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Party Girl's Journal 2

I was a Very bad girl at the last party of pleasure that I attened
last sat. night, and I had SO much fun at it.

As is custom, a few of the girls and I have cum, er, come up with a
way of greeting the male newbies to our group. One of the girls will
gleefully bring one to me. It is then my job, and intense pleasure,
to "Frisk" this man to make absolutely certain that he isnt hiding
any 'offensive' objects on his person. If we are in the semi-
darkened pool area, I tell them, "Assume the position, baby." which
means I want them to place their hands up high on a piller by the
pool, and I gently kick their feet apart so that their feet are
firmly placed. I begin to run my soft, warm, hands all over their
body from the back. I usually nod to one of my girls, who slips
under his outstretched arms so that she may "distract" him from the
front. (May I mention that there could be any number of other people
in the pool or hot tub watching this activity....)
While she is kissing him seductively, running her hands softly
over his chest, and toying with his pert male nipples, I am
nibbling, nipping, my way down his back as my hand reaches under to
stroke his cock from underneath. I reach all the way down his thighs
feeling all the way down to his ankles, then drag my fingernails
ever so slowly up the back of his thighs right up to his sweet,
tight ass, where I cup his cheeks in both hands and squeeze firmly.

I reach around while her hands go down to caress and fondle his now
hardening cock. I press my large titties up against his back, and
suck on his earlobe or neck. I take my hands to his back again where
I massage his shoulders and back down to his ass again. I check the
clock, or one of my other girls will say "Time Mama" This indicates
that its time for him to turn and face me, so that he can be frisked
by my girl in front. (This is normally a 3 minute process)

I put his arms over my shoulders, and grin wickedly at him, then
began to kiss him, pressing my titties up against his chest.
Oh...Did I fail to mention that we girls are wearing a light,
seductive Pheremone oil on our bodies, between our breasts, and in
our hair? No? Hmm, must'a forgot to bring that fact up...

As I kiss him deeply, warmly, my hands are smoothing down the front
of his thighs while she drags her nails across his back. I reach
down to stroke his now concrete hard cock, and feel the slight
shiver running all throughout his body. My lips find his neck, and
he can hear my growls and purrs, as I nip and suckle there.
I take his index finger into my mouth to stroke it provocativly,
letting him imagine what kind of pleasure this mouth could offer. I
then go to his nipples, to lick and lapp them til he makes pleasure
noises, and his knees are shaky.
Again, time is called, and I let go of our sweet Newbie, and I say,
"Thank you Darling, and welcome to the group"

Nine times out of ten, they are so hot and bothered that its
pitiful. This particular young man was so sweet and appreciative
that he asked for more. We led him over to the couch beside the
pool. Assistant Time Keeper sat to my right. I told the young man to
sit on my lap, and when he did, I gently pulled him back until he
was laying back against my large soft breasts. He groaned when my
hands started playing with his chest and nipples. TK tugged up his
shirt and began to suckle his right nipple as my mouth sucked his
ear lobe, and rimmed the outside of his ear, while my left hand
stroked his left thigh. Her right hand fondled his cum laden balls,
and he Thought he was in Heaven, until he felt another set of hands
on the zipper of his pants. He looked up quickly to discover that it
was my Protege', my little pervert in training, the one who had
aided me in frisking him eariler. She grinned sweetly at him as she
opened his undies, and began to lick and suck on his throbbing cock.
He moaned out loud, because her mouth was hot and moist, and she was
mouth stroking him smoothly, easily. All the time she's doing this,
TK is flicking his nipple with her pointy tongue. Protege' looked up
and asked her to support his cock with her right hand so she could
run her hands all over him. And as all of this is going on, I am
whispering in his ear, "That mouth feels Marvelous on your big meat,
doesn't it? Feel how she glides over your cock, so wet, so tight her
lips are, feels like a sweet tight pussy, doesn't it, Darling?"

He is groaning, and she looks up at me for a second. I nod and she
looks around. Three men are standing there in total envy as they
watch this young man being pleasured by three mature women. This
excites her, and she returns to his cock to begin to mouth fuck him
hard now. Just as she has him almost ready to cum, I feel her
fingers moving my thighs apart, searching for my pussy. I shift a
little, and open my legs for her so she can get to my hungry cunt.
She slips 2 fingers in and begins to thrust them in and out hard. TK
is turned on her left side, and Protege's right hand is pumping her
pussy too. I look up in bliss and motion to one of the men I know
well. I nod toward her ass as she is kneeling there. He gets down on
his knees, and rubs her pussy from the back.

She moans around Young Man's cock as the man begins to lap at her
gash that way. When she more sopping wet than she already was, he
slips his thick, hot cock into her and begins to fuck her nice and
hard. This was a little scary, but tremendously exciting to our
newbie, having another man so close to his beautiful cock, but it
made him almost cum from the man just Watching his cock being
devoured like that.
We are one big circle of hot fucking, and it was sooo hot to see!
Soon all of us were pumping, writhing, moaning, crying out in
pleasure, and cumming all over each other! I was told that it was
one of the hottest things they had seen in a long while.
We all came hard and well, and when we could all breath again, there
was a rousing cheer from the swimmers in the pool, and the watchers
in the hot tub. Grinning, we disengaged, and laughed fondly as the
men tried to get up and walk. It was a good feeling to know we had
pleasured each other thusly. I leaned over and kissed TK and thanked
her for her assistance, and Protege' wouldn't go without hers as
well. She pounced on both of us giving us kisses and caresss, much
to the delight of the men standing there.....
We girls thanked the men for such a fantastic pleasure and made our
way to the kitchen.

As we were sitting there at the big table relaxing and basking in
the warmth of a good hard cumming, one of the girls came in and
introduced a Very good looking young man and announced that he and
his friends were all Newbies to the group, and could the Welcoming
Team do something to properly initiate them into the fold? All of
them were all in their early to middle 30's, Military from the looks
of them.

We girls looked at the three young, viril, well tanned, finely
muscled men standing there grinning at us. Suddenly, and very
distinguised looking, older man stepped in beside the troup and
introduced himself as their Commanding Officer. Beside him was Young
Man, giving me a thumb's up, and blowing me a kiss before walking

I sighed as I held eyes with this handsome specimine of all male,
and said. "Well Ladies, it's a tough job, but someone Has to do
it." :}
TLK 2004

End of Story

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