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Picking up Extras

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Patricia and I had always enjoyed playing out our fantasies. One being where Patricia would dress-up and go out on the town and I and/or our friends would have to find her in the bar and then woo her with all of our charms. This particular evening we had invited Blyne to join in on the fun. About eight o’clock Blyne and I met at a local bar and started our search for Patricia.

Since I had not seen Patricia all afternoon, I had no idea what she would be wearing. Patricia is very unique, one time she had played dress-up for me and appeared from her bathroom in a long red wig and lingerie. The wig had transformed her whole appearance. I sat there knowing that the woman I was looking at was Patricia, however my eye just could not comprehend it! This night she had again chosen the red wig and very flirtatious dress.

Between eight to ten o’clock Blyne and I made the tour of Mobile’s bars, taverns and nightclubs. In every location we made a carefully survey all the women patrons. At the end of list of establishments Blyne and I had gotten nowhere and started to retrace our steps in reverse. Just by chance two bars later, I spotted a very attractive red head woman with a unique stature sitting at a dimly lit table with two nicely dressed men in business suites. I had to walk past Patricia’s table twice before becoming reasonable sure it was her. Upon meeting up with Blyne at the bar, I asked him to see if he could spot her. He was certain that she was not in the bar and wanted to look elsewhere. I pointed out the red head across the open dance floor and he sat there staring for over one minute. Again not convinced, Blyne made a journey around the bar, trying to recognize her from all the angels.

Finally convinced, we order drinks and started to discussed our strategy on how to separate the quail from the bush! We stood at the bar as the band started playing and the two guys at Patricia’s table asked her to dance. Never once did Patricia offer us a glance of acknowledgement. At one point Blyne got up his never and went over to ask Patricia to dance. The other two guys looked-on while Patricia declined him. As Blyne turned to the bar in defeat, Patricia laughed with the two guys about being hit on so often. For a moment a saw her hand touch both guys’ knee while I watched.

After I few more songs, I took my turn at Patricia. I was a little more direct with my approach and she consented to dance with me. All three men followed us with their eyes across the dance floor as the rhythm of the music allowed me to spin her in a modified two-step. I soon returned Patricia to her table and by the time I had gotten back to the bar she was again engrossed in conversation with her right hand resting on one’s shoulder. Then the conversation shifted to the other guy and so did her hand, making both men feel equally pleased. For the next thirty minutes Blyne and I danced with a number of women in the bar including Patricia again. She in turn danced with each one of her friends. During one slow dance she and one of the men had a passionate kiss on the dance floor. Upon returning to the table, she shared another kiss with the other guy.

As the crowd in the bar changed, Blyne and I made a move and took a table adjacent to Patricia’s. Over the course of three songs we made small talk and Patricia finally invited us to join her table. There she sat holding court with her two new friends sitting close to her on either side and with Blyne and I across the small round table. As we talked I watch Patricia. An occasional smile would come across one of the guys’ faces as I watch her position her hand on their knee or possibly their thigh. I could only sit there and imagine if she might be stoking their inter-thigh or possibly something else. One of the two guys tried to stake out his territory for the night by giving her a passionate kiss right there at the table.

Patricia knowing that I am not a night owl, she made the suggestion we go elsewhere. She said she was tired of the smoky atmosphere of the bar. Blyne suggested his houseboat that was more secluded than the bar. Patricia though Blyne houseboat could be fun and off we went in three cars. Patricia insisted driving her; the two bar guys rode together; and Blyne and I rode together.

Once the caravan arrived, we saw I very stylish two story cottage with a balcony afloat on the bayou surrounded by live oaks shrouded in Spanish moss. The interior of the boathouse was also spectacular with a large living room with ample couch space and a great music system. Patricia had brought in a small black bag that I knew from experience was full of her lingerie. After another round of drinks everything got frisky. But Patricia took control, and Blyne and I played along. She was stunning in her form fitting dress that showed off her ample breasts. She took turns sitting next to each of us, allowing us to kiss her and on occasion feel her breast through her dress and touch her thigh that were covered in black stockings and held up by matching garters.

