the answer was easy?Myrtle Beach.

I called my sous chef Steve and asked him if he wanted to work the beach and within 12 hours the car was packed and we were headed to the ocean. We got a large studio apartment just off the beach in a small complex that seemed to be filled with other various and sundry hotel and restaurant workers.

There were cooks, wait staff, another chef and Rose, the banquet manager at a new, large beach hotel. Rose was friendly, pretty, and great fun; In her very early 40?s she exuded a confident sexual aura.

For a couple of weeks Steve and I just took it easy. ?Screw looking for a job, let?s just kick back for a bit and chill? was our mantra. As a result we spent most evenings partying with everyone in the complex until the wee hours of the morning and slept during the day. Late one evening Rose stopped by the pool area where the party was going on with a bottle of good wine to share with us. After the wine and with the help of some ?Johnny Walker Wisdom? Rose and I headed to her place for a bit of fun. This became an almost nightly thing until Rose announced that her daughter was coming to stay at the beach with her. I was more than a bit disappointed to lose my ?benefits? with Rose, but figured that other opportunities would present themselves.

By this time Steve and I had found good jobs and shared a Monday day off. Rose?s family showed up the following Friday and that was that. About noon on Monday after a wicked party Sunday night Steve and I awoke to someone pounding on our door. Dazed I opened the door to find Rose standing there.

I opened the door and Rose burst right past me saying something about hating having her daughter in town. She grabbed my last beer from our fridge and crashed down on my bed. She seemed to drain the bottle in one long swallow. Rose announced ? need more?; grabbed the ¾ full bottle of Vodka sitting on the nightstand and downed a good swig of that.

When I asked her what was wrong she said ?my prude of a daughter found the vibrator you gave me and started to give me shit.? ?She said I was too old for sex and I told her she needed to grow up and get fucked well once in her life and stormed out.?

With that, a second and third slug of vodka were sucked down. Within a couple of minutes Rose was sporting a good buzz and a wild look on her face. Taking hold of the hem of the sundress she was wearing, she stood and shucked it over her head and tossed it in the corner. As usual she was wearing neither panties nor bra. She twirled around and fell onto Steve's bed which he was still in.

Steve tweaked her nipple and pulled her to him, but Rose said ?shower and brush your teeth first?both of you?

Of course we both quickly complied; when we returned to the room Rose was lying on her back and rapidly pumping her pussy. ?Eat me NOW? she growled at me. Always being one to oblige, I slipped between her legs and sucked her very hard red clit into my mouth. My actions were rewarded with a scream that was cut off when Steve stuffed his hard cock into her mouth.For the next hour or so Steve and I kept Rose in a state of orgasmic bliss.

After we had both taken turns fucking her a couple of times in her cunt Steve returned to her willing mouth and I slipped two fingers into her wetness and began seriously working her g-spot. Rose again began to moan loudly and squirm.

?More ? she yelled at me so I added a third finger and then seeing that she was still wanting, I slipped in number 4.

At this point Rose pulled Steve From her mouth, sat up a bit, took my hand by my wrist, tucked my thumb into my palm and stuffed my whole hand into her cunt. All the time yelling ?fist me, fist me.? ?Hard,hard you motherfucker, make me cum, make me squirt.? Of course who was I to object. I continued to pound her willing cunt while she now humped against my hand & wrist and madly jacked Steve's super hard cock.

Steve's eyes seemed to bug out as he watched and then they rolled back into his head as he shot the biggest load of cum I have ever seen onto Rose's belly and navel.

At the same time Rose reached a screaming and squirting orgasm that totally wiped her out.

She just lay there, eyes closed, panting heavily and making little mewing noises.

I slipped my hand out of her now sated pussy and was looking for a towel when there was a loud knocking on the door. I was sure it was the complex manager bitching about the noise so I only opened the door about 4 inches and prepared to take a bit of shit.

On the other side of the door was not the manager. Instead there was Rose's daughter, Megan. She pushed past me demanding to know if here mother was there. Her eyes quickly told her that Rose was indeed in the room. Megan stopped, stuttered a bit and then a strange look came over her face. Her gaze was fixated on the large puddle of cum on Rose's navel and spread over her tits, belly and cunt.

After a moment, Megan dipped her finger into the cum and slipped it into her mouth.

Looking Steve and me right in the eyes she said ?is there any left for me??

Of course there was and the four of us proved it all the rest of the afternoon and into the night.

It would seem that Megan got rid of here prudish inhibitions and fears that day as we all played together during the rest of her stay.

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