Next we took turns dancing with her to the music. She allowed our hands to roam more freely over her breasts as she occasionally ground her pelvis into our thighs. The kissing got more intense as I could see she enjoyed this position of control and total attention. After a few minutes she announce she had a surprise and asked us to pour another drink and sit on the couch until she returned. With that said she disappeared upstairs to a bedroom with her little black bag. In about ten minutes later she appeared at the top of the stairs in black high heels, black stockings, a black lace teddy and a short shear black bed jacket that only for the briefest minute hid the fact that the teddy was cupless. As she walked down the stairs you could hear everyone’s breath quicken. She asked for her drink and if we liked her new attire. Then she told us that if we all behaved, she had three other lingerie outfits in which she would happily model for us. We all agreed as she proceeded to show us all the angels. Again the dancing started as Blyne and I looked on and eventually participated in. She was freer having us touch, caress and suckle her breasts. She unbuttons our shirts, as the kissing got more and more passionate. The bulges in everyone’s pants became obvious and before Patricia left for her next wardrobe change, I watched as she stoked the other three’s members through their pants.

Patricia next appeared in a red and black semi-cup lace bra, matching g-string, garter belt, black stockings and black high heels. When the guys saw her again at the top of the stairs, one could hear their tongues hitting the floor. Blyne and I were playing along and enjoying every minute of it. I could clearly see that Patricia was very excited, loving the fantasy and being the center of attention of four attractive men. Again the dancing continued. She took turns embracing each of us in kisses, allowing our hands to freely roam with no abastion. At one point one of the guys and I captured her between us, caressing her through the shear materials of her lingerie. She could tell her breathing was becoming labored with lust, material of her g-string damp and the lip of her cleanly shaven, pouting pussy poking-out of one side of the material. After a few more minutes she again retreat upstairs to her third outfit change. Unbenounced to me or Blyne, between changes Patricia had been stoking herself with a large cyber-skin dildo.

The stairs lit up again as she reappeared in a very transparent, floor length, white lace grown with white stockings and white high heels. Her beautiful breasts and clean-shaven pussy were clearly visible to everyone. She again model for us with her drink in hand and allow everyone to have a very passionate dance with very little restrictions as to our advances. At one point she sat on the couch between Blyne and one of the bar guys while the third guy and I took turns lapping at her pussy as she willingly pulled the floor length lace gown to her waist. After a few minutes we switched places with the other two men. About twenty minutes later she reminded everyone to behave and disappeared upstairs for her final wardrobe change.

This time she return in the same little transparent black bed jacket. However underneath it she wore a black cupless corset with garters, black stockings and black high heels. As she model she asked everyone to undress. Blyne and I forced ourselves to act a little shy, but the other two were very willing. All but one of us four were sporting better than average dick, all at full attention. Patricia quick took-off the black bed jacket and came to each of us to be caressed and kissed. As we did she wrapped her hand around our member and stoked us. Then she retired to the couch where she sat on the edge of the seat and continued by pumping the members of the two guy to either side of her while Blyne ate her pussy and I kissed her from over her shoulder. One of her two bar friends shot his load from all the excitement. Patricia retreat to the kitchen to clean up her hand and returned to focus on us the remaining three. The spent guy could only sit on the couch and watch as she concentrated on the three larger dick with all her delight. The other bar friend took his turn lapping her pussy as she took Blyne’s member into her mouth and I suckled her breasts. Next she had the three of us sit on the couch and she positioned herself between our open legs as she licked and suck us deep in her mouth. Next she had us move the couch where she was facing the forth guy who was still in recovering, as she positioned herself with her knees on the seat of the couch and her breasts hanging over the back of the couch. At this point all three of us were asked to put on a condom. She eagerly asked us to take her from behind while she sucked the second and played with the third. We all took turns before she changed position. This time she wants us while she standing and sandwiched between two of us. A quick rotation of her hips gave everyone immediate access.

Next she laid on the edge of the dinning room table, with her leg spread. Finally she brought each of us off with her hands. After finishing she grabbed the bed jacket off the coffee table and vanished upstairs to collect the rest of her things. She returned wearing the same black corset lingerie outfit with her black bag in hand. She quickly thanked us for a wonderful evening and disappeared into the night. The sight of her leave in that attire got everyone excited again as we heard her sport car drive off.

The four of us dissembled quickly thereafter. Blyne drove back with me to recover his car. The excitement in our car still reflected the thrill Patricia had given all of us. Once at the house, Patricia met me at the door in the same lingerie outfit and a very wet cyber-skin dildo in her hand. That night I brought her to another orgasm as I took her on the living room couch.

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